Mistress Z’s Game Ch. 02

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“What do we have here?”

My blindfold was removed and I rapidly blinked my eyes to clear them and bring them back into focus. In front of me were three women.

The woman in front was tall and slender, with jet-black hair and a face that, at the moment, was exuding disdain for me and probably everyone within ten miles. The stereotype for this look is “frosty.” Trust me, I was a block of ice under that gaze.

To her right arrived the other two women, walking quickly to bring themselves even with the first woman. The lady in the lead was almost as tall, but with more curves than the first woman. She had shoulder length brown hair, and a beautiful face that gave away everything she was thinking. At the moment, that was a mixture of annoyance at the first woman for starting without her, and delight at seeing her new toy for the first time – a cat about to play with a mouse.

The first two women were dressed entirely in black skirts and blouses of similar style and fabric and black heels. This stood as a stark contrast to the third woman.

Blonde and petite, with a classic “cheerleader” build, she had large breasts that sat high on her chest without any obvious need for support, and a beautifully rounded ass. I knew all of this because she was dressed in a phosphorescent string bra and panty set, already becoming slightly translucent in the slight drizzle. She made no move to cover herself, as her hands were trapped behind her back in a white, single-sleeve restraint. A large white ball gag filled her mouth, and a white collar encircled her neck attached to a white leash, held by the second woman. She wobbled on an impossibly tall pair of white heels. Were it not for the menace coming from the other two women, she would have had my undivided attention.

The second woman, having recovered her temper a little bit, ran a manicured fingernail slowly down my chest toward my stiffening cock. “Your Mistress has put you at our mercy for – let’s just say a while. While you are with us, you will be expected to address us correctly and to observe all of our rules…”

I was having a little difficulty focusing on this speech, because, as she delivered it, the blonde woman had been led up onto the table top and into a kneeling position over my chest. Were it not for the gag filling my mouth, I could have tasted her.

My attention was quickly shifted farther south by a steady pulling on my balls. This was followed by something that felt like a metal parachute being tightened around them.

Suddenly I felt a sharp shock in my balls. Screaming into the gag, I doubled over as much as my bonds would allow, knocking over the blonde woman, who fell back on top of my cock, causing me even more pain.

“We will add more enforcement tools to keep you attention focused where it should be as the evening progresses, but this should suffice for right now.

I am Mistress K, “said the second woman from a place near my ear. She emphasized her comments by teasingly scratching my ear. “My friend, who at the moment owns your balls, is Mistress A. When you are ungagged, you will always call us by these names when you are allowed to speak. Understand?”

I quickly nodded yes. Mistress K tickled the end of my nose. “Good boy!” she cooed in a mocking whisper.

Mistress A had helped the Tipobet blonde woman off the table and had joined Mistress K near my head. “The rules are simple,” she explained lightly, as she caressed my cheek, “do what we say instantly and you won’t be punished.

Take the example we just gave you. That was a Level 3 on my little box.” She held a black box with several dials on the front up so I could see it. “Trust me when we tell you that you really don’t want to experience a 10.” She emphasized her words by slapping my cheek while she pushed a button on the box. Again I screamed as the pain shocked through my balls.

“Simply put,” Mistress A said, as she turned off the box, “your job is to give us pleasure in every means and manner we can devise. Do this well, and there may even be some rewards for you – by and by. Now, let us begin.”

“You, Slut,” Mistress A directed the blonde woman, “you are to keep him hard until we tell you, but he is not to cum. Do well and you will be rewarded. Fail and, well, you remember what it felt like to be locked in your chastity belt for two months?” The blonde woman shuddered and moaned through her gag. “Next time it will be three months.” The blonde woman fell to her knees in front of Mistress A and pleaded with her eyes.

“I think we should make this challenging, Mistress K. No hands for the slut, but we’ll be kind and let her use her mouth. What do you think?”

“Splendid plan, Mistress A. Remember, Slut, talking today is a ‘seven.’ You really should not have made those sounds yesterday while you were being punished.”

Mistress A whispered in my ear, “she spilled the drink she was carrying to Mistress K by the pool. Broke the glass, the poor Slut. She is still being punished, too, as you can see.”

Mistress K flipped a switch on the back of the blonde woman’s collar, causing her to wince slightly. Mistress K then removed the gag. “Get to it, Slut.”

The blonde woman knelt on the bench and began to lick my cock. She licked and swirled her tongue around the head, and then teasingly slowly, sucked my length into her mouth. Then she backed off and repeated the process again. It took her a mere few minutes to bring me to the edge of cumming – she was that good. And then, just when I was about to explode, she raked her teeth sharply up my shaft and stopped. I moaned through my gag in frustration. A short rest, and then she started again.

“Nice,” Mistress A complemented the blonde woman. “Now for you,” she directed at me, “you will give us pleasure. I think that since the Slut is using her tongue, you will do likewise. Remember, you will get a ‘seven’ like her is you make a sound when I remove your gag.” I quickly nodded my understanding.

Mistress A pulled a knife from a sheath at her waist and cut the bondage tape from around my mouth. “Did you enjoy our panties? We wore them just for you. It’s the first time in a month the Slut has been allowed panties.”

She looked at me as if she expected a reply. I nodded yes, stopping myself just in time from blurting out a response. It was especially difficult, as at that same moment, the blonde woman was at her “teeth” phase, and I longed to scream out in pain and frustration.

“Good,” Mistress A said mockingly, “you can be taught.”

She pulled the blindfold back Tipobet Giriş over my eyes. “Now do a good job of pleasing us, and you may be rewarded this evening, too.”

I felt her climb up on the table and, raising her skirt, settle herself over my mouth. I reached out and began to gently tease her with my tongue. I licked gently around her lips before gently teasing her slit. I heard her coo with delight as I lightly slipped my tongue in and out of her. As her moans of pleasure got louder, I began to lightly flick my tongue over her clit, taking time and allowing her to slowly build to her climax. I felt her tremble and her legs locked around my head, and I was rewarded with the taste of her sweet and salty juices. She relaxed and climbed off of the table.

“Mistress K, you will certainly enjoy this,” she gushed, as she climbed off the table.

The two Mistresses traded places several times, one watching over the blonde woman and one kneeling over my tongue. I later learned that we were there two and a half hours. Meanwhile, my personal frustration was becoming unbearable.

Finally, both women seemed to be satisfied. I lay, bound to the table and moaning incoherently, pleading quietly to be allowed to cum, as the two women exchanged a glance. Mistress K whispered into the blonde woman’s ear, as Mistress A climbed on top of me one last time, this time trapping me head between her knees and sitting on my face, nearly suffocating me. It was a very effective gag, as this time the blonde woman didn’t stop me and I screamed into Mistress A as I came. The intensity of my orgasm caused me to pass out for a few instants.

I quickly refocused my attention as I hear a metal clinking sound around my cock. I looked down to see Mistress A connecting a metal chastity device to the ring encircling my cock. She then pulled a metal belt around my waist and another ring around the base of my cock, connecting them together through the metal ring around my balls. I was made to lift myself up, and a bar was connected through my ass to the back of the belt.

“I can do terrible things to you with this. I can also give you a lot of pleasure. Of course, you will be unable to cum again until I remove this device,” she said, while lightly stroking my cock, causing it to swell against the inside of its prison. “When, or if that happens depends upon how good you are in the next few days.”

With that, the two women loosened my bonds, removed my blindfold, and ordered me off of the table. My arms were cuffed behind my back and my ankles were cuffed together with a short chain connecting them, causing me to take short, scuffling steps.

Mistress K reattached the leash to the blonde woman’s collar as Mistress A attached a similar one around my neck. We were led to a large moving truck that had blocked our “activities” from the rest of the parking lot. Mistress K opened the rear door, as Mistress A ordered us inside.

In the back of the truck was what looked like a massage table bolted to a framework tightly wedged to the sides. Opposite the head end of the table was what looked like a massage chair with a larger head rest, also bolted to the framework. Mistress K took the blonde woman to the table and removed her arm sleeve and remaining clothing. She was positioned on the table so that Tipobet Güncel Giriş her legs rested on the chair, and her waist was right at the end of the table. She was strapped down to the table in this position above and below her ample breasts, at her waist. Her arms were stretched over her head and bucked tightly at the wrists and elbows with locking straps. Mistress K reached into her handbag and pulled out a small plastic bag. “We wore these just special for you. We know how much you like them.” She removed two pair of panties from the bag and carefully folded them so that the crotch was out. The blonde woman struggled, but tied as she was, she was eventually forced to open her mouth and accept the panties. A muzzle gag was quickly affixed to her head, which was then attached to tie downs on the side of the table. Mistress K then attached a spreader bar to the blonde woman’s ankles, and using a winch attached to the framework, raised the bar tightly toward the ceiling. The blonde woman was barely able to move. “One more thing, I think,” Mistress K muttered to herself as she lowered a small bar from the ceiling framework. She attached hooks through the blonde woman’s nipple rings, and then attached them to two large rubber bands at each end of the bar. She slowly raised the bar until the blonde woman’s breasts were pulled gently upwards, and then fastened the line. Pads were attached to the inside of her wrists, over her heart, and to her temples, and small wires were attached to them and to terminals attached to the framework.

Meanwhile, Mistress A had fitted me with a head harness that held a ring gag in my mouth and several leather straps crisscrossing my head, to which a blindfold was attached. The rear plate of my chastity belt was loosened and a butt plug unceremoniously added. The rear plate was reattached and tightened, and I heard the lock snap shut. Electrical cords were removed from the framework and attached to the side of my belt, and then I was led over to the massage chair. My knees and ankles were strapped into the leg supports. I was pushed forward and my hips and upper back were strapped into the upper chair supports. My gag harness was attached to several points in the ring on the top of the chair. The ring was pushed forward and locked, and I found my mouth buried in the Blonde woman’s pussy.

“The wires attached to Heather’s body are attached to a computer that will monitor her blood pressure and heart rate. We have had lots of time to set this, and so we know accurately what it looks like when she is cumming. Listen closely – if she does not cum every five minutes, you will be “corrected.” You will start at a level one correction, but the computer will increase it one level for every time you miss. The computer has been programmed to make this a game. It will try and distract you and keep you from succeeding. To that end it has a large repertoire of shocks, vibrators, caresses and that like that it will use to keep you from making your goal. Think you can beat the computer? Better get started, the time has already begun.” A soft tickle began on my balls, and I groaned as I leaned even deeper into Heather’s (at least I finally learned her name!) pussy.

Mistress K and A chuckled as they slammed the door closed on the two of us moaning. They locked the door and headed toward the cab.


An access road passed behind the rest area. A car sat quietly, lights off and engine not running. A figure within lowered a pair of night vision binoculars. “Too many toys,” she muttered, as she reached for the ignition.

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