Modern Amazon Feminist Society

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Modern Amazon Feminist Society By J. Birdman

This story is not intended for children and if you are not old enough to read sexually explicit material, go away. This story features some elements of female domination (femdom), cross-dressing (CD), bondage, trangender (TG), Body Modification and a few other fantasies of mine. I hope you find it entertaining, but if you might be offended, stop reading and do something else. The author retains all rights to this story. You may re-post the story unchanged, provided there is no intent to profit from this story (it is not nice to make money from someone else’s work).

The author enjoys reader comments on his web published erotic fiction, so if you wish to reach him, e-mail him through the link below

Characters: Frank 1st person victim of Modern Amazon Feminist Society (MAFS) Shannon Frank’s wife Dr. Walker Frank’s physician and unknown tormentor Aphrodite Frank’s downfall


Chapter 1 Waking up is hard to do.

My first recollection was the sound of voices. Distant voices that I didn’t recognize.

“Doctor he is coming around”

I could hear a lot of commotion and voices. They kept calling out to me.

“Frank, can you hear me? I am your nurse. You are at the hospital. Can you open your eyes?”

All these questions were starting to annoy me, as I became more conscious of my surroundings. My head was starting to clear and I began to realize that I wan not on my own “turf”. I tried to move my hands to pull of some of the junk attached to my body and only found that they wouldn’t move far.

“It’s OK Frank, your hands are tied to keep you from pulling out the IV and monitors. Just relax and let yourself wakeup all the way. We are here to help. You are going to be OK. The doctors are on the way and they will answer your questions.”

I relaxed and quit trying to move my arms. I tried to open my eyes, but the bright lights make me slam them shut again. I started blinking and as my eyes adjusted, I began to see half a dozen strange faces looking down at me. I knew that this could not be good. I was in a hospital and they said that the doctors would answer my questions. I wanted to know a thousand things, but I could not move my lips to speak. I was so dry that my lips were stuck and my tongue was glued in place. I felt them pull something out of my mouth and I could move my tongue again. By now my eyes were stating to focus on the faces. It looked like several nurses and a couple of doctors.

“Where am I?” Was the first question I asked?

“I am Doctor Walker and you are in the Springfield Medical Center. You have been through a lot and you are under sedation. You have been under heavy sedation and this is the first time we have tried to bring you around. You have healed a great deal and it is time for you to join the real world again.”

“Healed? From what? Was I in a car wreck or something?”

“Frank, you were not in a car wreck, but you have been through a very serious trauma. We will try to explain everything that happened to you, but it will take a little while.”

Doctor Walker’s face was starting to come into focus. I could see that she was gorgeous. She had a face as pretty as a model’s and her strawberry-blonde hair softly framed her face. I was feeling sexual tension, but I felt immediate pain in my groin and chest. That killed my excitement right away.

“Where is my wife?”

“She is on her way to the hospital. We called her when you began to wake up and she will be here soon.”

Everybody was scurrying around and checking the equipment. I was starting to feel a good deal of pain throughout my body, as I became more aware of my situation.

“Why do I hurt all over?”

“Frank, you have gone through a very radical surgery and it has impacted your entire body.”

“Why did I have a surgery, you said I wasn’t in a car wreck? Did I have an accident?”

“No Frank, you didn’t have an accident. You were abducted and the people who took you performed surgery on your body. The have made many changes to your body and these changes are causing your pain. You have not healed completely and will need several week to complete the healing process.”

“What are you talking about? Who abducted me? What changes?”

“Frank, you need to calm down. Your heart is starting to race and we will have to increase your sedation if you don’t slow down.”

I made myself slow down my breathing and tried to relax. I thought about my wife, family and friends and just waited a few moments.

“That’s better Frank. Try to keep calm and I will tell you a bit about what we know.”

Doctor Walker explained that unidentified people had dropped me in the hospital emergency room. They had pushed me into the hospital during a crazy time and by the time someone had a moment to see why I was brought in, they were gone. There was an envelope in my wheelchair that gave instructions on my care and a brief explanation of the procedures that had been performed on me.

The envelope said that a secret group called “Modern Amazon Feminist Society” had Ufuktepe Escort abducted me and performed radical surgeries on me. The letter said that the reasons for my abduction would be made clear in the next several weeks and that while I recovered, the hospital was to follow the surgery care instructions carefully.

My head was starting to spin. I was in a great deal of pain and none of this made any sense to me. Who is this “Modern Amazon Feminist Society” and why would they want to abduct me. We weren’t rich and I thought the point of abduction was to get money from rich people.

Chapter 2 I wish I hadn’t asked.

My wife came in to the room and by the look on her face, I knew I was in trouble.

“What’s wrong Shannon?”

“I’m sorry Frank, it upsets me to see you like this!” “I can’t believe what they did to you!”

Shannon started crying and had to be comforted by somebody on the medical staff. Dr Walker took charge of the situation and began talking in that professional voice all surgeons seem to have.

“Shannon, Frank will be OK soon and once he adjusts to the changes in his body, he will regain a largely normal life.”

“What changes in my body?”

“I will start at the beginning, but Shannon will have to sit down and you both need to try and remain calm.” “If Frank becomes upset and his heart rate peaks up again, we will have to sedate him and start over tomorrow on the explanation.”

Dr. Walker started talking again and explained what she knew at that time. The gender terrorist group Modern Amazon Feminist Society, also know as MAFS had abducted me. The reason for my selection by the MAFS was not clear at that time, but a communication package was promised for a future delivery that would give that detail.

My body had been modified for 2 reasons. I had done something in the past that was very offensive to my abductors and the second reason they claimed was that my modifications were a demonstration of the groups ability to “improve” a man. I was not the first man to be abducted for improvement by the MAF group, nor would I be the last.

“Please let me talk without questions and then I will try to answer some of your questions tonight and tomorrow I will continue after you have rested and had a chance to get used to the information I have given you so far.”

Chapter 3 A Thoroughly Changed Man

Dr. Walker began her explanation. The things she told me shook me to my very core.

“The MAFS group abducted you for some undisclosed reason and performed major surgery on you.”

“The modifications as we understand them are the following.”

“Most of your stomach muscles have been removed and the ones remaining are very week and will not be capable of holding your internal organs in place.”

“Two of your ribs on each side have been removed which will further change the way your body looks and functions.”

“Your abdominal organs have been modified to reduce them in size and now they take up much less space than before the surgery and you will have to eat very small meals the rest of your life.”

“Because of the stomach muscle removal, organ modifications and rib removal, you will now have to wear a corset to keep everything in proper place and to be able to stand without internal pain. This is a permanent condition, you will need a very severe corset to function.”

“Your body hair has been permanently removed and you have no hair except on the top of you head, thin eyebrows and eyelashes. Your body is hairless and all hair follicles have been destroyed, except in the places I mentioned.”

“Your Achilles tendons has been shortened, which will require you to walk in shoes that have high-heals.”

“Your lips have been modified to be much fuller and according to the MAFS documents, your nerve endings in your lips have been modified to be extremely sensitive. Your face has had some cosmetic surgery, your features have been modified to look more feminine and your Adam’s apple has been reduced in size.”

“Your breasts have also been modified to be larger. You are currently a “B” cup and will continue to grow to between a “C” cup and a “D” cup based on your family tendency in breast size. This was part of the information provided in the MAFS documents.”

“Your genitals have had extensive modification. The only part of your penis remaining is the glans or head of your penis. It is now more of a large clitoris than a penis. The remaining section of penis is fully functional and you will still use the stump to urinate and ejaculate. You can get erect according to the documents, but with such a short penis, you will not be able to penetrate a vagina any longer.”

“Your vocal cords has been tightened to produce a higher pitched voice.”

I was in panic at all of this news. Dr. Walker had calmly discussed the body modifications I had gone through, but even with the sedation I was still under the panic was extremely high by the end of the explanation.

“From the monitors I can tell that you are experiencing stress from the news. I am going to increase the sedative Ufuktepe Escort Bayan and you will go back to sleep for now. Over the next few days you will have time to adjust to your situation.”

With that the nurse turned a knob on my IV drip and I was off to a fitful dream state that was like an unending nightmare. Over and over the freakish image Dr. Walker had explained to me was spinning through my head.

Chapter 4 Get Over It

The next day I woke to hear Shannon crying softly. The news came screaming back into my head as reality returned to my brain.

“Don’t cry Shannon, it only makes it worse.”

“I’m sorry”, she said. “It’s just that I fell in love with a man and now you are half man half woman.” “I don’t know how we can go on like this and Dr. Walker said that there is no way to restore what has been removed from you body.” “You are like this forever!”

Now I was crying and feeling a great loss. My world had been destroyed and my wife was sitting in my hospital room crying. I was at a complete loss for words and my emotions were in complete overload.

It was at that point that Dr. Walker came into my room.

“This video tape from the MAFS just came into the hospital. A young street punk said that somebody gave him 20 bucks to drop it off. I think it is an additional explanation for you to understand what has happened.”

Dr. Walker had an orderly bring in a TV and VCR. She placed the tape into the VCR and we all began to watch the video. As the image came up it was a computer- generated woman and the voice was also computer generated.

“Welcome back Frank, or shall I say Fankie?” “By now you know what has been done to you, but you don’t know why and what the ramifications to your life will be because of the modifications we performed.”

“We did this to you for three reasons. First, we believe that as Modern Amazon Feminists we can adapt males to our needs and preferences, regardless of your wishes. Second we have developed our capabilities to perform these modifications to a high art and we wanted a subject to demonstrate them on. And third, you were selected because of physical suitability and because you were unfaithful to your wife Shannon.”

I started to protest to the TV, but before I could say anything video started running of me having sex with a college age girl. Shannon started crying harder as I stammered my apology and explanation.

“I am sorry Shannon, it was only that one time and it never happened again!”

Shannon ran out of the room as the tape continued to roll. I had stopped to help this girl when her tire blew right in front of me. We were at a stoplight and just as the light was changing to green, there was a loud pop. I thought it might be my tire, but when I got out the girl also got out and it was her back tire. All the cars around us were honking like crazy and she was in a bit of a panic.

I could not believe my eyes, she was a tight-body strawberry blonde with great tits, ass and the face of an angel. She looked wholesome and sexy at the same time. My cock noticed my attraction and stirred in my pants.

I told her not to worry, it was just one of those things that happens one-in-a- million times and her tire just blew. I asked her if she had a spare and she said that the tire that just blew was her spare, she had already had a flat today.

I suggested that we push the car off the road onto the shoulder to get it out of traffic and get some help. She said that would be great, but since her motel was just down the road, could I give her a lift the rest of the way and she would deal with it in the morning.

I agreed and after we pushed her car out of the way while people all around us honked horns, we loaded up her several suitcases into my SUV. It took a less than five minutes to reach her hotel and I waited in my SUV while she checked in.

It was an older style motel set up for highway trade, two stories with outside stairs and a balcony to enter the rooms. Her room was on the second floor and you had to lug suitcases up the outside stairs to reach it. She asked me to help her get all her luggage up to the room and I readily agreed to help this damsel in distress the rest of the way.

It took a couple of trips, but once she had everything up the stairs, she asked me my name.

“I can’t believe how helpful you have been and we have not even introduced ourselves!”

I told her my name was Frank and she said hers was Aphrodite.

“I bet you have had a day or two where you wished your parents didn’t give you that name?” I said.

“Oh no, I picked that name when I turned 18 and had it legally changed. It just suited me more than my given name “Jane”, I was not a plain Jane by any stretch, so I changed it.” She said in a flirting way.

“No, you don’t strike me as a plain Jane either.” I flirted back as I tried not to stare at her.

Just those few words were making me horny and I started to turn to go before my thoughts got any more sexual.

“Well, I need to be going, good luck with the car Aphrodite.”

“Don’t Escort Ufuktepe go just yet, I have not thanked you for all your help.”

“That’s all right, you don’t have to thank me, just trying to help out somebody in need.”

“No I insist, I must return the favor somehow!”

She moved quickly and before I know what was happening, she pulled her dress over her head. I was stunned when I saw she was naked underneath. I knew she was looking sexy before and was not wearing a bra, but I had avoided staring and did not know she was naked under her dress. I knew she was pretty, but she was magnificent when she was naked. Her breasts were a natural “C” cup and perfectly shaped, with no droop. Narrow waste flaring out to perfect hips. Her trimmed bush was natural strawberry-blond to match the hair on her head. Her body was that of a very fit young woman and did not have any excess fat. She could have been a model for all I knew. She looked perfect.

She stepped into my arms and kissed me passionately. My head was spinning and as she kissed me deeply, she started undressing me. For some unknown reason, I didn’t stop her. It was out of character for me, but for that one moment I forgot about my marriage to Shannon and let her undress me. I should have stopper her, but her sexuality was overwhelming and I started thinking with my dick.

She had me undressed in a few seconds and she pushed me to the bed. As she lay me down on my back she told me to relax and let her have her way with me. She was going to return my favor by showing me a good time.

Aphrodite was kissing me all over my body and brushing my dick with her longhair hands and lips. She had me rock hard and no thoughts remained in my head about my wife Shannon.

I tried to use my hands to caress Aphrodite, but she stopped me.

“I want you to relax and let me do the work! You did your part getting me rescued and to my motel, now just relax and enjoy!”

I lay back, but her teasing was driving me crazy and soon I started stroking her again.

“I told you not to do that, so now I am going to have to get those hands under control.”

Aphrodite jumped off the bed and came back with some silk stockings. She tied my hands to the headboard and then tied my feet to the bed frame at the foot of the bed. It took a few seconds and it happened so fast, plus I was so horny that I didn’t even think about stopping her. I was not tightly bound, but I could not reach anything or get up again till she wanted.

Aphrodite began making love to my body and she stroked me and kissed everywhere but on my dick. My dick was hard as a rock and starting to leak pre-cum.

“What a nice cock you have! It must be a good 8 inches and quite thick. I bet you make all the girls crazy with that thing!”

She was right, my dick was well above average and I had always had been both proud and popular because of my very nice cock. In college the word got out among some of the coeds and I had many opportunities to bed curious women. It was a reputation I would have to live down when I met Shannon.

“I want it in my pussy, but it is so big, I don’t know if I can take it.”

I told Aphrodite that I was sure that if she relaxed she would be able to take it and would enjoy the fullness.

“Can you lick my pussy and get it nice and wet for your big dick?” she implored.

I quickly agreed and Aphrodite turned around and set her pussy on my face. As I started licking her pussy, she lightly stroked and licked my cock. She slid her pussy up and down as I licked and she controlled my access to her sweet pussy. She teased my dick and spread my pre-cum up and down my shaft with her fingertips, never giving me enough attention to move me toward my climax but always teasing me further. Then she shook with orgasm and collapsed on my body. She never let go of my cock, but never stroked it harder than whisper.

“That was very nice and I bet it would be very nice to have your big dick in my pussy! The only thing is, I don’t like to have my pussy full of sperm when I finish fucking, so I make my boyfriend suck my pussy clean when I fuck. No licking my pussy clean, no fucking. I was planning to give you a blowjob, but your dick is so big, I can’t get my mouth on it to give you a good sucking. Will you lick my pussy clean if I fuck you?”

I could not believe my own ears, but I was so horny and with my hands and legs tied, it made sense to agree with her request. That is what happens when you think with your cock.

“Yes, please fuck me!”

“Yes what?” she asked.

“Yes I will lick your pussy clean after we fuck!”

Aphrodite turned around and sat her pussy down on my cock head. She rubbed it back and forth on her clit and pussy lips until it was well lubricated. She slowly pressed her pussy down on my dick and as her pussy started to open up my dick felt her warm wet pussy flesh. It tightly engulfed my cock as she slid on down. Aphrodite took her time, teasing me and getting used to the fullness. Finally she was fully impaled on my cock and she leaned forward and kissed my face neck and lips as she moved her pussy up and down a fraction of an inch. She kept teasing me for several minutes as she ground her clit into my dick and pelvis. By her action, she was getting the fullness and stimulation to her clit and I was being teased. She climaxed for the second time, a small climax but a climax non-the less.

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