Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 1

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Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 1Pam enjoyed spending girl time with her daughter Josee. Sipping drinks on the decki, in the back yard. It was private, and on a hot summer day like this she couldn’t help it, her mind always wandered to the subject of sexPam could see it in her 15 year old daughter’s eyes. Josee was, she knew, disappointed in boys. She could see the hunger on her daughter’s lovely face and there was no doubt in her mind that Josee was erotic, very, very erotic, and wasn’t getting the satisfaction she wanted so desperately. She felt closer to her daughter than ever. Josee, she thought, suffered from the same thing that most beautiful young teen girls did. Guys wanted to fuck them because of their beauty, but it was an ego trip more than trying to please the girl. If a guy could fuck an exceptionally beautiful girl, it seemed to make him feel good. Pam had never understood such a mentality.Josee wanted to ask her mother many things, but she didn’t this wasn’t the time. She looked at her mother with warm eyes, seeing her as such a sexy woman, a woman with desires just like her own. Dropping her gaze, she stared at the thrust of her mother’s tits, seeing the nipples pressing upon the white blouse she wore. Then her gaze went lower, and she looked at her mother’s knees.Pam’s skirt was a few inches past her knees, and seeing the way her daughter looked at her, she pulled her shoulders back and allowed her knees to open a bit. Josee’s eyes became hot and a shiver ran through her. She could see between her mother’s thighs, almost to her panties.There was a tension growing between them. Pam felt her cunt throbbing and had a wild desire to throw her legs wide and let her daughter gaze up her dress. To Pam’s surprise, Josee shitted her tight little ass down the chair, which pushed her skirt up her thights, and then slowly Josee parted her lovely legs. Pam found herself stealing glances to look up her daughter’s dress. Joseee grandbetting giriş moved forward again, now spreading her firm tanned thighs wider apart. Pam, nearly gasped, she could now see her sweet young cunt pressed tightly against the pink crotch of a silky thong.In response, Pam moved her ass down her chair and spread her legs wide in one swift motion. Josee made no attempt to hide the fact that she was staring at her mother’s pussy outlined in the damp crotch of her bikini panties. Pam lifted her ass off the chair slightly to give her daughter a better view of her panties.To Pam’s astonishment, her daughter moved one of her legs over the leg of her chair and Pam couldn’t help herself she stared directly at her little girl’s cunt, seeing the damp spot in the crotch of her thong. Pam wondered what it would feel like to touch her daughter, to feel the bubbly heat of Josee’s young pussy and stroke her perky tits and swelling ass. It excited her the way Josee gazed under her own skirt, a faint flush of desire on her beautiful face.Suddenly Josee stood up. “ Mom I think I need to cool off in my room,” she said, her voice throaty.“But honey it’s so nice out here, ” Pam said, her own voice filled with emotion.A grin spread over Josee’s face. “Mom you are so fucking hot, but I can’t stand it anymore,” said Josee, breathing heavily. Josee stepped up to her mother and leaned down, kissing her on the mouth. She had not kissed her mother on the mouth for years.Feeling her daughter’s moist, hot lips against hers, Pam moaned softly, and as she felt the tip of Josee’s tongue across her lips, her hand moved. Before she could stop it she had cupped her hand over Josee’s firm round tittie. Josee squealed softly against her mother’s mouth when she felt her mother’s hand squeeze her tit. Thrusting her tongue past her mother’s lips suddenly, she also placed her palm upon one of her mother’s amazing tits. Pam sucked grandbetting yeni giriş her daughter’s tongue for a moment, then pulled away, “Oh Josee, baby, this isn’t right…”Their eyes flashed understanding to each other and Josee turned and headed inside toward her bedroom. Pam’s eyes watched the sensual sway of her young daughter’s ass, wishing wanting to follow her. After about five minutes of fidgeting in her chair and rubbing her cunt through her panties, feeling her cunt get wetter and her clit more sensitive, Pam could no longer stand it. She went inside and quietly walked down the hall toward her daughter’s bedroom. She could hear Josee’s soft moans and knew her daughter had taken things into her own hands, and well, fingers. Pam could no longer keep from looking. If Josee saw her peering around the door, that was too bad. She twisted from the wall and peeked, as she thrust her hand inside her skirt and panties. She saw her daughter propped against the headboard of her bed, entirely naked, her exposed cunt stretching around Pam. From her position, she could see it all. The sight of her daughter riding on a dildo that had given her pleasure so many times gave Pam an almost overpowering urge to run to the bed and shove her face Josee’s legs and lick her sweet wet cunt lips. She wanted to run her tongue up her daughter’s cunt and lick that pretty ass. Instead, she plunged her finger into her cunt.“Oh fuck mommy your dildo feels so good inside my little cunt,” Josee grunted, pounding the dildo deep into her. “Oh mommy its so long and so hard and I love it in my cunt! Ooooh, I’m going to fuck it the way you fuck it mommy! I’m going to fuck your dildo with my hot cunt and until I come so fucking good! It’s going to make my cunt feel so fucking good mommy!”Josee was clutching at her perfect little tities she humped her hips upward with each thrust of the cock shaped dildo.Josee squealed in grandbetting güvenilirmi ecstasy as her distended clit sc****d along the huge dildo. She whipped her ass about in a tight circle, moaning with passion.Pam worked her middle finger vigorously into her cunt, her legs parted, knees bent slightly. Her eyes glowed with hunger as she watched her daughter’s creamy ass flying up and down. It was a beautiful thing to see, Pam thought. Her daughter fucking herself so passionately, so wildly. Josee’s face, so beautiful, was now contorted into a grimace of mindless ecstasy. As she rammed the fake cock in and out of her cunt with energetic thrusts.Pam, still plunging her finger into her soaking wet cunt, did not need the scream of intense ecstasy that ripped from Josee’s mouth to tell her of the power of her daughter’s orgasm. She could see the tightening of Josee’s pink asshole and the flexing of those pink cuntlips as tremors swept through Josee’s slender, exciting body.Coming hard, Josee slammed the dildo deep into her own grinding her exposed ass in a frenzy, gulping and gasping as she came.“Ooooh, fuck!” Josee screamed, her head thrown back as her ass twisted. “Fuck! I’m coming, mommy! Ohhh, fuck, I’m coming!”Pam watched intently, her gaze blazing on daughters foaming cunt. Josee rolled her ass about in a tight circle, her cunt still taking the cock with squeezing motions, as creamy yo girl juice flowed from her cunt and down over her firm ass. Pam’s cunt gripped her finger, then convulsed with a fiery orgasm, her knees almost buckling. She could no longer see her daughter, her eyes having clouded with the strength of her climaxing cunt on her finger. She choked back her scream of ecstasy, her hips jerking back and forth as she pressed hard at her throbbing clit.When the orgasm receded and her emotions calmed down, Pam’s vision returned. She found daughter both looking at her. Josee still sat up in the bed. Josee saw her mother’s hand inside her panties and the fire that still lingered in her eyes.For a long moment, Pam couldn’t move because her legs were too weak. Then with a sigh, she pulled her hand out of her panties and smoothed her skirt down. She didn’t smile or say anything, just looked at Josee. Turning, she left daughter.

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