Mom, Is That You? – The Morning After

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With the overnight deluge and the precipitous temperature drop, the lake had taken on a surreal look. A slight, misty fog had formed from the little cloud, streamers radiating from its surface. The tree limbs drooped from the midnight torrent. The air smelled like fresh pine.The sun hadn’t made it over the tree line, so everything seemed to be covered in pre-dawn shadows. You know when you wonder if the sun is really going to rise today? My thoughts were immersed in that ambiguity as well.With my arm wrap around Mom, this initial conversation was going to be awkward. I wasn’t looking forward to it and was a bit embarrassed that I’d lost control. I had turned into an animal, overtaken by my amygdala’s primal desires.Fortunately, that was soon relieved because Mom noticed that I was sporting my normal morning semi-hard. She had a lustful look sweep across her face, “Well, look who else is up bright and early this morning. After all the work he got last night, I didn’t expect that.”She lowered her head and swallowed me. Oh my god, Mom was a wonderful cocksucker. She did things to me that made my toes curl. She knew when to slow down or move to another part of my anatomy. She made me last fifteen minutes, I came so hard that I thought I might blow her head off. She gulped it all down.After she had swallowed, “Mmmm, you taste so sweet.”She headed to the shower. After thinking about last night, I was hard in a few minutes. I decided to join her. When I opened the door, she was a little startled, but she saw my arousal state and grasped me by my rigid member using it as a handle to pull me into the shower. I drew her into my arms and “Frenched” her like she was the love of my life.I moved her up against the wall, spread her legs and thrust my cock into her pussy. She came nearly immediately as she clawed at my back. I turned her around and bent her over. She spread her legs and then her cheeks because she knew what I wanted.My cock slipped right in and it felt just like it belonged there. Her butt met my thrusts with synchronized ones of her own. I came into her darkness. She turned around and soaped up my cock and nuts as she gave them a good washing. We Ankara escort dried off and had breakfast.****The next morning, I awoke in my son’s warm embrace. I knew that I needed to reassure him that what had happened was what I wanted, too. His youth gave me the opportunity. Like most men his age, his cock was up with the dawn. I reached down and touched him.Smiling, “Well, look who else is up bright and early this morning. After all the work he got last night, I didn’t expect that.”His cock looked so delicious and it’d been such a long time since I’d been able to pleasure one with the treatment I wanted. I enveloped him and began giving him my best cock sucking techniques. I sensed when he’d get close, so I would suck his nuts or lick his shaft. He only lasted fifteen minutes, but at his age, that was great. He came into my mouth with a huge load. I knew he loved what I’d done for him.After swallowing his huge gift, “Hmmm, you taste so sweet.”I headed for the shower. I felt alive again. My son had resurrected me from my crypt. As I washed, I couldn’t help but feel myself. It sent a rush through me. I was in my own little world just enjoying my long forgotten sexuality.Just then the shower door opened. It surprised me, but my shock was replaced with lust when I saw my son sporting a lovely hard-on. I reached for it and pulled him into the shower. His arms wrapped around me tightly. I was safe in them. His mouth and tongue found mine. We passionately exchanged salvia.A surge of electricity pulsed through me. He took control as he quickly moved me against the wall and spread my legs. He stabbed me with his beautiful cock. I came instantaneously and clawed at his back trying to hold on to that feeling a little longer. He hadn’t cum.The water splashed on us like thousands of little fingers and he turned me around and bent me at the waist. I knew what he wanted and I wanted it, too. I spread my cheeks. His manhood knife cut deep into me. My son fucked my ass.He didn’t ‘make love’ to me. He fucked me like I was a whore, but I knew he loved me. After he filled me with his load, I knelt before his cock and lovingly washed Ankara escort bayan it and his nuts. We dried each other off, got into our underwear. I was just wearing my panties as we went into the kitchen for some breakfast.****”Let’s just stay in today,” she said.”That sounds good to me.”We were both still in our underwear. Mom headed to the sink to wash the breakfast dishes. While standing there, I took a position behind her. My hands ran over her shoulders and down her torso. Soon, I was sliding them over her thighs. I knelt down and slid them between her legs and up. Her legs parted. I began to kiss her inner thigh and regions north.I slipped her panties down and began lapping at her hairy golden slit. She stood there looking out the window at the lake as I lapped away her pussy like a starving dog trying to get the last of the marrow out of a bone. I saw her legs quiver and her body shook as her head bowed and her hands tightly grasped the counter for stability.When it had passed, “What a wonderful way to start the day,” was all she could say.We sat and talked about what had happened last night. I told her that honestly I wanted to do that for many years. She was sitting on the sofa while I sat in the chair opposite. She lifted her leg and put her foot on the coffee table. I could see some wisps of pubic hair poking out beneath her panties. Her other leg was lying on the sofa, so her crotch was open for inspection. After about thirty minutes of rehashing last night, I noticed that her panties were getting wet.”It’s getting hot in here. Aren’t you hot, too?”I stood up and took off my underwear. I was hard. She removed her panties. I was between her legs in a shot, sucking her ambrosia from its source. I stood up and she licked her lips as she took my cock into her mouth. I loved watching her mouth slip over and down my cock. Making it glisten with her love for my man meat and me.”I’m getting close. Don’t swallow it. Show it to me first!” I demanded.As I came, I grabbed her hair and pulled her deep on to my love stick. She collected every drop then slipped off my dick. With her sly smile, she opened her Escort Ankara mouth. I saw my baby makers swimming on her tongue. She swished her tongue around in the creamy, white protein ooze then with one gulp, it was gone.”Did that make you feel good, son?””Yes, I own you now.”****Thinking about all that had happened and might happen, I suggested, “Let’s stay in today.””That sounds good to me.” I knew it would be an eventful day.After a quick breakfast, I gathered the dishes and began to wash them in the sink. I was enjoying the beautiful view we had of the lake as fishermen and boaters launched into the early morning placidness. My son slid up behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders. Immediately, our combined auras were charged like last night’s storm, with sexual, electric tension.His hands slowly move over my shoulders and down to my waist. He knelt down as his hands continued down my thighs. I felt flush as my blood rushed to my clit. His hands moved to the inside of my legs and I unconsciously spread them. He began softly kissing them. I was getting so wet. He slipped my panties down. I gave no resistance.His tongue lovingly began licking my passion button. My legs quivered. Within a few minutes, a feeling was building like that of an approaching tsunami. Oh god, it arrived. My knees nearly gave out as I grasped the counter to keep from collapsing and my head rested on the sink faucet. It was the finest head I’d ever gotten.What could I say, but “What a wonderful way to start the day.”I needed to sit down after that. I pulled my panties up and found the sofa. We began a conversation about what had happened last night. I wanted to assure my son that it was okay. He confided in me that for years he had wanted to fuck me. He had thought it was just growing pains at first, but it persisted even after he was getting pussy in HS and college.He sounded a bit ashamed. I reassured him that it REALLY was okay. It would be our secret. This talk of reliving the events of the thunderstorm was getting me wet.Suddenly, he stood up, saying, “It’s getting hot in here. Aren’t you hot, too?”He pulled his underwear down as his cock sprang to attention like a ten meter diving board at the Olympics. I was hot, too. I ripped my underwear off.He was between my legs sucking the life out of me. I was transported to an alternate universe. I hadn’t felt so much in a long time. He brought me to three orgasms. That’s more than I’d had in the last three years.

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