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Ralph watched her all the time. “She’s the one,” he thought. She was the one he would finally possess. After all, she loved him didn’t she? She smiled at him and greeted him every morning…not like those other stuck-up bitches. He would fix up the basement apartment and she would come and live with him…it was all settled. Only Eleanor had no idea how she fit in with the plans of the smiling man from maintenance. To Ralph, he and Eleanor Grant had been ‘together’ since she first came to Eastern University in the fall of ’82. A few kind words from a friendly girl had become much more. He followed her to the dorms every night to protect her, he watched at the windows to catch a glimpse of her, he walked behind her to smell the perfume of her skin. Eight months passed and now it was time…she would be so happy with his plans. He couldn’t have picked a worse moment. Ellie had just broken up with her boyfriend of two years and found out she was pregnant. Coming up behind her in the night and saying all those crazy things frightened her. The more she tried to get away, the more he shouted and tried to explain. The more she tried to get away the more he grabbed at her…pawing at the body he coveted. When she finally started screaming, his efforts to quiet her succeeded only after he stuck her with a penknife in the back. At the moment of impact, she had turned to protect the child only she knew she was carrying. Fortunately her screams brought two couples that had been smoking behind the dorms. The man was chased down and held until the police arrived. The physical wound healed and left her; the feelings did not. Ralph was sentenced to five years and Eleanor Grant spent the next nineteen years uneasy and distrustful of men. She never married but with the help of friends and scholarships she was able to get her degree and bring up her son in a loving environment. Every spare moment was spent with Connor: teaching him, talking to him, loving him. He was her only outlet for physical contact. Even through his adolescence, she doted on him and Connor didn’t seem to mind. They became each other’s source of pleasure. It was sexual from early on even if neither of them thought about it that way. As he grew to manhood, they had looked to each other for everything, why wouldn’t they be impelled toward each to satisfy the strongest of urges? Even their fantasies meshed. Not a perfect puzzle interlock, but close enough. Connor loved to draw; he was good at it. He made his world the way he wanted it to be. The drawings of his mother eventually became nudes. There could be no doubt that it was Ellie. Anyone would recognize the face; the body he’d drawn from stolen glances and his imaginings. She never saw the early works because he tore them up after they served their purpose. For Connor his mother would come alive off the page. She would come to him, kiss his lips, his chest and slowly down to his hard waiting cock. He imagined himself towering above her, looking down into the sparkling gray eyes just before she took him into her mouth. Ellie…on her knees before him in his fantasy work…so many times he had imagined what it would actually feel like…his mother’s soft mouth closed around the width of his cock… licking…sucking…loving her son.And how many times had it been Ellie with her legs opened…in her fantasy…with her son over her and then in her…holding her…protecting her? It was almost impossible to tell who had sent the first signal to the other; whose breath had caught first at the sight of the other or whose dark desire had been ignited first into raging sexual fires.It was clear when one looked at the two of them together; they fit. At five–eleven and about 125 pounds, Eleanor was imposing. Her brunette hair cascaded to her shoulders and to the top of her breasts…beautifully formed breasts that at times, seem so full they might be swollen with milk. Her fullness as a woman only intensified the beauty she possessed as a girl. Her small waist istanbul travesti and long legs accentuated all the places most eyes are almost involuntarily drawn to. In any case it wouldn’t have been easy for a woman like that to find a man to hold her in the special way she wanted to be held. Connor looked liked she wanted him to look. He was taller and stronger and she knew she could lose herself in his arms. Even when he was younger it brought her comfort to make herself small and be enfolded in that place where she felt safe. All the girls, and later the women he had gone out with always felt he could protect them. For Ellie that feeling was paramount.Eleanor Grant became a part-time lecturer in literature at Community College. It was a proud day for her when her son joined her at the school to study art. Connor’s facility for drawing was nurtured from childhood by Ellie with praise and lessons. He had drawn and painted his mother countless times over the years but she had never actually sat for him. When his second year term project was coming due, he agonized about asking her to help him. Finally he said, “Mom, would you be insulted if I asked you to pose for me? I can’t think of anything more beautiful to paint than you.” Eleanor wasn’t quite sure why he would think she would be insulted but she dismissed the thought and was touched. She said, “That’s so sweet love…I would love to be your model.” When the day came for her first sitting she was caught unaware when Connor handed her a diaphanous draping that would conceal very little. He saw his mother’s surprise and started to stammer. “Oh mom…I thought you understood…I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have…it’s okay if you don’t feel like it.” Eleanor prided herself on being open and not fettered by the restrictive ideas of normative society. The leather-clad student riding on her Vincent Black Lightening was still part of her.She told Connor “It’s fine honey…I didn’t think I’d be wearing anything.” She laughed and went to put on the drapery. When she returned and sat, her son went over and tentatively arranged her. He left the material only one layer thick above her waist and exposed one of his mother’s breasts. He told her she could have modeled for Michelangelo and it warmed her. During the hours she sat, in comfortable partial nudity, she came to a deepened understanding of Connor’s talent and feelings for her. She couldn’t help but notice the effect she was having on him.Constant attention to his mother’s exposed breast and thinly veiled curves deepened his awe of her beauty and his burgeoning desires. Emboldened, he asked her to rouge her nipple. He watched as she applied the makeup and saw it redden and become erect. He imagined his mouth on it, drawing on it, sucking it in with some of the sweet flesh behind it. As he painted, he was drawn to the light: the light that reflected off the planes of his mother’s draped body and the light that seemed to glow from under her translucent skin. He traced the line of her still upturned breast over the erect nipple with his eyes hundreds of times; she felt each look as if his fingers were caressing the rubbery tips. His desires ended up on the canvas. It was evident in every curve of his mother’s body; curves that viewers could easily imagine themselves running their hand over. As he painted, he wondered about the never seen haven between her legs and she wondered about the feelings… the wanting…and consequences. He wanted to put the brush down and walk over to her, tell her he loved her and kiss her lips as she tilted her head back and welcomed him. He wanted to reach between her legs and touch her sex that would hopefully be wet for him…he wanted…but he kept on painting. They talked about art and literature for hours and they both thought about the unthinkable. And so, it wasn’t that surprising that Connor ended up in his mother’s bed on a particular Saturday night shortly thereafter. It could all be seen istanbul travestileri as the result of an almost natural progression of causes with a decidedly unconventional effect. Events in one short week tripped over each other to get them to where they ended up. Of course causes are complicated and these had long histories. Their mutual attraction had become evident over the years. She had often teased and flirted about having a boyfriend like him and he never let an opportunity go by to tell her how sexy she looked. He’d even once said that she looked like she would be good enough to eat…if she wasn’t his mother…all to her laughing delight. The Sunday before it happened, they had moved into a new apartment. It was only partially furnished because some of the furniture wasn’t delivered due to a mix-up. She asked him not to go out that night because she didn’t want to spend the first night alone and she was feeling uneasy. He stayed with her. One bed…she said it was ‘silly’ for him to sleep on the couch. More than one time that night he ended up hard against her; nothing was said about it. The first thing she did in the morning was to give him one too many kisses to thank him for being there when she needed him. Connor ended up hard again and Ellie knew it. She even made light of it by remarking, “Some woman is going to be very happy with that ‘grand’ reception in the morning.”She made dinner that night and dressed up to celebrate their new place. She wore a sheer, low–cut thing that had his eyes massaging her curves all night. A few days later they re-arranged some of the new furniture. When they finished, her ‘aching’ back needed massaging. She bared it as his hands ran over her warm velvety skin and then roamed to the sides of her braless breasts. He breathed hard as he touched the forbidden flesh. Each time his fingers made contact she made a small closed mouthed sound of pleasure. On Thursday, she was lonely and needed holding. He held her and felt every inch of her against him. He touched her almost where he wanted to and told her how much she meant to him.By Friday he was almost ready to bring it all out into the open. He haltingly began with, “Mother…if two people…” He stopped there but Ellie didn’t need to hear the rest. She smiled at her son and kissed him softly on the lips, lingering. He saw her eyes close just before his did. She tasted like fresh whipped cream to him. On Saturday night, he was inside her. ‘Accidental’ is a word that doesn’t fit that night; Connor made sure of that. He knew it was a point of no return and wanted to be sure he hadn’t misread the signs. His bedroom was to be delivered the next day and so that would be the last night he expected to be in his mother’s bed. Ellie was feigning sleep with her back to him as his hardness rose against her. He felt the almost imperceptible movements of her ass gently massaging and pushing back against the stiffness. He whispered, “Mother…I want you… if you want me inside you, tell me…””Ellie said, “Oh sweetheart…yes I want you…but baby please be sure…this is incest…you’re going to be in your own mother…I want you so much but I couldn’t stand it if you hated me tomorrow.” “Mom, I’m as sure about this as I am that I love you.” He pressed his hard cock against her ass and said, “Mom, open your legs.” One of her legs came up to give him access as she sighed. Eleanor’s throaty voice urged him, “Yes baby…be in me…be inside me…that’s what I want.” As he entered his mother’s wet grasping pussy, they knew that they would never be the same. Despite all the wine they drank late into the night, they had conjoined in a deliberate act. Perhaps the earlier kiss could be construed as ‘accidental’ and her hand brushing across his stiffness might have been ‘accidental’, but when he pushed the length of his cock into his mother’s velvet hole, they were both wide awake and wide aware.”Connor…Connor…love…” she crooned, “I hoped travesti for this…I knew it would have to be you or nobody…I didn’t want anybody else…ohh you’re in me… I thought nobody would be in me again…I thought I was going to be alone forever…”He slid into his mother’s pussy with his engorged cock reaching deeper into her with each stroke. He told her she would never be alone again and never without him. Each thrust searched for her end and was welcomed into her with a wet ache. Her son was fucking her and it felt like the answer; her son was fucking her and it felt like love. She said, “Oh Connor…I’ve been waiting for you…for this. Push into me love…yes baby…it’s been so long…Connor…Connor…I knew if you made love to me, you would fill me like this…I knew it would it would be good…so good…” Her body responded as her heart did with every entry of her son’s cock. This was a different kind of pleasure, not just more but ‘other’.Connor turned his mother onto her back and entered her again. At that moment, inside his mother’s pussy, nothing else mattered. He was fucking her as he would in a dream…in a fantasy…only his cock was actually inside his mother’s sweet pussy. Each entry filled him with wonder as he looked at her beautiful face. He touched the ends of his mother’s nipples with one finger and her nerve endings fired. He rolled them in his fingers and stretched them and as if he could coax milk out of them as he once had. He spread her long legs while holding her ankles. She’d never felt so wet nor so willing to be opened that way; opened to be filled by the cock she had been waiting for…her son’s. It was the only cock she would ever let inside her. She was opened wide and vulnerable but she felt safe…because her son was over her…her son was in her. “Mom, can you feel how hard I am for you…how much I want you…can you feel how much I’ve always wanted you?””Yes love…I feel it…I feel it all the way up inside me…filling me…filling me so well…my baby…my big cock…my lovely son…” He filled and fit her in such a way that his thrusting stimulated her clitoris. He made her feel good. He made her feel loved. He made her feel safe. As her son fucked her, she felt her vagina spasm. She wanted to cry out to the rafters as her orgasm hit but held back as much as she could not wanting to startle him that first time. She was still loud and the sound thrilled him. He gave her more and she responded with a high arching of her back and an even higher moan from the back of her throat. She wanted to tell him what he was doing to her, where he had taken her and how good it felt to be completed by his cock but it all came out as an unending “Ohhhhh…” Hearing his mother come led Connor to shorter, harder, fever pitched stabs into his mother’s pussy. As the first hard jets of cum coated the insides of his mother’s pussy, Connor could only repeat, “I love you mom…I love you…I love you…”After their first night of lovemaking, Connor awoke before she did and tried to get out of bed without waking her. As he started to leave the room she stirred and said, “No love, don’t to me.” She got out of bed and went to her knees. Connor walked to the stunning vision of his naked mother waiting for him with her hair wild and tousled. She took the knob of her son’s cock between her lips and he was electrified. They hadn’t had any oral sex through the night and that was the first time his mother had him in her mouth. There was a veneer of their cum on him from all the orgasms of the previous night and his mother licked and sucked it off.As she took more of her son’s shaft into her mouth he was struck by the pinkness of her lips and nipples. Connor reached for his mother’s big breasts and stroked them as he felt himself building in anticipation. Her breasts and nipples were sensitized by his attention to them through the night. Her whole body responded each time he touched them.As Ellie continued sucking her son’s cock, he became excited and pushed into her mouth too quickly. She had to retreat when the thick knob hit the back of her throat. She returned kissing his cock lovingly; covering the length him with her soft lips and then resumed her sucking.His mother’s warm tongue caressed the underside of his long…

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