Moments To Remember

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It was the start of a brand new year. Who knows what it will bring for Crystal, Johnny, and their family. The weather was unseasonably warm. The prior year had its usual ups and downs just like any other year. They were hoping things would be better this year. It was coming up on Valentine’s Day, and Johnny wanted to do something special for Crystal. He planned out the whole evening, even found a babysitter for the kids.

Valentine’s Day arrived and Johnny surprised Crystal throughout the day. First around 9 am the door bell rang and when Crystal opened it she found a messenger standing there with a large bouquet of 2 dozen roses mixed with a variety of other flowers and a card. Crystal signed for the flowers, closed the door, as she began to read the card which read, “This is only the beginning. Can’t wait to see you honey, Missing you every minute we’re apart, Johnny.”

Crystal smiled and picked up the phone and calls Johnny to thank him for the gorgeous flowers, but unfortunately she only gets his voice mail, so she leaves him a message, “Hey its me, I can’t wait to see you either, I love the flowers, Love you.”

Later that day, around lunch time, the door bell rings again, this time when Crystal opens the door, she finds another messenger, only this one is holding two red boxes in his hands. Crystal signs for the boxes and closes the door. The one on top is a small heart shaped box and of course she guesses that it is filled with, MMMMMM chocolate. She opens the box and finds a card inside along with the chocolate. She opens the card as she takes a bit of the luscious chocolate. It reads, “I hope this will hold you until we are together this evening. Can’t wait to see you, I know you’ll look amazing. Love Johnny.”

Crystal smiles and pulls at the bow of the other box to open it. Pulling the top off, she sees another card on top of some tissue paper, she take the card and opens it before looking at what is under the tissue paper. The card reads “Now you know another reason why I can’t wait to see you this evening, I know that you will look exquisite in this, my Valentine. Love Johnny.”

She lifts the tissue paper to find a gorgeous red, sleeveless, mid thigh length dress. She takes the dress out of the box and stands in front of the mirror and holds it up against herself, thinking that he has good taste in clothes.

Around 6 o’clock, Crystal jumps in the shower and begins to get ready for when Johnny comes home from work. She has already given the kids their baths and put them into their pajamas. Crystal steps out of the shower, dries off and throws on a soft fluffy robe and heads out of the bathroom to check on the kids. She passes her bed and notices a note laying in the middle of it. She picks it up and reads it, “I’ve taken the kids to my parents for the night. Be ready to be picked up at 7:30. Can’t wait to be with you my sweetheart. Love Johnny.”

With this Crystal heads back into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup. She decides to braid her hair for the evening. Then she makes sure that her makeup is just right. She then proceeds to slip into the dress that Johnny picked for her. It fits perfectly. She admire herself in the mirror. It is nearly 7:15 so she goes to the living room and waits on the couch. Assuming that Johnny will be home shortly.

Then she hears the doorbell. She sees someone dressed in a black tuxedo and behind him is a gorgeous burgundy stretch limo. Crystal carefully opens the door. He asks if she is ready to go and tells her that Johnny has sent him to get her. She grabs her pocketbook and locks the door behind her. He opens the door for her and inside she finds another dozen roses, beautiful, soft, romantic music on the CD player and a bottle of champagne chilling. The driver tells her to relax and that she will be at her first destination in a couple of minutes.

After a few minutes the car stops. The door opens and she sees Johnny standing there dressed in a suit with his hand out to her, offering assistance out of the car. She take his hand and gets out of the car. He tell her that she looks stunning and that he knew she would look beautiful. He leans to her and kisses her deeply on the lips. She kiss him back passionately, like no other kiss they have had. Their mouths open and tongues lightly touch for just a moment. Then she wraps her arms around him in a warm hug.

Johnny takes Crystals hand and lead her to a small table with two chairs. She realizes they are at the ocean, on the beach looking out into the water. They sit down and the driver comes over with the champagne. He puts down the glasses and then proceeds to open the bottle. The cork flies and he pours it into our glasses. They sip the champagne as we watch the stars and moon over the beautiful ocean.

When they finish a glass, Johnny rises and take her hand, and bends down on one knee, and proceeds to pulls a small red box from his pocket as he looks into Crystals eyes. He says, “Crystal, my love, Will you marry me?” Crystal to cry tears of happiness as she tells Johnny “YES”. He reaches up and places the ring upon her finger and proceeds to hiss her passionately. He leads her back to the car. Opening the door for her, she climbs in. The driver brings the champagne back to the car and then goes to çanakkale escort the front. Johnny pour them another glass as they begin to drive off. After a little while we arrive at their second destination, which is a small quaint restaurant. The atmosphere inside is quiet and very romantic with soft music in the background and dim lighting. They enjoy a fabulous meal and more champagne to celebrate their engagement.

They sit a bit longer and listen to the music. Johnny stands and pulls Crystal to him. He takes her into his arms and they begin to sway to rhythm of the soft music that’s playing in the background. Their lips meet. Their mouths open and close as they continue to kiss. Their tongues begin to meet, exploring each other’s mouths. Johnny holds Crystal tight as their bodies move together.

Johnny begins to kiss the right side of Crystals neck lightly, moving slowly all around it. Then he move to her earlobe and kisses it lightly. Then he moves back to her neck.

He stops and look into her beautiful eyes. Then leans in and kisses her again on the lips. Their bodies tingles as their lips meet. They continue to kiss and he moves his hands down to hold her lovely hips. He slowly moves from her hips to her back, gently pulling her to him. He then slowly moves down and grasp her bottom and gently squeezes it, their lips are still locked in a deep, passionate kiss. They separate for a moment and return to their table. They finish their drinks and take care of the check. And head back to the limo.

They reach the limo and climb in and sit next to each other. Johnny puts his arm around her as she leans her head on his chest. He tells her again how beautiful she looks and how much he loves her. She looks up at him and tells him she loves him too. Then he leans down to her and kisses her deeply, passionately on the lips again. They continue kissing, exploring each other’s mouths for the remainder of the ride home, which does not seem to be very long.

They arrive home and Johnny gets out of the car, and extends his hand to assist Crystal. She takes his hand and gets out of the car. Johnny thanks the driver for the wonderful time.

Johnny leads Crystal to the door of the house, and unlocks it. They enter the house, and Johnny leads Crystal to the bedroom after locking the front door.

Johnny then wraps his arms around Crystal and unzips her dress in the back, allowing it to fall to the floor. He then notices that she has the most beautiful red lace bra and panties. He leans in and kisses her lightly on the lips. Then slowly move his lips to her chin, as he kisses his way down her neck. She raises her head so he has better access to her neck. He continues to kiss his way down reaching her upper chest, and then he kisses his way back and forth across her body slowly moving down to her cleavage. He raises his hands up and cups her still covered breasts. Then as he kisses the tops of her beautiful breasts, he reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor as well. He begins to kiss each inch of her breasts, gradually work his way in between them. He continues kissing until I reach her now firm nipples. He kisses each nipple lightly, alternating from left to right. As impossible as it may seem he can feel each one becoming more firm with each kiss. He begins to lightly suck each nipple into his mouth as he kisses each one. Then lightly, but firmly he flicks his tongue across her nipples. And he hears her lightly moan with each flick of his tongue.

Crystal moves back on the bed. Johnny leans over her and begins to kiss her tummy. He continues kissing her all over until he reaches her panties. He uses his fingers to slowly move the waistband down the front so that he can continue to kiss her lower. Then he grasps the sides of her panties and begins to pull them down her legs. He then part her legs a bit and, starting at her toes, begins to kiss his way up her legs. He places light kisses on nearly every inch of her legs. He moves back and forth alternating legs, and eventually he reaches her soft inner thighs and concentrates on them. His kisses are now a bit firmer and linger a bit longer. He works his way up her thighs and lightly pushes them apart a little more. As he inches closer to her pussy, he can begin to see the juices already flowing from it.

He finally places his lips upon her pussy lips and kisses them. She feels his lips part hers as he gently pushes against her. She then feels his tongue begin to push its way inside her. She moans again. A little more loudly this time. He moves his lips from hers and slowly pulls his tongue from inside her, as he then begins to lick up and down the lips of her pussy, tasting her sweetness. Slowly he moves up and down with his tongue occasionally sliding between her lips. He gradually moves up to feel her firm clit against his tongue. He can taste her sweetness everywhere. He flicks his tongue across her clit and hears another moan escape her lips. He then sucks her clit into his mouth and flicks his tongue across it again. She begins to moan more and her hips begin to move. He lets her clit escape from his lips and then runs the length of his tongue across her clit before returning to her lovely lips. She feels the fullness of his tongue against her pussy lips and then feels him slowly insert it into her. She moans even more now and her hips are moving more. She tells him that she is going to cum soon. Then she feels his face disappear from her pussy. He moves up along side her and kisses her lips and then tells her “tonight I want to cum with you, inside you, both of together at the same moment.” He removes his shirt and boxers. She sees his hard-on bounce as it escapes its confines. Johnny moves between your legs. He leans over and kisses her fully on the mouth. Their mouths begin to open and close together and their tongues begin to touch. He then feels her hand wrap around his cock and pull on it, guiding it into her waiting pussy. She tells him that she wants to cum with him and she wants him to cum in her and she wants them to cum together too. Gently he glides his cock into her wet pussy. She moans as he enters into her pussy. Then he moans in response.

Eventually he has pushed his cock all the way into her pussy. He can feel her wetness surround him and he can feel her gently clenching his cock. He begin to pull out slowly, letting his head just barely pass the lips of her pussy and then he pushes it back in a bit more quickly. All the way in touching the top of her pussy. They kiss as he gently thrust his hard cock into her waiting pussy. He begins to feel the walls of her pussy contract around his cock, squeezing it. She tells him that she wants him to make love to her but hard. She wants him thrusting inside her as she cums.

He begins to do as she asks thrusting his cock harder and deeper into the wetness of her pussy. She’s moaning more and more now and her breathing is heavier. With each thrust he pushes all the way inside her causing a moan escape from her lips. He’s moving faster now and his cock is going harder and deeper into her. She can feel his balls slap gently against her. He tells her that he is nearly ready to cum. He thrust into her a couple more times and then he begins to cum deep inside her. She can feel it splashing against the walls of her pussy. At the same time she moans loudly and he feels the walls of her pussy clench his cock continually in orgasm. He continues to cum deep inside her and her pussy continues to contract in orgasm.

They collapse, exhausted from their wonderful night together. He lies beside her and pulls the covers over them. He wraps his arm around her. They fall asleep holding each other.

They both awaken in the middle of the night in each others arms. And begin to kiss each other with a passion unlike any other. They continue to snuggle and begin to talk about a variety of different things, including wedding plans. And somehow they get on the subject of fantasies. They realize that more or less they have similar fantasies. They both desire a two on one situation, with the only difference being the combination of people involved. They decided that once they are married they will take steps to fulfill each others fantasies.

Months go by, and they have a gorgeous, elaborate wedding and honeymoon. Then one night while lying in bed, the subject of fantasies comes up again, and they decide to pursue them.

So one night Johnny and Crystal were out with a bunch of their friends at a club. They were dancing, when Johnny asked Crystal, “What would you think about asking Valerie to help fulfill one of the fantasies?” Valerie had been a friend of theirs for some time. She was about the same height at Crystal, with long wave brown hair, a well shaped body and eyes that lit up when she smiled. Crystal told him, “If Valerie was the one he was choosing that it would be ok, but remember what we have agreed upon in regards to fulfilling the fantasies.” They had agreed that if they were to fulfill their fantasies that certain rules would come into play. These rules being, 1) it would be only a one time thing for each of them, 2) protection would be used, 3) there would be no negative after affects on the relationship, and 4) things would have to take place outside of their home in order for their kids not to be affected in anyway. So they bring up the subject to Valerie and after a bit of persuading, she agrees to participate. The three of them agree to meet at a hotel the following weekend.

The following weekend comes and the three of them all meet at the agreed upon time at the hotel. Johnny and Crystal check in and get their room key. Then the three of them head to the room. Once they get there, Johnny calls room service and orders drinks for all of them, while Crystal finds the music channel on the television set. They begin talking about nothing in particular while they waited for the drinks to arrive, just to lighten the mood in the room. Once the drinks arrive, they all toast to the adventures that await them that night.

As they finished their drinks, Johnny couldn’t help but notice that Valerie had a great body, with firm breasts that sprouted perky nipples, but they in no way compared to those of Crystal who he loved so much. Johnny reached around and unbuckled Crystal’s belt, her jeans, and slid them quickly down her body. Valerie was busying herself with removing all of her clothing as well. Valerie’s pussy was shaved, completely, and she was dripping wet. Once naked, Valerie pulled Crystal by her hands toward the middle of the king sized bed. Johnny was naked now too. His rock hard muscle pointing toward the two naked bodies that were already on the bed.

Valerie pulled Crystal down on top of her and kissed her neck, while her hands found Crystal’s wetness. Next she rolled Crystal over onto her back and knelt between her legs. Spreading them gently, Valerie looked up into Johnny’s eyes for a moment, and then plunged her tongue into Crystal’s pussy. She licked her long and hard, from the bottom folds to the top, pausing to flick her tongue across Crystal’s clit at the top of each stroke. Nearly out of his mind with lust Johnny jumped onto the bed and straddled Crystal. Crystal took the head of his thick hard muscle into her mouth and sucked, her tongue swirling around the head, before pushing it out and licking up and down the shaft. Then pulling him back into her mouth. He felt Crystal start squirming in that all too familiar way when she is about to cum and that sent him over the top. He exploded in her mouth shooting spurt after spurt of my hot cum down her throat. She squealed and climaxed hard.

He rolled off of Crystal, and lay on his back for a moment, regaining his composure. Looking down he saw that Valerie was on her back as well, playing with herself. He grinned at Crystal and felt himself begin to get hard again.

Johnny shimmied down between Crystal’s legs and spread them apart. Folding her legs over his back, he set about licking Crystal’s delicious pussy, while Valerie took Johnny’s rock hard muscle between her lips and worked her fingers over her own clit. He drove my tongue into Crystal just as he felt Valerie’s lips moving up and down over his entire muscle. Just then Johnny felt Crystal start to climax, causing a chain reaction and all three of them cam in unison. Johnny slowly pulled away from Crystal’s wet pussy and rolled over, crawling up next to Crystal. He snuggled up next to her, pulling her against him. He then did the same with Valerie, pulling her body up on the other side of his. They lay like that for a bit, eventually falling asleep, three, as one.

A few weeks later, Crystal brought up the subject of having her fantasy fulfilled, since they had fulfilled his fantasy already. Johnny agreed to assist in fulfilling her fantasy and suggested that they ask a friend of theirs Joey, if he would be willing to participate with them.

Johnny was out one night with some of the guys for a few beers and approached Joey about fulfilling Crystal’s fantasy.

“ARE YOU SHITTING ME!!??” replied Joey as he nearly spilled his beer.

“Nope. You heard me right. I want you to help me give my wife the best fucking she has ever had.” Said Johnny.

“Does she know about this?” Joey asked. Johnny answered him, “Yes, it is her fantasy that they would be fulfilling. Don’t worry, there will be no guy touching guy, she’s not into that. We are just going to make her the center of attention for a night. Think you can handle that?”

Joey considered the proposition and said, “Okay. I’ll do it.”

They arranged to meet the following weekend at the same hotel that they had met Valerie at.

They arrived at the hotel at the appointed time. They check in and proceeded to their room. Crystal had on a short skirt, stockings and heels, and a low cut satin top and a short jacket that matched her skirt. Her eyes sparkled.

Johnny walked up behind Crystal and put his arms around her, pulling her against his now hardening muscle. He nuzzled her neck and nibbled, gently on her ear lobe. Crystal responded by sighing and laying her head back on his shoulder. She loved it when he did that to her. Joey was standing, mesmerized, watching as Johnny ravished his wife. Johnny grinned at Joey and then unzipped Diane’s skirt letting it fall to the floor. She was now standing in her garters and stockings in front of another man. Johnny looked at Joey again and then at Crystal. Joey got the message and grinned broadly, stripping off his shirt and dropping down on his knees in front of Crystal. Joey knelt in front of her and slowly pulled her panties down revealing her pussy. Johnny watched Joey as he glanced up and licked his lips then wrapped his arms around Crystal’s legs and pulled her toward him. Johnny stripped off his clothes and returned his attention to Crystal. She was moaning and steadying herself. Joey licked deep into Crystal and paused at the top, wagging his tongue back and forth, his nose pressing on her clit. Then he started at the top and rapidly flicks her little button back and forth before plunging his tongue into her again and starting the whole process over. Johnny took this opportunity to relieve Crystal of her jacket and blouse. She was wearing a matching bra. Crystal, dressed only in her bra, stockings and heels, with another man’s tongue buried halfway into her sweet pussy, made Johnny even harder. Standing behind Crystal he unhooked her bra and resumed his assault on her neck. Her nipples were hard and standing at attention so he reached around and began pinching and twisting them both at the same time. She gasped and Johnny knew she was getting close. Just then Crystal cried out and shuddered as a huge orgasm surged thru her body. Her legs buckled and Joey quickly picked her up, wrapping her legs around his torso. Johnny nodded Joey carried Crystal to bed.

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