Mommy Dearest

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A chip off the old block

All characters are adults.


TRISH wasn’t expecting me home before late afternoon. She was out by the pool with a pitcher of sangria, tanning, and didn’t see me watching her from my upstairs bedroom next door. Recently graduated from college. I was out looking for work, doing an interview, she thought. But the interview got cancelled.

I came home and changed into cooler shorts, heard a radio outside, close by, and looked out the window.

Across the way I saw Trish lying atop a chaise longue, bottom-up, halter off, with a large black man massaging her back with oil. They were inside the pool enclosure near the water.

The guy didn’t need to remove Trish’s thong, as a simple string was the only obstacle to prevent him kneading her ample ass thoroughly. But he pulled it off down her legs, and tossed it. He had large hands and long fingers. I didn’t recognize him, and grabbed my digital camera.

Trish’s version of what happened went this way: “I wanted to have another baby with my husband, but after a year of our natural attempts in bed and 3 times failure of artificial insemination, Dan gave up on the idea and rarely had sex with me afterward.

“I told Dan about my sexual urges and appetite, and wanting to have sex with him more, but he ignored my needs. The pool guy stopped by and things got outta control. I was sexually frustrated too long.”

I aimed the camera at Trish, and clicked it ON. The guy was working the oil into the crack of her ass, then into both holes. Trish rose up onto her knees and lifted her bottom for him to get at. He lubricated her pussy lips with one finger, opening them easily, plus the rim of her anus with another finger. From what I saw Trish had a plump smooth camel-toe between her legs.

The guy pushed his oily fingers into both holes, to the hilt, and fucked her with slow rhythmic strokes; Trish’s ass was covered with goose-flesh as she pressed her ass against his fingers in time with his finger-fucking. Her eyes closed.

At times she altered her posture to try and watch him work but soon lowered her head to the longue to pant and grunt and moan. Or she held herself up with on one hand as she reached back between her legs to play with her clit. I got a good look at her tits and paunch hanging loose and swaying.

I knew Trish weighed about 175 pounds, and knew she was 5′-4″with a firm bubble ass. She wore a short bob-cut hair style, popular with professional women, and didn’t look bad for thirty-five.

“I wonder if Dan knows about this?” I wondered. Dan is my old man.

The guy finger-fucked Trish for several minutes, or maybe she fucked his fingers, it was hard to tell, but he stopped to stand by Trish’s face and pull off his shirt while Trish unfastened his belt and unzipped the fly. He then pulled his pants down and stepped out of them; Trish pushed her hand inside his boxers and pulled out his cock. They were talking but I couldn’t hear any of it, because of the radio. His dong wasn’t the biggest in the world but it was enough, and a little sex izle more.

Releasing the cock, Trish sat on the edge of the longer, facing the guy’s waist, pulled her legs around, then leaning forward, tugged the boxers down and off. That done, she wrapped her fingers around the base of the cock and took all of it into her mouth with one motion. Her hand and fingers jacked the cock as she sucked and licked it in seamless fluid motion. The meat made her cheeks inflate on the intake. She looked up at the man’s face and smiled as he fucked her mouth. Trish stroked the fat shaft and sucked on its head for several minutes, until the man was long and firm enough to suit her.

He then lay on the longer while she straddled him, to work his cock with her ass and hips for several minutes, until she was back on her knees for the man to do her doggy-style, followed by a spoon coupling.

I guessed she was pretty wet as the cock went in easily. The man pounded her ass pretty hard towards the end, slapping her ass several times. And after he came in her, he stuck his finger inside her cunt to push the leaking cum back in. It didn’t help, it still came out in gobs, and ran down the crack of her ass, but Trish seemed to enjoy it. I caught it all on the camera.

They lay together for a while, resting, then French kissed and masturbated each other. After some stroking and sucking and gentle ball squeezing, Trish got the man to cum again, and let him release a load into her open mouth. It flowed out her mouth before she swallowed all of it with a contented grin, and wiped her lips with her tongue. “Mmm, how can someone so black make something so white,” she giggled.

About 3 o’clock she sent the man on his way, then gathered her stuff and went inside.

I loaded the vid on my computer, emailed the file to Trish, and waited.

About nine o’clock Trish found me in the garage lying on my lifting bench hoisting barbells. The garage was dark except for 2 fluorescent tubes hung from the ceiling. Trish wore a short house-coat and sandals. She closed the door quietly, walked over to me, and squatted. I tried to look up her legs but the angle was bad.

“I got your message,” she said, “What is it you want?”

I racked the barbells and turned to face Trish.


“You’re a sick young man,” she said. “You really think I’ll put-out for your blackmail?”

I sat up and wiped my face and neck with a towel. “I think so. I don’t know what’s up with you and Dan, but you got a sweet ride, and Dan won’t put up with the world knowing his old lady is a cum dump. And no one will blame him for tossing your ass to the curb if the word gets out.”

“So you want a blowjob?”

“Actually I was thinking more like some pussy. If things work out I’ll destroy the file.”

“You’re a bastard like your father!”

“And a pervert like my mommy.” I smirked. I’m a wise-ass.

“I want to think about it.”

“This is a limited time offer, if you get my drift.”

Trish glared at me without speaking, then got up and left.


Trish fransız porno was fourteen when I was born. Dan was much older; a college student from next door. Trish wasn’t mature enough to take care of herself, much less a child, and I went to Dan’s parents for many years. Much later Trish and Dan collided again, married, and made a home next door to my grandparents. Trish and I were strangers, for all intents and purposes, and it’s not emotional torment to fuck a stranger.

We had sex twice since that night. Trish wasn’t what you’d call a happy camper about the arrangement but she put out. I didn’t sense any orgasms in her, and she wanted it wham bam, thank you ma’am quick. But our bargain was sex twice each week for three months, then she was off the hook.

At the agreed upon time I went next door to the guest room and waited for Trish. She wore nothing special in the beginning, regular blouse and bra underneath, and panties.

I was excited enough for both of us. Especially when I saw her ass and long legs, then her naked pussy when the panties came off.

My briefs were already off. Trish said nothing, just climbed onto the bed and lay there on her back, spreading her legs apart for me. I was instantly horny and couldn’t wait for my hard dick to be inside her. But I wanted more. I wanted to start a fire in her loins. So I opened her legs wide and pressed my mouth against her bald snatch. She later told me Dan won’t eat her. But on this occasion she growled.

“I’m out of my mind for letting you use me for sex. Now just get on top of me and do it.”

I ignored her and kept on licking and sucking, and felt her fingers in my hair.

“You taste good,” I said.

I tried to unbutton her blouse but she stopped me and moved my hands away from her chest.

“I’m not your girlfriend. I’m your mother. And you know the rules. Let’s keep it strictly just sex. I don’t want you to get any dirty thoughts about me, you hear. Now, fuck me so you can go.”

But I unbuttoned her blouse anyway, pulled it off her, and tossed it off the bed.

“Take your bra off.”

She frowned, did it, and dropped it beside the bed.

Then I tried to kiss her, but she pulled her mouth away and our lips missed. I got on top of her and entered her. My dick was really hard. I rested my hands above her shoulders for support as I moved my ass, and hard dick, in and out of her.

I filled her in a few minutes but she didn’t cum for me though her pussy was wet.

Done, I pulled out of her and got off the bed. She collected her clothes and dressed after she cleaned up with a wad of toilet paper.

The day before our next session she said, “Can we do it now, something came up for tomorrow?”

“Sure. Now?”


“I went to the guest room.”

She joined me a few minutes later, wearing a robe, and naked beneath it. She loosened the belt and took her time removing the robe. She was totally naked. My cock went hard.

After she climbed onto the bed she straddled my chest, moved her cunt close to teen porno my mouth, and I ran my hot tongue up and down along her gash.

She didn’t resist or object and even ran her fingers through my hair and held my head steady so she could rub her pussy against my mouth.

“Don’t stop, keep it right there, just like that. You’re doing good.”

A few minutes later I pulled my head away from her.

“Oooo. Don’t stop, keep sucking my pussy, run your tongue slowly up and down me then suck between.”

After she came, she looked at me, and said,” Fuck me.”

She got off me and lay on her back. I climbed on top of her and she guided my cock into her. She moaned loudly when I was in. And her wet pussy made a squishing sound each time I moved my dick in and out of her.

She lifted her head close to me to kiss.

We kept our lips bonded together as I fucked harder. Her lips broke away and she moaned. I put my lips on her neck and wanted to make hickeys on her.

But she put her hands on my face and moved my mouth away.


I finished fucking her and filled her. She lay still for a while and didn’t flee as she usually did. I tried to kiss her and she moved her head, then got dressed and left. But didn’t clean her pussy before she left.

Two days later she came over and asked, “Are you busy?”


“I’m alone.”

I went over and found her on the bed, naked with a dildo.

“Hi,” she said.

She didn’t try to cover herself, or put in effort into resisting, knowing what I was about to do. I got onto the bed and spread her legs apart exposing her naked pussy to its full appeal.

I put my mouth right on her and started licking. She moaned.

“I love the way your pussy smells.”

“This is so depraved,” she whispered.

I stopped and got naked. She stared in my eyes then looked at my stiff cock.

“Look what you did to my dick.”

I got back onto the bed and put my mouth on her neck and sucked till she was covered with purple marks as she grasped my cock in her fingers. Then we kissed deeply till she whispered, “Fuck me, baby.”

She seemed so aroused by me she put a hand on her tit and started squeezing it, and pinched and pulled on her hard nipple till she moaned heavily.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, pressing down on my hips as I entered her, contributing to the rhythm of our love making.

I had little luck finding a job, and Trish and I spent more and more time fucking. She kept me funded, and missed her period after a while.

When Trish tested positive we needed a fool proof plan to sneak the baby past Dan. I knocked him out with a Mickey Finn dropped into his high ball. I did it more than once. And Trish fed him lines of bull shit about how he fucked her while he was drunk. He imagined he had alcoholic black-outs. He insisted on an abortion but Providence intervened and he had to go to South America for a few months.

When Dan returned she was too far along to abort and her belly was swelling.


Trish and I made one more baby but our passion wasn’t about love. We cooperated with each other’s perversions or, as I say, sexual particularities. I supplied her with fit young men, and she supplied me with her bored housewife friends.

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