Mom’s in Town Ch. 14

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It excited Rachel very much to see, or in this case not see, what was happening. She could see Christine kneeling in front and the Hamid’s hips thrusting forward. The sight of Christine’s hands on his hips suggested that her lips we’re receiving his wonderful cock. Rachel leaned back more and pushed her knees apart even further making the moist gusset wedge between the lips of her hairless pubescent vulva. Exposing a wanton camel-toe to the bright rays of the Sun. She felt the warmth in her thighs and in her vagina as the sun’s heat and the rushing blood to her clitoris stimulated her. She relished this part of the journey to the heights of ecstasy. Rachel closed her eyes to imagine the firm flesh of cock on Christine’s soft tongue. She had experienced that herself more than a few times and knew how delicious it was. She opened her eyes and watched Christine’s hand reach-around behind Hamid to grab the cheeks of his ass and pull them forward. Rachel knew she was trying to deep throat the monster cock. She knew because Hamid had told her that in the morning she left a ring of Revlon red lipstick around the root of her cock. She had taken all of it and held it – the cock head deeply buried in her throat. She had relentlessly worked her head up and down, using her tongue to massage and milk the cum out of it. Hamid had never felt anything like it before – it was like a velvet cunt around his cock drawing out his seed.

“Maybe you should open your blouse Christine. No sense in it getting stained.” Rachael suggested while continuing to lightly running her long fingers in the camel toe grove of her panties.

Christine looked up at Hamid from the end of her huge cock. Hamid nodded in agreement, so she used one hand to undo the three buttons and let the silk blouse fell open. It revealed a lace half bra that supported her full breasts. The cups fell just below the areola and pushed the nipples outward, straight toward Rachael. Hamid smiled, looked at Rachael who nodded in return. They both watched as Christine gave a small shrug and let the blouse fall off her shoulders displaying two small white straps Bahçeşehir Escort that held everything in place.

Rachel was very excited to see ease at which Christine doffed the blouse and exhibited her body. What excited her even more the intensity with which Christine attacked the cock while looking straight in her hostess’ eyes. It is exactly what Ross and Max we’re looking for and that she had been assigned to find. It seems that the manager and the security people had being right…she was a real slut. It was Rachel’s job to see if she was as wanton as rumors had led them to believe. They wanted to know how discriminating she was about sucking cock and swallowing cum. They wanted someone to join them – to join Rachel, Ross, Max, the security team in orgies of unlimited bounds. They wanted a slut willing, wanting, and needing cock. Rachel also wanted to see whether or not Christine liked women. Her plan this morning was to test her out.

Hamid was getting close she could see by the way the toned butt cheeks were tensing up, starting to quiver and the increased rapidity of the short hip thrusts. She used all of her fingers now on her vulva pulling the panties aside and her wet lips aside, she ran her fingers slowly over her hard clit, then more and more quickly matching the couple’s rhythm, the pace she needed in order to reach the next plateau.

“Hamid, it is time to share your cream.” she said.

Hamid looked back over his shoulder, and slowly took her hands away from holding Christine’s head. She caressed her ears, urged her to look up has he mouthed the words “Slow down honey, I’m almost there, there’s a plan.” as he slowly withdrew the rigid saliva covered cock inch by inch by glorious inch. It glistened in the sun from the warm mouth and tantalizing lips of the panting wanton cock-sucker who had been working it over. She turned slightly when fully withdrawn.

Rachel could see Christine wanted more, she wanted completion, she wanted cum, more of the sweet juicy milky sperm that Hamid had given her in the morning – she wanted it again. She will have it again Rachel thought, Beylikdüzü Escort just in a slightly different manner. Looking up at Hamid, Rachel said “Drip some cum on my cunt as a gift for our friend here.” Christine watched with wide eyes as Hamid stepped away from Christine and moved between Rachel’s legs. Rachel had raised her knees, made sure her panties were pulled aside and held her naked hairless pussy wide open – on display waiting and wanting to be splashed by the thick hot cum that was on its way. Hamid stroked his long cock with his left hand – keeping it hard, keeping it on the boil, edging it, edging it more, edging it so that when the dollop of cum surged out of the large hairless balls and began its travel up the length of the cock, his fingers felt it running through the throbbing cock. Hamid leaned forward pointed the massive swollen head downward and let himself release a large gooey gob that splashed on the open lips, the erect clit and waiting warm pink vulva.

“Your turn Christine.” Rachael directed as she kept her splayed her legs open and motioned that the other woman should come forward on her knees and tend to her.

Christine walked over on her knees with her breasts swaying left and right to face the cream-pie lying atop the pink juicy and irresistible vulva. The warm thick spooge was piled on the open cunt like whipped cream on a sundae. With a hand on each of Rachael’s knees she pushed the young woman’s legs apart and leaned in. Her eyes were wild with excitement as she watched Rachael stare at her exposed breasts. She let go of her knees for a moment and scooped up a rope of sperm. She spread it over each of her achingly hard nipples and felt them stiffen even more. Now more than an inch long she knew that Rachael was captivated. She felt Rachael put her hands on the back of her head and pull her in even closer.

“That’s it darling, get your tongue going.” Rachael said watched as Hamid put a condom on her still raging cock and bent down behind the kneeling Christine.

“Hamid is going to fuck you now.”

Hearing a sharp intake of Christine’s breath, Rachael knew that Hamid had entered her. She knew his girth and length would take anybody’s breath away. She had only had threesome a couple of times. Each time she had been worshipping Max’s rampant member when her uncle Ross buried himself deep inside her vagina. They had taught her the rhythm needed to pleasure them both simultaneously. Christine had mastered three-way timing years ago, and now at each thrust when her face was pushed forward deeper into the wet juicy crotch and her tongue further into between the cum coated nether lips into her vagina and pressed her nose into her clitoris, Rachel flexed and worked her hips upward, embracing and enhancing the sensations that were electrifying her body.

Ross and Max having returned to the office, saw movement on the deck and walking toward the open doors heard the grunting, panting and slurping from the trio. Their niece Rachael was semi-reclining on the patio chair with some half naked woman eating her out and that same woman being fucked by Hamid.

“Looks like the interview is going well and that the rumors are true. Damn, that is a sexy sight to behold isn’t it?” Ross said as his eyes remained riveted on the public spectacle.

“It sure is!” Max said as he saw Rachael give them a little nod which caused Hamid to look over her shoulder to see the two owners with huge smiles on their faces as they watched the action.

“Ross, the banker should be here any minute about the loan we are after. Letting him see this and hinting he could be part of it, might give us some leverage.” Max suggested.

“My thoughts exactly.” Ross agreed with a big smile as he moved away from the door to his desk. “My thoughts exactly.”

Max gave Rachael the thumbs up as he too returned to his work. Yes, he thought, the banker should definitely see what is going on.

Hamid’s thrusts were slow and lengthy. After almost withdrawing completely, the glans would graze Christine’s clitoris before beginning it long plunge into the depths. Her vaginal walls were in spasm along the stiff ridge that gripped the rigid cock as she squeezed her Kegel muscles. Grabbing her hips, Hamid pushed as deep as she could, straightened her back and reared up like the she-male stallion she was and held herself in as deep as possible.

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