More Than He Bargained For Ch. 02

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Adrianna Chechik

Written By: livingsingl

Co-Authored By: redridinghood999

“US AIR FLIGHT 893 TO HAWAII, BOARDING AT GATE NUMBER 47” The bank robber and his hostage left the secluded shack in the woods under cover of darkness, driving in to the airport. We parked the car in the lot, leaving it never to be picked up again. Once inside the airport, the presence of occasional security officers made us both a little nervous, but our fake IDs didn’t alert the authorities. Hurrying, we make it to the gate, the last flight to Hawaii for the night. The airplane is about half-full, mostly late-night business travelers and vacationers who had to work that day. The gate attendant takes our tickets with a sleepy smile. “Thank you, have a good flight.” I didn’t take the time to go to Lori’s apartment, so she is wearing the same tight blue jeans I and one of my black t-shirts… it’s a little big on her, so it’s knotted in front, exposing a little bit of her stomach. She is biting her lip nervously, following closely into the docking gate, down the ramp to the plane.

Taking her hand, I guide us down the corridor to the door of the plane. We both look behind us, still not believing nobody is after the two of us. “Are you sure you want to leave your old life behind?” I whisper in her ear before we reach the door of the plane.

She looks up into my eyes, nodding. “Yes sir… please take me with you. I… I’d rather be with you.”

“I am glad to her that, I just want you to be sure we both want the same thing.” I say, smiling.

I hand our tickets to the woman standing at the door. The flight attendant takes the tickets distractedly, talking to her co-worker about her new time share. “Yeah — it’s got a great coast view. I just hope that the sun isn’t always glaring in the front window.” She looks at the seats, “42 A and B. All the way in the back, to the left”

Holding hands once more, I guide us down the isle to our seats. “Would you like the window or the isle seat little one?”

“Can I have the window, sir?” Lori asks.

“Yes you may.” I tell her, as we make our way down the aisle, many of the passengers are settling into their chairs… putting on headsets, getting blankets from the overhead bins, or opening up books for the long, evening flight. Lori scoots into her seat, her little body sitting in the window-side seat, looking out at the runway. “How are you feeling little one?” I squeeze her hand softly.

“A little scared sir, but ready to leave my quiet, dull life behind to disappear with a handsome, mysterious bank robber It’s a whole new world out there… I’ve never done anything like this, never even dreamed of doing anything like this. But here I am… with you, here, going somewhere I’ve never been.” She explains to me. I can tell she is apprehensive, but also exited about the future,

“Everything will be fine my little cumslut” I whisper. In the aisle, the stewardesses begin going through the airline safety instructions, half-bored. She closes her eyes as feels my hot whisper in her ear, calling her cumslut, the sounds arousing her sexually. “You have nothing to fear. The world is an exciting place, much to learn and explore.

She raises the palm of my hand to her lips and kisses it. “Thank you for showing it to me, sir.”

Your welcome, I tell her, as I take her angelic face between my hands and kiss her sweetly on the lips. She returns my kiss, her lips soft and tender against mine, feeling my mustache brush against her, my warm, strong hands on her face. The stewardess goes down the row, making one last check. “Fasten your seatbelts, please”, she nods to the two of us.

I assist her putting on the seat belt, and then attach my own. She settles back into the seat, resting her head on my shoulder. Suddenly, the plane begins to rumble into motion… pulling away from the gate… onto the runway. I squeeze her again reassure her everything will be fine. Looking out the window, she takes a deep breath as the plane takes flight, leaving the ground, the lights of our home city falling away. The pilot announces over the speaker system, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for flying US Air. We will be turning off the cabin lights shortly so you can get some shut-eye, but the overhead seat lights can be used if you like. The on-flight movie will be starting soon, so relax, get comfortable, and before you know it we’ll be touching ground in Hawaii.”

“Hmm, I wonder what the movie will be?” She whispers to me. The lights suddenly turn off; the cabin plunged into near-darkness. A few people reach overhead to turn on their seat-lights, but the vast majority of the plane chooses comfortable darkness instead. I place my hand on her thigh, as movie begins to start playing on the screen ahead of us… I continue rubbing her thigh, slowly working my hand towards her vagina. She looks up at me in the semi-dark, her soft hand moving onto my thigh, her legs parting to let my fingers move up onto the front of her jeans. I lean over and kiss her neck. She moans softly, “Oh, sir…” arching her neck to expose it to my mouth.

I see a stewardess moving toward us, as she approaches Sivas Escort I ask her for a blanket. “I am a little chilly.”

She nods, “Of course, sir. Would you like one too, miss?”

“Yes, thank you.” I nod; she disappears for a moment, and returns with two sets of dark blue airplane blankets, with two starchy white airplane pillows to boot.

“Here you go.” She smiles. “Honeymoon?”

“Thank you miss, we are going to get married in Maui.”

She smiles, “How sweet! We’ll try and make your flight extra-special, then.”

“Why thank you very much.” She walks away to tend to the other passengers. I lean into my little cumslut once more kissing and nibbling her neck. We raise the blankets over us, covering our bodies. Under cover of the blankets, my hand becomes much bolder, rubbing between her thighs, continuously kissing her neck, moving up to her ear lobe, nibbling and licking. Her own hands begin to explore my body, running over my broad chest… hard stomach… slipping underneath my t-shirt to feel my warm skin.

She nuzzles into my mouth. I can feel her getting hot between her thighs. I know she is wetter as I continue rubbing my hand briskly against her pussy through her jeans. She begins start to grind back against your hand, shifting in my seat. I pop open the top button of her jeans, unzipping then as far as possible, slipping my middle finger inside; searching for the treasure hidden inside. Her soft mouth seeking out mine, kissing hungrily to stifle a moan as my fingers slip into her jeans, finding my moist, bare lips. She raises her hands to my face, holding it as we kiss, our tongues slipping between each others lips.

In row in front of us, the sole passenger begins to snore loudly. Our tongues find the other as we kiss passionately. I begin sliding my finger up and down between her damp slit, pressing hard against her clit. Her hands move back down underneath our blankets, fumbling a little with my belt, and the button of my jeans. We continue kissing; I slip my finger between the folds of her heated pussy, feeling the wetness I have come to love so much. She whimpers softly into my mouth, sucking on my tongue as she feels my finger begin to stroke her wet pussy, flicking and pressing down on her swollen little clit. She gasps again as my finger slides between her lips, the tip right at the entrance to her little body…

Her hands undo my belt, opening the front of my jeans… I with draw my finger, breaking our kiss, bringing my finger to my mouth, smelling the feminine arousal, licking it off only to replace it inside her hot wet pussy. She watches me, swallowing, getting even more aroused at the sight of me enjoying the way she tastes. Getting my finger slick and slippery with saliva before sliding back between her lips, into her hot moistness…

I shift my hips in an attempt to free my already painfully hard erection. Finding the opening to her tunnel… and pushing inside the tight sheath. Her hands fumble with the front of my pants, and then… my cock springs free, into the cool air of the cabin, making a tent in the rough airplane blanket. “Are you enjoying your plane ride my little cumslut?”

She looks up at me, lips still glistening with our combined saliva from kissing. “Yes sir… I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

I smile, “I wouldn’t want it any other way either baby.”

Her hands move underneath the blanket, and I feel her soft, gentle fingertips on the rock hard, throbbing flesh of my erection. The touch so tender against my pulsing hardness… exploring with her fingers… We kiss again, one of her hands moving down to cup my hairy balls in the palm, feeling the heat and arousal. I begin pushing her jeans down, she realizes my intentions and assists me, raising her hips. I moan almost inaudibly at the touch of her hands. She lifts up, sliding her tight jeans down, peeling them off of her young little body. Her soft mouth presses down on mine, trying to cover my moan with a kiss, my mustache tickling her nose, making her even hotter.

Her hands move back to my cock, hot precum dripping down from the tip onto her fingers, slowly stroking me up and down… up and down. “Put your head in my lap little one.”

“Y-yes sir,” she whispers, sliding her head down underneath the starchy dark blue blanket. I reach down and place my finger back inside her pussy as she places her head in my lap. I begin slowly finger fucking her. I feel her mouth underneath the blanket… kissing my stomach where she pulled my t-shirt up… moving down my body. Her tight, wet pussy squeezes my finger, the heat making it slippery. Her mouth finds my shaft, soft lips closing around the sides, sliding up and down; running my cock between them. With my left hand I reach up and begin tracing circles around her right nipple. Her wet tongue licking at my shaft as her mouth moves up to the mushroomed head. I hear a muffled little gasp underneath the blanket. I insert a second finger into her tight wet sheath. Then feel her hot, wet mouth engulf my now-painfully engorged cockhead. Suddenly plunged into a moist, steamy entrance!

A Sivas Escort Bayan low guttural moan escapes my mouth. Her little wet sheath squeezes around my fingers. Her slippery, hot tunnel sliding up and down on my fingers, finger fucking her pussy faster. Suddenly, we hear the man sitting in front of us… “SNOOORRRRRE.. zrnk? Harum, mmm… SNNNNORRRRRE…” Her mouth slurps hungrily on my pulsing meat, her head starting to bob up and down underneath the blanket. I start tweaking her nipple gently. Spit starting to drip down my shaft… onto my balls…

(3/12/2006 8:11:33 PM):

She whimpers, only my cock filling her mouth keeping her from crying out in heat! I lean down and whisper in her ear…. “You are a good little cocksucker, a good little cumslut.” The sounds of my husky, whispering, voice making her pussy gush wetly. Telling her what a good slut she is, telling her how she is pleasing her master. I press my thumb against her tight little asshole, as I continue finger banging her.

Underneath the blanket, the wet sounds of my two fingers pumping in and out of her young pussy are barely muffled. “You are doing such a good job sucking my cock.” I tell her as she sucks more hungrily, her tiny nipples getting stiffer, getting so turned on! I pull her nipple harder as my cock throbs in her tight wet mouth. Her pink, tight little star clenches reflexively as my thumb rubs over it, causing her shiver. She slides her mouth off of my throbbing cock.

She whispers up to me, “Sir… sir, you’re gonna make me cum.” She is panting as quietly as possible. “Show me how good you can deep throat my cock. That is my plan, my little cumslut.” On the movie screen ahead of us, the movie seems to have shifted to a very scary moment… the attention of the cabin seems to be on the action in front instead of the action behind. She lowers her head underneath the blanket again. I pull my fingers out, rubbing the wetness around her tight little pucker. She feels for my cock jutting from my lap, poking her mouth, thrusting in little motions against her cheeks, over her face, through her hair. I insert three fingers inside her tight soupy little hole. She parts her lips and swallows as much of my cock as she can; nearly gagging as she feels it slide over her tongue, stuffing her cheeks, hitting the back of her throat.

“Very good my little cumslut, keep going.” I encourage her.

” MMMMMMMFS” sounds come from under the blanket, squealing in pleasure as three fingers push against the incredibly-tight little hole. My thumb presses harder against her asshole. The sudden penetration surprises her throat. She plunges down onto my cock, feeling my cockhead plumb her throat, my thumb slowly parting her sphincter. Plunging down deep, she buries her little nose in my stomach hair, her mouth sinking down to the hilt of my rock hard cock, sheathing it in her gulping, steamy throat! I insert my thumb to the first knuckle, as I continue finger fucking her.

“You are so tight and wet my little cumslut. Are you ready to cum for me?” I whisper to her.

She whimpers, bobbing up and down on my meat, deep-throating her master’s giant fuckstick as my thumb penetrates her tight little rosebud, pushing between her tight buns! “Cum on my fingers baby, show me that you are a good little cumslut.” Watching her body, I know that she right on the edge… feel it in her moistness, the heat, the urgency of her breathing, the stiffness of her nipples, the way she writhes under my touch!

She whispers, begging… “Hold my head down on your cock, sir… please… Please sir, gag me with it…or I’ll scream!” Panting, biting her lip, trying to keep her orgasm from exploding out of her tiny body! I push her head down on my cock, holding it there, not allowing her to raise her head. I push her head tight against my lap, thrusting my hips up into her hot wet mouth, making her gag. Suddenly she explodes, one of my hands keeping her head buried in my lap, the other one finger fucking her into a frenzy! My hips forcing my cock in and out, fucking her mouth! “MMMMMMmmffffllllls!” She shudders wildly under the blankets, her tight, young pussy clenching and squeezing around my fingers, drenching my hand!!!!

I jam my fingers into both her tight holes as I fuck her throat. Her throat gulps and squeezes around my pistoning, pumping fuckstick, my hips pounding it up into her mouth! I withdraw my hand from her pussy and ass, placing both hands on the back of her head, allowing it to rise slightly. I continue fucking her throat, my balls bouncing off her chin. I can feel her panting, hot, hungry breath on my skin, hot spit dripping from her hard-fucked mouth and throat down onto my cock and balls. Her lips flushed with the impact from the mouth fucking, her hair bunched up between my hands. I pull her mouth off my cock, allowing her to catch her breath.

“You did a very good job my little cumslut.” I whisper. She whimpers, burying her face into my chest, her orgasm still raging through her body, making her shiver. She breathes hard against me, nuzzling into me

“Th-thank you, sir…” she swallows, Escort Sivas licking her lips. “Oh g-god…” she whispers.

“Are you ready for more?” I ask her.

She looks around, “Did… did anyone notice?” she blushes deeply.

“No one saw anything, I want you to mount my cock now my sexy little cumslut.” I moan softly into her ear. She nods, kissing me, as she unbuckles her seatbelt.

She shifts under the blanket, sliding over into my lap. She whispers with a smile, “Yes, Daddy… like this?”

“Yes little one, just like that.” I say as she moves her little bottom over my bare lap, feeling my spit-covered, rock hard erection sliding up the little cleft of her tight bottom. “Take my cock in your hand…” she reaches down between her legs… wrapping her soft fingers around my thick meat… “Rub it on your tight little slit”

She whispers, “Y-yes sir…” and begins to slide it up and down her slippery, wet, bare pussy lips…, her young body leaning back against mine. Her back pressed against my chest as she wiggles her body up and down, feeling my cockhead slip between my lips.

“Place it inside you, take me fully inside.” I place my hands on her hips, guiding her into position. She slowly raises herself up… using her hands on the armrests… Slowly… oh so slowly slides down onto my cockhead… feeling it slip between her lips, pushing upwards… reaching the hot wetness, she gasps as she sinks down onto the head, feeling me enter her! Her tight wet hot slit engulfing my hot hard throbbing cock. She presses down, forcing more of my cock into her. Wriggling down, feeling my hands pushing her onto my shaft. Her slick sheath sinking tightly down around my rock hard sword!

She turns her head to the side, leaning back on my shoulder, trying to find my mouth to kiss, to muffle her cries. She slowly begins to slide her hips up and down, up and down, trying to take more and more of me into her. Feeding my hot hard schlong deep inside, “You feel divine my little cumslut”

She finds my mouth kissing passionately. She whispers, “I-I love it when you fuck me, sir…” She groans softly. “I love your hot cock in my pussy… god, I fucking love it so much!” Our tongues dance and swirl around ours mouths kissing wetly. She presses down fully on my cock, my balls touching her clit. “MMMmmmmMMMmmmmf!”

“Just rest there, little one.” She moans a little loudly into my mouth, the feeling of me impaled all the way to the base! “Grind on my shaft.” Her eyes clenched, mouth open in a silent “o” I place my hand over her mouth to muffle any future cries of pleasure. She tries to grind back and forth on my lap a little, the feeling of my cock buried deep inside, totally claiming her! I reach around and rub her clit with my left hand. Muffled sounds of pleasure forced into my mouth, feeling my rough palm; strong fingers keeping her blessedly quiet! I begin rubbing her clit briskly. Her pink clit is so swollen and wet, a slippery little nub under the manipulation of my fingers!

I feel her whimpering against the palm of my hand, her little body starting to bounce up and down on my thick cock, forcing it to throb inside her tight little pussy. The airplane seat starting to make little creak…creak…creak noises as she rides me! “That’s it little one, fuck yourself on my cock.” I whisper in her ear. I lean the chair back a little bit, reclining it to let her ride you harder! She groans, her mouth kisses my hand desperately as I muffle her, gagging her cries as she ride me, bouncing on my rock hard pole like a wild cowgirl in heat!

I continue whispering in her ear…. “Fuck me, ride my cock, cum for me. Show me how much you want my cum in your tight little fuck hole. Her tight, wet pussy squeezes and massages my stiff cock deep inside her young body, slipping up and down, sheathing, pumping me! I remove my hand from her clit, grabbing her nipple, pinching, pulling. She suddenly leans forward, pressing the side of her face against the empty seat in front of her!

“Fuck my cock, my dirty little cumslut.” My hand over her mouth barely conceals her screams as she starts cumming on my cock, bouncing her little pussy feverishly up and down, fucking herself on my cock as she drenches my balls. She moans even louder. “Pump your pussy up and down on my cock.” I can feel her wet, slippery spasms SQUEEZE and CLENCH around my cock as her little body rides me! Feeling her pussy contract on my shaft, I know she is in the throws of her second orgasm.

She moans continuously, as I slide my thumb around, once again to her tight little pucker, pressing inside. “Take my thumb, ride it like you are my cock. Mmm, you feel so good riding my cock, fuck me my little cumslut.” I can feel her tight little ring squeeze for the barest moment, then give in slowly as my thumb presses into her tight hot bottom hole. She raises herself almost all the way, until just the head of my fat cock is at her lips… and then PLUNGES down again! My balls begin to tingle, signaling the beginning of my impending orgasm. She raises herself up again… and then PLUNGES herself down! She begins to ride me faster… now only sliding halfway up. The sounds of our bodies fucking wetly are barely muffled by the blanket and the noise of the in-flight movie. The sensations begin to be too much, her pink little asshole squeezing and clenching around my thumb. I am now grunting in passion.

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