Morning Twillight

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It’s very late at night, and I’m standing in front of the floor length bedroom windows, looking out at the trees silhouetted against the snow. As I slowly remove my blouse, the chilly air emanating from the window caresses my uncovered breasts. The cool air licks at my nipples and they become hard points. I step closer and tentatively touch my nipples to the cold windowpane. I gently sway from side to side drawing my nipples across the cold glass and the motion causes them to elongate and grow harder still. I stand still savoring the sensation of my cold hard nipples and soft warm breasts. A flush of warmth spreads over the rest of my body and I turn to the bed.

I slip beneath the down comforter and pull it down to my waist, continuing to expose my breasts to the cool, clinging air. I run my hands over my breasts, squeezing them. I stretch my limbs out from my torso to the four corners of the bed. And I wait for you.

Moving my hands up the sides of my breasts I squeeze them together with my nipples touching and hold them together, rubbing each nipple with a finger tip until they are both very hard. I drop them abruptly and I feel the weight as they fall. I run my hands from my breasts across my abdomen several times as I sensitize my skin to your touch. I reach between my open legs and touch myself, seeking my very wet center. I dip my fingers inside and bring the moisture up to my breasts and rub it on each nipple.

Again, I press my nipples together and bring first one, and then the other toward my mouth. I lick the already evaporating moisture from my nipples. My mouth is dripping and I bring each breast to my mouth sucking kartal escort bayan in as much as I possibly can.

The muscles in my abdomen are beginning to involuntarily tighten and release. I bring my heels up close to my body spread my legs. I glance up and see you at the foot of the bed, facing me, naked and hard.

My breathing begins to quicken and deepen. I beckon you to me and you crawl up between my legs and stop when your cock is at the center of my wetness. You lean in and the tip just touches the opening to my now gaping and flowing vagina. You wet the tip of your cock with my juice and slide up and down my lips, teasing me.

My hips begin to rock toward you, I arch my back and change the tilt of my hips preparing for your entry. Your arms are outstretched beside me, holding your upper body away from me. I reach up and run my fingers through the hair on your chest and stop when I reach your nipples. With my palms against your nipples I softly rub until I feel them grow hard. I pinch them and try to lean up toward you to suck one into my mouth.

But you begin to lower your body to mine. I spread my legs even further and quiver when I feel you at my entrance. You slide slowly inside of me. I am moaning as you fill me up. You stop when fully inside as I expand to accommodate you. I am so ready. I squeeze you with my vaginal muscles to hold you there and maintain that exquisite feeling.

Suddenly you thrust your hips forward and drive in deeply. You pull out and slam back into me. I cry out each time you pound into me forcing the air from my lungs. Oh god, I love this. I love you like escort maltepe this.

And then you stop. I look at you incredulously as you lean in to me and whisper, “come with me.” You slip out of me and the emptiness is almost painful. You stand beside the bed and offer your hand to help me up. As I rise beside you, your cock is glistening with both our juices. I cannot resist sucking you and you quiver, putting your hands on my head to stop me.

“Not yet,” you whisper and draw me from my knees and pull me to you. Your hard, hot, wet cock is pressed between us. I look at you quizzically and you nod toward the floor length windows. Morning twilight is just beginning and I can see a faint light in the sky. “Come with me,” you say again and lead me to the windows. You spin me around so I am facing the windows and pull me next to your body, your hot cock pressing into the small of my back.

You run your hands slowly up and down the front of my body, rubbing each breast, squeezing and pulling each nipple. I am electrified and lubrication is pouring out of me and down my legs. You lower one hand and slide two fingers into me and your palm is rubbing my clit. You take three strokes in and out of me and I begin to twitch with a series of small orgasms. I am writhing and rubbing against your cock and I turn around to face you and mount your thigh. I grab your shoulders and slide up and down your thigh masturbating myself to a longer, deeper orgasm.

You seem surprised and pleased that I am nearly out of control with desire for you. I’m so dizzy I stop for a moment and put my forehead on your chest. I am breathing pendik escort heavily through my mouth trying to regain some composure. I open my eyes and see your nipple. I take it into my mouth and suck and bite you as hard as I can until you cry out. You pry me from your nipple, wrap your arms around me and drop to the floor in front of the windows.

You roughly part my legs with your thigh and jam three fingers inside of me and fuck me hard this way for several minutes. I am writhing and bucking back at you until I am about to come again. “I want your cock inside of me,” I’m screaming. Your beautiful cock is hard as steel and you accommodate my wish by driving it into me to the hilt, sliding me across the rug until my head hits the wall. You begin to pound into me fast and hard as I explode again and again. I grab your shoulders and dig in my nails, piercing your skin as I roughly pull you into me with each thrust.

Finally you choose to come. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I watch you let go and cry out my name as you launch yourself into me, pounding and quivering and gasping for air. I feel your release and your boiling semen gushes inside me. From deep inside my abdomen a tightening begins and grows until I am shaking uncontrollably and sobbing.

And then we are still. We are both sweating from the exertion and slide our limbs over each other to get even closer together. I touch your face and lean up to kiss your closed eyelids. I lick the wet salty skin on your shoulder and suck your skin into my mouth running my tongue slowly back and forth. A small moan comes from your throat and you shift your position so your not so soft cock is against my nether lips. I open my legs to invite you inside as I lift and tilt my hips. I feel new lubricating fluid gathering inside me as I feel your cock begin to stiffen. I am gently thrusting my hips toward you as I entreat you to fuck me again.

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