Mother’s Keeper

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A warm scent suddenly shot up in the town’s market district, wafting past Siofra’s nose and giving her reason to pause and search for the source. Her stomach let out an intense roar, letting her know it was time to stop patrolling the city streets and grab some lunch. It takes quite a bit of energy to be her and to sleep around as much as she did, so the smell of something, anything, cooking nearby was as inviting as the scent of any lass that wandered by, if not more. She carefully traced it back to its source, stopping by a small house near the blacksmith’s workshop, figuring whatever they were making had to be wonderful if it could cover up the smell of hot steel and ashes.

At first, the knight’s eyes were focused solely on a display case carefully arranged up front, giving anyone who passed an eyeful of their wares. Fat pastries covered in frosting thick and sticky, fruits dipped in chocolates dark and rich, and bread loaves long and soft filled her eyes, each one looking better than the last. Small sandwiches and confectioneries lined the top row, eager for customers to stop and have a taste of that. Surely, she should pay over a few well earned coin to this place so she could sit down and devour those sweet, innocent little nibbles in public, not caring who saw her slobber on them and nip at them.

Wait, that’s right, lunch. Siofra’s brain had crossed wires with her other favorite activity, telling her just how much she really did need the break. She took out a few coins from the pouch on her belt and went to hand them over to the person tending the shop.

“I’ll take the third sandwich from the right and-” Siofra stopped mid sentence, staring the shopkeeper in the eye. She found herself face to face with eyes of golden slit and black sclera. A quick look over of whom they belonged to revealed a body toned dark red, with long matching hair, two curled horns on the side of her head, and a small, white bandanna covering her skull. As the two locked gazes, the shopkeeper smiled at her.

“And? Can I help you, miss?” she asked in a cheery tone.

“–Please tell me you’re on the menu because I could just eat you up.” Siofra blurted out, not even thinking on it. It was reflex and habit by now, sounding as cheesy as she could while giving the biggest grin she could muster.

The shopkeeper just grinned. “I’m afraid not. Though I can serve you anything else.”

“The sandwich then. And that pastry over here. And coffee, nothing in it.” Siofra sighed, trying her best not to sound too dejected over this, handing her money over and continuing to look at the girl anyways. It had been a while since she saw a succubus working around the city and remembered the great times she’s had with others. Though a no is no and she sat at a table nearby and waited.

After a minute, the girl appeared with Siofra’s order and set it down, bowing to her, keeping her wings and tail stretched out as she pet her own stomach. “Ah, sorry for the wait, I’ve been a bit slower ever since this bun got shoved into my oven.”

Siofra stared at the demon’s belly, having noticed it was quite large and sticking out, and turned bright red herself, stuttering in panic. “Ah…Ah. Y-You’re pregnant. I…Forgive me for hitting on you. Bad habit, nothing more, I swear! Don’t tell your husband or whatever on me, I’ll behave around here from now on, miss, I promise!” The poor knight looked like she wished she could just hide and disappear from public sight right now.

“Hm? Oh, don’t worry about it, miss! The asshole who left me like this ditched me quite some time ago. Said he wouldn’t play dad to some demon sprog and skipped town. Old stigmas and such. If I catch that bastard near my shop again, he’s getting the worst, so don’t mind me!” said the girl, taking a seat next to Siofra to take a break. “Sorry, I hope you don’t mind me resting here.”

“N-no, do what you need to.” Siofra mumbled, slowly eating her meal and sitting in awkward silence. “Though why do you insist on working and keeping it if he skipped on you like that? Don’t you feel thankless or unloved?”

“Think of it this way; if he does have half the balls he claims to have and makes his way back to town, seeing that brat of his working alongside me and happy ought to scare him more than anything my demon heritage could have done.” the girl grinned wide and toothy. “Besides, it ekes out a few more pity tips around here so I can have enough to live on.”

“Heh, vicious. I like that.” said Siofra, taking a sip of her drink and trying her best to stay behaved. Hard not to admit out loud that she liked that attitude in a lady. “You’re doing the right thing then. And hey, if he does come back, you can tell me and I’ll do whatever you wish with him. Nobody leaves a woman hurt like that in my presence.”

She then extended her hand to the shopkeeper’s and shook. “I’m Siofra Whelan. Please, call me for any reason.”

“Esra.” the keeper replied, shaking hands firmly izmir escort and warmly, her spaded tail wagging a bit. “And any reason? Even if it’s just to keep this poor knocked up demon whore company? You seem like a charitable enough young lady, perhaps you could be of some work.”

Siofra turned red again at those words, doing her best to keep face while others were nearby shopping and could hear her. “Now, I wouldn’t go calling you that, and nobody should. But yeah, I suppose if I’ve nothing better to do nor any other jobs going, I could help you play shop for a bit.”

“Oh, you may not call me that now, but your eyes were saying it. Not like it’s a bad thing, though. But good, you can start now. Come in and I’ll close up for lunch hour and you can play therapist for me.” Esra snorted a few dark embers towards Siofra’s direction and grinned, her wings flapping a bit as she put a sign up saying she’d be out a bit and inviting the knight to the back and into a small room in the corner. “Come on, this way, my feet are tired and need a rubbing. You’re a holy lady, ain’t ya? I can smell it on ya. Come use those glowy hands on me and make me less tense, oh chivalrous flirt.”

“…That’s what that snort was for. You could sniff the glow on me, you horny devil! I forget your kind can do that.” Siofra rolled her eyes a bit and followed, standing dutifully at attention next to Esra, who was now at the edge of her bed and wiggling her toes around. “So, a foot rub, right? Don’t keep me too long with this as I do need to patrol again, miss.”

Esra grinned and laid back on her bed, putting her feet against Siofra’s face and playing a bit, spreading her legs and stretching her tail out to prod at the knight as well, her spade tickling where it could find. “Make sure I’m good enough to work and you can go back to your job, little lady~” she grinned, her tongue flicking in and out a bit. “Though take a load off. Work can’t be fun in all that armor. Make yourself comfortable first then we can play doctor.”

“Look, if you really wanted to fuck after all, you didn’t have to hide it when I first ordered.” Siofra grumbled, going aside and slowly removing her armor an accessories until she sat only in her tunic, covering her torso and crotch only, sighing. “This is just another one of those weird games you demons play on us mortals. It figures, and I should have known better. After all, I’ve dated your kind.”

“I’m not going to announce it in front of the market street at lunch time, though, sweetie. I prefer the lure method and a quiet catch. Makes it more exciting knowing I could tell everyone you fucked someone’s mother while they were still carrying. How would your church take that?” Esra pointed at the knight, showing a claw and removing her own apron and robe, displaying her fully pregnant belly to Siofra. It stuck out and stretched wide and soft, feeling warm to the touch as she caressed it and taunted her new companion with it. “Everything I said is true; it just works great as a pity story to get you do-gooder types in to help me calm these stupid pregnancy hormones. Not many are willing to fuck someone as full along as me, so I have to play it up just a bit. And you fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. So suck it up and get to rubbing.”

“For the record, I don’t think Fyrshala would care.” sighed Siofra as she cracked her knuckles and began to rub her hands together, producing a warm, faint glow and pressing them against Esra’s toes. “But seriously, just ask next time. I’m not worth the time and energy spent on your shenanigans. I’d have been more than happy to oblige you.”

The demon just flapped a bit and shoved her spaded tail into Siofra’s mouth, leaving the poor knight stunned as she bit on it in surprise, unable to spit it out or get it unstuck. “You talk too much. Just get to work and I promise you’ll leave satisfied as well. Start from there and work up all over, then back down to my gorgeous belly and treat it as if I was your own mother. Got it?”

Siofra tried to acknowledge her fate and give in, unable to form words and slobbering down herself as that spade kept her tongue down. Her fingers slowly began to press against the toes and balls of Esra’s feet, rubbing them up slow, working her way down towards the arch and back up. On each pass, she would go down a bit further, making her way down and past the heels and around the ankles. Her work focused there for a bit, unable to talk and only communicating with her eyes. They were heavy and her face was blushing, as if she wished to say she wasn’t enjoying it, but her body belied it and showed she was indeed kind of enjoying being bossed around. Her fingers got in warm and glowing between the demon’s toes and tickled a bit, making the mother she was doting on wiggle a bit.

“Oh, would you look at that face? You like it, don’t you? Knights serve, after all!” Esra removed the spade from Siofra’s mouth, making the alsancak escort knight gag a bit as she caught her breath, feeling that tail pat her down all over and under her tunic and around the rim of her panties. “Oh, you’re still dressed there. A shame. Just keep working and maybe I’ll relieve you of them and help you along.”

Embarrassed at how warm and wet she was beginning to feel, her cunt twitching a bit just watching that stomach wiggle and wobble, Siofra nodded and got up a bit, working her way up Esra’s legs and knees, getting to her hips and stopping to marvel at how full her womb now was. It looked so warm, so comfortable; if only she could stay here today and sleep against it, being mothered herself and having her hair stroked warmly. After all, she was a brat and–

–Wait, what was she thinking? And why was it making her crotch throb harder? She shook her head a bit and was given the go ahead to give a long, warm tit massage, resting her warm and leaking panty covered crotch against that stomach gently and sighing a bit. Truly, this was bliss, and those tits felt so round and full against her fingers. A light touch of her nipples showed just how sensitive motherhood was making this demon, and she intended to tease back a bit and take full advantage of this.

Her fingers tugged gently at the fat, round nipples of Esra, thumbing them with her usual expertise and humming a bit as she wiggled her eager body gently above the demon’s bulging stomach, flicking them around as she twisted and pulled. Her face lay against the demon’s shoulder and nuzzled a bit, trying her best to put on a cute face for her captor, with eyes sweet and wide, a soft smile, and playful blushing across her freckles. Sure, it was something she’d not tried before, but it was her philosophy to put on a good show for whomever she was lucky enough to lay with and leave them satisfied no matter what, so Siofra suddenly pretending she was a horny teen brat again was not below her.

However, what was below her was a horny devil, who was growing quite amused at the act the knight was putting on, picking her up and pulling her in close, keeping her hands to her as she slipped the tunic off Siofra and pushed in against her stomach and chest, pulling the knight up just enough that her ass was pointed up in the air and angled off her own full womb. A quick raise of her spaded tail lead to a sharp, fast thwap against Siofra’s ass, Esra grinning as she watched the knight’s face light up in surprise.

“Ahh, naughty brats going after their own mother’s titties! You didn’t even ask or say please! So, a spanking it is! Then you’ll get to deal with licking your mama’s womb up all nice and clean!” Esra laughed, patting Siofra on the head, only serving to confuse her more as she got spanked again by that tail landing swiftly on her tailbone, causing her to yelp out and twitch. “Such a cute response, I could be here all day disciplining brats like you!”

“Ow! Who gave you permission to–” Siofra stopped, looking Esra in the eye and whimpering upon seeing an angry face cast down on her. It reminded her of her own mother in times past, being scolded for not listening to what she was saying or doing as she was told, and she sunk her head down and changed her tone. “Ahh, sorry there, mother demonest! How shall I take care of your womb today?”

The knight sighed. She could hardly believe these words were coming out of her mouth. She could only pray that her goddess could see them and wouldn’t tell. Nobody would care if she fucked a demon, she’d done it plenty in the past, but to be seen as if she was pretending to be someone’s kid for kicks… Well, she wasn’t sure if she could survive that level of humiliation. This was enough for the week. As she pondered this, Esra flapped her wings against Siofra’s flanks and made her jump again, wiggling up just enough to lay against her headboard and pull out a tub of the frosting she uses in the kitchen. It was shaded light pink and smelled of pure sugar and berries as she dipped her fingers in it, painting her stomach lightly with it and smiling, pushing her now dirtied digits into Siofra’s mouth to shut her up again, keeping it there until they were long since sucked clean.

“Don’t talk back now, brat. Just eat up every single last bit off me, gently, while pawing at the tits you were so eager for and maybe your not-quite-mother will reward you for good behavior. Compliments about how gorgeous and graceful I still look even though I’m knocked up will get you a bit farther~” Esra’s voice almost sang as she spoke, sounding delighted. Her bulging stomach presented itself, looking like one of the pastries Siofra ate with her lunch, making the knight’s stomach growl as its sweetness carried its way back to her nose.

The poor girl was a bit reluctant at first, unsure how to go about touching or fondling a stomach as large and tender as this, trying to take it slow buca escort no matter how much the urge to wolf down the sugary goodness came to her. The creamy frosting worked her way over her lips and tongue, sticking them and getting on her cheeks and chin, a bit dribbled down her neck as she ate, looking like a spoiled brat who couldn’t keep her mouth shut while eating. Each slurp brought ticklish wiggling from Esra, rocking the bed as her cunt began to twitch and swell.

“Ahh, your bulge is but a jewel in my eye, mother Esra! To say the gods are jealous would not be a lie; how they wish they could create something so warm and so beautiful as your womb and your swollen, sensitive tits yet could not find a one worthy enough to do so, as nothing they could be beset with in their warm womb would be half as beautiful or comforting as yours!” Siofra said, doing her best to sound as sincere and over the top as usual. “How I wish you truly were my mother so I could have experienced it from the inside out instead of the outside in as I am now. I pray for your health and your child’s health and hope you many more from here on. The most I can do for you now is tend to your sweet cunt and treat it well so it can create more. How its sight and smells turn me on and make me wish I could curl up with it forevermore.”

The knight felt a hand against the back of her head, petting her hair and stroking the sticky sides of her cheeks as she ate. Siofra put her hands back up and gently rubbed Esra’s tits around and around, thumbing her nipples slowly and feeling an odd warmth coming out of them. She looked up curiously, her face flushing bright red when she noticed that Esra had begun to slowly lactate, her milk warm and almost as pink as the frosting she was gobbling up, getting into her hands and soaking them. She lifted one hand up, sniffed at it, and licked a bit up, not realizing how thirsty she was playing brat service to a demanding mother, and drinking it all in one gulp. It was sweet and warming and filling, just as it ought to be, and it made her belly warm against Esra’s, her own slit twitching as she rubbed against it and fed.

“Aha, seems this sweetie brat’s discovered something good. Come on up and empty me and I’ll see about getting your bare cunt against mine. I want you to keep that word of yours and treat it good and sweet down there, but first thing’s first, and that’s getting you as full and fat as I am. Even if it is by different means, you should take after me. Like mother, like daughter, right?” Esra pulled Siofra in with her tail and wings, placing her eager and hungry lips to one of her tits, pushing it in her mouth without waiting for a response and gripping her hair to keep her in place. “There, there. Your not-quite-mother knows best. Drink up here, my sweet, slutty brat.”

With that said, she ran her tail up and down the knight’s spine, slapping her ass whenever it got that low again and making her bite down on the nipple she was feeding from, getting milk dribbled down her chin and neck. A few lucky drops even made it down to her own tits, her cunt roaring and leaking in her panties. Esra smiled as her tail tore her panties off and threw them aside, making each subsequent spanking all that rougher and more raw. Siofra squirmed and dribbled more as she tried not to roar in shock and pain, making her whole front sticky. Esra grew more and more excited, feeling her own slit begin to moisten more and quiver, taking her tail and rubbing it up against the knight’s own holes and investigating them. Her tail spade revealed a healthy slick of juices from the knight’s cunt, wiping them off on her back and laughing.

“Aww, you’re really enjoying this, aren’t you, brat? Good for you, since you look full and messy enough to be put to bed properly. Though, in mother’s world, we mean the other kind of bed. Get down and bend that sweet, moistened hole of yours over mine and my belly and we’ll see about putting us down for a real naptime after, okay?” Esra pet Siofra on the head, kissing her cheeks clean slowly, her forked tongue tickling and lingering as her tail and wings spanked her flanks and ass more, taking a moment to grope the knight’s tits to see how they felt. She flicked and dug at her nipples with her long, sharp claws and laughed as she nipped her fangs at Siofra’s lips. Her kisses bit and burned with unholy flame, singing the knight’s mouth just a bit, prodding at her stomach full of milk and watching it wiggle and squirm against her palm’s touch. “These tits of yours should be bigger if you’re going to be like me when you grow up, but they’ll do for now. Though your stomach’s coming along just fine~ If we can’t fill your womb, we’ll fill it this way. I hope you don’t mind sloshing it around as you make your mother demonest feel sexy and desirable still.”

With that said, Siofra nodded and blushed, climbing over and placing her bare cunt and clit to Esra’s, locking hands with her and leaning in for a kiss, feeling full and slow as she locked into place with her legs and knees. “Don’t worry, your brat won’t leave you unwanting. No man or woman would be fool enough to leave someone as gorgeous and round as you without cumming.” Her voice was a bit more calm and happy now, having relaxed from feeling babied so well.

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