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It had been two months since Sue had left Nebraska to return to her family in New Jersey and she’d been regretting that decision nearly every day. Two years prior, she and her boyfriend Bill had left the garden state to make a new life in Nebraska. While Bill seemed to love it there, Sue had harbored a bit of homesickness. After a particularly stressful week and a nasty argument, she’d decided to take a flight back home to her mother’s home. Bill, of course, remained out West.

As the days and weeks passed, Sue began to miss Bill and the life they had in Nebraska so she started to call him on occasion. Bill was always friendly and seemed to miss her, but Sue noted he sounded a bit more self-assured than usual. It turned out that one of Sue’s co-workers who’d had an eye for Bill, had swooped in right after she left. Sue felt that she needed to find a way to recapture Bill’s interest and get back home to his arms…. but how?

Long-distance talk soon turned to phone sex sessions, but Bill tended to push away the notion of Sue returning to his apartment in the midwest. She noted, however, that he always seemed to tae a keen interest into whether she was having sex with other men. One night she played along and discovered that Bill was very excited about the idea of her having sex with more than one man and so she began to plant the idea in his mind. The more she seemed to be open to the idea, the more he seemed to open to the idea of her returning. Of course the more they talked about it, the more the idea began to stimulate Sue as well.

It was a Friday afternoon Bill informed Sue that he’d called it quits with Karen. Sue, hoping to capitalize on the news suggested that she catch a flight home to him.

“There’s something I want you to do first…” he said.

“whatever you want.” Sue replied.

“I want you to see a movie tonight.”

“Ok…” she said, a bit puzzled.

“At the Plaza.” He added, his voice husky.

The Plaza was an adult movie theater where the movie watchers often became the real show. They’d gone once but not for long as Sue was a bit shy then.

“Ok…” she said feeling a tingle of excitement in her stomach.

“I want you to wear your black trenchcoat and heels… and nothing else. Call me when you get home and tell me everything.”

“Ok Bill. I will.” She said. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Filled with excitement and nervousness, Sue could hardly breathe after hanging up the phone. She showered and shaved gaziantep escort her pussy. She wore a simple black dress with heels and took her trenchcoat and asked her mother to borrow the car for the night.

“Where are you going?” her mother wondered?

“Oh to the movies,” Sue replied.


“No, I’m meeting some friends there.”

On the way to the Plaza, sue stopped at a bar to get a quick drink to calm her nerves. Inside the ladies’ room, she removed her dress and donned the trenchcoat, excited at how naughty she felt being naked under the coat. She then took her seat at the bar and had a shot of Jack Daniels, which calmed her nerves, but not her excitement. Had she wanted to do this all along?

She recalled their first trip to the Plaza where another couple was near the front and the woman was sucking a dick when Sue got nervous and they left. Thinking of it made Sue horny as hell, and her pussy became wet. She finished her drink and left the bar, being sure to flash the fellow at the jukebox quickly on her way out. His shocked expression left a smile on her face.

Three men stood otside the Plaza when Sue pulled up. They stared openly at her as she walked alone to the door. Their faces told her without words that they wanted her. She was beginning to feel a bit nervous again, but her excitement level was peaking. She bought a ticket and walked into the dark room where two women were sucking each others’ tits and moaning loudly through the speakers.

Sue look around… there were about 8 men all told, one sitting in the front row. She sat next to him. He was in his 40’s, average build and was fiddling with his mostly soft penis when she surprised him. He stared at her at first, then looked back toward the screen. Sue, having resolved herself to making a night of this unbuttoned her trenchcoat and opened it, revealing her shaved and naked body. She noted that the man beside her was now sporting a full erection.

“May I touch it?” she asked him… he simply nodded. She reached out and touched his dick very lightly with her fingertips and it jumped. She smiled at this and grasped it firmly in her hand, slowly moving up and down, stroking his dick. The man leaned his head back and closed his eyes, moaning.

His skin felt silky and Sue found herself enjoying the idea of jerking off a complete stranger, when she noticed the other men closing in. She became nervous but her pussy began to drip. Sue was a Gusher, and her cunt was already beginning to throb ans she watched them approach like a pack of wolves.

The man who took the seat on her right began to touch her tits, gently at first, then tweaking her nipples. She reached for his belt and he helped her to pull his cock out of his pants. She began jerking him off too, feeling like a slut with a dick in each hand, and loving it! Her body now had hands rubbing it from behind her and both sides, and she closed her eyes and let out a moan. She felt her legs being pulled apart and looked down to see a younger guy kneeling. He began to lick her pussy and she immediately came, squirting her liquid on the fellow’s face.

“Holy shit! She squirts!” he said and the men grunted around her in satisfaction. He went back to business, eating her pussy, while she stroked the men on either side. Her chin was gently lifted to her left and she felt a cock touch her lips. Instinctively, Sue opened her mouth and began sucking the stranger’s cock, twirling her tongue around the head and moaning in pleasure at the tongue on her clit.

In mere moments, she felt the cock on her mouth pulsate then a stream of hot cum hot the back of her throat. “oh god, oh god swallow it you fucking slut!” the stranger shouted and Sue felt another orgasm rack her. She swallowed his load and sucked harder wanting more of his cum. “I am a slut, a cum slut” she thought and found it excited her even more.

The stranger moved his cock from her mouth and stepped back into the shadows while the guiy she first sat next to stood up and put his dick in front of her face. “Suck it, whore” he said and she obeyed. How she wanted to obey. The young guy was still eating her pussy like a champ, she was jerking a guy off and sucking another one.

The man she was sucking grabbed her hair and began throusting his dick in and out of her mouth and quickly came. “That’s it, that’s it!” he said over and over as he shot into her mouth. At least 5 spurts of cum, and she swallowed it all with no hesitation.

“My turn” she heard in front of her and when she opened her eyes, she saw the younbg man being pulled aside by one of the men from outside. He dropped his pants and was fully erect, and positioned himself to fuck her. “Wait!” she cried. He wasn’t wearing a condom and she wasn’t on the pill.

“You came here to get fucked, slut.” and he thrust his cock into her dripping pussy. It felt so good inside her, but she had to stop this, so she attempted to get up, when she felt hands on her wrists holding her down. The guy she was jerking off on the right put his dick to her mouth. “Suck it.. I’m ready to cum!”

And she did. Despite her fears, she was so overcome with lust that she took that cock into her mouth and swallowed his cum, while being fucked. The man fucking her was pounding for all his worth. It was like a jackhammer and she came twice, spilled her juice all over the front of his pants.

She realized after cumming that she had another dick in her left hand and another waiting for her mouth. She sucked and jerked while the the man between her legs pounded her cunt. “Oh yes… oh yes!” then man fucking her began to call out. She couldn’t let him cum in her pussy!

“Please, cum in my mouth!” she said.

“Is that what you are? A cumslut?” He asked, clearly on the edge of explosion.

“Yes, I want to swallow you.”

That was all he could take as he pulled out of her pussy and shot two spurts onto her chin before getting the head into her mouth for the rest.

“Now clean it up” he said when he pulled his throbbing cock out of her mouth, and he scooped up his cum from her chin and tits with his fingers and made her suck them clean.

Then she felt herself being turned onto her knees, facing backwards over her seat. Two more men stood with their dicks out, stroking them, and they moved closer. The man she’d been sucking before moved behind her and began fucking her pussy from behind. She alternated sucking the two dicks in front of her, all the while stroking the man in the seat next to her.

“Swallow mine, bitch” the guy fucking her said, and she turned around as he pulled out of her pussy. He came very hard, like a mini-shotgun. It made her gag a bit. “Take it you cum slut!” he said and she did, every drop.

The guys she’d been sucking off came around and she continued to suck them alternatingly. They both were coming to completion at the same time and they made her open her mouth as they shot their loads together onto her tongue.

Down the hatch it went, and then there was one man left. She knelt in front of him, bobbing her head up and down, giving his dick a tongue-bath. When he came, he held her head down. She swallowed his load and he said weakly “Thank you, sweetie.”

“You’re welcome.” she said and stood up. Some seats in the theater were taken, but if they had been the men who she’d sucked off, she couldn’t tell. She closed her trenchcoat and left the Plaza.

That night she called Bill and told him what had happened. A week later she re-told the tale in person as he made love to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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