Movie Star Rendezvous

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I was sitting at the counter of a diner where I normally have breakfast every morning. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if the seat next to mine was taken. I turned around and was looking at a face I recognized. She was an actress I will call Sally. I don’t wish to use her real name. If I said her name or if you saw her photo you would know her immediately. I guess I was a bit shocked, but I told her that no one was sitting there. Sally told me that she was shooting a movie here in town. She had seen the diner and decided to check it out.

Sally introduced herself. I told her I knew who she was. I told her my name was Tommy. Sally had her breakfast of juice and toast, and I had my usual sausage and eggs. Sally was in a hurry that morning. As she was leaving, she asked if I might like to visit the movie set. I figured this might be my one chance to see what goes on behind the camera. Sally told me she would have a pass for me to enter the movie location when I got there.

A couple hours later I was standing watching Sally shoot her movie. After they had finished a scene, Sally saw me standing there. She came over and asked me what I thought. I told her it was all very interesting. Actually I was sort of bored. There is a lot of wasted time and effort on a movie shoot, I found out. Sally didn’t have much time, but she asked me if I would have dinner with her that evening. I was wondering what she could want from a local boy like me, but I didn’t question it too hard.

The place we were to meet was the restaurant at the hotel she was staying at. This hotel was the most expensive in town and the restaurant was first class. I went home and got cleaned up and dressed. I arrived at the time she told me to. Sally came walking up to me and she was all smiles. This was a woman who didn’t need makeup or a wardrobe to look sexy. She had it all going for her. Sally was blonde and she had a knockout body. I think she was about twenty three years old at the time.

We sat down and ordered our food and drinks. After the waiter left, Sally reached out and took my hand in hers.

“Tommy, if I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?” Sally inquired.

“Of course,” I said.

“Do you find me attractive?” Sally asked of me.

I almost started to laugh, until I saw Sally’s face. She was dead serious. Sally told me that in Hollywood, escort kartal she was constantly being told how beautiful or how smart she was. There was so much bullshit, she hardly knew what to believe anymore. She wanted an honest answer from someone who didn’t have a vested interest in her career.

“Sally, we don’t see many woman like you, walk down the streets of our fair city,” I told her.

She had to laugh at my answer. The dinner soon arrived and we began to eat. A few minutes later, Sally asked me another question.

“Tommy, I don’t normally ever need to ask this, but would you spend the night with me?”

I dropped my fork onto my plate, and it make a loud noise. Women like Sally hear every come-on line imaginable. They don’t need to ask men to join them in bed. I told her I would stay with her. We finished our meal quickly. We walked upstairs and entered her room. She barely closed the door, and Sally was all over me. Sally pulled me into her and kissed me with her open mouth. We were doing zero to sixty in just a few seconds.

I opened my mouth and let her in. Sally had her hands all over me now. She found my belt and she started undoing my trousers. My pants fell to the floor. Sally then kneeled down and took my cock in her fingers.

“Very nice, Tommy,” Sally told me.

I am above average in the cock department. Some woman have told me I am very thick. Sally brought the head of my dick to her lips. She began to suck and bite my mushroom cap. She then progressed to taking more of my length down her throat. I can tell you it took everything to control the urge to cum. Sally wasn’t about to let that happen quite yet. She soon stood up and helped me remove the rest of my clothes. I then watched as Sally stripped down.

Sally had a body that most men could only wish for. She had large, full breasts with big nipples that capped them off. Sally had also shaved her pubic hair. She led me to her bed and then had me lie down. Sally crawled up on top of me. She pressed her pussylips against the underside of my stiff cock. She rubbed up and down, making my cock all slick with her wetness. Sally then slowly lifted herself directly above my pole. I could watch as her pussylips gave way and she started to inhale my cock.

Sally threw her head back and started making whimpering noises. I place my hands maltepe escort on her hips and I forced Sally down hard on my throbbing cock. Sally let out a scream.

“God Tommy, fuck me with that thing!”

I started to lift my ass off the bed. I was thrusting and pounding her wet quim with everything I had. Sally worked up and down on me. Her pussy muscles were so tight. She was clamping down hard around me. After a few minutes I reached for her breasts. I cupped each one in a hand. I squeezed them and I pinched the tips of her erect nipples. This was making Sally near crazy with lust. She was breathing hard and telling me to fuck her as hard as I could.

I slowed down for just a moment and Sally asked me what was wrong. In those few seconds, I flipped Sally onto her back without pulling out. I was staring down into her eyes now. She got a wild look in them when I pushed her legs over my shoulders. I then began to take her deep. I fucked Sally with the longest thrusts I could produce. My nut sacs were slapping against her bottom. My chest was pressed against Sally’s hard tits. She held me close to her body and begged me to cum inside her.

We must have been at it for well over an hour. I was trying to hold back, but her pussy was like a fist grasping at me. I told her I was so close. I told her to cum with me. Just as I exploded, Sally let loose and squirted her juices all over my groin. I just kept feeding her my cock, making her have one orgasm after another. It took a long while until we were able to calm down a bit.

I finally pulled out of Sally’s pussy. There was love cum everywhere. I held Sally close to me, as her body was shaking. Those orgasms were so intense, she couldn’t bring herself under control. We were still kissing each other until Sally was finally able to get up. She went to the bathroom and brought back some warm wash towels. She cleaned me and her up as best as possible.

As we lie there, Sally told me that was some incredible sex we just had. She was still touching me and kissing my lips. I am just twenty five years old, but Sally really did me in. I didn’t think I could possible perform again so soon. Sally still wanted more. She got up on all fours. She pressed her ass up and lowered her chest. I was looking straight at her cum soaked pussy. My cock was getting rock hard again. I took my shaft pendik escort bayan in my hand and guided it to her opening. She was well lubricated now, I slipped right in.

We picked up right where we left off. I took Sally once more. I fucked her with the deepest strokes I could produce. My ass muscles were tense as I plunged into her pussy time and time again. I had my hands on her hips at first. I was guided her onto my cock. A bit later I reached down and found her dangling tits. I started to pull on them as I had my cock in Sally’s pussy, right to the hilt. Sally was almost wailing for me to push her over the edge. It didn’t take too long this time. Sally started to cum uncontrollably. I kept feeding her my cock until she was spent. We then collapsed on the bed once more. This time I fell promptly asleep.

When I woke up there was a note on the table next to the bed. Sally had an early start. She left me her cellphone number, and told me to call before lunchtime. I cleaned up and went back home to change clothes. When I did call Sally, her assistant answered. She told me Sally wanted me to stop by for lunch, if that was possible. It looked like I was going to have to burn a few vacation days from work. I arrive at the movie set and Sally greeted me with a big hug and kiss.

We went to the movie cafeteria they had set up on location. Sally was very excited. She said she had something importaant to ask me. She wanted me to move out to Los Angeles with her. She wanted someone she could trust and love to be close to her. I was shocked to say the least. We had just met the day before. This was all so sudden. I told her I really had to give this some thought, I couldn’t just give her an answer right then and there.

I think Sally thought I would jump at her idea and her face showed she was disappointed. She had to go back to the shoot. She was to finish her part in the movie the next. She needed to be back in LA for more movie business. She asked me to call her in the next few days with my answer. She gave me a passionate kiss then left.

It is now four days later, and I haven’t yet called Sally. I know what my answer will be. I am small town boy at heart. I saw a lot of phony, plastic people there at the movie lot. I don’t want to be involved in any of that sort of thing. I know what many of you are thinking. I am nuts not to be with a gorgeous actress who wants me all the time. That is why I haven’t called her. I know she will wear down my resistance until I choose her over my life in the place I live now.

I know I will need to speak with her at some point, but tell me? What would you do?

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