Moving Day with My Brother , Daddy

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My mom was such a waste of human flesh. She was in and out of our household since I was old enough to remember. When she was home, she was mean. Her plethora of addictions coupled with her unmedicated mental illness tormented our family. We became grateful for the peace we had found when we realized she was gone and probably not coming back for a few months. It was hard on my dad and my older brother since they were left to care for me. I always felt bad for my dad who tried so hard to salvage the relationship and our family. All the times she took off he never started seeing anyone else, he just worked, constantly. My brother was 5 years older than me. He became my protector and as the years went by a provider.

My mother was home for the first time this year and she had been on a tangent all day. Screaming and yelling at me and my dad. It was nothing new but fuck if I wasn’t tired of her showing up just to ruin our month. I have been working since I was 16. Thankfully, my dad and brother insisted I keep my earnings, so I saved almost every penny. I wanted my own place and was determined to get it as soon as I turned 18. I wanted a home that my mother could not visit because she was not welcome. Turning 18 could not have happened at a more opportune moment. My mother returned last month for my 18th birthday. Thankfully, I already found an apartment of my own months in advance and placed a security deposit to hold it.

Tomorrow was the day that I would be moving into my own place. I wouldn’t have to deal with my mother’s bullshit anymore. I chose this as my moving day, as it was Mother’s Day. A big F-U you to my mother. Oh, lucky day, she actually had to work on my moving day! I was amazed she even had employment. Usually, she was draining some poor man or showing up all messed up demanding money from my dad and brother. I felt grateful she couldn’t be there to bitch and complain that I wouldn’t let her help me move. I didn’t even want her to know where I lived. I took great care to avoid divulging this information. We all did. Tomorrow this nightmare would be over. I just had to make it through one more night with my mother in my life.

I lay in bed listening to my parents arguing through the thin walls. My dad was talking sweetly to her. He must have tried to touch her because she called him gross. She told him she wasn’t attracted to him anymore and hadn’t been in years. This went on for an hour, as she repeatedly put him down. As the house fell silent, I continued to think of all the reasons I was glad to be getting away from her. I would however miss my dad and brother so much. My dad was such a sweet man and my brother stepped up in ways no young man should have had to at his age, all without being asked.

I felt sinful for thinking it, but both my dad and my brother were very sexy to me. They were classically good-looking men. I had seen the way women would fall all over themselves trying to get their attention. Though I had never seen my dad bring home a woman, my brother had a few long-term relationships over the years. My brother would sneak his girlfriends in when he thought everyone was asleep. Most of the time he would bring them to our finished basement that we used as a family room. No one knew, but I could see the couch from the vent in my room. I had watched my brother have sex with his girlfriends on the couch on several occasions. I would miss watching the way my brother made love to his girlfriend. I had often masturbated thinking of him making love to me.

Over the years, my dad was nude around the house often until I reached my early teens. One day he just stopped being naked. My dad would masturbate in the shower. I could hear him quietly moaning as he stroked himself. It would massage my clit while listening and often finish with him. Sometimes I would get lucky, and the bathroom door would be open if I had come home in the middle of his shower. I would finger myself by the door watching him shoot his cum all over the shower wall. I wished that I could make him come like that. I wanted to make him feel good. I would miss masturbating with my dad. I masturbated thinking of all of the hottest memories I had thinking about my brother and dad and fell asleep having cum so satisfyingly hard.

The next morning, I was awake and ready to get out of there. I hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Turning on the shower I stared at the wall, remembering the way my dad had covered it with his cum, and thought how silly of me to be jealous of the shower wall! I took off my T-shirt and slipped into the shower. I shaved EVERYTHING. My idea was that shaving everything would be like a fresh new start, a rebirth. Besides my spiritual reasons, my boyfriend was supposed to be coming over to help me unpack once I moved in. He was strange though about sex. We had fooled around many times before, mainly through oral and mutual masturbation. He said he didn’t feel right being sexual in our parent’s homes. I had considered breaking Demetevler Escort up with him, but I figured I would be moving soon, and we would be able to have sex since his concerns out of respect would be removed. Once I was satisfied with the level of smoothness my legs and kitty had reached, I hopped out of the shower and ran to my room to get dressed.

I searched in my clothing box for something light to wear since today was already proving to be an unusually hot day for spring. As I dug through my clothing, I could hear my dad making coffee and having a conversation about music with my brother. Since my dad and brother were going to be helping me move, I knew exactly what to wear. I started digging with direction, I was eager to join them for coffee in the kitchen. Just as I had found what I was looking for I heard my mother’s voice rudely interrupting their conversation to simultaneously insult their musical tastes. I shook my head as I pulled on a casual, short-length, light pink sundress, which I could wear without a bra. I considered being bold and not wearing panties but instead, I slipped on a cute pink thong to spare my dad and brother my misguided attraction.

I only had a few boxes to move, which should be done in one trip. The furniture and appliances I had purchased were brand new and had to be delivered the next day. I looked at the clock, 9 am, My bed was going to be delivered in an hour. My brother had to get to work after helping transport the boxes, but Dad was going to set up the frame and headboard for me. My brother was going to come back over to my new place tomorrow to help direct and arrange the furniture once the delivery arrived. Everything was going to be perfect. I kept imagining me and my boyfriend going at it all night in my brand-new bed. I started to get lost in the thought, wetting straight through the thong I had just put on. I shook the thought out of my mind and headed for coffee in the kitchen.

I made it to the kitchen just in time to see my mom walking out the door. Well, I thought, thanks Mom for the goodbye or f-u. What a mouth breather. My dad was on his laptop scrolling and drinking his coffee and my brother was still ranting about how some guitarist was more epic than another. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat on my brother’s lap. My brother gave me a big hug and my dad looked up smiling to greet me. He told me he was so proud and excited for me to have my very first place, and my brother hugged me again in agreement. I thanked him and told him that anytime he or my brother needed to get away from Mom, they were more than welcome to come stay. When we all finished laughing at the jokes that followed about how awful mother was my dad stood up from the table. He told me that he was going to start packing up our cars. He motioned for my brother to join and told me he would let me know when we were ready to roll. I thanked him as he left the room.

I put down my coffee and gave my brother a big hug.

“I am going to miss you, dweb,” I said in a sincere little sister tone.

“I am going to miss you too, sis! I am so proud of you!” He replied.

“I am really going to miss watching late-night movies and having you to talk to,” I said as I lowered my head.

“Awe,” he said as he lifted my chin, “Don’t worry I will be by to bother you all the time!”

“You better!” I said ask I jumped off his lap.

“Damn, sis,” he said staring at me like he was looking at one of his girlfriends, his face was growing red.

“What?” I asked…

“Turn around a second.” He said.

As I turned around, I looked behind me to see what it was he wanted to see. The back of my dress was tucked into my thong and my ass and part of my kitty were exposed. Before I had a chance to fix it, my brother slipped his fingers between my pussy lips and thong, brushing his fingers against my wet pussy as he adjusted how my thong sat. He ran his hands softly around my ass cheeks to caress them before untucking my dress. I giggled and blushed. As my brother stood up, he fixed his very obvious bulge and leaned down to give me a very soft kiss.

“You’re all grown up, huh?” he grinned.

“I have done a bit of growing,” I said as I stood up and looked down proudly at my breasts and curvy body.

Looking back up at him, I saw that his eyes were glazed and fixated on my breasts. Quickly he grabbed me by my ass cheeks and pulled me to him. Each hand gripped and cupped an ass cheek. As he gripped and squeezed them, he parted them and pushed them back together to hear the sound of my wetness made like a pot of mac and cheese being stirred. I could feel his cock hardening against my belly. I had never imagined that my brother would have his hands on my life in real life. This sort of thing had only happened in my fantasy. Feeling my ass cheeks parted by his big hands only made me wetter. I could feel my pussy hole exposed and throbbing each time he parted my ass cheeks, making me let Demetevler Escort Bayan out a gasp of desire.

“Fuck,” he growled, before biting his lip, releasing his grip, and walking away.

I sat down at the table, gushing wet. My short dress was working overtime. Suddenly all I could think about was my brother coming over tomorrow to help with my furniture. Would this be the last time my brother touched me like that or the first? I was turned on beyond belief and embarrassed. I had always done little things here and there in a horny stupor to try to tease my brother for my own enjoyment, but I had never seen him acknowledge my attempts the way he did today. As I sat my thong was barely covering my wet, swollen, chubby pussy. I could feel my bare pussy wetting the cool wooden chair below me. I smiled thinking how my brother’s finger had touched my pussy in an attempt to correct the impossible task of getting this thong to cover my pussy.

I managed to break my trance and quickly finished up my coffee, just in time to notice my dad and brother loading the last boxes in their cars. I went to my empty bedroom, took one last look around, and headed to the door.

My dad was standing at the doorway holding my keys, “Are you ready?” he said smiling.

“So ready!” I responded and raced to grab my keys from his hands.

When we arrived at the apartment the mattress delivery van was pulling up at the same time. I parked and was about to run over to the delivery men, but my brother beat me to it having arrived before me.

“I got it, sis go check out your new spot.” He said.

I gave him a big, excited hug. “I knew you’d be helping tomorrow, but I didn’t expect you’d be in charge today.” I grinned watching him bite his lip as I turned to walk back to my dad who was starting to unpack the cars.

I grabbed a box and headed to my apartment door. I was so excited as I walked in. I smiled as put down my box and headed to my bedroom to see my brother assisting the men delivering my bed. My dad had already brought in a few boxes, and as the delivery men brought in the final pieces, my dad took over delivery. My dad thanked the delivery men and gave them a tip before they headed out. My dad went to work on putting together my new bed and my brother and I went to grab the last of the boxes before my brother headed to work. My heart was racing thinking about what would happen next with my brother. He had bitten his lip at the comment I made that was meant to test him. I was hoping that meant that he was not yet done with me. When we got to the back of my brother’s truck, he effortlessly lifted me onto the bed and began to kiss my neck.

“Can I touch it?” He said as he kissed my neck and rubbed my inner thigh.

I could not speak as I spread my legs open and hiked up my dress.

He gently pulled my thong to the side and we both watched as he ran his fingers up and down my slit. We both moaned as he slipped the tip of his finger inside me, stopping me to rub my clit. His eyes met mine as his finger circled my clit, giving me a deep soft wet kiss before stopping and pulling my panties back into place.

“We shouldn’t,” He said, as he looked at me torn and gave me another passionate taboo kiss.

“I want to. Tomorrow, we will be alone… Maybe we can talk about it then?” I said and initiating the kiss with him, first this time.

“You want to? Do you mean that? I have been thinking about this for years.” He quietly admitted.

“Ha!” I giggled “You have no idea how many times I played with myself thinking about you.”

He grabbed me back the back of my head and kissed me this time with his tongue.

“I have to go to work. I hope that you don’t change your mind before tomorrow.” He said with lustful concern.

“Not a chance,” I said as I touched the bulge in his pants, making him moan with his mouth close to mine.

“Maybe I could come back tonight? After work?” He asked.

“Yes, come back. What time are you done?” I asked.

“8 pm, but I am going to stop home and grab some things.” He said placing his hands on my face and giving me one last kiss before lifting me off his truck bed and placing me on my feet.

He grabbed both the remaining boxes, carrying them to my apartment as we walked shyly side by side. My dad was oblivious to what was happening between my brother and me. He was in the room still working on the bed. My brother put down the boxes and yelled goodbye to my dad, telling him he was in a hurry and was headed out. My dad said goodbye and went back to talking to himself about the directions. Before leaving my brother backed me up against the kitchen against the wall. Kissing me passionately like a sex-starved teenager he ran his fingers all over my pussy making me weak in the knees. Quickly bent down to inspect the juices running down my legs before laughing devilishly and heading out the door for work.

Just then, my phone went off and I looked Escort Demetevler to see it was my boyfriend. I almost forgot my boyfriend was supposed to be coming over tonight and felt relieved when I read a message from him saying that he would not be coming to help me unpack tonight. He said some bullshit about having to work late. I was on the verge of tears. I didn’t know how to respond to this, so I slammed my phone down and stood for a moment trying to figure out how I would respond. A few minutes later I looked up to see my father standing in front of me. He looked upset. I was concerned for a few seconds that he had seen my brother and me until he asked me what was wrong. I must have looked visibly upset. I tried to lie but he told me he knew I was lying, and that I should just tell him. I told him that I was so excited for my boyfriend to come over and help me unpack but that he canceled. I believed my boyfriend’s excuse to be a lie and it upset me. I told him that my brother had agreed to help me, so I was going to have help, but still, as soon as I got it all out, I started to cry.

My dad gave me a big hug and hushed me while rocking me a little and wiping my tears. I grabbed onto him tight and instantly felt better. I looked up at my dad as he told me that my boyfriend was a stupid boy for canceling and didn’t deserve me. He told me to try not to think about it and to remember what I was doing today! MOVING! YAY! I smiled instantly and it was contagious because Daddy smiled back.

He said, “That’s, my girl!” He said, “Come on”, taking my hand, “let’s get your bed set up.”

We went to my bedroom, and he started to assemble the frame as I unpacked my clothing to hang it up. Damn, my short dress kept riding up as I reached to place the clothes on hangers in the closet. It kept happening and I was becoming overly aware of how revealing it was. I was so distracted by the whole issue with my boyfriend and the fire my brother’s lips and fingers started in my belly, I had forgotten about my dad being there. I looked over to see if he had noticed my revealing dress. He quickly glanced away. Omg! My dad was checking me out! I was instantly turned on, both my brother and dad looking at me sexually the very same day!

I was on my last bit of clothing to be hung when my dad finished the bed assembly. He sat on the edge of my bed to take a break. He was sweating and removed his shirt and used it to dry his head. Fuck, my dad was so sexy all sweaty. I looked away trying not to drool. I started hanging my sexy lingerie and knew what a tease it would be. I tried not to blush, I could feel him watching me. I stretched extra to make sure that my whole lower body was exposed so that he could see my thong and wet thighs.

I heard him quietly try to disguise an uncontrollable groan, as a bead of my juices ran down my leg. After hanging the last and sexiest piece of my lingerie I nervously turned while avoiding eye contact to sit next to my dad on the bed. I pretended not to notice him adjust his bulge. I rested my head on his should and played with his fingers.

“Daddy?” I said in a sweet voice.

“Yes, baby?” his voice was shaking.

I looked up at him with curious eyes, “Can I ask you something personal?”

He paused and his face went red. “Ask anything, baby,”

“Why my boyfriend would put off having sex until we were not under our parent’s roof and then cancel tonight of all nights – the night, we could be together?”

My dad paused and took a good minute. “The boy is dumb. He doesn’t know a good girl when he sees one.”

“I’m not stupid Daddy, he must see someone else. I feel ugly.” And with that, I started to cry.

My dad pulled me into a side saddle position onto his lap and hugged me.

“No baby you’re so beautiful. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” He said tenderly.

I stopped crying and looked at my dad as we both realized that my pussy was pressed against his knee and soaking through his jeans. Very slowly he leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, causing me to involuntarily release a gush. As he felt me flood his lap as his tongue touched mine. He released my mouth and his head fell back as I continued to gush down his leg. His head returned to look at me and he gave me another kiss, as his hand pulled up my skirt. He parted my legs and pulled my thong to the side and gave me another kiss which caused another gush. When he felt it again, he let my lips go and we both watched as my juice ran down his leg. He groaned as he used his finger to catch my juice on his leg. We locked eyes as he brought his juice-drenched finger to his mouth and tasted me.

He gave me a deep passionate kiss and told me that he was not sure how my boyfriend could pass up spending the night with me. I lowered my head only to have my dad lift it back up to make my lips meet his again. Slowly kissing me until it became so passionate and so intense, he pulled his mouth away from mine.

“Daddy?” I said. He slowly looked up at me and said.

” Yes, baby” barely able to control himself.

“Can I suck on you? I love you, I want to make you feel good, you deserve it.” My dad was struggling with his answer, and I saw the look of “no” come across his face, I started to cry a little.

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