Moving Day

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Sarah sat on the floor surrounded by boxes. She never realized how much stuff she had until it was all packed up. And there were a lot more boxes now than the last time she moved. Bill came in from the kitchen then, carrying the last of the smaller boxes. He settled them on the floor at his feet and stood there surveying the place.

“This place looked a lot bigger when it was empty.” He said, a slow smile pulling at the corners of his sexy mouth.

Sarah nodded from her position on the floor. She caught his eye and reached her hand up in a “come hither” gesture. He took a step closer to her, and gave her his mock-confused look.

“What?” he said, maintaining his bewildered expression, “You want me to come over there?”

Sarah nodded and pulled herself up to her knees. He was standing directly over her and she had a lovely view of his naked torso, glistening with sweat. His muscular arms and chest looked freshly flexed from all the lifting and carrying. She reached her arms up and traced a damp trail down his stomach to his belly button and below, to the tops of his shorts.

“Sarah, you know we have a lot of work to do”. He said, glancing around at all the crates and boxes that would surely not unpack themselves. Sarah nodded and affected a serious expression.

“Yes, Bill. We have lots of work to do.” She said, deftly opening the button at the top of his shorts and pressing her lips to his humid skin. She kissed him lightly, with dry lips, “We certainly don’t have time to be fooling around”. She couldn’t suppress a smile as she eased his zipper down and trailed serious kisses down his belly to his pubic hair. He let out a sigh of pleasure as Sarah nuzzled his naked penis. The soft flesh started to stiffen under her gentle ministrations.

Bill reached down with his hands and pulled the bandana from Sarah’s hair and ran his fingers through her thick tresses. She continued to kiss him up and down the length of his rapidly growing cock. She pulled his shorts down over his hips so they slid the rest of the way to the floor. She nudged his cock out of the way with the tip of her nose and focused her attention on his balls. Sarah pressed canlı bahis her warm lips to their cool flesh and inhaled the scent of him. She opened her mouth slowly until one ball fit neatly into her warm, wet opening. She held him in her mouth, gently applying pressure with her tongue while at the same time lightly stroking his now-fully-erect penis.

Feeling playful, she let his ball slip out of her mouth with a popping sound. She smiled up at Bill, taking in the blissful look on his handsome face. She licked his balls like a lollipop and nuzzled him like a happy kitten. When she returned her attention to his cock, there was a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip. Her eyes narrowed as she closed in on the prize. She held his shaft in her hands and reached out with her tongue to taste his juice. She slid her tongue around the knob of his cock and ran it down the length of his shaft to where it met his body.

She held his cock at the base and slipped the tip into her mouth. She eased him in slowly until her lips were pressed up against his body and the tip of his cock was in her throat. She squeezed his ass to pull him in as deeply as possible. He watched her work his cock in and out of her mouth. The sight of her lips wrapped around him was so hot he just stared at his love.

Sarah loved to slide him deep into her mouth and tease him with her lips and tongue. She could feel his pleasure building as his cock got harder and longer and his face contorted as he neared orgasm. She slowed down, reducing the pressure of her lips and just barely caressing him with her tongue. She looked up into his eyes and he stared back at her with such intensity she felt the heat rise to her face and lower, between her legs.

Bill knelt beside her on the floor and held her close to his body. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest and she loved that she could do this to him. “You drive me crazy” he breathed into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. He kissed her tenderly behind the ear and along her neck, over her jawbone and finally, her lips. Sarah loved his lips: soft and full and pink….they could bring her to the heights of passion, or pressed lightly on bahis siteleri her forehead would fill her with feelings of well-being and safety. At this moment they were exploring her own lips. His tongue probed past her lips and entered her mouth. She met his with her own tongue and together they roamed the familiar terrain.

Sarah closed her eyes and lost herself to his kisses. Bill was in control now and Sarah let him lead her body down to the carpeted floor where he held her close to him. All thoughts of moving, and packing and unpacking slipped away from her.

He held her up for a minute while he slipped her T-shirt up and over her head. Then he eased her down and rested his body on top of hers. He kissed her for a long time until he felt her squirming to be touched. He knew her body so well and loved to draw out her pleasure.

He eased his weight off of her body and kissed her neck and further down to her breasts.

He pulled a taut nipple into his mouth and suckled gently. Sarah sighed and held his head in her hands, urging him to suck harder. He obliged and ran his teeth over the tip of her nipple, biting the hard, brown nub of flesh between his teeth. She let out a long low moan of pleasure at the sensations shooting down to her pussy. Her nipples were so sensitive and with just a little encouragement Bill could make her soaking wet just by biting and sucking them. He rolled her nipple with his thumb and forefinger and watched Sarah’s smile widen.

She arched her back, trying to direct his attention to her drenched pussy. She could feel her blood pulsing in her sex. Bill smiled at her antics. He was taking his time because he loved to make her want it. He lay his hand flat on her stomach and rubbed her gently. She tried to inch her body up, forcing his hand down, but he would have none of that. The more she wiggled, the lighter he touched. Slowly, his hand brushed the top of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. He cupped her pussy in his strong hand and she arched her back, pushing herself into his hand. Her lips were so wet and slippery that when he pressed his index finger into her crease, there was almost no resistance. Softly he slid his bahis şirketleri finger from the opening of her pussy straight up to her clit, sliding gently over the sensitive flesh. Sarah’s body jumped every time he touched her clit. She smiled up at him and whispered dreamily, “Baby, that feels so good….you made me so wet”. He knew she was really hot when she started talking…he slipped his fingers deeply inside her and pulled them out again, soaking wet. She groaned and looked beseechingly into his blue eyes.

“Honey, I want to have you inside me” He looked at her with a smile

“You do?” He said, playing dumb, now running his thumb over her clit while sinking two fingers deep into her pussy.

She sighed again and whimpered as she buried her face in his neck, “please baby, I need to feel your cock inside me…I want it now”.

It was too much for him to go on. He lifted himself over her body and guided his cock to her pussy. She moaned softly as he slid his whole length deep inside her. He didn’t move for a long time. They just lay together completely connected. He looked lovingly into her dark eyes, watching her pupils grow large and liquid. Slowly he began to rock in and out, just a little bit at first and then longer strokes. He pulled out nearly all the way and then slowly all the way back in where Sarah held him tightly to her.

“Honey, I’m going to cum soon” Sarah whispered in her lover’s ear.

He groaned and started to move faster, sliding his cock in and out of her with hard strokes. “Bill, I’m cumming”. Her breath came very fast and loud as she pulled him deeply inside her. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. She whimpered as the last shivers ran through her. Bill plunged deeply inside her one last time and Sarah heard his breath catch for a second, followed by a loud exhale. She felt the pulse of him ejaculating inside her. After a second she felt the muscles in his back start to relax and he settled his weight on top of her. They were both breathing hard and she could again feel his heart pounding against hers. She listened to that sound as it slowed and became regular.

It was the last thing they were both aware of before falling into a blissful sleep on the floor of their new apartment, their bodies entwined on the carpet, surrounded by boxes and crates containing bits and pieces of the home they would make together.

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