Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 05

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How very weird it felt to be walking up to the Norton’s front door, erotically excited over the anticipated and inevitable sexual encounter but at the same time apprehensive over the unfamiliar surroundings; being on foreign ground. Hell, I was only going next door!

Mrs Norton greeted me in the hallway; I had learnt her name now – Moira. What a suitable name (old fashioned even) for a normal middle-aged suburban housewife; except this lady wasn’t normal. Normal housewives of her age don’t answer the door to neighbours with their nipples erect and showing under loose chiffon shirts, their breasts held aloft by a black rubber peephole brassiere. The equally sheer floral skirt was inappropriate given that it betrayed the fact that underneath she wore traditional stockings and suspenders, which in turn were attached to a tightly laced up black corset.

I was late arriving due to answering an unexpected phone call from my husband who was still away on his trip.

“Of course I am behaving myself,” I told him, “Are you?”

The phone rang again almost immediately and it was Brenda to whom I told a lie and said I was having an early night and wouldn’t be joining her to go out for a drink.

I walked into Moira’s living room noticing her husband wasn’t present but quickly realised he must be down in the basement as noise filtered up through the floor. I was trembling a little as Moira openly admired my very short skirt and tits that sported a cleavage easily comparable to hers. Given that I knew how the evening might progress I wore no underwear.

“Whatever happens tonight,” I told Moira, “I must not be left with any tell-tale marks. I want you to promise!”

The woman smiled, “Don’t worry,” she reassured me in a soft velvety voice.

I let her see that I too was openly ogling and admiring her, already feeling aroused knowing we were both lusting after each other.

“When you’re ready we’ll go downstairs — the party has already begun,” she said.

“Party?” I knew nothing of a party but felt a surge of excitement run through me knowing that I was about to step down into a dark cellar, not knowing just what depraved ideas and intentions this couple had in mind.

“Remember,” I said, “No lasting marks!”

How deliciously decadent it felt being aware that I was essentially giving permission, fully willing in fact, that this couple could tie me, shackle me, spank me, paddle me, while they sexually assaulted me both front back and in mouth! An admission on my part that I would enjoy and receive sexual pleasure from almost any act performed or made to perform.

I carefully balanced my cocktail as I descended the wooden steps ahead of Mrs N. The diffused light was too dim making it a little precarious. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I scanned the room looking for old Norton, noticing how tastefully it was decorated and not the damp cold cellar I had expected. A nice light fitting hung from the wall but also some other curious fittings too. A large contraption, two in fact, sat in the corner and between us a selection of benches and chairs. How out of place seemed the double bed. The lights slowly increased in brightness as though some person had stood ready by the dimmer switch. I almost expected people to jump out and shout “Surprise!” like at an unexpected birthday bash.

Yes, I was surprised all right! The voice that spoke first belonged to the man who had first invaded my back passage the other night — the man who had ‘tanned’ my arse and fucked me. Confused, my head turned to see his pal, already stripped naked below the waist, his cock at attention.

“You knew each other — all the time you have been fooling me!” I hissed but the next voice, a female voice – prevented me from waiting for a reaction.

As one of the contraptions slid along a rail fastened to the ceiling, operated electronically by an equally undressed and cock-ready Norton I spied no other than my friend Brenda. On her knees, lash in one hand, she had paused from sucking the penis of a young man who was tethered to a large cross, an X-shaped wooden device designed so a person of whatever size could be manacled and strapped to the thing by a series of adjustable straps. It seemed that the DIY talents of old Mr Norton from next door extended to more than just fixing cupboards and the plumbing.

The young man gazed at me through watery eyes then squirmed as Brenda, sucking hard on his dick moved far enough away to give her arm space to lash his testicles and erect dick. I gazed back at the boy with astonished amazement, guilty and shamed now that I was there to witness the torture and assault; for the young man gazing back at me wasn’t just any young man, he was known to me. Naked and manacled to the cross, having his cock alternately whipped then sucked, was Simon. Simon was the young nephew of my friend Brenda! Brenda was sucking, licking, then lashing, the penis of the son of her sister. I had to repeat this fact mentally many times, in many different Anadolu Yakası Escort ways, before my brain accepted and registered the enormity of the depravity. In front of others Brenda was whipping, and sucking the cock of her young nephew!

The others were undressed, dicks hard — had they been fucking Brenda, allowing the boy to watch how his aunt enjoys cock?

The boy grimaced as I looked into his eyes. The lash had cracked across his erection. Lowering my gaze I observed the red bulbous knob-end almost glowing, a swollen beacon on the end of a thick long pole. In spite of my shock I found it impossible to avoid staring, thrilled at the sight of Simon’s magnificent penis, almost too big, out of proportion to his slim boyish body, his blonde Adonis innocent looks. Dirty thoughts and memories came flooding back. I remembered the many times I had secretly lusted after this boy, using his image as a fantasy to aid masturbation. I recalled the times when I had been careless with my state of dress hoping for him to notice me in a sexual, not motherly way. Oh those days when I saw a large bulge form in his tight jeans, the outline of his young cock. Simon was twenty-five now, a man, but still a boy in terms of his behaviour (and to me!)

Here he was, naked in front of me. How jealous I felt that all this time, maybe for years, Brenda had been secretly able to sexually enjoy her sister’s son. As the whip cracked across his cock the boy winced and yelped. One of the men had gone to his rear and was doing something to his arse. It was an un-natural sight for the boy to be able to maintain such a powerful erection through such pain. Simon, I realised with amazement, was not being tortured against his will, but was experiencing sexual pleasure at the hands of his tormentors. Simon was perversely receiving sexual gratification from his aunt’s use of the whip — and mouth!

Norton pressed a button on his control box and lowered the cross.

“Are you ready to expose the real you?” he said as he passed me to approach the boy.

I stood open mouthed with my eyeballs popping as I watched the elderly man begin to rub his own dick against the boys while the man behind showed me that he liked male arseholes just as much as he liked my female one. The design of the cross left the lower back exposed leaving the boy quite incapable of avoiding the anal invasion. Brenda sidled up to me though I continued to watch the proceedings going on over her shoulder as she spoke. We had an awkward conversation.

“Didn’t expect to see me here!” she declared.

“You betrayed me,” I retorted, “You conspired with the Norton’s and set me up with these guys!”

I threw a glance to one side as I mentioned the name Norton to see Moira had not been idle. Her eyes had been on me all the time, revelling in seeing my bewilderment and shock noting my reaction, though hardly content just to stand there she had made the other guy sit on the bench while she straddled his lap impaling her body on his dick, fucking as she watched.

You lied to me too, “Brenda said defending her actions. “It didn’t take much for you to drop the naïve housewife act did it?”

I slapped her across the face — she slapped me back. I reached out to grab her unfastened top — she reached out with both hands to hold my head steady and tight and in the struggle, as she pulled my face forward I missed my grip and made contact with her bouncing breasts. Brenda was planting a kiss on my lips — my hands tended to want to stay holding her tits, feeling the hardness of her nipples. She broke away for a second to whisper a comment in my ear.

“Violence doesn’t become you — you much prefer to be the submissive one! Kiss me again!”

The orgy went on around us as our mutual fantasy began to reach fruition — Brenda and I, touching each other, pleasuring each other sexually. We caressed each other’s breasts, both not quite believing we had crossed the line, discovering a new honesty. I saw Norton and the arse-fucker leave the boy to go over to Moira and while the guy made her lick his dick Norton decided his wife needed chastising and taking up the whip he brought it smartly across her buttocks though the pain it caused only bounced her body more firmly against her lover’s cock. I could now see the young man clearly again and saw his dick still stood proud. Now we were ignored I asked Brenda a burning question.

“How long have you been having sex with your nephew?”

She smirked. “Quite a while — he likes his aunty to be very naughty with him. He likes it when I let him watch while I fuck. Do you want him?”

I panted for breathe; Brenda knew what I felt inside — she slipped a hand up my skirt making my heart pound, excited that after all these years of normal womanly friendship I was about to allow her to play with my clit.

“Do you want him?” she repeated. “Is seeing him like that turning you on?”

“Yeah!” I said, thrusting my groin forward to fuck her Bostancı Escort hand as I watched Simon over her shoulder.

“Naughty! We’ll have to give you a good spanking first! Would you like that too?”

“Yeah!” I sighed.

With misgivings I allowed Brenda, assisted and directed by Norton, to secure my body over one of the contraptions. Bent forward and knelt over a ‘wooden hump’ my hands were shackled to two protruding arms, leaving my tits dangling while my backside was forced high in the air, making very conscious, and more than a tad embarrassed, that my anal hole, stretched and open was exposed and available. The first round of slaps stung but warmed the skin of my arse cheeks. They were all behind me except for the boy who from his elevated position stared at me through tear-stained eyes; I felt compelled to return his fixed stare. Wriggling slightly after each spank, a movement restricted due to having my ankles manacled, brought on a feeling of arousal. They seemed to be taking turns as I detected a difference of intensity and even style then suddenly there was a lull; tongue replaced spanking hand, licking the length of my arse crack, pausing at my brown wrinkled hole then it left me, the hands once again spanking me hard. Several times, randomly, tongue took the place of slapping hands.

As I wriggled and moaned, experiencing the contrasting sensations of pain and pleasure I licked my lips as I gazed up at the boy Simon wondering if he was aware that his aunt had promised his cock to me. My arse was now beginning to burn as the ferocity of the slaps increased as a tormenting hand that had slipped under my belly stimulated my cunt, expertly tickling my clitoris. A few minutes later I was begging and pleading!

The spanking of my outstretched arse had been arousing whilst my submissive and humiliating posture had fuelled and stimulated my newly discovered fetish. Fingers had prodded my holes and teased sensitive parts. That changed abruptly when the cracking sound of leather coming down on skin filled the air followed by an excruciating scream – a scream that came from my own throat. Whip had replaced spanking hands.

Fighting to get the words out wasn’t easy. I had hardly begun the sentence when pain and a searing flesh burning lash stopped my breath.

“Please stop, you promised not to — not to be so rough — leave marks — please stop!”

Time and again I tried to shout out, crying the words, only to be silenced by the unforgiving thong of leather. How weird it was to notice that the cock of boy Simon grew again from it’s half-hearted erection, he having seemed to become almost bored. How he enjoyed my pain and anguish when I thought for a split second that the tormentors had heeded my pleas but was surprised by a having a vengeful dick rammed into my back passage. No let up with the whip though as it was snapped and flicked across my open cunt from the lower front.

I would be, might be, granted mercy if I deeply swallowed and satisfied the penis offered to my lips — the aged cock of old Norton. Anally, penis replaced penis it seemed, until I realised there were not that many men in the room and instead it was the two women who eagerly used double-ended dildos, satisfying themselves too, filling up their own holes. Was it fair that when the whip was used on their backsides as they fucked me that it came down so much more gently?

At one point Brenda came to my front and decided to replace some of my bodily fluid by forcing me to open my mouth while she emptied her bladder. Norton by now was watching and already his dick was rising, ready for round two.

“Undo her!” commanded Norton, and immediately the men unfastened my shackles letting me stand.

I sobbed loudly pleading with them, thanking them for freeing me and bringing an end to my torment — but it was all a trick, all in vain. Norton had picked up his little control box and along the rail that ran across the ceiling came travelling toward me a replica of the cross that held the boy. Pushed against the wooden torture machine I felt my wrists manacled and my feet were made to stand on the little platform, supporting my weight, kept in place by strong steel rings locked around my lower calf. With thighs spread wide I imagined the abuse my vagina would be expected to suffer from these cruel perverted people.

Snap went the whip over my raw inner pussy lips as I was hoisted in the air and the cross was turned to face the identical one that held the boy. The young nephew of Brenda looked into the sobbing eyes of this older woman who he had known as motherly and matron like. Norton complained that we were too far apart and pressed his little button making the electric motor of my cross close the gap. Mrs Norton tested and measured by flicking the whip alternately from cunt to cock making both the boy and I flinch and cry out. We looked at each other, the boy and I. Unable to hide evidence of depraved sexual pleasure we felt from seeing each other Ümraniye Escort squirm and wriggle as the smaller leather multi- strapped implement whipped across our private parts like a miniature cat-o’-nine-tails.

The woman occasionally stopped to rest her arm, using the time to play with her nipples or suck briefly on the boy’s throbbing erection; sometimes she kissed and licked my sore pussy. Then it would start again, first a smart flick across the boy’s belly, then one against mine. A well-aimed snap hitting along the length of Simon’s magnificent penis was followed by an upward flick between my legs. Pleasure and pain seemed to grow into one as we watched the red lines form on each other’s tender bodies.

Norton pressed his button and the motors brought us even closer together. From the double bed where the others had been drinking and enjoying the spectacle as they indulged in mutual masturbation Brenda rose and approached, brandishing of all things – a feather! As Moira rested Brenda teased the tip of her young nephew’s cock, pulling back the foreskin to gain access to the tender underside of the shaft. How the boy squirmed and wriggled, tormented, like one is when unable to scratch an itch. How I enjoyed watching his predicament! Then roles were reversed — but not before his itching and tickle were eased (if that is the word) by the harsh contrast of stinging leather smacking against his dick and balls.

Now it my turn as the feather brushed ever so slightly against the inside of my vagina. Showing less control than the boy I let my hips rapidly rotate and jump back and forth. Brenda moved back to the boy — then again to me. The boy was losing his power to resist and like me was now gyrating his torso like a madman. Norton pressed his button again — and we were inches from each other — cock not far from cunt!

The eyes of the boy looked deep into mine and in the midst of our torment we seemed to both sob and smirk not knowing now what was pain and what was pleasurable relief as lash and feather played over our bodies. What we did both know — though words were never spoken — was that cock wanted cunt and cunt wanted cock.

Norton pressed his button again.

Lash came across flesh alternating between woman and boy, making bodies thrust forward — almost touching. Were we both hoping the gap would narrow even more allowing us to join up? Yes — we were!

I would be the first to beg. The lash had become severe whilst the feather had been made redundant. Norton, who had inched us on even closer so now, when our bodies recoiled and thrust forward under the force of the whip the boy’s purple head touched my open slit.

“Closer!” I cried, as the whip alternated from my backside on the left to the boy’s on the right, “Bring us closer!”

The boy cried out against a particularly harsh blow making his cock almost enter me. He was still very hard, erect; I reasoned through my ordeal that the fact must mean he wanted me as much as I wanted him!

Both of us now sobbed loudly forcing our hips as far forward as out pelvises and spines would allow.

Norton, very cruelly, moved us together just another inch, enough to maintain a touch but not enough for cock to enter vagina, not enough to allow us the joy of fucking!

The boy bent his head, straining his neck, straining at the shackles that held his wrists, trying in desperation to reach my breasts, to suck at my tits. Unsuccessful, he threw his head back in angry disappointment causing his midriff to push his cock just that bit more against my burning twat. I yelled and begged, “Let me fuck him — you promised! Closer!”

Suddenly I heard the whirring sound of the electric motor — we were going to be joined together — Norton was coming good! We went the wrong way, wide apart, and then we cried the boy and I, as the gap between us grew.

“Keep still!” Norton commanded.

There was activity as the men moved to release the shackles that held our feet — but not our wrists. Confused I looked around through my tears. Then the motor started up.

Again the boy and I looked into each other’s eyes as the wooden crosses came together. We were desperate, rampant; our eyes darting down constantly watching our throbbing sex organs close in. We grinned and grimaced, impatient to fornicate. The audience laughed and moaned, as our bodies met and, now with legs free I gripped the shackles holding my wrists and lifted up my body wrapping my legs around the boy’s torso making his cock penetrate deep inside me.

Norton was adept at manipulating the contraptions and adjusted the height, first lower then higher, building up the intensity of the pleasure as we two bucked and grinded our bodies against each other. Just a little way apart and the boy could suck and bite my tits — then near when Norton made the machine bounce driving the penis that impaled me deep into me. Higher still and the boy kissed my cunt while I almost suffocated him as I fucked his young face. The reverse allowed me to taste his dick and lick his balls, even delve into his anus with my tongue.

The best was when the boy’s sore but rampant cock was inside my tender pussy, straps leathering our arses, making us scream and recoil jerking our bodies tight together.

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