Ms. Jiggles Ch. 02

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For the next two months, Devon and Ms. Johnson were having sex on the regular. Devon never thought these days would come. He was a self-confessed ass man, and couldn’t resist Ms. Johnson’s sexual prowess. He usually fucked her in the doggy-style position, just to see her big, jello-like ass bounce and slap off of him.

Devon kept to his word and moved in his new home a few hours from where he was staying last. Ms. Johnson was very upset when Devon moved, simply because she hasn’t had anyone that could make her come like he did.

While Devon dedicated his time getting his career together, Ms. Jiggles wanted to satisfy her dick craving. She was aware that her ass was huge, and that many men loved big bottomed women. Her butt was the bait to catch any man she wanted, but she wanted hers to be bigger.

Because of all the recognition her backside received throughout her life, she wanted to raise the bar. Somehow, she thought she didn’t match up to the enhanced hip hop models in the magazines and music videos. A 46 inch rump was satisfying anymore.

She was eating everything in sight. She loved her fair share of food, and she loved snacking. Ever since she was in her teens, she mainly held weight in her backside. Her stomach always maintained its flat appearance, while her already enlarged buttocks packed on the fat.

As the months went by, her hips grew wider and her thighs thickened. She monitored her growth, peeking over her shoulder at the ballooning buttocks in the mirror. Her rear had porked up to a ridiculous 52 inches, and it poked out greatly.

“Damn, my ass is freakin’ huge,” she said looking back at her booty in the mirror. She reached to her top shelf, grabbing a pair of black spandex. “Gosh I hope I can still get into these,” she said holding them up in front of her. A devious smirk came upon her face just before she slipped both legs through.

She pulled the tights up her thighs before they were blocked by her ass undercarriage. She tugged hard, and stretched them over her incredible ass shelf; her spandex almost transparent. While adjusting the waistband, she walked in front of her mirror, admiring her goddess figure.

“I fed you well,” she giggled as she grabbed a handful of her ass, looking back at it. “Speaking of food, I have to stop by the grocery store and pick up a few things.”

She slipped her feet into some white, thong flip flops, and pulled her hair into a ponytail because she didn’t feel like styling it.

At Wal-Mart, she strutted towards the entrance. Her hips bounced from side to side, and she loved the feeling of the extra weight that followed behind her. Her spandex and panties kept wedging themselves up her butt as she walked, and she repeatedly had to reach around and pick them out.

She grabbed a cart and headed down the main aisle. Her big ass jiggled violently, wobbling and almost clapping against itself as she walked. Her ass freakishly bulged out from behind, portraying a ridiculous profile view. A pair of local teenagers stood far off, catching a glimpse of that giant ass.

“Bro, what the fuck was that?” one of them asked in awe, “Was that that Ms. Johnson lady? Her ass has gotten bigger! No fuckin’ way!”

“I zonguldak escort know man I saw that too!” the other said, “I remember seeing her at the Post Office a few months back, and her ass was not that big. Shit, I didn’t think it could get any bigger!”

“That ass was huge! I have never seen anything like that in my life! I have to see what’s up with her, I just have to.”

People looked back at Ms. Jiggles’ monstrous backside as she roamed the aisles. They snuck out their phones, snapping pictures and recording her as she shopped. A woman pinched her husband on arm because of his obvious staring. “I advise you stop looking at her like that,” she said to him.

“Now she know’s that is just too much ass,” another lady said to herself from down the aisle, “And it looks like she’s gotten some kind of surgery done to her behind. The things people will do for attention.” The woman shook her head and went another route.

No matter how slow she walked, her spandex found a way to wedge up the deep cleft of her crack. Standing double jointed at the knees, pondering up and down the shelves, one of teens, Jalen, commonly known in town as the ‘pretty boy’, timidly sparked a conversation with her. She knew he was nervous, and giggled whenever he stuttered.

“Well, it was nice talking to you, Jalen,” she said walking away, her new 52 inch booty wobbling about. As she walked to check out, her big round ass cheeks rolled up and down, jiggling with every clicking sound her flip flops made, and Jalen looked on.

Unloading her groceries in the car, Jalen came jogging towards her. “Wait!”

“Jalen, right? Is something wrong?” she asked.

He smirked. “I just couldn’t let you put all these bags away by yourself.”

“Wow thank you, sweetheart! You are too cute. Here, just throw them in the trunk.” Ms. Jiggles admired Jalen from behind. Well, he is cute, why not? She thought.

As Jalen placed the last bag of groceries in the trunk, she came up alongside of him. “There is one more for you to grab, babe,” she said, placing his hand on one of her butt cheeks. He was startled. “I know it’s a handful. Can you handle it?” Jalen nodded without hesitation and groped that big ass firmly, stunned by its size. She gave Jalen her address before she sat in the car. “Don’t keep me waiting handsome,” she said.

God damn… he thought as she smiled and drove off.

2 hours later, he showed up at Ms. Jiggles’ door step, desperate to get in. She opened and yanked him in by the shirt, bumping the door shut with her ass.

“Mmm….I see you’re ready for me,” she said grabbing at the hardening bulge through his jeans. Jalen was so intensified and aroused, he just couldn’t contain himself. He looked bug-eyed at her big ass as she led him in the house.

She stopped and backed her butt up against his crotch, and his growing bulge divided her round ass cheeks as they were still encased in the clingy material. The view of his dick wedged in her crack drove him wild.

“Fuck…This ass is crazy!” He said.

“I knew you would like that. I can tell that you are an assman,” she said looking back him. She led Jalen into her living, pushed him onto the sofa tunalı escort and unzipped his pants, pulling them down to his ankles. His thick, long cock flopped out, lewdly landing against his thigh.

“Jesus, what are they feeding you boys nowadays?” she asked, lifting and stroking his big dick as he laid back.

She got right to it. Her big, full lips worked around the shaft as her head bobbed up and down, sloppily sucking Jalen’s big, long cock. Deep throating his dick down her throat, she slurped and licked her way back up, popping her lips off the head. She licked her way down to his huge, lemon sized balls with the quickness, sucking and pulling on them with her lips. Loud, sickening slurping sounds filled the room as she gobbled them, and Jalen laid back with his fingers locked behind his head.

“Fuck yeah, get that big young dick…” he moaned, his big cock wagging and swaying about in her grasp, “Fuck….yeah get that shit…you big assed bitch.”

“Mmm…you like that?” she muffled as his balls slid in and out of her mouth. Saliva dripped from her chin in globs as Jalen could barely even respond. He never had received a blow job so sloppy, so intense.

“Fuck yeah, baby…..god damn.”

She pulled her lips from his dick and stood up. “I want you to get in this pussy now,” she said, yanking her skintight spandex over her enlarged ass. The sight of her booty caused Jalen to sit up quickly, having the look of intimidation. “I hope you can last baby,” she said as she kneeled on the sofa in a doggy-style position. Jalen slapped her on the butt as he stood up behind her.

“Damn!” he said, her fattened ass propped up in front of him, “Fuck this is a lot of ass!”

She teased him with a wiggle as he grabbed his long cock, aiming at her pussy lips. “Give it to me…give me that shit,” she moaned, looking back at him as he pushed his lengthy cock inside by several inches.

“Yes! That’s it, baby!” she yelled in approval, “Come on babe, fuck me! FUCK ME!”

He worked his dick in deeper, filling her walls with long, girthy strokes. Her wet pussy slid up and down his dick as her big ass bounced and slapped against him. Loud, roaring claps hallowed through the room as her big booty connected with his crotch. The round buttocks separated widely, before slapping back together in a slapping motion as Jalen worked his way in and out.

“Fuck! SO – MUCH – FUCKING – ASS!” he groaned in synch with his strokes, his hands groping and bouncing her giant booty. “FUCKING HELL! IT’S SO FUCKING FAT!” he screamed, his face becoming grimaced as he pumped harder, her large ass bouncing violently, slapping back at Jalen’s slender torso with thunderous hits.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Ms. Jiggles moaned, sobbing as her pussy took a beating, “SHIT!”

“I ca-I can’t hold it any more!” Jalen said, bucking his hips forward, meeting Ms. Jiggles’ huge ass with every thrust, “Fuck!”

He came. And he came hard. Thick, long ropey spurts shot onto her big, wobbling ass after he pulled out, stroking his long wet dick over her booty.

“Mmm yeah….come on that big ass….” she moaned, looking back him milking out the last few drops, “Fuck…damn tunceli escort baby…”

“Damn it! This big ass is something serious! Jesus Christ!” he said, jiggling the big ass cheeks in his hands, We definitely have to meet up again soon.”

“Without question, baby. I’m going to need you to make house calls,” she smirked.

Jalen’s sidekick, Terrance, was out front waiting for him in his car.

“So what happened?” Terrance asked as Jalen got in.

“She let me fuck!” Jalen said, “That shit was fucking crazy!”

“Damn, for real? Did you hit from the back? Please tell me you hit that fat ass from the back!” Terrance pleaded.

“Of course I did!” Jalen said, “That’s the only way you suppose to hit an asslike that.”

“I really think I remember seeing her around bro,” the young, 20 year old Terrance replied, “She’s that big booty lady from the east side.”

The next day, Ms. Jiggles and her friend Sheryl hung out at the local mall. She wore an extremely short skirt, which she had to pull down often to hide the monstrosity that stuck out behind her.

“I don’t know,but maybe I’m losing it. It looks like your ass got bigger,” Sheryl said, observing it as they walked.

“Actually, you’re right. I’ve been eating a little more. Everything seems to go right to my ass.”

“Oh my goodness! Are you serious!? How is everything you eat going to your ass?”

She laughed. “That’s always been the case with me whenever I overeat.”

“You always had a big booty though. I remember years ago, people made fun of you sometimes. Now everyone wants one. It’s too bad that whenever I eat, the food goes everywhere except for my ass,” Sheryl said.

The scenario was much like Wal-Mart. When she walked past a crowd of people, they stopped whatever they were doing, and stared with amazement. Many of the men were just urging to bend Ms. Jiggles over and fuck her on sight. She shopped around for jeans, but the outcome was a failure. Few stores carried sizes that her bottom half was able to squeeze into.

“Girl, please do not laugh, I can’t fit into any of these jeans,” Ms. Jiggles whispered as she peeked her head out of the fitting room.

Sheryl laughed. “Wait until I tell the other girls! Maybe you should jump on a diet and lose some of that butt fat. Or better yet, give some of it to me!” Luckily, Ms. Jiggles managed to find 3 pair of pants that accommodated her jaw dropping curves.

“Girl, I had this young guy at my place last night!” Ms. Jiggles said as the two came out to the parking lot.

“You are so crazy!” Sheryl teased, “What happen?”

“Well you know, he was too cute! I had to let him get a taste! I’m not married, so why not?”

“Oh, I don’t see why not. With an ass that god damn big, somebody need to be banging it. So was he any good?”

“He was amazing. He couldn’t last that long though.”

“I’m going to have to keep an eye on you,” Sheryl said, “You better watch out for these young boys.”

After Sheryl dropped her off at home, Ms. Johnson decided to soothe the rest of the day out by watering the lawn. She placed the shopping bags in the house, kicked of her flip flops and walked out to the side of the house to turn the hose on.

Like usual, people strolled pass, greeting her as they went. Her back side was in clear sight whenever she bent over with both legs straightened. She sexily arched her back, aiming her enormous ass at the street for all to see.

To be continued…

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