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It has long been a fantasy we have discussed when lying in bed after making love to watch each other masturbate but it seems that we never have the time or are just too involved to steamy lovemaking sessions to remember it. This weekend, when we knew that the baby would be with your parents, we decided that the time was ripe and we would take advantage of the opportunity.

We have never made a secret of sharing our stories of how we used to masturbate by ourselves when we were young and what we used to stimulate us. Of course, being a relatively normal teenage boy, Playboy and Penthouse and the occasional sunbathing magazine served to excite me. I told you of my first experience when I was 11 when I thought I had broken something when I came for the first time. The heat of that first escaping load of cum scared me so much that I didn’t even try it again for almost a year!

You used to fantasize about all those teen idols of American Bandstand fame. You first explored your own sensuality at 12 when your cousin was visiting and she was sleeping in the other bed in your room. You awoke in the night to a moaning and looked over to see her hands busy on her budding breasts and between her legs. It took you a full day to ask her what she was doing because you were worried that she was having a bad dream. After she stopped laughing, she explained her version of the facts of life (or at least the self pleasuring part) and you were hooked.

We shared lots of laughs as we took turns talking about our abortive attempts to ‘get laid’ in my case and to ‘lose your virginity’ in yours. In both cases, the first time was difficult and painful as well as somewhat disappointing. We soon learned that the reality doesn’t always live up to expectations. And then we found each other and our world of sensual experiences took on a whole new meaning. What we have found together has been the secret of the most satisfying sex; please your partner as a first priority and the pleasure for yourself is multiplied tenfold. Not a world shattering discovery but it changed both our lives.

But I digress; back to our weekend. Once we had bundled baby off to your mother’s for the night – she loved the chances when she could get them to have time with her beautiful granddaughter – we set about arranging our living room for our session.

First came the dozens of candles Escort Arnavutköy lit to give enough light as well as to set the atmosphere. Then, we shared a hot bubble bath (resisting the temptations to arouse each other any more than we naturally did) and then we dressed for the part. I took my black silk robe and briefs into the guest room to dress while you stayed in the master bedroom to prepare.

Since it only took me a few minutes, I went down and pulled two chilled bottles of white Zinfandel with two flutes and placed them in front of the long comfortable sofa in an ice bucket. I put on soft romantic music with the volume set nice and low to enhance the mood. As I opened the first bottle and poured two glasses, you walked into the room. My God, what a sight!

You were wearing a sheer white baby doll set with French cut panties and a lacy bra through which your nipples were clearly visible. The equally sheer cover-up was tied with a ribbon at your neck while the string of perfect white pearls I had given you hung loosely between your high swaying breasts. White thigh highs and white high-heeled sandals completed the picture. In your hand was a cloth bag, which I was sure, contained some of our favourite sex toys. I walked over to you and took you into my arms and kissed your fervently and our tongues danced together.

I led you to your end of the sofa through the maze of candles dotting the floor and sat you down with your legs up in the seat facing the other end. Passing your wine to you, I went to the other end of the sofa and we lifted our glasses in a toast to the evening ahead.

As the music drifted in the background, you set your wine glass on the coffee table and leaned back against the arm of the sofa. As we gazed into each other’s eyes, I took command.

“Loosen the tie at your neck and let the jacket slide off behind you”

Without a word, you followed my instructions and the ribbon parted while you shucked the shoulders off and dropped it to the floor. I watched entranced as the string of pearls disappeared into the cleavage of those beautiful tits!

Your nipples were growing harder and pressing against the sheer material of the tiny bra. I could see the dimples of your aureoles surrounding each of those hard little nubbins.

“Take each nipple and rub it slowly with Avcılar escort your fingers; feel them grow harder and longer until you just have to pull at them with your fingers and thumbs”

Your eyes started to glaze over as your fingers did their bidding. One hand slipped inside the skimpy cup covering one breast and popped it free so you could reach the nipple to enjoy the feeling more.

“Please” you pleaded. “Can I have them both?”

On my nod, the bra was stripped away and your hands flew over the nipples, tugging, twisting and pulling until they could grow no more. But you kept teasing them as you squirmed your bum on the sofa as if you were trying to rub your pussy through those panties. You were alternatively squeezing each breast and then tugging on each nipple. I was becoming harder by the minute as I watched you and decided to speed up the process a bit.

“Place you right leg over the back of the sofa. Pull aside the leg of your panties and feel how wet you are getting. But no fingers inside yet!”

Your foot hooked itself over the back of the sofa and with one hand; you peeled back the leg of the knickers until I could see the pink folds of your engorged labia. Your other hand ran trembling fingers from bottom to top of the wet dripping slit but you resisted the urge to plunge those fingers in as ordered. You spoke your first words in a husky whisper, “Take off the robe”

I undid the sash and parted the silk robe until it slipped over my shoulders. Lifting my hips, I pulled it from under me and dropped it to the floor.

As I did, you could see my cock as it grew down my leg escaping the leg of my shorts. Precum was forming on the tip and without hesitation you slowly slipped one finger between those outer lips and into your streaming passage. You pulled it out and I could see it glistening with cum in the candlelight. As you stared fixedly into my eyes, you lifted your hand to your mouth and sucked the finger as if it were a tiny cock, tasting yourself with a moan of pleasure.

Mimicking your movement, I ran my fingers along the head of my cock capturing a goodly amount of precum and I sucked this off my fingers with equal gusto.

You reached to the side of your panties and suddenly ripped them away. Unbeknownst to me, you had slit the side halfway with scissors in the bedroom Bağcılar escort bayan for just such an eventuality. Now you lay clad only in thigh highs that framed your gaping flowing pussy while the sandals hung from your toes at a sexy angle. With a flip of your feet, both went flying across the room and you took both hands to spread your pussy lips even wider. Even in the flickering candlelight, I could see the bright red inner lips of your vulva and the drops of cum forming along your clitoris. With your thumbs, you pinched the clit and gasped with the searing heat of another orgasm.

The spray of this one was great enough to reach the protruding head of my cock and I quickly slipped off my shorts so my nudity matched yours. As your stroked your pussy – now with three fingers reaching for the g-spot, I started to stroke my shaft slowly to prolong the need to cum. You found that sensitive pad deep within you and as your fingers rubbed and pressed on it, the urge to pee quickly was replaced with another shuddering orgasm.

You reached to the floor beside you and withdrew ‘Mighty Andrew’ as we had nicknamed your 8 ½” long thick dildo and you ran it along your now fully soaked slit to prime it and with no problem, you slipped ‘Andy” all the way into your pussy, sighing with happiness as he disappeared from view.

I scooted to your end of the sofa and entwined my legs with yours and reached forward to switch on the motor at its lowest speed. Your back arched off the cushions using your legs over the back of the sofa as leverage and cried out for more. I turned the vibrations to high and you thrashed about on the sofa as you tried to reach for my cock to bring me off with you. I lifted your leg off the back of the sofa and wrapped it around my waist along with the leg from the coffee table until I could scrunch into you. Your cunt with the vibrator humming away was almost touching my cock and as you sat up to warp an arm around my neck for support, your warm hand encircled my cock and you stroked it softly but with ever increasing speed as you felt you next massive orgasm approaching. ‘

You cried out in release at the same moment I did and we covered each other with our generous issue. As we shared the joyous joy of cleaning each other up, I slipped ‘Andrew’ from your cunt as a gush of cum spewed forth which I captured in my palm to savour.

We sat encircled in each other arms as we came down for the mutual high and wondering why we had never made the time to do this before.

We promised to reach other it would not be the last. What better way for a couple to show their love for each other by sharing such an intimate experience?

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