My 19 year old sister has some workout regime!

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My 19 year old sister has some workout regime!For years now, I have been attracted to my younger sister. It’s not only her gorgeous looks but she is so warm and just a great person to be around. I think she feels the same attraction to me as we always have a great time together. As we have grown older, our sexual feelings have become more bold and stMikeger.I’m the 28 year old brother of a beautiful 19 year old sandy blonde haired sister. My name is Mike and Michelle is my sexy little teenage sister. I’m about 5′ 10″, well built, light brown hair with blue-green eyes. Not to sound conceded or anything, but I’ve been called good looking by many women and some have said I look like Mel Gibson. Frankly, I don’t see the resemblance but the compliment is appreciated. My sister Michelle came to stay with me for awhile after she broke up with her boyfriend. I have a small two bedroom house I was renting and one bedroom was empty so I eagerly agreed to let her move in. Ever since Michelle turned into a teenager, she’s been turning men’s heads. Let’s just say, she has turned into a fox and is absolutely one HOT woman. Let me describe my sultry looking sister to you. She stands about five foot three inches tall, weighs about 105 pounds, sandy blonde shoulder length curly hair, sexy blue-green eyes, very nice boobs which are rather large for her small size with very large nipples, a thin waist and a perfect heart shaped ass to die for. I’ve always found myself checking out her perfect sweet ass around the house while growing up. Next to my sister’s perfect tight little ass, her ample breasts with her very large nipples are her second most sexy attribute. I’ve seen those swollen erect nipples many times trying to poke thru her swim suit, her t-shirt or sweater. When erect, they swell up, get all puffy and must stick out close to a half an inch, maybe more. I’ve gotten many a hard-on checking out her sweet ass or her swollen protruding nipples over the years. If I have to relate Michelle’s appearance to someone popular, I’d say she resembles the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, from Sex in the City, only Michelle is much prettier than she is. Although I know her bust size is a 35C, from checking out her sexy bra’s and panties, I would guess her figure to be around 35-22-34. She has a very nice assortment of Victoria Secret panties, bra’s and lingerie in all sorts of sexy colors and erotic designs. Hopefully someday she’ll model all of them for me. For years I’ve watched this young girl develop into a very sexy woman. Although I’ve had several hot fantasies about my sexy sister over the years, I never acted on them. Now here was a dream come true, my sister and I living together all alone in my small little house. I dreamed of the sights to behold, seeing her in her sexy lingerie, possibly naked after a bath, my cock was hard constantly. I could only hope to get a chance to make love to her but I wasn’t sure how she felt about me sexually. After about a month of seeing Michelle running around my house in various stages of dress and undress, my sexual fantasies were running wild. I’d often catch her wrapped in only a towel heading from the bathroom to her bedroom. Sometimes she would only wear a small t-shirt and sexy panties as she walked around the house. I could see her sweet pussy mound and if I looked real hard, the outline of her sexy pussy lips. Her panty clad ass was always an instant hard-on for me. I was constantly getting a throbbing hard-on seeing her sexy young hard body. This was driving me crazy but in a very good way. Hell, I couldn’t wait to get home from work just to see what she may be wearing that night. Her attire kept getting more daring and sexier and sexier all the time. I swear she was doing this on purpose, trying to seduce me. If she only knew, I was ready to jump her bones for many years now. My sexy sister would leave her bedroom door open and her soiled sexy panties right on top of her hamper for me to see. I couldn’t resist sneaking inside her room and checking them out. I’d find her white crusty pussy secretions dried on the inside of her panties and bring them to my nose to smell the sweet smell of her sex. Then I’d have to wrap them around my thick swollen seven inch shaft and fill them with a huge load of cum, then set them back down for her to find. We played that game with the panties for a couple of weeks. I know the last time her sheer red lace thong panties were still hot with my huge load of cum when she found them. Only 5 minutes prior did my body shudder in orgasm as my swollen cock spurted three good streams of my hot white cum into the crotch of her panties. Our eyes met in this seductive way as we passed in the hallway seconds after I left her room. A few days ago, I was walking past the bathroom, which is on the first floor, while Michelle was taking a bath. The door is this louvered folding type door which I purposely removed one louver so you can just barely look inside. As I looked in, Michelle was sitting in a hot bubble bath with her head back and eyes closed. Her lips were parted as she was breathing heavy. With all the suds, I couldn’t see much of her private skin but you could just imagine how hot and sexy she looked. I’m not sure but I’m think she was rubbing her sweet pussy as I could see the suds moving up and down at the sexy V at the top of her smooth thighs. I pulled my thick cock out and stroked it for several minutes as I watched my sister in her bath. I couldn’t take it as I had to run up to my room and finish jerking off as I was so fucking excited. One morning, still being half asleep, I entered the bathroom with a morning hard-on and forgot to close the bathroom door. While I stood there taking a leak, my morning hard-on subsiding, Michelle walked into the bathroom and caught a quick glimpse of my semi-erect cock. She quickly excused herself and retreated upstairs to her bedroom. She was wearing only a white t-shirt and a pair of sheer pink panties. I could see her white pussy mound and then her white butt cheeks thru the panty material as she turned away. After she left, my cock was so hard that I jerked off right there. I didn’t care if she saw me or not, I just had to relieve myself. My sister was driving me crazy with lust for her perfect little hard body. We could both feel the sexual excitement building between us however we both were scared, still not sure of the other’s commitment to go through with anything. So the teasing continued, each day we pushed this game of sexual temptation further and further. Michelle worked out at a local gym regularly, which was how she kept her body in such great shape. On this Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on my recliner watching TV wearing only a thin pair of gym shorts, no underwear and a tank top t-shirt. My cock was already semi-erect as my mind drifted, as always, to the numerous erotic sights and actions that took place in the past few months. I heard my sister come home but I’ll never forget the view as Michelle entered the living room, having just returned from the gym, in one of the hottest work out suits I ever saw. Her outfit was a skin tight black spandex body suit which clung so tightly to every inch of her sexy body, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. She didn’t have one once of fat on that perfect hard body. I could make out the faint outline of her thin bra as it encased her huge soft breasts. Her shoulders were bare as the top was cut like a tank top. The suit had like a pink thong panty on the outside which accented her pussy mound and sweet butt cheeks perfectly. God, she looked so fucking hot and sexy. I’ll bet no guy near her at the gym got anything done that day. As she entered the living room, she turned her sweet thong covered butt towards me as she checked out what I was watching on the TV. To this day, I can’t remember a single word she said to me as I was completely taken in by the view of her perfect heart shaped ass. Her butt could compete with anything you see in Playboy or any of the hottest models, it was simply perfect! I could feel my cock throbbing as it was instantly hard as stone. As she turned toward me, she said “Yo, earth to Mike! Did you hear what I said?” As I was about to speak, her eyes widened as they drifted down to my crotch. My thick cock had swelled to its full seven inch length, the huge thick purple head was sticking out of the leg of my shorts and it was throbbing in plain view for her to see. A large drop of pre-cum had already formed at the slit on my throbbing purple knob. Her wide eyes were locked on the sight of my thick swollen shaft, out in the open for her viewing pleasure. Without thinking, she ran her tongue across her full sexy lips, wetting them and letting out a slight gasp of air. Her right hand dropped to her pussy mound, touching it lightly, without her even realizing she had done so. Her huge breasts moved in and out as her breathing became very heavy. This was the first time she had ever laid her eyes on her sexy older brother’s erect naked cock. She couldn’t believe how the sight of her older brother’s thick swollen shaft excited her. As she stood there, her nipples poked out like two giant pencil erasers, her breasts heaving up and down as she trembled with sexual excitement. Although it seemed a lot longer, she only gazed upon her brother’s thick cock for 10 or 15 seconds. “Hey Michelle, sorry about that but you look so damn sexy in that outfit. I guess I couldn’t help myself.” I said as I started to cover my huge hard-on. With her eyes still locked on my swollen cock until I covered it, her face turned red as she blushed realizing she was caressing her pussy as she looked at my swollen cock. She then gave this sultry smile, her eyes were glazed as she said, “Uh no problem, I guess I better go get changed then if you anadolu yakası escort can’t control yourself.” Laughing as she turned and ran up the stairs to her bedroom. My heart was pounding as I sat there thinking about what just had happened. My right hand instinctively dropped and caressed my swollen cock as I ran the sweet images of my sexy sister’s workout suit back through my mind. God, she looked so hot I couldn’t stand it and she touched herself right before my eyes. That had to mean she was ready and with the right amount of pressure, to fuck her older brother. I had to do something. Hell, she saw my bare cock all swollen and hard, my blood engorged cock head sticking out in plain view. I thought, this was my chance as I stood up with my huge swollen shaft in my hand. Yes, this game had gone on long enough, I thought. As I stood up, I pulled off my t-shirt and peeled off my shorts. Completely nude, hard swollen cock in hand, I quietly climbed the carpeted stairs, my heart pounded with sexual excitement as I neared my sister’s bedroom door. The door was open about a foot as I slowly and quietly looked inside. Oh my god, what I saw was such a sexy and erotic sight to behold. Michelle had her back to the door, looking into her dresser mirror and had just started to peel that skin tight workout outfit off her sexy little body. I could see both her fMiket in the mirror and her back side at the same time. This doubled mirrored sight was so erotic, so hot and fucking sexy! I stood there frozen as she peeled it down over her sexy smooth tanned shoulders, lower exposing her lovely shaped back and light blue bra straps. She bent over slightly as she slipped it over that perfect ass, exposing her sweet butt wrapped inside these sheer sexy light blue laced panties. I could see the perfect pale white globes of butt flesh and the sexy crack between those gorgeous butt cheeks. I nearly shot my load all over her bedroom door. She was wearing one of my favorite Victoria Secret bra and panty sets that she had, a very sheer light blue laced design. I had filled the crotch of those panties with my steMichelle hot cum only a few days ago. This was a vision of pure sexual excitement as my heart pounded in time with the throbbing thick cock in my hand. My eyes locked on my hot little sister’s perfect body only a few feet away. She lifted one leg, then the other and stepped out of her sexy sweaty workout suit, kicking it across the floor. My hot sexy sister stood there admiring her perfect body in the mirror. Her sexy boobs were stuffed into the matching sheer light blue laced bra which clasped in the fMiket. Her exposed pale white cleavage was simply superb. Michelle always has a nice tan from the spa tanning booths. Along with her perfect tan, she has very erotic and very sexy tan lines. Her tits are creMichelle white with huge dark swollen nipples outlined by very distinct sexy tan lines. I find her tan lines to be so erotic and simply sexy. I know some people don’t like them, but I find them very erotic. To me, it’s like being able to see thru the sexy bikini to the hidden treasures underneath, very sexy. Not knowing I was watching, Michelle gently began to cup and caress her tits, causing her nipples to swell even more than they already were. I could see the dark buds pushing thru the sheer material of her sexy bra. My sister tweaked and pulled at her rigid nipples thru the sheer material, rolling them between her sexy little fingers. This was so hot! I quietly watched, gently stroking my rigid rock hard seven inch shaft as my sexy sister continued touching herself. It suddenly dawned on me, Michelle got so sexually aroused seeing my stiff cock that she had to go masturbate herself, much like I had done after seeing her in the bath tub. She was as turned on as I was. Somehow, I felt my cock grow harder as my mind raced over what could happen next. Michelle dropped her right hand across her firm tight tanned abs to the top of her sexy panties and slipped inside. With her eyes and head rolled back, mouth open, her left hand caressing her right nipple, rolling it between her fingers and her right fingers now lightly touching her swollen clit, I again nearly shot my load. In the mirror, I watched as her fingers cupped her pussy mound and gently rubbed up and down her moist slit. The material of her panties became dark, wet from her juices as she was so excited from seeing her sexy older brother’s thick swollen cock. Her mind’s eye locked on the vision of her brother’s hard sexy erect cock as she touched her forbidden treasure. “Uuuuuummmmmmmm yessssssssssssss! Ohhhhhhh Mike, your sexy cock is so big and haaarrrrdddddd!” she hissed quietly as she rubbed her swollen and aroused clit. I watched in disbelief as my hot little sister pushed her sexy butt out as her fingers increased the pressure on her tingling clit. In the mirror, I could see her hand moving faster as her pleasures increased. From behind, I could see her fingers moving up and down between her moist pussy lips, inside her sheer panties. My knees weakened as this was the absolute most erotic sight I ever witnessed. My sexy young sister was masturbating right before my eyes while thinking about my cock. “Oh yes, that’s it Mike, show me that beautiful hard cock of yours!” my sister Michelle whispered under her sexually excited breath as she caressed her now soaking wet and excited pussy. Michelle had to support herself with one arm leaning on her dresser while her right hand probed and caressed her quivering swollen clit. She dipped two fingers as deep as she could into her wet pussy. Her body shuddered as she pulled them out and up over, sliding her erect clit between her slick juice covered fingers. My sexy little sister quietly panted out, “That’s it big brother, stroke that big hard cock of yours. Let me see you cum for your little sister! Yeah that’s it b*o, shoot that hot cum into my panties! Uuuuuuummmmmmm yessssss” I couldn’t take it anymore, watching and listening to my sexy sister masturbating, saying my name and her imagining me stroking my cock in fMiket of her. If I stood there much longer, watching and listening to that, I cum so hard I’d probably shoot a hole right thru her bedroom door. I quietly stepped into her room, my rigid thick swollen shaft in my right hand as I stroked it slowly. My cock felt so heavy and huge in my hand as I was never so turned on as I was at that point in my life. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as it tried to jump out of my throat. I was so fucking turned on at that point. I looked down at my thick swollen shaft, the pre-cum now dripping onto Michelle’s bedroom carpet. Suddenly she sensed my presence as our eyes met in the mirror. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes for what seemed like minutes, but only seconds. We were both so sexually aroused and we now knew we were about to commit the ultimate taboo, i****t. “God Michelle, you’re so fucking gorgeous! sister or not, I’ve got to make love to you right now!” I said softly. “I know Mike, I’ve been thinking about doing this for weeks now and when I saw your hard cock today, my knees got so weak, but I was afraid to make the first move. I kept hoping that if I teased you enough, you would eventually come to me. I guess it finally worked.” she replied as she turned towards me, gave me a very seductive smile and stepped into my arms. As we embraced, my hard shaft pressed into her soft belly between us. I put my arms around her and lowered my head to hers, our soft lips touching as lovers for the first time. We kissed passionately as our lips parted and our tongues caressed each other. My hands caressed her soft panty covered ass as I pulled her hard against my swollen shaft. My pre-cum was oozing out onto her soft tanned stomach. I could feel the heat of her pussy, the damp material of her juice soaked panties against my thigh. Her huge soft breast flesh, hard nipples pushing thru the sheer material of her bra poking against my chest. She ground her wet panty covered pussy into my thigh as we passionately embraced in a deep kiss. Michelle was moving her soft breasts back and forth against my chest. I could feel her huge swollen nipples pressing into my chest as she caressed them against my chest hairs. Having just worked out, she had this sexy musky aroma which was very arousing as we kissed passionately. With my right hand, I was reaching around her soft butt cheek and caressed her wet pussy lips through her wet panties. Panting hard now, Michelle broke our embrace and said “I want to suck that beautiful hard cock of yours, big brother.” as she slowly dropped to her knees before me. “Oh yea s*s, that’s music to my ears.” I replied softly. I was completely nude standing before my sweet sexy little sister, who was wearing only her sheer blue lace bra and panties. As I looked down at my sister, it was one on the sexiest sights I ever saw in my life. Michelle was on her knees holding my throbbing shaft in her small right hand as her tongue ran up and down the length of my rigid cock. I watched her soft sexy full lips slide up and down the sides my thick shaft. Her small left hand cupped and caressed my balls softly. Her huge boobs, erect nipples wrapped tightly inside that sheer blue laced bra were begging for attention. The outline of her tight panty clad ass viewed from above was so fucking hot! I stroked her curly blonde hair softly as I watched her work her tongue magically up and down the sides of my huge cock. She then looked up at her older brother with those big sexy blue-green eyes, directly into mine, teasing me one more time as she opened her mouth and slowly slipped the huge purple cock head between her soft sexy red lips. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss s*s! God that feels good!” I panted ataşehir escort as she slowly slipped my cock head deep in and out of her hot mouth. My heart was pounding, I felt my knees weakening as she sucked my cock as good as any woman ever had before. This was so taboo, so wMikeg but that seemed to make it that more intense. I was more sexually aroused than I ever had been in my life as I was getting the best head of my life from my sexy 19 year old little sister. “Uuuuuuummmmmmmm yea, Oh Michelle, that’s soooooooo good. God, you know how to suck cock!” I exclaimed, bringing a sexy smile to her face. My sister slowly took nearly all my shaft deep into her mouth, then real slow, slipped her soft red lips over my hard shaft, until she only held the thick purple cock head in her mouth. Her hot tongue swirled slowly around my swollen cock head each time before she took me deep into her hot mouth. Her soft lips looked so hot as she slid them over my swollen shaft. Again and again took my cock deep into her hot mouth. There’s nothing sexier than watching a woman, especially your sexy sister, suck your cock and looking down from above. To view those full soft lips as they glide up and down your glistening saliva covered hard shaft is so erotic and stimulating. Looking into her lustful loving eyes as she devours your swollen cock with such love and vigor, only wanting to give her brother the most pleasure she possibly could. Michelle began to moan softly as she sent vibrations through my hard shaft as her head slowly moved up and down my rigid shaft. Her tongue was flicking all around as she worked my cock in and out of her hot wet mouth, between those perfect soft sexy red lips. She cupped and fondled my balls gently as I neared orgasm. She got me so close to cumming several times, only to grip my hard shaft, holding still until the wave of pleasure subsided. Then she would continue again, each time I would get near orgasm quicker than the time before. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and not wanting to cum just yet I pulled her up and kissed her passionately again. “Michelle, man you can suck cock with the best of them!” I exclaimed. “Only my best effort for my sexy big brother!” she giggled as I began the caress her soft breast flesh through her sexy bra. “Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm, I like it when you do that.” she said as I caressed her hard swollen nipples. After a few seconds of caressing her beautiful breasts through her sexy bra, I unclasp the fMiket catch and out popped the most perfect sexy pair of tits I’ve ever seen as her sheer bra dropped to the floor. Those huge soft white globes outlined by her deep golden tanned skin were exquisite. My mouth dropped down and sucked in the huge swollen erect nipple of her left breast. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh yesssssssss Mike, that’s it, suck my nipples!” my sister commanded. I could feel her sexual excitement building as I sucked one, then the other nipple, caressing them with my lips and tongue, rolling them between my lips. As I did so, I felt my sister’s small hand caressing my still rock hard slick saliva covered shaft. Her breathing was getting heavier by the second as she apparently loves to get her nipples sucked. “Uuuuuuummmmmmmmmm yea big brother, uuuuuuuummmmmmmm” she moaned softly as her body tingled all over with sexual lust. As I sucked her nipples, my hands traveled down her smooth soft sides and under the elastic band of her sexy panties to caress her soft butt cheeks. I slipped my right hand lower and reached under until I felt the hot wetness of her soaking wet pussy again. My fingers slipped easily into her wet pussy from behind, teasing the insides of her slippery cunt. “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!” she moaned as my fingers slipped inside and caressed her hot cunt from behind. Michelle’s hips were gently moving back and forth as she tried to increase the pleasures my fingers gave to her very wet and aroused pussy. I sucked and flicked my tongue across her huge swelled nipples. She began a low moan from deep down inside her throat. God, she could probably have an orgasm from just sucking her nipples. Later, I’d find out that was to be true. My sister’s nipples were very sensitive and she could have very intense orgasms just from sucking her nipples and fingering her hot wet pussy. I had to break away from sucking those sweet hard nipples as my attention went to caressing her hot pussy. Dropping to my knees, I brought her sweet panty covered pussy mound to my mouth, licking and sucking her sweet pussy through her soaked panties. Oh the taste was soooo sweet as her juices flowed and mixed with my saliva. Gently I slid her sexy panties over her full sexy hips and down her long sexy legs. What I saw was the sexiest pussy ever in my life. My sister’s pussy hair was this light sandy blonde color, same as the hair on her head. She had this beautifully perfectly trimmed vee of pussy hair above these absolutely perfect shaped pussy lips. At the top of those sexy pussy lips, her swollen clit peaked out slightly. Her mound was pale white outlined by sexy tan lines which indicated she wore a very small thong panty while tanning. I leaned forward, pulled her right leg over my shoulder to better access the prettiest pussy ever seen in my life. I took a deep wiff of the sexy aroma of sweet female excitement just before my tongue slid between those perfect cunt lips. She tasted sooo sweet as her pussy was dripping with her juices. “Oooooohhhhhhh Mike, yes, oh yes, lick my pussy!” my sister moaned with pleasure as my tongue gently traveled up and down the length of her slit as she ran her fingers softly through my hair. I lightly touched her swollen clit on each upward pass, causing her to shudder and gasp for air. My hands cupped and caressed those perfect soft globes of white butt flesh while my tongue teased her excited pussy. I pushed my tongue inside her, tasting her juices as I again flicked it up across her erect clit. Each time I would linger a little longer on her clit, applying more pressure, more pleasure with each loving touch of her older brother’s tongue. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss, that’s it, touch me there b*o!” my sexually charged sister hissed out as she pulled and caressed her swollen nipples with one hand and caressed the back of my head with the other. We broke just for a second as I moved her to her bed. Lying her down, I placed both her knees over my shoulders as I brought my right hand around and worked first one, two, then three fingers into her tight 19 year old wet pussy. As I pushed three fingers deep in and out of her tingling pussy, I licked and sucked, concentrating more and more on her sensitive erect clit. Her body was shuddering and her hips began to quiver and buck back and forth as the waves of pleasure intensified. I pulled my fingers from inside her hot wet pussy, held her hips and pulled her swollen clit between my lips. I sucked on her clit hard, flicked my tongue across it and brought her quickly to an extremely hard and intense orgasm. Her pussy juices gushed out, covering my face, running down to her sweet ass. I never saw a woman cum so hard and produce so much of her sweet love juices. Michelle moaned out loud as she came with more intense force than ever before in her young life, “Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, Oh my god, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss!” I held onto her, her clit between my lips, my tongue gliding across it as her hips bucked and shook. She was moaning and shaking as the multiple waves of orgasm traveled to every inch of her sweet young body. After a couple of minutes, she finally pushed my mouth away from her now over sensitive clit. I took her panties from the floor and wiped her juices from my face and chest. She looked absolutely beautiful as she laid there, still panting from her orgasm, eyes closed, head to one side, and one arm across her body just below her breasts and the other over her head. Her perfect tanned body with those sexy tan lines as she slowly recovered from her intense orgasm. As I stood there proud of the intense pleasures I orally gave my hot little sister, I said softly, “Michelle, ready to feel big brother’s hard cock deep inside you?” She opened her glazed eyes, smiled softly and spread her legs wide open, “Go ahead love, put that beautiful cock of yours right here!” as she reached down and spread open the lips of her tight young cunt, showing me her soft wet pink insides. As I held my huge swollen cock in my hand, I knelt on the bed and positioned it at the opening of my sister’s young tight pussy. My body was shaking with excitement as I was about to have one of my most taboo fantasies come true, to actually make love to my sexy little sister. I was so excited I was afraid I’d cum the second I entered her sweet pussy. We looked deep into each other’s eyes as my huge purple cock head touched her hot wet pussy entrance. I took the head of my cock and slowly teased her swollen clit with it. Then as I lowered myself, my cock slipped slowly inside my sister’s hot tight pussy. God she was so tight, so hot, so wet and aroused as her big brother’s cock traveled deeper and deeper inside her. As my cock was now buried deep inside my sister’s hot pussy, as I held it there letting her pussy adjust to the thickness of my swollen cock, we kissed passionately. We let our tongues lustfully dance together as I began to actually make love to my sweet little sister. I slowly pulled my cock out of her tight pussy, until only the head was inside, then slowly buried it again into the hilt. “God Michelle, your pussy is so hot and tight!” I said as my cock traveled slowly in and out of her hot cunt. “I love you, Mike.” she moaned softly as I looked deep into her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. I whispered in her ümraniye escort left ear, “I love you too.” as my thick shaft worked slowly in and out of her young pussy. Michelle wrapped her long sexy legs around my back, squeezing, trying to force my cock deeper into her tingling pussy. I drove my cock hard into her, grinding my pubic bone against her erect clit, sending pleasure once again thru her young body. I teased her with a slow but stMikeg grinding pace. “Uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm yes b*o, that feels good!” my sister moaned into my ear. My cock in her pussy was like a perfect fit. Maybe it was the taboo i****t thing, but I was so sexually aroused, more than ever before, more than with any other woman I’d been with in my life. My sister was my perfect sexual partner and I knew she felt the same way. I could see it in her eyes. I was so close to cumming, but I didn’t want to do that just yet. So I had to just stop for a few seconds, until the sensation passed some, then start again. Each time I’d start again, I’d change the angle my cock was penetrating my sister’s pussy. This was driving her crazy as I was teasing her beyond her senses. She was really getting turned on when I pushed my hard shaft toward the left side of her pussy. “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh come on Mike, quit teasing, fuck me baby, fuck me hard. God I need your cock, fuck your little sister’s hot pussy!” Michelle commanded. I couldn’t believe the mouth on my hot little sister but it really turned me on to hear her all but beg me to fuck her harder. I began to pick up the pace as my cock pistoned in and out of her tight young pussy. Her legs loosened as I began to ram my thick shaft first against one side then the other side of her hot wet cunt. “Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeah, that’s it b*o, fuck your little sister goooooood!” I was now pounding my hard shaft inside her, deep as I could go as she pushed her hips up to meet my downward thrusts, bringing her sweet little butt up off the bed to meet me. The waves of pleasure quickly built up in both our sexually aroused bodies. Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore as I rammed my cock deep inside her, cumming so hard I nearly passed out. I filled her with a huge load of my love juices which pushed out and completely soaked her pussy mound. Feeling my hot cum shoot deep inside her, Michelle’s body began to shudder as she had the second intense orgasm of the day. My sister had her second multiple orgasm, so excited that she was finally having sex with her older brother was making everything so much more intense, so taboo, so i****tuous. For the next few minutes, we just laid there, me holding my body weight off her, my hard cock still buried deep inside her. I could feel her cunt twitching as she milked my cock dry. Her pussy quivered and squeezed my cock as she went thru several waves of intense pleasure of her orgasm. I rolled off to one side, my still erect cock slipping out of her slick pussy, her pussy filled as our juices mingled together inside her body. I ran my hands up and caressed her sweet sexy breasts as her nipples swelled and grew hard again. Within seconds, she was ready for more as she reached down and gently began to stroke my slick swollen shaft. “Michelle, I want to fuck you from behind this time. I want to feel that sweet soft ass of yours I slide into you.” I asked softly. “Sounds good to me Mike.” she replied as she rolled over and got onto all fours, arched her back and pushed that perfect heart shaped ass up in the air. Reaching down between her legs, she opened up her pussy lips for me and said, “How’s this big brother? Can you fit that gorgeous hunk of meat right here?” she laughed. “Oh my god Michelle, you’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. God your pussy looks sooo good from behind.” I replied as I drooled over the sight before my lustful eyes. With her head in the pillows, her back arched, on her knees with legs spread and her tight butt pointed up in the air, I moved on my knees up behind her and lined up my again thick swollen cock to the entrance of my sexy sister’s pussy. I grabbed her hips and as I pulled her back, I felt her small fingers grip my cock and guide it into her well lubricated cunt. Slowly I pushed forward, pulled her back until I felt the soft hot globes of her butt flesh pressing against me. God this felt great as I held my cock still, deep inside her. Looking down at her sexy little body from behind was a sight to behold. Her firm white tan lined butt cheeks, the sexy curves of her hips and back, the smooth lines of her back, her bikini top tan lines, her perfect shoulders, her curly sandy blonde hair and the beautiful lines of her face as she laid her head toward one side against her pillow, mouth slightly open, eyes closed as she panted heavy with growing sexual excitement. My cocked throbbed deep inside my sister’s tight little pussy, feeling the intense heat from within her. I licked my right fingers as I reached around with my right hand, cupped and caressed her right breast, teased her swollen right nipple, allowing it to roll between my moist fingertips. I slowly began sliding my cock in and out of her hot cunt from behind. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh my, Mike that feels, uuuuuummmmmmmmm, so fucking gooooooood, oooooohhhhhhhh yeah baby!” she panted. I then slid my hand down across her smooth belly, across the patch of soft pussy hair until I could feel my shaft sliding in and out of my sexy sister’s pussy. I found her erect clit and began to rub it lightly as I fucked her doggy style from behind. She immediately responded to my touching her clit as her body quivered and she moaned softly, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss, that’s it love, touch me there, uuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yessssssss!” For what was about 5 minutes, I drove my thick shaft deep into her cunt from behind, while caressing her clit between my slickened fingers. Michelle moaned out loudly as the feeling of another orgasm built up within her sexy little hard body. I increased the pressure on her now very sensitive erect clit. “Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuck Mike, that’s it, uuuuuuuummmmm, oh my god yes, uuuuuuummmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss!” she hissed loudly. As I drove my hard shaft deep into my sweet sister’s pussy from behind, I caressed her aroused clit until finally she couldn’t take anymore and quickly trembled with her third orgasm of the day. Her body shook and shuddered in every direction as she orgasmed again and again. She must have had about 3 or 4 mini orgasms in a row as I just held her hips, her soft butt tight against me until she was finished. “Michelle, let me fuck those sexy tits of yours.” I asked softly. As I pulled my still erect cock out of her, I rolled her onto her back and straddled her upper body. I wanted to fuck those huge tits and cum all over them. She pushed her boobs together as I slid my pussy juice covered stiff cock between them. I slowly began to fuck those gorgeous soft mounds of breast flesh. My thick swollen cock glided slowly between her ample breasts. Michelle tried to lick the huge cock head each time it came close to her mouth. I pushed my cock forward and let her slip it into her mouth as she sucked her juices from my shaft. Her tongue swirled around the purple head of my swollen shaft. After several seconds, I could feel my cum getting ready to boil over. I pulled my cock from her mouth and began stroking my hard shaft very fast. I wanted to shoot a hot load of cum all over my sexy little sister’s face and boobs. “That’s it baby, shoot you’re hot cum on my tits!” Michelle commanded as I neared my second orgasm of the day. Within seconds, I groaned out, ” Here it comes baby!” as I shot the first huge spurt of white hot cum up across her right tit and into her hair. The second spurt, shot over her tits and hit her right on the lips. She took her tongue and licked the hot jism from her lips just as I brought my cock up and the third spurt landed a huge load of white hot cum across her forehead and ended right on her sexy lips. She licked my cum off her lips and swallowed it. I pulled hard on my spent cock as the last of my hot cum dripped into her open mouth and onto her soft tongue. I took the rest of my hot cum and wiped from her face and tits, feeding it into her mouth. My sexy little sister ate it all. I was so sexually excited as I had just had the most intense and erotic sex of my life, and it was with my sexy younger 19 year old little sister. My most taboo fantasy had finally come true and as I later found out, it was Michelle’s taboo fantasy too. Ever since she began thinking about sex, her fantasies were of her big brother. “God Michelle, that was great! That was the best fuck I ever had!” I exclaimed. “Yeah b*o, there must be something about that saying, i****t is best! I’ve wanted to make love to you as long as I can remember. That was so bad yet so fucking good!” she replied. “You said it love, let’s go take a shower and get cleaned up.” I responded. We giggled and laughed as we scurried off to the bathroom. Under the hot shower water, Michelle caressed my cock to hardness again, I picked her up, pressed her against the shower wall and entered her tight cunt for the third time that day. We fucked and sucked the rest of the weekend. By Monday, her pussy and my cock were sore from so much sex over the weekend. For the next year, Michelle and I kept up the pretense of being only brother and sister living together but we were really lovers. We slept together every night and had sex every possible way you could imagine. We couldn’t get enough of each other. She acted out all of my sexual fantasies, wore every piece of her Victoria Secret collection and we even traveled to exotic places on vacation together. We made love on the beaches of tropic islands as lovers, i****tuous lovers. To this day, even though we’re both married now, we still get together for some hot i****tuous love making. Nobody, not even my wife, can top my sexy little sister in bed. If I could, I’d marry her so I could make love to her every night and I know she feels the same way. Now she has a sexy 16 year old daughter named Lauren, but that’s another story.

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