My Adopted Daughter 4

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My Adopted Daughter 4please enjoy and ignore any spelling and grammar mistakes, it’s not mineI walked down the hallway with my boxers on and a tee shirt. The whole night seemed like something out of a teenage porn dream. I mean taking inventory brought me to the point where I had a wife that was now sex crazy, a new daughter that was totally confused about sex, but more than willing to do anything I wanted, and a household that seemed to get more sexual the weirder it got.The whole house was dark, but there was a slight beam of light leaving Shannon’s room, the crack only about two inches but more than enough to see the entire hall way. I went to open the door, but stopped at the last moment. I peaked in and saw Shannon, naked, again with the dildo in her hand. No matter how many times I had seen it, her body made my jaw drop.On her back, her tits fell slightly to the side, but the shear size of them, even though the pancaked a bit, still were enormous for her frame. As she thrust the dildo inside her, her tits moved back and forth, rippling up and down. Her areolas were the size of the beer bottle, and her nipples, erect, stuck out almost a half inch. Her hips were already wide, but graceful, and beginning with a tight stomach and leading to her thighs. Although muscular, they weren’t large, and the overall effect of her toned body with large chest and ass made her just about perfect.I watched as she masterbated. There was some guilt, but that had pretty much gone away over the last few days. She moved the large dildo in and out of her without any problem. Larger than me, the dildo had to be the thickness of a gel shaving can and at least nine or ten inches long. The whole time her eyes were closed, but as she picked up the pace, she started slamming it inside her with more force, so much so that the sound of her wet pussy was clear in the hall way, and her moans and noises caused me to have more than a passing hardon. She moved it inside her so hard that it seemed that she was trying to get the whole thing in her, balls and all, and when she finally reached her orgasm, she bucked around, let go of the dildo, and grabbed her tits, first squeezing the base of them and then moving to her nipples were she pinched them and came to a rest, the dildo still moving with her heart beat.I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt her, probably because I didn’t want to end up fucking her with Tracy in the other room, and also, truthfully, because I didn’t know if I could fuck anymore. Instead I moved back down the hallway and got back in bed. Tracy looked asleep, but when I got back in bed, she turned toward me.“You were gone long. Did you have to take care of her too?”“What do you mean?”“Don’t worry about it, but I’m going to get some sleep, so don’t get any wise ideas.”The next morning I woke up with a raging hardon. Tracy wasn’t in bed, and by a quick look at the clock it was clear that she was probably already at work. I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, peed and then went to the kitchen to get bolu escort a cup of coffee and some cereal. I forgot about Shannon altogether, and sitting in my boxers and drinking my coffee, I had no idea that someone might be watching me.“So did you enjoy watching me last night?” Shannon was standing in the doorway, but she was behind me so I could not see her.“You startled me.” I turned to face her. She was wearing a small tee shirt that squeezed her tits to almost criminal tightness and wore only black panties.“Is something wrong?” She moved into the kitchen and went to the cupboard and got a bowl. I didn’t answer her right away, but watched her from behind as she grabbed a bowl and sat down beside me.“No nothing is wrong.”She poured some cereal and then looked at me. “So did you enjoy watching me last night?”“Yes I did.” I was so glad I was under the table, because my hardon was out of my boxers and pressing against the underside of the table.“Good. Maybe after breakfast we can use it together.” There was no hint in her voice that what she was saying was wrong or even strange. She smiled at me like a daughter would, ate as if nothing was wrong, and once done, stood up put her bowl in the sink, and rubber her hand along my back and said, “ok I’m ready.”What the fuck kinda world was I living in? I didn’t stay there, I mean why should I? I had already done the deed more than once, and if Tracy wasn’t allowing it, she surely didn’t seem to get angry at the idea. I stood up and walked to her bedroom. She was bent over getting something on the floor of her closet. I starred at her ass, but could not bring myself to walk in the room.She stood up and in her hand she had the large dildo. She looked at me and smiled. She saw me looking at it, and then she followed my eyes.“I got it back home at a book store. Only had to give the guy a blow job for it. I mean I’m sorry, back where I use to live.”“Its fine. You can have two homes, but you do see this as your home too, don’t you?”“Oh my god, yes. You and Tracy are great. I love it here. Do you want me to take my shirt off?”“Well I’m glad you feel at home.”There was an awkward pause and then she came towards me.“Come in silly. How are we suppose to use this with you all the way over there?”She came over to me and grabbed my hand and brought me to the bed. She pushed me to sit down and then she backed away. She laid the dildo on the bed next to me and grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and with some effort, she pulled it over her breasts. Once it past them, they fell down as if my mind’s desire was heard and obeyed. She pulled it over her head, and then looked at me.“Do you like my breasts really?”“Oh my god Shannon. I have told you, they are perfect.”I didn’t say anything else, and she didn’t pause. She collapsed in front of me and took my dick from my boxers and began sucking me. I didn’t say a word, I just watched as she allowed my dick to fill her mouth. It wasn’t a chore for her, at least by appearances. She grabbed burdur escort at it to get it all, rubbed my balls furiously, and seemed to try to inhale my dick into her throat. If it didn’t stop her that would have been it.I pushed her head away, and she stood up. When she did I grabbed both her tits in my hands and brought them to my mouth. I squeezed them onto my face and then brought them back so I could put her nipples into my mouth one at a time. Then she did something that almost made me cum. While I sucked on one of her nipples, she pulled her other tit up and brought her nipple to her mouth. Looking her in her eyes as she sucked her nipple almost made me ruin the moment. I knew I couldn’t fuck her or I would cum. I pushed her back a bit and then stood up, switching position and then forcing her on her back.I dove at her pussy. I put my mouth on her clit right away, and she bucked back and forth. When I flicked it with my tongue, she moaned, and when I licked up and down her slit, she grabbed my head and tried to pull me away. I pulled away only for a moment and tried to look her in the eyes, but her huge tits were in the way.“You see Shannon, I want to make you happy too.”She didn’t respond. She put her hands on my head and gently pushed me back down on her. I didn’t complain or resist. I went at her pussy as if it was my last meal. I devoured her clit until I thought my tongue would die, feeling her cum over and over again. Eventually I couldn’t take it. I stood up from her, and saw her breathing. Her tits were swaying with her breath and it was all that it took. I raised her legs and with one movement, I thrust my dick all the way in her. She didn’t move at all. Only a small gasp left her mouth, and as I moved, she moved with me. She pushed against me as I moved into her. We fucked like that for a while. Sometimes slow, other times fast. I grabbed her tits as much as I could, but they moved so fast with my force that they were hard to keep under control. When I let go, she grabbed them, and then I felt it. Her pussy tightened, her thighs pressed inward, and then she screamed. I felt the stream of cum erupt from her pussy, her back arched, and she collapsed on the bed motionless. I stopped moving.“Do you want to stay in my pussy or go in my ass?”“What do you want?”“I want you in my ass. I want to feel it when you cum.”“Ok.”I pulled out of her and she stood and moved to the corner of the bed. I was taking her lead. She straddled the corner of the bed and took the dildo in her hand. She placed it on the corner of the bed, aligned it with her pussy and just collapsed on it. The entire thing entered her and she rested her body on the bed.“Ok, get in my ass.”I got behind her and worried a bit. I didn’t have any lube, but in the midst of my worry, she reached back and spread her ass apart. I put the head of my dick against her ass, and she moved back. She didn’t care if I had lube. I pushed into her a little bit and felt her tightness. I pulled back bursa escort and then moved into her. I took my time. She was even more tight than she was yesterday, but my dick was so wet with her pussy juices that there wasn’t as much friction as I thought there would be. In no time I was all the way in her ass, and fucking her. With ever movement she grunted, and every movement in I could almost feel the huge dildo in her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to cum again, and with her orgasm, I knew I wasn’t too far off. I took her hips to control her and started pounding into her ass. It took me no time to release. I pushed all the way into her and then let go. It was a large load, and she knew it. When I shot she bucked, when I shot again her whole body responded again. When I had finally finished I stayed inside her and pulled her body up so I could get her face to mine. I kissed her deep and once I was soft enough and pulled out of her I turned her over and held her against me.We parted ways with a kiss and I told her I had things to do, that there would be company coming over for my weekly poker game. She asked how she could help and I told her she could help me clean up a bit. Once done, she went to the pool, and I went back to my office and did some work.At six O’Clock tracy got home and asked how our day was. Innocently, we both looked at her and told her it was great, and then she informed us that she would be going out with some friends since it was poker night.“Shannon, do you want to stay here or go over with my friends k**s and hang out?”“I can stay here. I’ve never seen poker.”“Well its just the guys. I’m sure they want to be left alone.”“Oh, well I’ll just watch TV and stay out of their way.”“Ok. Well I’m going to change.”Tracy disappeared and before long she left and the guys started to arrive. They all went to the basement to the table and before long, everyone was there. I joined them in the basement and we began to play, but halfway through the first hand, Greg went to the fridge and asked where the beer was. With all that had happened it was the last thing on my mind, and looking around the room, it was clear that everyone had forgotten to stop and get drinks.“Alright, I’ll go get some beer, but don’t lose all your money before I get back.”I went up stairs and went to Shannon’s room. The door was closed, but I opened it and Shannon was on her bed reading a book.“Shannon… I have to go out and get beer for the guys, but I’ll be back in a few minutes. If they need anything show them where it is in the fridge.”“Ok. Do you want me to go with you?”“No. Its fine. Just take care of them if they need anything.”“Ok. So just keep them happy until you get back?”“Yeah. I’ll be back shortly.”I left the house without a second thought. I returned with three cases of beer, and made my way down the stairs to the basement. When I got the bottom of the stairs I couldn’t move. Shannon was naked in the middle of the floor. I couldn’t tell which of my friends was where, but she was on top of one of them, another behind her, clearly in her ass, and another two in front of her, rotating between both of them in her mouth. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak.Greg was underneath her and he saw me first. “Hey man. Forgot the beer, but damn good of you to get a whore.”“That’s not a whore. That’s my daughter.”

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