My Affair with Alison – Part 2

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I couldn’t believe that my affair with Alison was going to happen. It really wasn’t an affair. It was sex. Here was a deep voiced, blue eyed, beautiful, prim and proper yet athletic Southern Belle willing to spread her legs for me. How did we go from normal neighbors with kids and spouses to planning a secret primal rendezvous? The night after our talk when she agreed to go through with it was difficult. Or I should say it was hard. She agreed to have illicit sex in a hotel. My mind was in overdrive and something was straining at my zipper. I wanted to walk up behind her, grind my crotch into her ass and cup her breasts in my hands. She would push her butt into my stiff cock and throw her head back, exposing her silky neck for me to kiss. Meanwhile I would gently squeeze her nipples. Or maybe she wanted them pinched hard. I wanted to find out. After dinner and getting the kids to bed, I was very horny. I wanted inside Alison. I approached my wife for sex and she reluctantly agreed. (We are calling her Broomhilda to protect the frigid.) There was no kissing and no passion. Jacking off might have been just as satisfying, but perfunctory sex was better than no sex at all. That night, I still got hard dreaming about Alison. Would she really go through with it? Would she show up at the hotel and play the part of a fantasy hooker like we discussed? The school bus stop routine was a little stifled. We talked as usual, but it was obvious what was on our minds. I couldn’t wait for the bus to leave. When it did, I just said, “I booked the room.” “Are we really going to do this?” Alison was blushing a little. “Yes, I want to have animal sex with you.” We traded information şişli escort on the hotel and I said, “Be there at eleven.” “Okay,” was all she said, a bit coyly. There was no mistaking her ass movement as she walked back to her house. This woman was warming up to the idea of having sex with her neighbor, and she was feeling very desired. Maybe she didn’t get that feeling from her jock husband. I tried to get a little work done before our planned tryst, but couldn’t really focus. The phone rang about nine. It was Alison. “I had to have a glass of wine to calm my nerves. I can’t believe I’m drinking this early. I’m really not sure about this whole thing. I want to, but …” I cut her off, “I want you to do this. I’ve been hard for you ever since we started talking about it. I want you to do something for me now.” “What?” “Take off your clothes and get in bed with your vibrator. Right now.” There was a long pause. I was hoping the wine had kicked in. All she said was, “I need to put the phone down.” I could hear some rustling, and then she was in bed as I had instructed her. I think she liked being told what to do, and explicit sex talk turned her on as well. She came back on the line. “Now use your vibrator while I tell you what I’m going to do to you later.” I went over the scenario again. She was to show up wearing a specific dress that I like. I could hear her trying not to make noise, but she came like a good girl very quickly while I filled her ear with very dirty thoughts. “I’ll see you at the hotel.” We hung up. At eleven, as planned, I was in the hotel room with a bottle of champagne on the nightstand, lube and a condom conspicuously on the mecidiyeköy escort bed. About half an hour later, I was starting to think she chickened out when there was a gentle knock on the door. I answered it and let Alison into my darkened sex cave. She was wearing sunglasses. I guess it was a disguise. She nervously walked in as I put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and locked it. I handed her a glass of champagne and told her she looked sexy. Then, gently, I approached her and removed her sunglasses. I slid my hand up her leg, under her dress. She was shivering. I went slowly, looking into her eyes. She blinked. Just before I reached her pussy, she closed her eyes. She asked in a business-like manner, “What do you want me to do?” I was surprised she remembered the script. This was, after all, my sex fantasy that I had detailed to her. I imagine that she went through it in our emails a hundred times. Maybe she even masturbated to it. That was a very hot thought. I instructed her, “Spread your legs for me.” Her eyes were still closed, but she did as I told her. Like the plan we agreed to, she had no panties on. I then found a very soft and already wet pair of lips and neatly trimmed bush, more like a landing strip. It drove me wild. For months, I had jerked off thinking about what was under Alison’s bikini and now I knew. I gently put my middle finger far down on her slit and parted her lips just a little. She let out a breath and left her mouth open with still closed eyes. My finger curved around her shape and my fingertip hovered over her open door. I backed her up and sat her down on the bed. I pushed her shoulders back and she obliged by lying down for me. I kneeled, spread her legs and lifted her dress. I hovered over her pussy. It smelled warm and clean and oh so good. Oral sex wasn’t part of the plan, but I couldn’t help myself. I ran my tongue up the inside of her thigh, gently brushed over her lips and down the other thigh. Then back up again. This time I inserted a finger into her and placed my thumb over her clitty. I gently finger fucked her and she moaned. “Oh God that feels good.” I removed my finger and began to gently stroke her clitty with my tongue. She writhed. Her warmth and gentle clean taste drove me wild. I took her clitoris between my lips and rhythmically and slowly sucked it in and out. Very soon I could feel her coming. She tensed and once she had her release, I stopped but kept my face between her legs. She radiated warmth and that wonderful smell. I teased her pubic hair with my nose like a rabbit looking for its den. Never finding it, but enjoying the search. She started to get into bed, but I grabbed her behind each knee. With her legs apart, I pulled her back to the edge of the bed. She gasped a little at being treated roughly, but she didn’t resist. I was still kneeling by the bed with her legs spread in front of me. The high bed was perfect, and I deviated from the plan. I wanted to take her now, like this, instead of from behind like in our fantasy talk. I unbuttoned my pants, unzipped, and my rod shot straight out. I reached for the condom and started to open it, but she stopped me. With a sweet southern accent filled with sexual urging, “I’m on the pill, you don’t need that.” The way she said, ‘that’ would give any guy a hard on. It was with a southern drawl mixed with whiskey and daring. It was a very naughty ‘that,’ said with big blue dilated eyes in the dimly lit room. I dropped the condom and reached for some coconut oil.

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