My Affair with Lucy

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This is a true story, although I’ve changed a few names and locations to protect the not-so-innocent. It’s an account of a steamy affair I had with the wife of a colleague at work a few years ago. We’ve all gone our separate ways now, but I look back with a lot of fondness on our brief, but incredibly erotic, dalliance.


Wang was a colleague at work. Chinese, in his late 30s, he was a mild mannered and respectable sort of guy. From time to time he used to invite me and my wife, as well as other colleagues around to his house for dinners and barbecues, as well as drinking Chinese liquor. When I first met her, I didn’t think there was anything remarkable about his wife, Lucy. She looked like a typical Chinese wife in her mid 30s. Pretty, but quite conservative and usually dressed quite casually. It wasn’t until one time my wife and Lucy, who were quite friendly with each other, both went to a workout class that I noticed that Lucy had quite a nice hot body. She looked amazing with her hair up and wearing tight yoga pants and a tight top with a sports bra. I realized that she had great legs and a tight ass, although her tits were quite small.

After that, I began to pay a bit more attention to Lucy. I noticed that she was also quite flirtatious, especially as she became more confident in English. Once or twice we went out in groups and I saw her wearing traditional Chinese Qi Pao or a figure-hugging dress with some make up and realized that she was becoming quite sexy. One time when she wore a halter neck cocktail dress I also realized that the sports bra had not done justice at all to her tits. She was by no means as small as I had thought and she also had the most amazingly prominent nipples, which certainly piqued my interest.

Over time I began to fantasize about her, imagining what it would be like to be naked in bed with her and how it would feel to fuck this Chinese housewife. I even masturbated over her sometimes, visualizing my sticky cum squirting onto her breasts. In real life, I found myself finding opportunities to flirt with her whenever I had the chance. I noticed that she did not resist. In fact, she flirted right back, sometimes even brushing her arm against mine, or resting a hand on my leg, and invariably squeezing just a little longer whenever we kissed goodnight after a party, while I would run my hand surreptiously over the outline of her bra, or briefly touch her ass. It was becoming so tempting, yet I wasn’t sure how we could find an opportunity to be alone.

The chance finally came when both Wang and my wife were away on business. We’d had dinner with other colleagues and in the general discussion realized that we would both be alone without our spouses. At some point during the talk I remember I locked eyes with Lucy and she gave me a little twinkle with a smile in return. Later, when the conversation turned to working out, I even mentioned that if Lucy needed a workout buddy I’d be happy to oblige. Maybe we might even go running. When the party broke up, we embraced tightly, placing our platonic kisses just at the edge of each other’s lips, so close as to feel a sensual thrill. I admit that later that night, as my wife and I made love, I imagined that it was Lucy moaning underneath me as I came.

That weekend I texted Lucy and asked her if she wanted to come running with me. She agreed quickly and showed up at my place at 6.30 am that Saturday. She looked amazing. She was wearing dark yoga pants, which really showed off her shapely ass, with a matching sports bra istanbul escort and a loose fitting sleeveless top. Her thick dark hair was tied up in a ponytail and she wore a sports cap.

‘Wow, Lucy, you look amazing.’ I greeted her.

‘I didn’t want to embarrass you by looking sloppy.’ She replied.

‘It’ll be hard for me to keep my eyes on the road.’ I joked. We drove to the park, about 10 minutes away, and did a nice easy 5K, sometimes running side by side and other times running solo. She was glowing by the end of the run with beads of sweat glistening between her breasts and on her face.

After the run we drove back to my place. Lucy had brought a change of clothes so I suggested that we both take a shower before breakfast. I told her to go ahead and use my shower and I would use the guest shower.

The two rooms backed on to each other and as I stripped off and showered I could hear the water running in the other room. I imagined her peeling off her running gear and standing naked in the shower and my cock began to grow hard. I thought about rubbing one out, but decided to hold on to it. I got out of the shower, toweled off and threw on a shirt and shorts. As I came out of the guest room Lucy appeared in the bedroom doorway. She was wearing a simple mid length sundress, with a halter neck and quite evidently no bra, because a nice glimpse of side boob was showing. Her hair was wet and her skin glistening fresh from the shower.

‘Do you have a hairdryer?’ She asked.

‘Sure’, I replied. ‘In the bedroom. Here, let me show you. You look fantastic by the way. I love the dress.’

‘Thank you.’ She smiled shyly. I led her into the bedroom and took the hairdryer from the drawer. I plugged it in by the mirror and beckoned her over.

‘Come. Let me help you.’

She stood in front of the mirror and I started to blow dry her hair, standing close behind her, but not quite touching her. I flicked her long black hair with my fingers as the hairdryer worked.

‘You have beautiful hair.’ I said, softly, stroking it gently and moving a little closer towards her. She gasped slightly, but did not resist as I pressed my body against her back, feeling the gentle swell of her buttocks against my crotch, which reacted quickly and obviously. I felt Lucy react as well by grinding very gently against me. In the mirror I could see that her nipples were hardening and poking visibly against the thin fabric of her dress. I brushed my hand against her cheek, breathing into her ear now. The hairdryer, forgotten now, lay on the table.

‘You’re a very beautiful sexy woman Lucy.’ I whispered. She turned and kissed me, tentatively at first, but then sensuously, her open lips finding mine and our tongues entwining. My hands caressed her waist and then slid down to squeeze her firm ass and pull her hard against me. I could feel the heat from her, and her breasts pressing against my chest.

‘I want you.’ I breathed.

‘I want you too.’ She responded hungrily. ‘Now.’

We kissed again, more aggressively this time and as we kissed I squeezed her ass more tightly, lifting her dress up to her waist and fumbling for her thin cotton panties. I pulled her over to the bed and we collapsed in a heap, her dress rucked up around her waist and her firm, fit legs parted. I pulled off my shirt and knelt between her legs, hooking my fingers into her panties and pulling them off in one smooth motion. Her fine black pubic hair was neatly trimmed above lusciously protruding istanbul escort bayan pussy lips. I could see a slight dew already forming as I immediately bent down to savour the sweet aroma of freshly showered and aroused cunt. Lucy gasped as my tongue probed her sweet lips, immediately releasing a warm wetness as they parted, revealing pinkness and a cutely erect little clitoris. I relished the fresh taste as I lapped and probed her with my tongue, using my fingers to pull her labia apart and penetrate her more deeply. She was moaning softly as I caressed her and soon began to thrust her hips in rhythm with my tongue. Lifting her hips slightly and placing my hands on her ass cheeks, I was able to reach her perineum, swirling my tongue around it and then softly licking all the way up to take her clit into my lips. By now, she was flooding with wetness, not exactly squirting, but drenched in sweet juices which I was enthusiastically lapping up as fast as possible.

‘Oh yes, don’t stop.’ she cried. ‘You’re making me cum so much.’

‘Yes?’ I said, teasing her. ‘You like that? You like my tongue on your clit like that.’

‘Oh yes. I love it. Don’t stop.’

I continued, running my tongue and lips around her clit, feeling its hardness on my lips, and feeling her respond with a series of shudders and squeals as mini-orgasms hit her.

‘I’m cumming. I’m cumming.’ she mumbled semi incoherently. Wanting more, I lifted her legs upwards and back, and raised her ass even more, so that in addition to her perineum, which was now slick with her juices, I was also able to reach her asshole and tongue her. I love rimming a clean tight asshole and Lucy’s tasted wonderful, sweet and musky at the same time. My thrusting immediately produced another flood of delicious love juice and a squirming reaction from Lucy.

By now, my cock was almost ready to burst and I needed to fuck her. I moved up and kissed her, thrusting her juices into her mouth and sharing her taste with her.

‘See how good you taste.’ I whispered. ‘I love the taste of your cum, but now I want to fuck you.’

‘Oh yes,’ she gasped. ‘Fuck me. I want your cock in me.’

I stood up to rip my shorts off and as I did so she quickly pulled her dress off over her head, so that she was now completely naked. Her small, but perfectly shaped tits were free, with their hard dark nipples standing proud. Neither of us had time for foreplay and I mounted her with ease, sliding my cock into her warm, sodden cunt in one smooth motion as I lay on her. She responded by wrapping her legs around me and pulling me deeper into her and we began to fuck.

‘Oh Lucy,’ I said, ‘you turn me on so much. I’ve been thinking about this for so long.’

‘Me too.’ she responded. ‘God, I love your cock. It’s so hard.’

I knew I wasn’t going to last too long during this first desperate fuck, and so I slowed down a little to enjoy the sensation of her sopping wet pussy.

‘I love your pussy.’ I moaned, ‘you’re so fucking wet, you’re going to make me cum soon.’

‘Oh yes, give me your cum.’ She responded. ‘I want to feel it on me. Cum on my tits for me. I love it.’

Raising myself up slightly, I grasped her asscheeks and watched my cock, slick with her juices, slide in and out of her throbbing cunt. I could feel that I was about to cum and didn’t hold back. As my orgasm approached I pulled out and kneeling in front of her, spurted a thick, heavy rope of white semen all over her beautiful tits. Lucy gasped as two or escort istanbul three jets in quick succession splattered her tits, covering her nipples in cum. I wasn’t done and quickly moved up to offer my cock to her lips, which she took greedily, sucking the sticky combination of my cum and her juice off me, while at the same time rubbing her hands over her tits to coat herself with cum.

‘Fuck, that was amazing,’ I reflected as we lay naked in the bed afterwards. ‘You’re incredibly sexy. I never imagined you were quite so slutty.’

She laughed. ‘Mmmm … maybe more slutty than you think. I loved it when you lick my pussy and ass. My husband never does that.’

‘Really. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. You taste incredible. I love it.’ I replied.

‘I like to watch porn when the girl is getting her ass licked like that.’

‘Mmmm, that’s nice. What other things do you like? I like to watch porn too.’

She giggled. ‘Well, I like to watch threesomes. Especially a girl with two guys.’

‘That’s hot.’ I agreed. ‘Have you ever done that?’

‘Maybe.’ She demurred. ‘Before I got married.’

‘Well, you are a naughty girl, aren’t you.’ I laughed. ‘You’re actually getting me quite turned on again.’

Indeed, it was true, my cock was already stirring again and I was ready to enjoy more of this gorgeous sexy married woman.

We kissed again and I felt Lucy’s small hand go down to grasp my swiftly hardening cock in a firm grip. In response, I gently slid a finger into her still wet and cum-soaked cunt.

‘I love to watch you cum.’ I said, as we masturbated each other. I was now fully aroused again. As she got more excited, her cum got thicker and creamier. Gently, I rolled her over so that her ass was raised high in the air and fully exposed. Still working her gently with one hand, I slid my tongue along her perineum and around her ass, rimming her and probing her sphincter with the tip of my tongue. She groaned and moved one hand down to touch her clit, allowing me to use both hands to spread her cheeks wide and penetrate her even deeper.

‘Oh you like that, don’t you?’ I whispered. ‘You like my tongue in your ass.’

‘Oh god, yes.’ She whimpered.

She was now frigging herself harder, her cunt making delicious squelching sounds as she creamed on herself. I moved myself slightly to lick her perineum, replacing my tongue in her ass with my finger, wondering if she was ready to take my cock in there, or whether that delight would be for another day. I could feel her own fingers pulsing through the walls of her pussy as I slid my finger in and out of her tight ass. She was moaning louder now.

‘Oh god, just fuck me, please fuck me.’ She gasped. I needed no more encouragement. Positioning myself behind her, I penetrated her in one smooth thrust. Less sensitive this time, I fucked her hard, enjoying the sensation of my cock sliding in and out of her, coated in her white cream. Even better was the sensation of my finger in her ass, rubbing up against my cock.

‘Oh yes, harder.’ She yelled, while rubbing her clit. ‘Fuck me. Make me your slut.’

‘Yes, you like that?’ I responded. ‘You like my cock? You want my cum?’

‘I want it. Cum inside me.’ She cried.

Grasping both her hips, I continued thrusting, feeling my cum well up in my balls and then spewing out deep inside her.

I collapsed on top of her, my cock slowly softening as we lay sweatily together, breathing hard.

‘I think I need another shower.’ She said, finally, with a laugh.

That was our first encounter. Over the next few months we had several more, and it was to be quite an eye-opening experience for me to find out that Lucy really had an incredible sexual appetite and imagination. Perhaps I will write more if people like this story.

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