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Let me make it clear from the outset. I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a creep, a pervert and insanely obsessed with ass and anal. Every girls ass I’d admired from a far dreamed about groping it, licking it, spanking it and fucking it. Desperate to try it not long after my 18th birthday I paid for a local prostitute to bend over spread her cheeks for me and welcome an ass filling from my cock. It was glorious best 200 I’d ever spent. However she couldn’t resist sticking a finger or two up my ass for pleasure. Despite my overall keenness to give I’d not thought the possibility to receive. Since she was an attractive girl and already given up her ass for me seducing me to try at least was simple. On my back, legs spread she fingered my ass as she wanked my cock. I had discovered a whole new realm of pleasure.

A new craving and obsession began to fester in my mind. Whenever I found myself alone I’d go rummaging through either my mum’s or sister’s’ toy collection. Rather shocked that they all had a kinky side and none where strangers to a little bum fun. I started with buttplugs inserting them wearing them a few minutes at first then those minutes became hours. Finding the smallest dildo between the 3 of them I tried it up my butt. It was tight, sore and initially uncomfortable. To be honest I wasn’t sure this was for me but my rock hard cock I got every time I toyed my ass told me different.

My ass eventually surrendered to having it filled in fact it got increasingly hungry. The go to porn category began to change gone had the cheerleaders and lesbian orgies. In came the bi sex, strapon and trans. The spanking porn was still high on my list but they had changed from only girls receiving to boys and girls receiving. Finding myself more jealous of the spankee than spanker. With the new stuff I found myself intrigued and hypnotised by the toys and cocks filling and stretching a tight little hole. No longer I wished for my cock to be in ass I now wanted someone’s cock up my ass.

With some searching and Dutch courage I found an appropriate guy to be my first. We chatted online for a bit our kinks fetishes and limits. He seemed pleased and excited about popping my virgin ass. Within 24 hrs I was at his door. Shown to his bedroom where I was stripped massaged rimmed spanked and fucked. Made to be humiliated and degraded as requested I was Bodrum Escort in love with the pleasure. Worried I made a mistake but knowing there was no going back now. When that cock slid in stretched and burned my hole burring itself balls deep into my ass. I knew it was me. Pumping my ass silly spanking me as he went. Congratulating me for being like my sisters and mum and joining the anal loving sluts club. That comment certainly brought a smile to my face. He pumped my ass full of his cum and wouldn’t allow me to clean myself up. Immediately I had to get dressed and go home with his cum seeping out my ass.

For the next couple of months I rode as many cocks I could big, small, young or old. My ass was hungry for them all. My only really request was that I was to be spanked before during and after any fucks. Sucking cocks soon became a requirement for me. I wasn’t a fan but pretty much all guys liked it so it was a small price to pay. As for topping guys I did it about half the time only to younger or smooth bottoms. Older hairy guys didn’t do anything for me with regards to fucking them.

After a while of randoms I found one older guy roughly twice my age happily married bisexual who had the same fascination and kink for spanking, he was soon to become my new favourite person to hook up with. Telling him about my spanking fetish he’s was more than to happy to indulge me. Often telling him I’d been a naughty boy. Needing no more discussion found myself draped over his knee getting a bare bottom spanking. If I had been really naughty I’d would of gotten a rough hard fucking too. For the best part it was just me and him sometimes his wife would catch us but never really reacted just presumed it was the norm. Rarely I would see her or another, boy or girl, bare ass on display having corner time after receiving a good hard spanking. With me trying to be discreet about it all mine were usually spontaneous flying visits. Spank fuck and go. So I never usually hung around to receive a pre longed corner time. Thought it was about to change after one spanking visit.

Asked by my master could I perhaps stay longer for my next visit as him and his wife wished to play together with their naughty subs. The thought excited me and of course I wasn’t to refuse. The details, I was given was that I was to wear gym type clothes so Bodrum Escort Bayan short and T-shirt no pants allowed must be commando and to be plugged. His wife would be out with her sub during the day having her fun. The wife sub was a girl that was all I knew.

The evening arrived I made my excuses to my family and headed out to see my master. Arriving at his, he was alone dressed in his gym gear also. Seemed like a theme going. He checked I was plugged and ready for fun. We chatted casually for a bit waiting for the girls to arrive. Not 10 mins had gone and the door opened his wife was the first to appear in gym clothes black sports bra that her 34F were ready to escape and tight black leggings. Telling the other girl to come on. The moment she walked in with her matching pink sports bra and hot pants I was left stunned and speechless as she was. Looking at each other’s eyes we didn’t know what to do. For the girl in question was my sister.

Standing there this blonde bombshell of pocket rocket. Her 32B boobs hugged in by her sports bra and her perky bum looking incredible in those shorts a sinpke squat and you’d think they spilt right diwj the middle of her crack. We didn’t dare acknowledge each other. Helplessly waited for instructions by our hosts.

The couple took charge like always. Never had I interacted with any boy or girl before whilst I’ve been here getting spanked or fucked so I couldn’t do anything different obviously my sister felt the same. Stood side by side we were both soon bent over the sofa. The couple took great delight taking off our shorts exposing our butts. My cock sprung out getting hard. No doubt my sister could see as I could see her well trimmed pussy. Now bottomless we were draped over their knees getting a good hard spanking. My sister and I faced each other could both clearly see each other getting our butts spanked. The couple certainly had a good time. Next we were spanked face down ass up side by side being flogged. The plug in my ass was clearly on show, as was hers, she clearly noticed that the plug belonged to her.

Humiliation and degrading continued with the pair of them making us suck his cock and lick out her pussy or munch on their butts. My cock was hard throughout whilst I could see her pussy getting wetter and wetter with every passing minute but we were never Escort Bodrum allowed to touch. Once again finding ourselves side by side bent over. Our plugs were removed and brought to our mouth. We were made to taste each other’s plugs. Hate to admit it her ass tasted delicious abd i wanted more. Literally straws were pulled to see who’d get cock and who’d get strapon. The cock was assigned to me. My sister watched as the older guy took his big pulsating cock lined it up against my asshole. With a deep breath he plunged it in and he did it with ease like a glove. The strapon was to go up my sister’s ass. Which she offered a lot more resistance. Groans, moans and whines could be heard from her. The mistress didn’t like that and soon my sister found herself being gagged for her whinging. Meanwhile the master had no problem from me my ass had completely surrendered to his might. Gulping up his cock like a free meal.

After a good pump they decided to switch. The mistress to me and the master to her. If she thought the strapon was bad the cock proved to be worse. Taking no prisoners he pounded my sister’s ass like she was rag doll or a cheap funfair ride. The mistress was allowed to be harsh with me than sister but she was still a few gears down from master. Gently massaging my anus and prostate with the toy. Wasn’t long before my cock was spewing out cum as result. Which she was awfully pleased about. Meanwhile sister’s ass was near ruined by the master. Though thankfully he was close to cumming. Watching as he gave a few last hard thrusts he unloaded a big dollop of cum into my sister’s ass. Pulling out, my sister near enough collapsed with her gaping hole seeping out cum. Ordered to lick it up and clean her hole I knew this was a step too far but my sister didn’t look if she cared by this point and I found it too kinky and horny not too. So I leapt at the opportunity devouring her sexy ass licking up any escapes of cum.

After it all calmed down we were asked to get dressed and to leave. Both received a further few spanks for being naughty sluts. Once we left my sister didn’t speak to each other we basically walked home in silence. At home the silence continued the pair making up excuses to where we were and what we got up to. The whole evening at home we never acknowledged what had just happened or what does it mean in future. It wasn’t till I was lying in bed and at near 1am I got a message on my phone from my sister, she simply asked. “How long have I been using her plugs and how is it my ass can handle a cock that size and with that ferocity pumping me?”

It was then I knew she and I were going to be fine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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