My aunt seduced me!

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My aunt seduced me!I am a 19 yr old Indian boy, currently in college. This story is based on my hot sexy aunt Shilpa. She is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve seen in my life. She was 5’6″ tall, 34D breasts, bubble butt, shapely hips and a wide waist. Whenever she was around me, i couldn’t help noticing her body, and to be honest, i always felt like she was intentionally teasing me. The way she talked with me, the way she used to sit beside me always made me horny. Now my uncle is in the Navy and he was always away. So my aunts sex-deprived life always made an impression of an estrogen charged MILF. I always talked with her in a frank manner and one day I asked her how frequently my uncle came home. She could easily judge the underlying intention in my question which was to know about her sex-frequency. She smiled and replied that her life is boring and would me much more fun if she had more company. Honestly, she had a 4yr old daughter, and my mom doesn’t get quite along with her. Now i am a yoga expert myself, and so i told her that if she would like to do some yoga together because she is also in those kinda stuff. She gave a sexy smile and we agreed to do so in her apartment next day evening.The next day i got pretty nervous and excited because you know, being in her apartment with her alone, one of the most attractive women i’ve seen, and doing yoga was very thrilling. So I went to her apartment, and she was already dressed up for our yoga session. Her daughter was sleeping. So we started with some warm up activities, and we started getting sweaty. Then after some time we started doing poses. and seeing her beautiful ass was too much for me. I got up and told her that her pose wasn’t perfect. She immediately told me to direct her. So i caught hold of her from her waist and told her to bend down and she did. Gosh,I could almost see her panties. I started getting a massive hardon and my shorts started bulging up! Then she started with a different pose and this time her apple shaped huge breasts ümraniye escort started pointing out as did my penis. So i sat down instinctively to hide my Pride. She got up and i could tell from her face, she was getting excited. She sat beside me, very close, and i could smell her amazing scent. It was intoxicating! She started talking about girls. Whether i have a gf or not, or whether i had have sexual contacts with them or not. Honestly, i had never had sex with anyone. Now i was always frank with her, so i said the truth. By this time she was so close, i could see her black bra, and her bulging breasts prominently and my brain started yelling at me and i couldn’t control myself. I started kissing her on the lips. Then i realized she was kissing me back. We kissed for quite a while. Then i released her juicy lips, and we looked at each other. Her eyes were telling me that she was dreaming of this for a long time. We started kissing again. Then i started stripping. My tee shirt was off in a flash. She replied seductively, “there’s no hurry sweetie”. She took off her tank top. By this time my penis was hurting me bad, i had to release it so that it could stand up in its full glory!I started kissing her neck with passion, slowly going down to her breasts, and then down to her navel. She closed her eyes in order to enjoy the intimacy. I slowly took of her black laced bra, and there were the most beautiful breasts ever seen in human history! Both her nipples were staring up demanding attention. I immediately dug in to satisfy their needs! My aunt laid down on the yoga mattress, and i started licking her breasts. I could feel my penis touching her hot spot. It felt kinda moist. I started kissing her flat belly all the way down to her panties which by this time were really moist! I took it of with great care and her cleanly shaved pussy was steaming hot! I immediately got into action to satisfy the ladies needs. I started licking her pussy and her clit slowly. I was kinda playing with her patience. kadıköy escort Her body jerked as i inserted my tongue in her pussy. I inserted my fingers in her hot pussy and she started moaning softly. I started thrusting my fingers with medium pace and at the same time i was licking her clit. She was so much aroused sexually, that within minutes, i could feel that she was nearing an orgasm. So i increased my pace of fingering, and just as she was nearing an orgasm, i stopped fingering her. I could see the expression of incompleteness on her face. She was puzzeled as to what i was doing. I told her, “not so fast, whats the hurry?”. With this i opened my shorts, took out my 8 inch pole which was ready for the first time journey into the depths of endless pleasure. I slowly inserted my penis in her pussy. Damn, it was tight. My aunt started moaning loudly. Finally, I was all the way in. Her pussy felt soo goood. It was warm, wet, velvetty, and was steaming with passion. I started thrusting her pussy slowly. Her erect nipples were very close to my lips. So i started licking them as well. I started noticing that my aunt’s breasts turned slightly reddish in colour. I could tell that she was bursting with pleasure. With each stroke I went deeper and deeper into her pussy, and more and more pleasure was filling me in. I was thrusting her at a medium pace. As i lifted my lips off her nipples, I saw her looking at me. I gazed upon her eyes as well. I could see the lust that was burried deep inside her came rushing up to the surface. Our eyes were interlocked as were our love organs. We started kissing each other, gentle moist kisses. Our tongues went deeper in each others mouth. After sometime, I stopped thrusting her. It was her time to be on the top, and take control of the intimate act. She spread her shapely hips wide, and slowly dug her pussy on my glistening penis. As soon as the full length of my penis went inside of her, she let go of her breath with a soft moan and closed her eyes. She tuzla escort then started riding my cock. I could feel all the pleasure burning inside of me, trying to burst out. But i was not ready to give up yet. She is so beautiful, i thought at the moment, her cute face, amazing breasts going up and down on my flagpole. I caught hold of her firm ass, which was real soft. I started massaging her ass as she pumped my penis. She started moaning loudly. She was getting close to her orgasm. Her closed eyes, and her soft moans made me realize that i was also getting close to losing absolute control of my body. I was lying on my back all this time while she was riding me. I got up and sat with her on my lap. This is one of the sacred poses of having sensual sex. I told her to resume her thrusting activity up and down my love pole. As she went up and down on my penis, we wrapped each other in our arms.She looked in my eyes and I, in her. We started kissing again. And then there was the moment. The moment which even the Gods can’t control. I could feel her pussy walls contracting and getting even more hotter with lots of juices in it. My penis became stronger than ever. Than in a moment all the pleasure started vibrating through my spine. Continuous ecstasy bursted in and out of my nerves all through my body. I could feel the same going through my aunt’s body. She started shaking vigourously as our orgasms started and synchronised with each other. Streams and streams of pure pleasure ran through my penis. I looked at her eyes, and she looked at me as our pure passion started subsiding. It was the moment of absolute nothing. There was no existence of time itself.I could see love in her eyes. As our orgams ended, she kissed me gently on my lips, a long kiss. Then she said, “you are the most amazing man i’ve ever met.” I gave her a smile. Then she got off me and we both laid down beside each other, gathering energy after our thrilling experience with all the love juices on our private parts. After some time we got up and shared a shower together.I dressesd up, and got ready to leave, and my aunt caught hold of my hand, and said she needed me. I felt like she was falling in love with me. It was kinda dreamy. I gave her a final kiss and came home.

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