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My AuntI had made a trip to Austin where my Aunt lived for a visit, I had just made it into town and met my Aunt for dinner. We had a very nice conversation over dinner and then we headed to her new house in a very well to do neighborhood. Once at her house we got my bags into her house and she showed me around. We sat down in her living room talking and sharing our thoughts. That is when my Aunt asked about how my wife was doing. I told her she was fine and then asked about the k**s. She then went back to talking about my wife. I was not really shocked as she has always asked about them and we have always been open about our lives.The conversation was normal as always asking about my wife’s job and life in general. Then shockingly she asked about our marriage and sex life. “So how is your marriage and are you and Barb having sex still” I was thrown off and did not respond right away “Oh did I ask something I should not have asked” I was still slow to respond “What did a cat get your tongue or something” I finally got over the shock. “No I was just kind of thrown off by your question is all” “So I should not have asked you that I guess” I replied “No you can ask anything you like I will try and answer the best I can, you know we have always been open and honest about our lives why stop now right” She smiled “So you going to answer my question or not” “I mean we can talk about something else if that makes you uncomfortable” I thought for just a moment and then my lips opened up “Well our marriage is strained cause of our sex life, cause we are not having sex and if we do it is like ever three or four months” She looked at me “You know that is sad but it happens to the best of us. You know she might need to go to a Doctor to see if it is hormones or something medicine can fix” “Well we have talked about that and to go see a counselor but she will not do it, she does not want or like to talk to someone about our problems” My Aunt chuckled and then said “Well do I need to talk to her about it, I mean we can talk about it and I hope it helps. Maybe I can help her understand what she is going through, who knows can not hurt right” I just chuckled and said “Well if you want to help you could talk to her but that is not helping me. I think she get mad I was talking to you and then I would not get anything from her” “Oh you poor thing you, but I am sure you take care of yourself in other ways don’t you” “Oh yea I have done that so much I have calluses” I just chuckled and then she said to me “Well you could go buy you a toy for that and you would not have to get those calluses or get you a girlfriend” “Well I could but the toy would really not make me feel much like a man and as for a girlfriend I would want someone I love and cared for and not just anyone, if that makes sense” “Well think about it you never know might help, and I understand wanting someone you love and care for I have wanted that sense your damn uncle left me”We sat there for awhile pretty much in silence after she brought up my uncle as I did not want to bring up bad memories for her even though she brought him up and not me. Then my Aunt broke the silence “You know Austin has a bunch of adult novelty stores lets load up and go to one or two” I looked at her as if she was nuts she laughed and said “I need to get something too and we can get them at the same time one for me one for you. Come on help your Aunt out lets go” I looked at her and for what ever reason I had the courage to say “What the fuck lets go” I have never seen my Aunt move so fast in my life and we were loaded up in my truck and away we went. My aunt telling me where to go and where to turn. I looked over at her and commented “Damn the way you are giving me directions I think you been to this place” She smile and said “A few times those damn toys do not last long when you are me” I just laughed as we pulled into the parking lot. We walked into the store and there was about four people mostly couples in there. As we walked past the clerk she looked at us and said “Well hello again did you wear another one out” Speaking to my Aunt, “You know I do buy allot here and we are also here for him” As she pointed at me. I turned bright red I am sure as the young girl said “Oh I am sure we can fix him up” My Aunt grabbed my hand and pulled me to an isle where there was dildos and vibrators. “Hey we will pick mine out first and then we will go look for you one” I think I stuttered “Oh ok” My aunt grabbed a clear plastic box with a rather large dildo in it “What do you think of this one” “well it is not for me so how the hell would I know what you like” She smiled “That is true its not for you but what do you think I might like your” I looked around and found another one it was not as big as the one she had but closer to what a real dick might be like. Grabbing it up and handing it to her “I think this one would be better it is more real in size and would be more realistic that that king kong one” She smiled and said “Is canlı bahis this about your size or is it average size for men” I looked at her and commented back “Well I am a little bigger that that but I am not sure it is in the damn box and well mine is in my pants” She took it up to the clerk and handed it to her and they whispered to each other. My Aunt headed over to me and she lead me over to the male section of the shop. “Now it is your turn”She walked around looking at all types of male toys and even pointed out at some items. I was a little embarrassed and my Aunt could tell so she broke the ice. “You know we could just forget about it if you like or you could do it alone, or better yet I can just pick one out for you and surprise you” I looked at her and said “You surprise me I think I like that better” She looked at me and said well go to the truck and I will be out shortly. I looked at her and said “Well I need to pay for it at least” “Nope go to the truck my treat I am the one who talked you into this” I went and sat in the truck I could barely see into the shop and I could see my Aunt looking at the toys and I then saw her make her way to the counter. I have to admit I was getting turned on waiting for her to come out and I was excited to see what she picked out. She came out of the shop jumped into the truck and said “No peeking until we get to the house” As I drove back to her house I could feel my dick wanting to jump out of my pants. My Aunt noticed how hard I was and made a comment “I think you are a little excited about your surprise” I was so embarrassed I could not even speak. I also was so turned on that I wanted to use it right then and there as I drove. We pulled into her driveway and before I could shut the truck off my Aunt was out of the truck. I heard her as she headed to the door “I will go get it ready for you sweetie” and she was gone into the house. As I walked in I heard her in the hall bath running water. I went on into the living room and sat down I was still excited but was trying to calm down and not loss control. My Aunt come walking in with a towel with something in it as well as a little tube of something. She placed the towel on the little coffee table in front of me and said “You can take that to the guest room when you are ready” as she looked at my crouch “Oh I think you are real ready” I just blushed and then said “What you do not want me to open it in front of you so you can see my surprise of what you got me” “No sweetie I want you to open it in privet” Then she turned and headed down the hallway “Hey where you going” I said. “I have a date with a new man of my life the toy you picked our for me” as she disappeared into her room.I could not wait and grabbed everything and headed to the guest room. Once in the door I opened the towel and was shocked there where three items in there with extras. There was a Fleshlight, a pocket rocket/pussy a cock ring and extra inserts for the fleshlight. One insert was a pussy and that was in it already and there was an asshole and a mouth as well. I was so shocked I did not see the note she had written. “I hope you enjoy them all as much as I enjoyed picking them out for you. Remember not to wear them out in one night” I know just what to do as I lubed the fleshlight up as well as my hard dick. I eased the fleshlight onto the head of my dick and I thought I was going to cum right away. I pushed it down onto the head of my dick and watched it spread the pussy lips open. I think it might have taken about ten slow and long strokes before I cummed. I pulled out to cum and shot my load so high in the air and watched it arc upward and land on my chest. It was so warm and felt good as it turned cold. I was still hard and I wanted more I eased the fleshlight back onto my dick and within just a few strokes I shot another load inside the fleshlight and I let out a loud moan. I laid there and still was hard I pulled my dick out of the toy and just laid there watching my dick twitch. I heard a knock on the door “Hey sweetie you ok in there” “I am just wonderful in here thank you” I said back. But before I knew it the door was opening up and I never made an effort to cover up. “OH MY LOOK AT YOU” My Aint said as she was looking at my hard dick and all the cum on my chest. She turned to walk out the room “Don’t go stay with me and watch how well your toy selection works” She stopped and said “I will be back” and left. In about 5 minutes she returned in her knight gown and a little bag. She sat on the end of the bed facing me and said “Well show me please” I wasted no time in grabbing the toy I had just cummed in and was about to use it when my Aunt stopped me. She reached out and said “Wait I think you need to change the insert out here let me help” I watched here as she removed the pussy one and reached over and grabbed the mouth one. As she put it in she said “Men always like blowjobs before getting the pussy” She then lubed it up then reached it out as I thought she bahis siteleri was going to hand it to me but no. She reached out and grabbed my hard dick stroking it a few times and then eased the toy onto the head and slowly started using it on me. I was loving it and I looked at my Aunt, she never took her eyes off of watching my dick going in and out of the toy. After just a few minutes she handed me the toy back as she leaned back onto the bed. I started stroking it and then I watched my Aunt reach into her bag and pulled out the dildo she bought.I watched as she started licking and sucking on her dildo getting it all wet. Then she removed it from her lips and moved it slowly to her waiting pussy. Watching her slowly easing in deep with in her pussy and then slowly pulling it in and out. I watched her as she worked it in and out and as she did this I matched her rhythm with my toy. I could tell she was close as well as I was and she looked at me and said “CUM IN MY MOUTH” I went to pull my dick out of the toy and she stopped me “THINK OF THAT TOY AS MY MOUT AND FILL MY MOUTH AND THROAT WITH YOUR CUM” With her words I started shooting my load and I heard her moan out “OH IM CUMMING SWEETIE OH GOD IM CUMMING” we both collapsed onto the bed. I guess we both fell asleep and when I woke she was laying next to me with her ass pressed against me. I was instantly hard and my dick was pressing against her. I put my hand on her ass and as soon as I did I heard her moan. “MMMMMM” I felt her press hard against my dick and then move around all the time moaning “MMMMMMM MMMMMMM” I pushed against her harder and started rubbing her ass with my hand. Then she moved her body to open up her legs and as she did this my dick slipped between them. I could feel her wetness on my dick. She then asked “Do you want to play” “I do want to play if you are ok with it” She rolled over and reached for my toy, watching her change out the insert placing the ass one in it. She lubed it up and eased it on my hard dick damn it was tight and she worked it up and down. I was a little let down I thought she meant to play with each other. She looked into my eyes and said “Oh sweetie you thought I meant to play with me, I am sorry sweetie” I felt her pull they toy off my dick and then she dropped it onto the bed turned herself around and said “FUCK MY ASS IT IS BETTER THAN THAT TOY” I wasted no time and I was already lubed up good and I went right into her ass with not a problem. I was hammer fucking her ass like a wild b**st. “OH YES SWEETIE FUCK MY ASS FUCK IT HARD PLEASE FUCK ME HARD PLEASE” I did just as she was begging me to. I was deep inside her when I felt a tingle sensation and heard the noise of a vibrator. She had grabbed her bag she brought in and pulled out a little silver bullet vibrator and was working on her clit with it. Not much longer and we both cummed hard and together.We got up and went to clean up after that and for the rest of my stay we never spoke a word about it nor did anything again with each other. But I could hear her doing herself and then I do myself in the guest room. I left and headed back home. On my arrival my wife met me with a supper passionate kiss and told me she had been missing me. We got naked in bed and had some of the best sex we had ever had in a long time. The next morning I woke and my wife was not in the bed, I through some cloths on and headed into the kitchen. My wife was dressed in one of my button up shirts and that was all. She was fixing breakfast and turned to tell me the coffee was made. I poured a cup and sat at the table. She sat down and we ate and drank our coffee together. In our conversation over breakfast my wife mentioned that we were going to have a gust at our house next weekend. I asked who and she said it will be a surprise. All week I tried getting it out of her but nothing. So the week went by and the weekend was here in no time. I was headed home from the office when my wife called me “Hey can you pick up some wine and beer for us, I have dinner almost ready and I will be here waiting” I swung by the store and picked up the beer and wine and headed home. On my arrival I noticed my aunts car sitting in the driveway. I did not think much of it and went inside to see my Aunt and wife setting the dinner table. “Oh welcome home baby” My wife called out to me and then my Aunt “We hope you enjoy the dinner we prepared for you” I smiled kissed my wife and gave my Aunt a hug. We all sat down at the table and ate dinner and had a few drinks.After dinner we moved into the living room to sit and chat for awhile. We started out talking about how my Aunt was doing and how life was for her in her new home. During the conversation my Aunt made a comment “I love my new house with all my new toys I have laying around for fun” I looked at her and she winked at me. Then my wife “I wish I had me a few toys laying around to enjoy” That open the door wide open “Well we could all load up in my car and go buy you a few” my bahis şirketleri Aunt said and my wife wasted no time in her response “Oh lets do that looking at me” Next thing I know we were all in the car and driving to the adult store. We pulled and hopped out of the car and into the store we went. I was left behind like I was not even there. My Aunt and wife was on every isle shopping. Next thing I knew I was asked for my credit card. almost $700.00 worth of toys and we was headed back home. But on the way back I drove and my wife and Aunt sat in the back seat.We got to the house and my Aunt and wife were inside before I could even get out of the damn car. I walked in and just like when I was at my Aunts house they both where in the kitchen washing and preparing what all was just bought. My Aunt told me to fix a few drinks for us all. Made drinks while those two acted like little giddy school girls. In a few minutes they both game into th living room where i was sitting. I was on the sofa my wife sat next to me while my Aunt sat in the chair near us. We all sipped on our drinks with out much conversation until my wife broke the silence. She leaned in and said “I love you and I want you badly” as she grabbed my hand and placed it right on her crouch of her pants. I could feel the heat as well as the moisture of her pussy through them. I looked over at my Aunt and she was starring at us with a look of lust in her eyes. Then my wife took my other hand and placed it on her tit. Her nipple was hard I started playing with it and as I rolled it between my fore finger and thump while rubbing her pussy through her pants. That was all she could take “GOD DAMN IT I WANT YOU I CAN NOT WAIT” Just then my Aunt spoke “You have to wait like we talked about” Looking over at my Aunt and now seeing her nipples hard and one hand pressing against the crouch of her pants. Then my Wife said to me Aunt “PLEASE SHOW MW SHOW ME WHAT TO DO” My Aunt looked at me and said “Go get your toy sweetie” I hopped up and ran and got my toy and all the inserts and made my way back into the living room. On my return there was my wife sprawled out on the sofa butt naked and in her left had she had this dildo that looked just like the one my Aunt bought. She was just playing with it in her hand. I heard my Aunt tell her “Now tease yourself” My wife slowly started rubbing the head of her dildo on her pussy lips until she dipped the head of it in a tad. My wife let out a moan “M YES” My Aunt turned to me and told me “Get undressed and come closer” I did as she said there I stood naked and with my hard dick just bouncing up and down as it was throbbing. The is when my Aunt took my toy from my hand lobbed it up some and slowly eased it onto my hard dick and as she did this my wife laid there watching. I noticed my wife slowly easing her toy in and out of her pussy and letting out sounds of pleasure escape her lips. I then looked at my Aunt who was working my toy up and down on my dick I looked her straight in her eyes and she looked at me and smiled. “You are not getting any pleasure out of this” I said to my Aunt and she laughed and said “Don’t worry about me I am getting all the pleasure I need right now” She then started to pick-up the pace with my toy as so did my wife.I was close to unloading my hot cum and my Aunt could tell and just then my wife let out a scream “OH IM CUMMING OH GOD YES” Her body stiffen and jerked as she was cumming. I was there with her ready to cum “OH IM GOING TO CUM OH IM GOING TO CUM” I called out as my Aunt pulled the toy off my dick and I watched my wife and Aunt both with mouths open waiting on my cum as my Aunt stroked me. “IMMM CUMMING OH GOD DAMN IM CUMMING” as i shot my load watching it land on their faces and in their open mouths. My Aunt took my dick into her mout and milked it dry and I watched my wife cleaning my cum from her face with her finger as she sucked the cum from them. As soon as my Aunt was done sucking my dick clean my wife leaned in and stared licking my cum from my Aunts face and I watched them kiss each other. I thought this was the end of our session but I was wrong. My wife pushed my Aunt back onto the sofa and then started removing her cloths. I sat there and watched as my wife kissed my Aunt and worked her way down to her nipples and with in a few minute she had worked her way to her pussy. My Aunt let out a command “OH YES EAT MY PUSSY EAT IT BABY YES TONGUE FUCK THAT PUSSY BABY” My wife was going after it and was enjoying hearing my Aunts commands. My Aunt looked at me and said “FUCK HER SHE WANTS YOUR DICK SWEETIE FUCK HER FROM BEHIND” I wasted no time in ramming my dick into my wife’s pussy from behind. I think i had a good ten or so deep thrust into my wife’s pussyfooted and I watched my Aunt move under my wife in 69. I felt her tongue on my shaft as I was pumping my dick in and out of my wife’s pussy. It was not long andI was bout to cum. “IM GOING TO CUM IM CUMMING” I shot my 2nd load into my wife’s pussy and once I was through emptying my load in her my Aunt spoke out “PULL THAT DICK OUT SO I CAN EAT YOUR CUM FROM HER” I did just as she told me too and I watched my Aunt eating my cum from my wife’s pussy.More of the story to cum!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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