My Best Friend 14 – The Surprise Pt. 4

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“OH FUCK!!!!! That was fun.” Amanda barely let out her comment in between trying to catch her breath. Sam and I waited patiently for Amanda to catch her breath and answer Sam’s question. While I waited for her, I looked at Sam, “What do you mean what should you show me next?” Sam chuckled for a moment before speaking, “I think that is something your girlfriend should answer not me. I’m just obliging what she asked me to do.” I had to ask, “Why are you doing this for Amanda and me?” Sam looked at me quizzically for a moment, “What do you mean?” “What I mean is why are you doing this. You and me hardly ever talk let alone hang out.” Sam smiled at me, “Oh that. Well I’m doing this is because I lost a bet.” I looked at him for a moment, “And what bet is that?” Sam laughed, “I bet on last nights game that we won.” I wanted to pick up Amanda take her off my lap and set her down on the couch. I was ready to punch Sam as hard as I can in the face. But right now Amanda was dead weight and I did promise her I would behave myself. “You bet that we would lose last night?” I knew fire was going out of my nose. I was pissed that this jackass would bet that OUR team, the team that we play on together, would lose. Sam could tell I was pissed but he remained calm. “No nothing like that. I bet Amanda that I would have better stats last night compared to you.” Ok that ankara escort omission made me stop. All my anger was gone. Now all I had was confusion. “Ok now that I know you lost. What would happen if you won?” He smiled at me with a wicked smile, “Then she promised she would walk around school in her sexiest outfit. She would have to have a remote vibrator stuck up her the entire day. And I would controlled the remote all day long.” Ok now my anger was back. Well sort of. Made me appreciate that Amanda won the bet between them. Sam sighed for a second, “But you did have better stats last night compared to mine.” I had to admit that normally Sam did have better stats. He was our leading scorer on the team. But for some odd reason he didn’t do so well. I guess that is what Amanda and Sam bet on was that he would have better stats than me. I’m just happy he lost. I looked at Jeanette, “And why are you doing this for us?” Jeanette looked at Sam and stared at him for a moment. I looked at Sam and saw that he had a smile on his face, “You can answer his question.” She turned her attention back on me, “Because it sounded fun.” She turned her head and began looking out into space like we weren’t there any longer as if her answer had answered all questions. “Ok I’m ready.” Sam and me looked at Amanda and saw that she had caught her breath. ankara escort bayan Amanda looked at us, “What was the question again? My ears were ringing hard because of my orgasm so I didn’t hear what you asked.” Sam smiled, “I was asking you what you wanted me to show Jay here,” as he patted me on the back, “next. Now that we know he likes the whole slave thing.” Amanda looked up at the ceiling for a moment as if pondering what she wanted next. Finally she looked down and at Sam, “Why don’t you show my boyfriend here,” and she proceeded to kiss me on the cheek, “what you normal do to Jeanette and how exactly you treat her like a slave.” What was I? They were talking as if I wasn’t there anymore. Granted I didn’t have much to say. What was I supposed to say other than ‘Hey’ or ‘I’m still here you know’. Either choice was just mute. Sam looked at both of us with a wicked smile, “Alright then. Say are you guys getting hungry?” Amanda and me looked at each other as if we weren’t prepared for the question. Both of us looked back at Sam. I’m not too sure what Amanda’s reaction was. Mine however was I simply replied, “I could eat.” Sam clapped his hands together, “Wonderful. It’s settled.” He walked behind Jeanette, reached around her, pinched her nipples together, and spoke, “You heard them. Go in the kitchen and make us something escort ankara to eat.” I watched as Jeanette’s eyes stopped staring off into space and realized her new command…make food. Just as she stepped away to go into the kitchen Sam smacked her ass. I didn’t know what to do. On one hand I was still flabbergasted on how he was treating Jeanette and I was surprised that she did whatever he told her to do without complaining. And on the other hand I seriously wanted to punch him as hard as I can hoping that I might be able to knock some sense into him. My parents taught me to treat everyone like the way I wanted to be treated, and above all else be good to whoever your significant other is. Not turn them into your personal slave. So this whole experience is definitely new to me. Ok enough was enough. I had to find some freaking answers. And one of them is going to answer. I looked over at Sam, “How long have Jeanette and you been doing this whole ‘Sex Slave’ thing?” Sam looked up for a moment as if thinking back how long have they been doing this. While he was looking up, he responded, “I think about five weeks now. Maybe less.” So now I had a time frame, I needed to find out why they were doing this. “Ok…But what made you two want to do this?” Sam without thinking, “Because I lost the bet to Amanda.” “Not the bet you idiot. I mean what made Jeanette and you do this whole ‘Slave’ thing?” He chuckled before speaking, “Oh that.” He ran his hand through his hair, “Well before we started doing this. Jeanette was complaining that all we did was have sex in two or three positions, so she wanted more.

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