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my best friends brotherI walked into the room, thinking it was Diana’s room. Turns out it was her older brother’s and he obviously didn’t hear me come in. Jake is 20, I think. He’s out of college for the summer and we have been flirting all summer. On the computer screen, there is a porn site pulled up. ‘Blonde Bimbo Gets What She Asked For.’ Of course, he picks that video. The guy is totally undressed except for boxers and the girl just has her shorts on. The guy shimmies her shorts down and she is not wearing underwear. She gets on her knees and slides his boxers down. She starts kissing his member. Jake is still unaware of me watching and he starts to tug on his cock. I decide to make my move.I walk up behind him and put my hands over his eyes.”Guess who?” I whisper.Jake tries to take my hands off.”No. We don’t want to do that.” I find a tie and blindfold him. “If you move the blindfold, or your hands at all, I will stop. Understand?” He nods. “Good.”I work my way down to his cock. It must have been 10 inches long and 2 inches or so wide. Damn. I kiss the head of his cock and lick up the salty pre-cum. I slide the head in my mouth and suck slowly. He groans and tries to push his cock farther.”Would you like me to stop? Because I thought I made it clear that I would stop if you moved. Do you want me to leave?”He shakes his head. I lick up the underside of his cock. I want to tease him. I kiss the head again and part my lips. I take about three inches in mouth and bob my head up and down. He lets out a groan. I go farther down, taking about three more inches. I’ve deep throated other guys, but they weren’t as big as Jake. I think I can take another two inches, but I’m not sure. I slide his cock down my throat. I got about seven inches in. I suck like a vacuum, bobbing my head up and down. He groans more and I could tell he’s having a hard time trying not to move. I suck slowly, drawing out the action, when he finally breaks. Jake grabs the back of my head and pushes it down onto his cock. I gag slightly, but he keeps going. He fucks my face. I would have stopped him because he moved, but (1) he was too strong and (2) I was turned on too. He finally let out a roar and cummed down my throat. I swallowed it all greedily. He shot more into my mouth. I swallowed some, stood up, and kissed him deeply, making sure he tasted himself. “Yummy, don’t you think?” I relaxbet güvenilirmi ask. Again, he tries to take off the blindfold. “Not until I’m out of the room.” I walk out, still tasting him on my lips.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Jake comes downstairs and finds 17 girls at his sister’s party. He looks around trying to figure out who the cock sucker was. He catches my eye and I smile. He knows.”Let’s play truth or dare!” Kat declares.All the girls sit on the floor in the living room. “Umm. Sarah, truth or dare?” Kat asks me.”Truth.””Um. Do you have your eye on anyone?”Dumb question. “Not really. All boys I know are immature.””You guys are boring,” Jake says, sitting down next to me.”Well, Mr. Sourpuss. Truth or dare?” I ask.”Truth.””Well, what’s your favorite thing about college?””Like I said, you guys are boring.””Well, what would be a non-boring way to play?” Diana asks.”Fine. Sarah, truth or dare?” Jake glares, challenging me.”Truth.””There should be a limit on truths,” Jake says.”Too bad, what’s my question?””When was the last time you gave a guy a blow job?” He totally knows it was me.”Sexy turn, huh? Not long ago, it was still August.”He opened his mouth, about to say more, but decided against it.The boring game goes on and I can feel Jake staring at me.~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Everyone’s asleep, except for me. I hear footsteps and pretend to be sleeping.”I know you’re awake,” Jake whispers.I open my eyes.”What do you want?” I ask, standing up.He grabs my wrist and drags me to his car.”Where are we going?” I ask.He doesn’t answer. I lean closer and kiss his neck. He moans inwardly. “Please tell me where we are going,” I whisper. I kiss his jaw. My hand travels down from his chest to the slight buldge in his jeans. “Please.” I rub him through his jeans. He clenches his jaw and his knuckles turn white on the steering wheel. I rub some more and he lets out a groan. I unbutton his jeans and slide them and his boxers down a bit. I hold his hardening cock in my hand. I start stroking his length. This goes on for a while and I lower my head to his cock. I get started right away, deep throating him all the way. He almost swerves into the other lane, but at 2:00 in the morning, there’s not much traffic. I suck harder and faster and I feel him start to twitch. I sit straight up and he groans at the loss of my mouth.”You can’t cum until you tell me where relaxbet yeni giriş you are taking me,” I whisper seductively. He groans again and turns sharply onto a road hidden by trees. At the end of the road there is a cabin. He parks the car, pulls up his pants, and gets out of the car. He walks in the cabin, leaving the door open. I follow him and as soon as I’m inside, he closes the door and locks it and pushes me against the wall. He kisses me deeply. I kiss back and smile. “Damn Sarah, you are such a little tease and you are going to pay for it.” I bite my lip to stop from smiling at that. He kisses me again, more rough and demanding. He took off my camisole and I shivered. He kisses my bare breast and sucks on my nipple, biting gently. His hand works on my other breast and I moan from the pleasure. He carries me into a bedroom and kisses my lips. He works his way down, kissing each breast. He slowly pulls my shorts and underwear off. I really shiver this time. He kisses the top of my freshly shaven pussy. He then licks the outer lips. I try to grab his head and push him closer, but he pulls away.”I’m going to tease you like you teased me. I have some special rules. First, you will always do what I say. Second, you cannot touch yourself. And third, you have to ask for permission to cum. Understand?””Yes,” I breathe.”Good.” He slowly fingers my pussy and his lips follow. He licks up my slit and between my lips. He does this very slowly. I want it so bad. Then he changes course, he sucks my clit into his mouth and shoves two fingers in me. His other arm holds my down. The pleasure is amazing. He sucks harder, then bites it. I yelp. He doesn’t stop fucking my with his fingers, fast and hard. “Please let me cum,” I say, squirming around. “Please.””I want to hear you beg,” he whisper-growls in my ear.”Please Jake, pleeaassse.” It’s so hard not to come, but I’m kind of frightened of the punishment. “Please let me cum.””I don’t know…””Please Jake. I need to cum, please.””Maybe…” “Please.””No.”I whine as he stops touching me. I almost started fingering myself, but that would break two rules. He smiles.”It’s torture for me too because I’m sure that your cum would be absolutely delicious,” he said, drawing out the last words. “You left me right on the edge so I’m going to do the same to you.”He kissed me. And kept kissing me. relaxbet giriş His hand made its way to my pussy. I moaned and Jake stopped right above my pussy.”Do you want me to touch you?””No.””Then what do you want, my little kitten?””Fuck me,” I whispered, panting.”You want what? I couldn’t quite hear you.””Please fuck me, Jake.””I don’t know if you deserve it.””Jake. Please.””How old are you?””17.””Sorry, I can’t fuck you. It’s i*****l. When will you be 18?””Who cares? Just fuck me.”He stripped totally down.”You want me to fuck you?””Yes.””Like this?”He rubbed his dick along my slit. I moaned. I tried to push against him, to catch him in my hole.”I don’t know if I want to fuck you. A teasing slut like you probably gets fucked all the time.””Please do it already.””Do what?””Fuck me.””You want this?”He slammed into me and I screamed. The pain. He just took my virginity and it hurt like hell. He held still and looked at me. I tried to wiggle free.”Sarah, stop moving.””No. Stop, it hurts.””Well, if you stop wiggling it wouldn’t hurt as much.”I stopped moving. He leaned forward and I clenched up my whole body. “Stop. Please.””Listen, it will feel better soon. Just relax.”He didn’t move and I try to relax. I let myself get used to him stretching me. I slowly relax. He kisses away a tear from my cheek.”Are you ready?” he asks.I nod and he kisses me. He starts moving his hips.”Please stop, Jake. It hurts.””Give it time, my kitten,” he purrs. He starts movingn in and out slowly. Oh God, it still hurts but the pleasure replaces it. “Are you okay?” “Yes,” I say.He pulls almost all the way out and pushes back in slowly. He groans. This is probably torture for him.”God, I just want to fuck the shit out of you,” he whispered.”Faster.”He looks confused. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer.”Faster,” I repeat.He moves faster, in and out. I can tell he is trying to control his actions. I moan to encorage him. Suddenly, he pulls all the way out and slams back in. I yelp, but he keeps going. He starts fucking me like an a****l. Fast and hard, no mercy.”Ooooh, Jake.” I moan.It feels amazing and I am ready to cum.”Let me cum.””Not before me.”He fucks faster and harder than ever.”Cum for me, baby.”I start to cum and he fucks me as my tight hole squeezes him more than before. He cums as I finish my orgasm. His hot cum fills me up. He lays next to me, smiling. I kiss him deeply. He goes to the bathroom and I hear water running. He comes back and gently rubs my pussy with a damp towel. He slides my underwear over my sore pussy. He then pulls on his boxers, lays down, and cuddles me. I fall asleep in his arms and that’s how his sister found us

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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