My Best Friend’s Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 06

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – In this installment, after stirring up trouble with her brother Adam’s temperamental wife Emily, naughty BBW girl Zoe allows Sean to use her back door as an entrance, rather than for its proper purpose as an exit.

Please be aware that these stories are extremely graphic BBW/fat girl fetish stories, and includes female characters using the toilet and having their periods. If these themes are not your thing, please consider whether you want to read these stories. All characters and events are fictional, with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional. Only characters aged 18 or over engage in sexual activity.


Very early on Sunday morning, Zoe and I awoke at the same moment and kissed. She then looked at me and said, “Sorry, my pussy is a bit tired today, it needs to have a rest this morning after all the fun yesterday. I hope you understand?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Thanks,” said Zoe. “Well come on, what are you lying in bed for. It’s Sunday morning — run time.”

“Zoe, it’s not even four a.m. yet,” I pointed out.

“So, don’t you want to go running? I do. It’s dark, and I love running in the city at night.”

“Really, you want to go out now?” I was disbelieving. Zoe was either all energy, or completely lazy. There was little middle ground with her.

“Yes, now come on slow coach, it will be light soon.”

I got out of bed and dressed in my running gear as did Zoe, and I drove us down to the city for our run. Zoe was right. The bright lights of Melbourne’s tall buildings were very pretty at this hour of the day, some reflecting off the waters of the Yarra River, others illuminating the night sky. The iconic Flinders Street Station looked especially nice all lit up.

Zoe and I ran along the many scenic paths available to many runners, Zoe seemingly not bothered by her weight issues. “You’d better be careful Sean,” she laughingly teased me as we jogged along. “Somebody might think you are a sexual deviate chasing some poor innocent fat girl who is out trying to lose some weight by running and call the cops. Then you’d get arrested and put on the sex offender’s register. And you do drive a van, so that would definitely go against you.”

Finishing our run after about an hour, Zoe and I stretched and returned home, jumping under a nice warm shower together. I could smell Zoe’s sweaty fanny as soon as she took her knickers down, and loved washing her box as we showered together, cleaning all the sweat away from her vulva with plenty of soap and water, loving the suds and bubbles on her pubes. I turned my attention from Zoe’s front bottom to her back bottom, washing her between the fat cheeks of her bare bottom and around her anus, bending down to kiss her butterfly tattoo just above her bum.

“Down boy,” giggled Zoe, teasing my erection with her fingers as I soaped and washed her boobs.

“It’s your fault,” I laughed.

Zoe put a look of mock innocence on her chubby face. “Me, what did I do?”

“You just have that effect on me,” I said as we caressed our naked wet bodies together, me loving feeling her plump torso.

We dried off and as we dressed. I put on a tee-shirt and jeans, Zoe put on her cat tee-shirt and a loose knee-length skirt. Underneath, she had put on a clean white bra and a pair of white cotton panties with multi-colored stars I hadn’t seen her wear before. An idea crossed my mind; rather than eat at home, how about we went out? “Hey Zoe, would you like to go out for brunch today?”

“Sure, I’d love to. Thanks Sean,” said Zoe as she brushed her long blonde hair. “As long as it’s not vegan, after what happened yesterday — phew!”

“No, it might be better if you avoided vegan food for a while,” I laughed. “I know this really nice café, not too far from here.”

“Sounds great,” said Zoe. She put some open, flat-heeled shoes on her feet and kissed me. “I like going out with you.”

“And I love going out with you too.” I fondled Zoe’s plus-sized bum through the fabric of her skirt, Zoe giggling as my fingers traced her knicker elastic.

At the café, Zoe was acting normally and we looked like any other couple there. While Zoe obviously had a problem with binging on unhealthy food, this morning we both ate reasonably healthy. However, in the cabinet were several large cakes, one of which was my favorite — carrot cake.

“I’m so tempted by that carrot cake,” I said to Zoe.

Zoe finished the last of her tea. “Yeah, me too. Hey, how about we share a piece? That way, we only eat half each.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, ordering a piece from a waiter. When it arrived Zoe put her fork into the carrot cake and offered it to me, which I accepted. I then stuck my fork into the cake and offered it to Zoe, which she also accepted and ate. Eating a piece of cake together was fairly minor in the scheme of things, but brought me so much pleasure at doing it with the girl I had loved for years.

“Would you like me to pay half the bill?” Zoe asked, Anadolu Yakası Escort taking her purse out of her shoulder bag as we finished and got set to leave.

“No thanks Zoe, my treat today,” I said.

“Thanks Sean,” said Zoe. She looked around for the ladies’ room and located it. “I just need to go to the toilet, I’ll see you soon.”

“I’ll just wait out the front for you,” I said, as Zoe walked towards the female toilets, and I went to pay the bill. It took longer than expected; in front of me were a group that probably made the café regret their decision to allow split billing. These customers took ages working everything out to the nth degree, using their phone calculator functions to make sure it was accurate.

When I finally paid the bill and stepped outside, Zoe still hadn’t come back from the loo and I assumed she might be a while. I looked down the street, full of people enjoying a fine Sunday autumn morning in Melbourne and to my surprise I saw Adam, Emily and their son and daughter Connor and Rose walking towards me to go into the same café I was leaving. Emily still seemed to be in her affectionate mood towards Adam. Dressed in a long green floral skirt, green blouse and sandals with her long dark hair loose, she was holding hands with her husband, Adam like me dressed in a shirt and jeans.

Adam and Emily smiled as they saw me, and we greeted each other. “Hi Adam, hi Emily. What are you doing here this morning?”

“We’re taking the kids for brunch,” said Emily. “We do it once a month or so, as a treat.”

“I didn’t know you came here,” I said.

“We never have before,” said Adam. “You recommended it, so we thought we’d give it a try.”

“Hi kids, how are you?” I asked Connor and Rose.

“Hi Sean, good thanks,” they said in unison.

“Sean, is Aunty Zoe here?” Connor asked.

Before I could answer the boy, his aunt’s voice was audible as she made her way to the exit, unable to see her brother, sister-in-law, niece or nephew from her angle. “Thanks again for brunch Sean, my love …” My heart dropped. If the word ‘love’ turned into ‘lover’, our secret was out.

Zoe’s facial expression changed instantly as she saw her relatives standing there and to save the situation she hastily said, “My, isn’t it a lovely day today?”

“Hi Aunty Zoe,” said Connor.

“Yes, hi Aunty Zoe,” said Rose. The little girl looked at me then at her aunt. “Aunty Zoe, are you and Sean on a date?”

“Do you go on lots of dates?” Connor asked.

Zoe and I looked at each other and in an attempt to put Adam and Emily off any scent of suspicion, we both burst out laughing. “No kids no, we aren’t on a date,” Zoe assured her niece and nephew. “We’re just friends.”

“Oh,” said Rose. She looked at me again. “Sean, are you gay?”

Zoe and I laughed, and I could see that Adam wanted to laugh too but struggled to suppress it as Emily clearly was not happy.

“Rose you can’t ask Sean if he’s gay, it’s not polite,” Emily reprimanded her daughter.

“What about you and Miles, Mum?” her daughter asked. “You’re friends and he’s gay.”

“Yeah, we thought Sean might be Zoe’s gay friend if they aren’t going out on dates,” said Connor.

“Kids, Miles and I know each other from teaching group fitness classes,” said Emily. “Yes, Miles is my friend and yes he is gay, but that’s nobody’s concern but Miles.”

“Yeah, I remember Miles,” said Zoe. She turned to her brother. “So Adam, given Emily has a gay male friend, does she let you have a lesbian friend?” She laughed like a hysterical hyena at the joke, drawing attention from passers-by.

Emily’s pretty face showed increasing anger, and it only got worse when Connor asked, “Mum, what’s a lesbian?”

“Nothing, just something your Aunty Zoe made up,” Emily said dismissively.

“Is a lesbian like a unicorn?” Rose asked.

“Um, not really,” stammered Adam, before he changed the subject abruptly. “So kids, who’s looking forward to brunch? I sure am.”

“Your Mum is too,” Zoe told the kids. “She called me during the week, and told me how she was going to treat you to triple chocolate pancakes with a double serve of ice-cream.”

Rose and Connor looked amazed. “Really?” the children gasped in amazement.

I could see Emily was trying her very best not to explode, not an easy job for her given she was temperamental, but she composed herself by taking out her phone and bringing up her favorite and most-used app, a calorie counter.

“Kids, Aunty Zoe was just messing around again,” Emily told the kids, who looked disappointed. “We’re all having the egg white omelets with plenty of spinach and one slice of wholegrain toast like we said. She brought up the calorie count for these items, and showed her kids the phone. “See how healthy egg white omelets are?” She then brought up the chocolate pancakes. “See how unhealthy the pancakes are? We don’t want to eat unhealthy and undo all the good work we all did this morning, do we?”

“No Mum,” the kids agreed, Kartal Escort Emily having them well-trained to eat healthy food and exercise.

“Good, now let’s go inside and take our table,” said Emily. She turned to me, while pointedly ignoring Zoe. “Catch you later, Sean.”

“Yes, see you later Emily. Bye kids.”

“Bye Sean,” said Connor and Rose, as their mother escorted them inside the café.

Adam did not follow his wife and kids inside at this point, but spoke to his sister. “Thanks a lot Zoe, that’s got Emily offside nicely.”

Zoe regarded her brother smugly. “Oh, you can see me Adam? I thought by the way Emily failed to say goodbye to me I’d become invisible or something.”

Adam shook his head in despair at his sister. “Zoe, can you try just once, one time in your life not to do or say anything that Emily sees as an act of provocation?”

“I’ll try but I don’t think I’ll succeed,” said Zoe.

“No, I don’t think you will try nor will you succeed,” said Adam. “Anyway, I have to go. See you later Zoe, and I’ll catch up with you during the week Sean?”

“Yes, see you then,” I said as Adam went into the café, and Zoe and I returned to my car.

“Lucky they didn’t come by five minutes or so earlier,” Zoe observed.

“When we were sharing that cake together? Yeah, I think that might have tipped them off.”

“My brother is such a pussy. Emily keeps his balls in her purse the way he carries on. Zoe, don’t annoy Emily, don’t antagonize her, leave Emily alone. He’s scared of her.”

“Maybe it might be better for everyone if you tried to get along better with Emily like Adam suggested? She’s okay most of the time.”

“I think you’re scared of her too Sean,” Zoe observed.

“No, I’m not scared of Emily,” I said.

“Yes you are, Sean’s scared of a girl who’s only five feet tall and is built like a willow branch.”

“I’m not scared of her,” I insisted, knowing Zoe would see through my lie, which she of course did.

“I double dare you to buy two ice-creams, take them into that café and give them to the kids right in front of Emily.”

“Um, I don’t think so,” I said. The mental images of Emily’s reaction to something like that happening were scary enough, I didn’t want to make it a reality.

“Scaredy cat,” Zoe giggled, as we got into the car and I drove home. I sat reading the Sunday newspaper, while Zoe was completely absorbed in her phone. Then Zoe all of a sudden lost interest in the phone and wandered off to another part of the house.

Five or so minutes went by, then I heard her call out, “Sean, can you come into the bedroom for a minute?”

Putting down the newspaper, I went into my bedroom where Zoe sat on the edge of the bed still dressed in the same clothes she had worn out that morning, but now was barefoot. Her blue eyes looked up at me, a faux-serious expression on her face.

“Everything okay, Zoe?” I asked her.

Zoe shook her head. “No Sean. I was a bad girl at that café, a very bad, very naughty girl.”

“You mean how you antagonized Emily?” I asked.

“No, not that,” said Zoe. “It’s kind of embarrassing, but when I went to the toilet I didn’t wipe my bottom properly when I had a poo, and I made a bit of a mess of my panties.”

“You didn’t?” I asked.

“I did,” Zoe confirmed. I noticed then that Zoe had a plastic bag next to her on the bed, which she picked up. “I won’t show you in great detail — it’s pretty gross — but I’ll give you a quick glance at the problem.”

Zoe reached into the bag and pulled out the white knickers with multi-colored stars she had been wearing earlier. She held them up, and straight away I could see the brown poo stains on the back panel where her panties would have gone between the cheeks of her bum and made contact with her anus. Zoe’s skid marks weren’t especially large or messy but definitely noticeable on the white cotton underwear.

I found myself getting hard, and as I had so many times over the past few weeks, thought about why I only got turned on by dirty stuff with Zoe. If I had a pair of Emily’s dirty knickers, I would be turned on by the smell of her fanny, which is perfectly normal. But if Emily hadn’t wiped her bottom correctly the last time she visited the toilet for a poo — something I couldn’t imagining happening due to her rigid personality – and ended up with messy brown stains on her panties, it wouldn’t turn me on at all, in fact it would be a turn off.

Zoe placed her dirty, soiled knickers back in the plastic bag and looked up at me. “You see how bad I was.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it Zoe,” I said. “It only looks pretty minor, and it was a mistake that could happen to anybody.”

“It can’t happen to girls,” said Zoe. “Girls have to wipe their bottoms correctly, and we aren’t allowed to make a mess of our knickers, except for occasional period mishaps. What happened to me this morning was definitely not period related. Getting your poo-poo on your panties is never allowed, and girls who do it are bad, Maltepe Escort dirty girls who need to get punished.”

“What sort of punishment?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve already washed my bottom and changed my knickers, and I’ll have to wash this dirty pair, so that’s some punishment, but not discipline enough. What happened yesterday when I was a bad girl and farted in the knickers I was wearing, instead of doing it on the toilet like a good girl should?”

“I put you over my knee, lifted your skirt and spanked your bottom through your panties.” My cock stirred at the memory.

Zoe nodded. “Yes, but girls who stain their knickers with their own shit need a stricter punishment than those who just fart. Girls who make a mess of their knickers have their panties taken down, and their bare bottoms spanked.” Zoe sighed, making out she was not looking forward to her punishment. “I’d best get it over with. Sit down on the bed beside me Sean, and punish me for getting poo on my panties.”

With a throbbing erection, I sat next to Zoe, who as she had done yesterday lay across my lap. I lifted her skirt to expose her new clean knickers — light blue in color. “Now take my knickers down to my thighs Sean,” Zoe said.

I took hold of the waistband of Zoe’s blue cotton panties and pulled them down, exposing her fat bare bottom. “Now like yesterday, six hard smacks to my bum so I learn my lesson.”

More confident than I had been yesterday, I delivered six hard slaps to the soft white flesh of Zoe’s buttocks, seeing the skin turn red. Again, I was careful not to hurt her but unlike yesterday Zoe didn’t complain about me not hitting her hard enough, so obviously I had things right this morning.

The spanking finished, I pulled Zoe’s knickers back up and smoothed down her skirt, Zoe getting to her feet and rubbing her bottom through her skirt and undies. “Did you learn your lesson?” I asked her.

“Oh yes Sean,” said Zoe. “I won’t be a dirty girl and get poo on my knickers again, at least not for a while. The café should take some of the blame stocking the ladies’ loo with such flimsy toilet paper — don’t they know girls poop and get their periods — but that was no excuse.”

Again Zoe rubbed her bottom. “Wow, you really spanked me good Sean. You know, it’s kind of unfair. My bottom copped the punishment, but the part of my body that caused me to make a mess of my knickers gets away with it.” Zoe put a seductive look on her face. “Or does it?”

I picked up on the meaning straight away. “You want to do anal?” I asked, sweating in anticipation and nerves.

“Sure, you’ve never done anal before Sean?” Zoe asked.

“No.” It was true, I had never done anal sex once in my 38 years on the planet.

“You don’t know what you’ve been missing out all these years,” said Zoe, sitting beside me on the bed. “I don’t do it very often which is a good thing as you can damage your rectum if you do. Don’t forget, it’s an exit not an entrance and very tight. And there’s rules, you can’t hump me hard up there it has to be nice and gentle, we have to use lots of lubricant and you must wear a condom.”

“I understand,” I said.

“I learned the last one the hard way,” said Zoe. “I allowed my husband to stick his uncovered dick up my arse one night, and he shot his load right up my rectum. Afterwards, he fell asleep and I was the one who spent an uncomfortable night running to the toilet after my cum enema. Believe me, mixing a girl’s poo and a guy’s cum does not produce a nice smell.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” I said, as I got the condoms and Zoe a tube of lubricant. We undressed, and stood naked facing each other, me still unable to believe this was going to happen.

With my condom securely in place, Zoe covered it in lubricant, then turned around and applied more lubricant to her anus, before kneeling on the bed in the doggy-style position, thrusting her bum in the air. I salivated over the sight of her bottom and her vagina which was visible between her legs. I climbed on the bed beside her.

“Now, I’ll part the cheeks of my arse so you can see the target more clearly.” Zoe reached behind herself and parted her fat buttocks, and I could now see her tight, star-fish shaped anus.

“Nice and slow when you enter me, no need to rush, don’t shove it up there,” said Zoe.

“I’ll be gentle,” I said, sweating in anticipation as I mounted Zoe from behind. I pushed my erection against her rear opening, then slowly began to push my penis up her anus and into her bowels, Zoe gasping as I filled her bum. Inside Zoe’s arse, I could feel how hot her bowels were as the walls of her rectum closed around my dick. She was so hot up there it almost felt like the condom might melt.

“Now just move back and forth very gently inside me,” Zoe urged. “You don’t need much stimulation with anal as it’s so tight. You’ll cum far easier than with vaginal sex, and if you reach forward and play with my pussy while you do it, I’ll cum easy too.”

I reached my hand forward and moved my fingers through Zoe’s pubic hair to the tight, damp, musty confines of her vagina. Fingering her box and feeling my fingers getting wet, I slowly moved back and forward up Zoe’s bottom in short, sensual strokes, kissing her on the back of her neck to make it more sensual for her.

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