My Best Friends Dad

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I sat in my friend’s car, day dreaming of a certain older man. Katie and I were headed to Daytona Beach for a quick get away before moving off to college in 3 weeks. Katie had been my friend since kindergarten and we remained close friends all the way through school. If Katie suspected what I was thinking; she would kick my ass gladly. Ever since I was old enough to be interested in boys, I have had a secret crush on Katie’s Dad. His name was Michael and had just turned 47 last month. Katie’s mom had died when she had been born and as far as I remember, Michael had never got serious with another women since then. When I turned eighteen, it only got worse. Then I graduated high school and became a legal adult and no one could get in trouble now, legally. Katie would rain a world of hurt on me if I fucked her daddy. Therefore, I sadly resigned myself to only fantasy when it came to Michael. Little did I know what this trip held for me.

“Laney, wake up girl! God, I have been saying your name for the past three minutes. Did you go brain dead or are you just being you?” Katie joked.

“Oh shut it, Katie! I got a lot on my mind lately. I hope this little vacation can help me put shit behind me and move on. You said you had a surprise for me. Spill it, girl.” I slung back at her.

“Don’t give me shit, Lane. I got the batteries for the toys! However, the surprise is that my dad is going to come down in a few days to vacation with us. I hope you do not mind. He has agreed to let us do whatever we want, unless it is going to kill us. He has always been really cool with us and I thought he could use some time away too.”

“Sure, you know I don’t mind hanging with your dad.” I replied, trying to hold the excitement and dread out of my voice.

The rest of the drive, I sat staring out the window and thinking of Michael and fantasizing about him stealing me away and taking me back to his room and fucking me. My nipples hardened and pussy throbbed, the thought of Michael’s hard body against my softly plump body turning me on quickly. Thank god, I have toys, I thought to myself as we pulled into the hotels front parking lot.

“What the hell, Katie! You know I cannot afford to go half on this fancy shit. I thought we had agreed on a cheap yet clean place.” I yelled, frustrated as I gazed up at the posh resort type hotel.

“Calm down, Bitch. Jeez! My dad decided that since he was going to hang out with us too, he would take care of the hotel reservations and payment for us. This is where he chose, so let’s just enjoy the luxury, ok?” Katie snarled back and laughed.

“Oh ok. Sorry. I am just worried about my money situation. Shit is so much more expensive in Cali. What the hell was I thinking when I applied to Berkley?” I said quietly.

“I don’t know, Hun. I should kick your ass just for that. I am going to miss you so much when we have to leave each other. We have been friends for 13 years now. Its definitely going to be weird not having you around. Let’s get our shit and get our asses in that fancy ass hotel.”

We climbed out at the valet parking area and a bellhop ran up to our car quickly.

“Welcome to the Hillshire Resort and Spa, Ladies. Do you have any luggage for me to assist you with?” the eager bellman said.

Katie responded, “We sure do, sweetie! It’s all in the trunk.”

She tossed the keys to the attendant to assist the bellhop with the luggage and valet park her car, and grabbed my hand. She eagerly led me into the revolving glass doors.

The interior of the hotel was even more luxurious than the outside. The marble floors gleamed in the light of the chandeliers, and the lobby décor was simply amazing. We spied the front desk and hurried over to it, excited.

“Hi. My Friend and I have a reservation for 7 days. Under the name Robertson, I believe.” Katie informed the smiling desk clerk.

The desk clerk typed the name into the computer and smiled widely when the machine beeped.

“Yes, here it is. It seems your Father wanted you girls to have a great time. He reserved a double room suite with private balconies for each room, a Jacuzzi and private massage table. Let me get the cards, and I will have you ready to go in just a couple minutes.” he jogged into the back room quickly.

“Holy shit, your dad had to pay a fortune for that kind of room. I feel so badly now. I need to find a way to repay him some of it. I feel bad for accepting this but will enjoy it never the less.” I loudly whispered to Katie.

“He loved doing this for us, Hun. He could not stop smiling after he made the reservations a month ago. Let us just enjoy our time in this modern day heaven, and not look a gift horse in the mouth. I plan on getting much enjoyment from this trip, so the separate bedrooms will be great!” she snickered in my ear as the clerk came back to the front; smiling.

“Here you go, Ladies. I hope you enjoy your stay and remember us the next time your in the area. If you need anything, anything at all, do bahçeşehir escort not hesitate in calling the front desk or you can reach me on this number.” he spoke quietly, and slid a business card to Katie.

Katie smiled brightly, tucked the business card in her pocket, and grabbed the key cards.

“Thanks! See you later, Sweetie.” she called out to him as we walked to the elevator.

I punched the number eight, and waited for the glass doors to open. A few seconds later, they opened and we piled into the elevator, including the bellhop with our luggage. The doors opened up again as we reached the eighth floor. The bellhop pushed the cart out first, motioned for us to follow and led us down the hall to our room.

“Room 837, Ladies. I’m sure you will love It.” he opened the door and pushed the heavy cart into the room.

We followed him and just stared at the luxurious room. This had to be the prettiest room I had ever seen, literally. The plush carpet covered every inch of the floors, the walls were painted a beautiful coral, and the furniture was heavy oak. Perfect would have been an understatement.

“Oh my god, I am never going to leave this room. I could definitely get used to these kinds of surroundings easily. I’m going to check out my room.” I uttered in shock.

I headed to my room as Katie made a beeline for hers. My room was beyond my wildest dreams. The bed was huge! A king sized oak framed bed dominated the center of the room, the linen a silky rose. The carpet was simple beige but was like walking on clouds. I looked around more and spied the sliding glass doors to my private balcony, equipped with a soft, padded table. I turned back towards the room and just smiled. I begun to unpack my bags that the bellman had just brought into the room. I hung all my clothes on hangers and placed my intimates in the dressers. When I had first come in, I noticed a huge hot tub in the corner of the living room and decided to slip into my bathing suit.

I walked out into the living area; my black one piece hugged my curves lovingly. I’m considered a big girl, but I’ve always carried my weight very well, naturally blessed with big tits and nice round ass; I filled the suit out just right. I walked to the hot tub and turned the water on to the desired temperature. The sound of the door opening and then closing startled a small yelp from me.

“What the hell!” I yelled, startled.

“It’s Me, Lane! I am so sorry that I scared you! I got so bored sitting at home, I decided to head down almost right after you and Katie left. I hope I’m not ruining any wild party plans or anything.” Michael, Katie’s dad, spoke quietly, his eyes slowly roamed up and down my scantily clad body.

“Hey! No way could you ruin anything. Thank you so much for this room. It is so amazing. You should see my bed; it is huge! I could probably fit five people in it easily. I’m so glad you came down early, now we can all have a long vacation.” I smiled widely at him as I noticed his line of sight was fixated on my tits.

“Wow, five people? I really must have interrupted a really wild party then huh?” he laughed.

“Oh God, That is not what I meant. I may be freaky, but not that freaky. I much prefer one on one with an older man, if I get my perfect choice.”

I caught the widening of his eyes and the raising of his eyebrow at my last comment, and smiled. I turned to cut off the water to the hot tub and push the on button. The water begun to dance slowly, the heated water swirled repeatedly.

“You don’t mind if I hop in, do you? I really need a good hot soak to easy my muscles from the long drive.” I smiled back at him over my shoulder, slightly bent over the edge of the tub.

“Not at all, I need to go find Katie, anyways. Well, um, enjoy the hot tub and ill see you later on, ok?” he replied, his voice slightly trembled at the end of the sentence.

“Sure thing, Tell Katie that I said you and her could pick what we do tonight. I’m very easy to please.” I called out as I closed my eyes and sunk into the water.

I heard the door open and close a few minutes later, I knew he had been staring at me as I soaked and I loved it. Maybe I could get away with seducing him on this trip. He did have his own room and I was sure Katie would want to do her own thing sometimes. I soaked in the tub for a good 15 minutes and just as I was getting out the phone by the couch rang. I ran across the floor, dripping water as I went.

“Hello?” I answered a little out of breath.

“Hey Lane, It’s me, Michael. I found Katie but she has already made plans with the front desk person for tonight. She said you and me should do something fun. Feel up to a long dinner, and maybe a few drinks at bar somewhere? I understand if you don’t want to hang out with an old man.”

“Sounds great, what kind of restaurant are you thinking? “I responded excitedly.

“Great! A nice restaurant, bakırköy escort I would not dream of taking you to a sub par restaurant, Hun. Could you meet me in the lobby around six? I’ll be the dashing older gentleman by the fireplace.” he joked.

“I’ll be there with bells on. I’ll be the young sexy woman on the prowl for dashing older gentleman.” I responded saucily and hung up.

I grabbed my towel and danced around the front room, over excited to be getting my chance on the first night. I looked at the clock and about fainted. It was already four. I ran to my room and scrounged through my clothes. I finally decided on a short grey silk skirt that fell to the middle of my thighs, and a black and grey form fitting silk tank. I also grabbed a silky black bra, and matching thongs. I hurried into the bathroom and jumped into the huge shower.

I sang softly to myself as I soaped up my soft body, paying special attention to my ass and pussy. I decided I had better shave to be safe so I ran the razor across my pussy slowly and carefully, leaving it silky smooth. After I washed my curly auburn hair, I jumped out and dried off quickly. I headed back into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around my hair in turban style and get dressed. Michael seems to like woman who don’t wear a lot of make up so I forgo my usual routine and just put a little bit of mascara and a tinted lip

Gloss. I headed back into the bathroom and free my hair from the towel. I grabbed my styling putty and smeared it through each section of hair, separating the curls until my hair draped down my back in soft rings. Taking a glance at my full reflection, I smiled and check the time. It is now 5:30 and I am already ready. What should I do for the next half an hour, I asked myself. Suddenly, I remembered the toys I brought.

I grabbed a small bullet vibe and undressed quickly. I laid on my bed and spread my thick thighs wantonly, slipping the vibe directly onto my protruding clit and turned it on. TThe vibrations nearly made me scream, considering I have not had a release in over twenty-four hours. I moved the bullet around my clit in small circles and turned the vibrations on high. I moaned and grunted as my body reacted to the stimulation quickly and my legs begun to quiver violently as the oncoming orgasm rushed upon me. My body tightened up and my hot female cream begun to squirt out of my throbbing cunt hard and fast. The waves of pleasure rolled through my body repeatedly as I laid there, gasping, and trembling quietly. Maybe I can make it through dinner now without jumping Michael’s bones. I slid off the bed and headed back into the bathroom to wash up my pussy and thighs. I returned to my clothes, redressed quickly, grabbed my purse, and headed to the door and down to the lobby,

I exited the elevator and spied Michael standing by the fireplace, his gaze focused on the paintings. He was so damn handsome, I had thought to myself. He might have been 47, but his looks told a different story. He stood a good 6 ft 3, I didn’t know his weight but he was definitely in shape, he had long brown hair that curled down to his shoulders, and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. I had yet to see his body unclothed to describe his maleness. I smiled and snuck up behind him and pinched his cute ass lightly.

“Surprise, Michael I whispered.

“Oh shit! Damn, Lane, you scared the hell out of me and did you just pinch my ass, young lady?” he smiled down at me.

“Why yes I did. I rather enjoyed it too. So, dashing older gentleman, where are you taking me?”

“I could think of a couple places. How about my room?” he joked, “Oh god, I can’t believe I just said that! Please forgive me, Lane. That was so bad.”

“You shouldn’t tease a lady. I would have no problems going to your room with you, Michael. Don’t apologize for giving me something to fantasize about later.” I responded quietly.

His breath was hot against my bare neck as he breathed heavily, “What are you saying, Lane?”

I wrapped my arms around his neck lightly, and whispered, “I’ve wanted you for so long, Michael. If you ever want me sexually, or any other way, I am more than willing and happy to give myself to you.”

I pushed my body against his lightly and moaned softly as his hands gripped my hips tightly.

“Fuck, Lane. I have wanted to hear that from you since you graduated but never thought you would want an old man like me. We are definitely going up to my room, come on.” he moved away, grabbed my hand, hurried me to the elevator again, and frantically pushed the top floor button. The doors opened and closed quietly. We only stare into each other’s eyes as we waited for the ride up to be over.

The doors opened and he rushed out, pulling me to the nearest door by the elevator. He opened his door quickly and ushered me in.

I walked in and settled myself on the couch as he got us some drinks. He never asked me what I başakşehir escort wanted so I hope I can drink what he brings. He walked back in the room with two glasses of red wine and sat them on the table.

“Lane, if you decide you don’t want this anymore, please let me know. I do not want you to feel uncomfortable at all. I just want to make you happy. I want to explore each inch of your fabulous body.”

“Michael, I will never stop wanting you. You are my dream lover. I have dreamed of you repeatedly. I hope this isn’t another dream.” I whispered to him, as he sat and handed me my wine.

“Oh, this is no dream, babe. I am very real, and very ready to claim you as mine. Let us finish our wine, and order some room service. I do not want to jump into bed with you. I want to show you how a real man treats a woman. What would you like?” he assured me softly, and handed me a small menu.

“I’m so happy we have tonight together alone. I had planned to seduce you at some point this weekend. Katie cannot know though. She would kill me.” I replied, glancing at the menu, “Can you order me some angel hair pasta with very little sauce?”

“Yes, Lane, and I do understand the need for discretion here. I won’t say a word.”

He reached for the phone and pressed zero for the kitchen. I heard him quietly ordering our dinner as I stood and walked to his balcony to take in the view. Wow, I think to myself. His balcony was much larger than mine was; it even had a small sitting area around a self-contained fire pit. On the other side was a large, padded chaise lounger that seemed to be calling my name. I walked to it and settled down upon it, my curvy legs stretched out and crossed at my ankles. My skirt laid across my thighs, clinging to them lovingly. I laid back and closed my eyes to enjoy the night air.

“Damn baby, you look so damn good like that. Please do not move because of me, I want to watch you enjoying the moment. You can even take a nap if you would like. Dinner won’t be here for about a half an hour.” Michael murmured as he walked out onto the balcony.

I only smiled and thought of ways to tease you. I shifted my legs open a bit and the breeze easily pushed up the flimsy material closer to my pussy. I sighed softly and ran my hands up my thighs slowly. I opened my eyes to look directly into his eyes.

“Oh, I am not in the mood for a nap, Michael. I want to cum for you. Do you want to sit back and watch me play with my hot plump pussy for you? Want to see me squirt on your lounger?” I whispered huskily.

“Oh fuck, Lane. Let me see that hot cunt, baby. I am dying to see anything you want to show me. I’m your avid audience.” he growled and sat in a chair directly in front of me, giving him the perfect view up my skirt.

I slowly pulled my skirt up around my waist and raised my hips up to slide my soaked thongs down my legs, my legs held straight up to give him a great view of my pussy lips and round ass. I threw my thongs into his lap and spread my legs wide for him.

“You like what you see, Michael? I shaved just for you and my thongs are so wet because you made me that way.”

“Oh shit, Lane! My cock is bout ready to explode in my boxers. I love that I made you so wet, baby.” he raised my thongs to this face and breathed in deeply, moaning loudly. His hand begun to slowly rub the bulge in his pants. His eyes never left my crotch. I inched my fingers closer to my pussy.

My hand finally reached its destination and cupped my mound softly, the middle finger dipped down in between the lips to flick against my clit softly. I moaned and lifted my hips to pump my hips against my hand. I rubbed my clit in circles with a finger and spread open my lips with the other hand to let him see how wet I had became. I already felt a small stream of juices flowing out and down my ass crack.

“Oh Michael, This feels so good and right. I love doing this for you. I want to cum so badly; I won’t be able to last much longer to prolong my little show for you.” I moaned and thrashed my head back and forth slowly.

“Cum for me, Baby, I want to lick you all clean when you’re done, oh god, please cum for me, Lane!” he pleaded, his hand rubbing his huge bulge faster, and panting.

I moaned loudly and began to slide two fingers deep into my hot cunt, pumping in and out vigorously and rubbing my clit just as fast. My body flushed pink and my thighs trembled, I pulled my legs back until my knees are rested on my chest and start to cum hard. My juices squired out and my screams of ecstasy pulled Michael closer to me.

“Oh Lane, move your hand, baby!’ he grunted as he fell between my legs and moved my hand out of his way, his hungry mouth dove into my streaming pussy. His tongue dove into my cunt hole to suck out my cream hungrily. He then moved his mouth to my sensitive clit and gently sucked it into his mouth as he rubbed my thighs softly and ran his nails down to my ass cheeks to squeeze them.

“Michael, Fuck yes, baby! You are going to make me cum again. I grunted out through moans.

He only sucked my clit a bit harder and flicked his tongues across it at the same time. He spread open my ass cheeks and teased my pink puckered hole with his pinky; my juices already had my asshole lubed up good. He pushed the tip of his pinky in and wiggled it, and moaned around my throbbing clit.

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