My Best Friends Mom

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My Best Friends MomIt all started innocently enough. I stopped by my buddy’s house to pick him up to go to a high school party many years ago. I was a little buzzed already. What else was new? I parked in the driveway and walked around back. His room was in the basement and you could go either upstairs to the kitchen or downstairs to his room thru the back door. Thinking nothing of it I walked in and ran downstairs to his room. Lights were on but nobody home. I figured he was upstairs so I started running up the stairs. I turned the corner and ran smack into his mom coming down the stairs. I said “oh excuse me Mary, is Jimmy here”? Catching my balance I put my arms around her. She gave out a yelp and put her hand on my shoulder and said “you scared me Philip, he already left with Jane”. We were pushed up against each other and I she was wearing a sheer night gown top that I could see through and her big white brassiere. Her breasts were chin level and pushed against me. We both paused and the smell of her perfume and the soft warmth of her body felt so good I couldn’t move. Holding her on the stairs she started to smile then laugh. She reached around and gave me a big hug. “Mmmm she murmured, “I haven’t had a man in my arms for a long time”, she said, mashing my face into her more than ample breasts. She had been divorced for a long time and I have to admit I had fantasized about her since my cock first started getting hard. It was definitely getting hard now. She said come upstairs and visit with me for a while Philip. I followed her up the stairs to the kitchen. She went to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers and sat down across the kitchen table from me. I was way u******e but in those days no one seemed to care that much. I sipped my beer and took her in. She was completely unselfconscious in her panties and bra and I ran my eyes over her entire body. She had some of the biggest breasts I had ever seen and her bra was like a six clip with a torpedo shape. My cock was hard as a rock in my jeans. She leaned over and asked if I had a girlfriend. I did not at the time and she said that must be difficult for a boy my age with my needs and all. I am sure my eyes bugged out and I said, “It’s hard alright”! She laughed, leaned over looking at my crotch and said, “I can see that” laughing again. She said, “Can you keep a secret Philip”? I said of course and she stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my chair. She led up stairs to her room closing and locking the door behind us. She turned, held the back of my head, and kissed me deeply, her tongue darting into my mouth hungrily. I was more than up for it and kissed her ferociously back. She reached down and grabbed my hard cock though my jeans and let out a huge sigh. My cock was average, about seven inches, maybe a little more than average. She unbuttoned my jeans, reached in my briefs, and grabbed hold of me. “Oh God that’s beautiful”, she said staring down at my throbbing cock in her hand. She turned and told me to undo her bra. Like I said it was six clips and I had a hard time getting it unclipped, but when I did she turned and I was face first with my boyhood wet dreams. Two big torpedo shaped breasts, no sag, just firm with hard nipples sticking out. I immediately started sucking on one then the other holding each big breast with two hands. She was breathing hard and pulled me back to her bed. She sat down and took my cock in her hand and kissed the tip licking all around the blood engorged head. Savoring the taste and running her tongue up and down. Finally she swallowed the entire thing. No school girl had ever come close to swallowing me before and I almost collapsed it felt so good. My balls were tight and she held them with one hand. I would like to say I lasted a long time and was a real stud, but the truth was I came hard and fast from her sucking me. She gulped and swallowed but there was so much it ran from the sides canlı bahis of her mouth and off her chin. “jesus christ that’s a lot of cum Philip!”, she gasped. She wiped it off her chin on her fingers and licked them clean. He pulled me onto the bed and laying back she pulled me on top of her and kissed me again just as deeply. The feel of her soft body under me was heaven. She said, “my turn now little man”, and pushed my head down between her spread legs. She shaved herself smooth and I started licking her. I had not seen a smooth pussy since I was a little boy playing with the neighbor girls and I was fascinated. I licked her all around her pussy, her lips and her clit. She pulled back the skin exposing her little nub and I flicked it with my tongue. Reaching up I pinched and kneaded her nipples as I relentlessly worked her hard clit. She was dripping wet and tasted great. I knew I was killing her because I had an older girl friend at one time who loved getting her pussy eaten. She was a tough teacher, but I was a better pupil. I used to love watching her slowly get hotter until her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. Mary was on the brink in no time. She arched her back pushing herself against my tongue, grabbing my hair she pulled me hard against her as her body shook and quivered into my mouth. Her breasts bounced and jumped with her orgasm. I stayed on her until she begged me to stop. My cock was so hard again after that. Her moaning and smashing my face into her pussy had affected me greatly. I climbed up from between her legs and on hand and knees crawled up kissed her deeply with her juices fresh in my mouth and on my face. She was so hot, she kissed me deeply, licking my lips and face. I kissed her neck and licked her ears causing her to shiver and giggle. I worked my way down to her breasts which I was completely in lust with. I sucked one of her nipples deeply into my mouth while pinching and rubbing the other one. They stood up proud for me. She reached down and squeezed my cock and felt my balls. I was always fair so I wasn’t very hairy. She commented on how she loved my smooth cock and balls. After working both her big tits she rolled over and got on all fours. “Fuck me now, baby boy, she whispered. I positioned myself behind her smooth ass and pushed the head of my cock between her pussy lips, I reached down and holding my hard cock I rubbed it back and forth across her still hard clit, sliding easily into her wet well lubed pussy and out again giving her clit more attention. She moved easily with me and let out a few “oh my gods” as my hot wet cock head massaged her inside and out. She licked one of her fingers and reaching back inserted it into her puckered ass. I hadn’t seen that before and it turned my on to watch her finger herself. Finally I was through being patient and slid my cock in her all the way. I moved my hips against her soft ass and reaching around I cupped her swaying breasts with each hand. I slowly fucked her like this for a long time, pushing my cock in as deep as I could, holding it, then slowly withdrawing it almost to the point of popping out. She was breathing heavily again and gripping my cock with her wonderful pussy. I straightened up out of patience and held her hips and started to fuck her faster, picking up speed. The sound of our skin slapping was loud in the room as I drove my cock home with everything I had. “Fuck me baby, fuck me baby”! she moaned as I hammered away at her with all my might. When I could resist no longer I plunged in as deep as I could, holding my cock there, cumming hard, jet after jet deep inside her. I could feel her pussy contract on me as I flexed and came in her. What an indescribable feeling. After I was finished she collapsed and I laid on her buried inside until my cock shrank and fell out. I fell down next to her and she reached wiping the globs of white cum from my cock and licking it off her fingers. She bahis siteleri smiled as I watched her and held out one of her fingers to me. “You taste wonderful honey, try some,” she said, and slipped her finger in my mouth before I could answer. The taste was a little salty but not in a bad way. I smiled and she did too. She said, “I have been watching you since you were a boy, wondering what your cock looked like, what your tight ass would look like naked in my bed. I am happy to say I am not disappointed. There is something about a young man just past puberty that appeals to me.” She went on like this for a while and at the time I didn’t really focus on what she said I just watched her lips move and enjoyed the look in her eyes as she ate up my naked body with them. She was and is the most heartily lustful woman I have ever known. She knew what she liked and wasn’t afraid of her desires and lust. She massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples as she talked, casually reaching down and fingering herself. She said, “I hope you don’t think is too forward honey, but would you mind licking me some more?” I haven’t been with a man for quite some time and I do get horny listening to Jimmy and Jane fucking in the basement. You know there is a heat register right next to my bed and I can hear everything down there like they are in the same room as me.”“No problem here, “I said, and positioned myself between her spread thighs. She was wet with both our juices. Slowly licking her clit, spread wide lips, wigging my tongue inside of her I started thinking about all her alone in her room fingering herself listening to her son and his girlfriend fuck. It also did not escape me that if she heard them then she heard all the stuff Jimmy and I talked about in his room. I was sure she could hear his TV with the porn we used to watch and I wondered if she could tell that we used to strip and stroke ourselves down there since we had our first smooth little boners together. That must have been interesting for her since we would stroke and see if we could cum at first, then who was bigger and then who could cum the most and furthest. Jeez that meant I had no real secrets from her. No wonder she knew she could get me in bed with no real effort because she knew how hot I had always thought she was. She spread he legs wide and pulled her knees next to her head as I licked her, she reached down and pushed my head lower until my tongue was licking her puckered asshole. “Oh yes that feels good right there,” she said. I licked around her hole and flicked it with my tongue. She reached into her night table next to her bed and pulled out a vibrator. Turning it on, she rubbed it over her clit and in and out of her pussy. “Stick your tongue inside me Philip”, she ordered. Like a slave I obeyed her without the slightest question. I slid my tongue into her as far as it could go and wiggled it around. I could feel her body shake and spam as she surrendered to the feeling of my tongue and her toy. God she was a hot woman I thought as I licked her. I had one hand between my own legs stroking my cock wondering why it was hard again already. She was still cumming when she said, “stick your cock in my ass Philip, do it now!” The desperation in her voice amazed me and I moved forward sliding my hard cock easily into her wet asshole. She was very tight and my cock bent in half before she moved her ass back and forth and it popped right in straighten out. It felt tight and good, not as good as her wonderful pussy, but tighter and good, like someone had encircled my cock with their thumb and forefinger and stroked me just using those two fingers. She was still shaking and I fucked her deeply spread wide that way. When I felt like I was going to cum she seemed to sense it and said, “pull out before you cum dear”, so I did, shooting on her breasts and face. She watched intently reaching up stroking me and squeezing out every drop. She bahis firmaları rubbed my cum into her breasts and wiped her face licking herself clean. I laid on her and rested between those beautiful twin orbs. Wet, happy, content, I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I figured I had better get going. I pulled myself off her voluptuous body and standing up I started getting dressed. Mary said, “silly boy you can’t go home like that”, pointing at the dried cum all over my face and body. “Let’s get you cleaned up, after all what would your mother say if I sent you home smelling like cum and pussy even with cum in your hair”? She stood up and led me to her bathroom. She had a nice big shower with a bench, she turned the water on hot, and we went in. She was completely casual about it, but of course I was self conscious as all boys are. She lathered us both up and couldn’t help but rub her breasts on me. The feeling of her slick smooth body on mine was heaven. She used her hands to soap me up me up and washed me gently taking special care on my cock and balls. She handed me a wash cloth, turned around and I went to work on her. Her skin felt soft warm and slippery under m hands and I took my sweet time washing her, especially her smooth pussy. She asked me if I liked her smooth with no hair down there and I said I did. She asked me if I wanted to try it and I said sure why not. She grabbed a razor and soaped me up. Before I knew it she had me clean and smooth. I looked down and my cock and balls reminded me of my first orgasm. I was jacking off in my bed to a Playboy magazine watching my bald little boys cock shoot thin watery cum the first time on my stomach. She turned me around and washed my back rubbing her breasts against me once again. As she washed my ass she spread my cheeks and was washing between them when I felt a strange sensation. It took me a minute to figure out she had inserted and soapy finger in my anus and was slowly sliding it in and out. She had me up against the shower wall and was fingering me when she reached around and started stroking my cock once again. The slick soap, her grip, and what she was doing to my ass was freaking me out, but none the less she had me hard once again. She whispered hungrily in my ear, “we don’t want to miss any of those hard to reach places do we Philip”? “No, no I guess not, I stammered.” She was stronger than she looked and really had me pinned, but I wasn’t fighting. She had her finger deep in my ass when I felt my cock start to spasm, shooting cum on the glass shower wall. I didn’t feel like I was going to cum and my cock just started shooting on its own. Later I would learn she was massaging my prostrate and milking me like her little boy cow. This was just one of the many things Mary would teach me in my life. She cooed encouragement the entire time,” that’s a good boy, cum for your mommy, yes that’s the way Philip, such a big boy, and so full of cum for your mommy”. What a trip she was, blowing my mind completely!Once we were finished she turned me around and kissed me deep and wet. She said, “get dry and run along dear and give my regards to your mother”. They had become friends when Jimmy and I played baseball together when we were much younger. Two divorced women raising boys, I guess they had something in common. As I tucked my well drained cock into my jeans she asked, “did you enjoy yourself sweetheart”? “Hell yes,” I quickly answered. Good baby so did I but, just so we understand each other, you can never tell anyone what went on between us. This is grown up stuff and grownups know how to keep things private out of respect for each other. You understand don’t you?” I said I did but of course I wanted nothing more than to brag to my friends about the amazing piece of ass that was Jimmy’s mom. I told her I would never tell anybody and as it turned out it wasn’t a lie. I couldn’t tell out of respect for her and my buddy Jimmy. Besides I was young, but not stupid, if I was ever going to get a repeat performance I would have to keep my mouth shut. Little did I know she already had plans for her new secret boy toy, crazy plans it turned out.

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