My Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 02

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It had been several weeks now since Mrs. K and I had been caught by her daughter, Amy, and the unusual turn of events that unfolded following. Amy had taken to coming home from college on the weekends, if nothing else, to seduce me into having some really good sex with her.

Mrs. K, for her part, was enjoying unfettered access to my attentions during the week, occasionally slipping into my room late at night to slip onto my cock, or on two occasions, bringing me into her own bedroom to ride me on her own bed. To my knowledge while Jase knew I was banging his sister on the weekends, I didn’t think he realized that his own mother was taking the same liberties.

Things had quickly slipped into a surprisingly comfortable round of sexual pleasures from the two women, a situation I wasn’t eager to change. Mrs. K could be quite kinky and had an interesting array of toys that she enjoyed adding to our “play time”, and her daughter, with her incredibly tight pussy, was enjoying learning from me things that her mother was teaching me during the week, although I doubted she had taken the time to try and figure out just exactly where I had learned these enjoyable tricks. She seemed to be unbothered by the fact her mother knew she was having sex with me and I wasn’t at all sure that she realized I was having sex with her mother as well, although on more than one occasion Mrs. K had “joined” us on the periphery.

Needless to say I didn’t have to go looking for sex, it would come find me if I hung around the house any length of time. Mrs. K seemed to have no problems finding times when Jase was gone, and would be for some time, yet I was home. She seemed to enjoy christening each room of the house together , with her usually choosing the location and often the starting position. It was just the other day that she walked into the TV room, wearing some very sexy lingerie and began doing a strip tease, getting me all turned on before stripping me and leading me to the garage. To my surprise she climbed into some kind of a web sling arrangement that held her up at the perfect height for me to stand between her legs, supported by the web straps and pound into her pussy. A sex swing, I think she called it. I wondered what other little surprises she had in store for me.

It was Wednesday afternoon, and I was settled in the kitchen at the table with books strewn across the table, studying for an exam when Mrs. K came in through the back door, Mrs. Jepsen, from down the street, following close behind.

“Whew! It’s awful hot out there for the end of September!” Mrs. K said a she stepped into the air conditioned kitchen with shopping bags looped over one arm and her purse over the other. Mrs. Jepson followed close behind with her own bags, pushing the door closed behind them with her high heel shoe.

Mrs. Jepson, a friend of Mrs. K who lived down the block a few houses, was probably in her mid-thirties or so, and didn’t quite have the figure that Mrs. K had, but her slightly oriental features and complexion, coupled with the always visually appealing outfits had often led to discussions of how Jase and I would love to see more of her. On a few occasions I had seen her and Mrs. K sunning in the back yard, both of them in rather revealing bikinis, but even those kept some things hidden. Today’s outfit was no exception. Her white floral print dress was very light weight, allowing the faint outline of a darker colored bra show through as well as the tiny dark strings arching over her hips. It was pretty clear by the way the material lay over her otherwise bare ass that under the mid-thigh length dress she wore a little thong panty, making my cock twitch, remembering how she looked last time she was laying out with Mrs. K in a very skimpy yellow bikini.

The two ladies plopped their bags on the table, partly covering my papers and notebooks. “How goes the studying Scottie?” Mrs. Jepson asked sweetly.

“Pretty good Missus Jepson,” I answered, turning another page in the book and trying not to stare at the trickle of sweat that was rolling down from her neck, down the vee between her breasts to disappear behind the low cut neck of the summer weigh dress.

“How many times have I had to remind you to call me Tina?” she replied with a smile.

“Yes ma’am,” I answered.

“Yes Tina!?” she said with mock sternness.

“Yes Tina,” I answered with a shake of my head.

“Oh gosh, all this shopping in these heels!” Tina said, lifting a foot and pulling off one of her four inch spike heels. “It kills my back!” she said to Mrs. K as she pulled the second shoe off and dropped it on the kitchen floor.

“I understand. Sometimes my lower back ends up killing me as much as my feet,” Mrs. K answered with a laugh. “Maybe later you can talk Scottie into giving you a back rub. His fingers feel fabulous running up and down the small of my back,” she said with a smile.

“I bet they do,” Tina answered with a grin.

“So I guess you two had a good canlı bahis shopping spree?” I asked, trying to change the subject from me to…well, anything else.

“We did!” Mrs. K answered me, reaching into one of her shopping bags and pulling out a dress. “What do you think?” she asked me, holding the short dress up against her body.

“Well, that will… um…Yeah. That’ll look really good on you,” I finally stammered out as I thought about how she would look in the slinky, extremely short dress.

“Goodness. Look at him blush!” Tina said with a girlish giggle. “And that’s just a dress. What if you held up something like….” she said digging into a bag and then pulling out a very sheer nightie that I doubted would even go low enough to cover her pussy. “This?”

“Um. Yeah, that would look pretty good,” I answered, blushing even more.

“Maybe I should try it on for him?” Tina asked Mrs. K.

“Oh don’t tease. That’s not nice,” Mrs. K answered as she dug in the bag again. “Let’s see. I got some new workout clothes too,” she said holding up a spandex tank top and shorts.

“Hmmmmm How about this?” Tina asked, holding up a very sexy bra, and pressing it to her modest sized chest. “Think this would look good on me?”

“I…um. Yeah, sure,” I answered, half wishing she would put it on, since it looked like it would only cover the lower half of her breast s, leaving her nipples exposed.

“You are so adorable!” Tina said with a grin. “Tell you what; I’ll stop teasing you with what’s in my bags if you promise to give me one of those backrubs that Linda has alluded to,” she said to me, reaching into a bag and pulling a box up to the very top, but not out of it. “How about it Scottie, or should I show you what else I purchased today?” she teased, lifting the box up high enough for me to realize that what it contained was a large pink vibrator, making me blush even more.

“Sure, I can use a study break,” I finally answered after swallowing several times, the image of Mrs. K stuffing one of her similarly shaped vibrators in and out of herself while I licked her clit jumping into my mind, making my already hardening cock spring even harder in my workout shorts.

“I’ll go get some lotion. I wouldn’t complain about a little back rub either,” Mrs. K said, rolling her eyes as she turned and walked across the kitchen, her short dress swinging side to side with each step.

“Tell you what, how about we go in the living room? The carpet there is really soft and should be pretty comfortable to lay on.”

“Uh sure,” I answered as I got up from the table, following her from the kitchen, into the dining room and toward the living room. As we walked across the room she reached up and pulled the little bows on the thin ties over her shoulders, holding the dress up. She wiggled as she stepped through the archway to the living room, allowing the dress to slide down her body and her legs, stepping out of the thin material as she walked.

“Can’t get a back rub if you can’t get to my back, now can I?” she asked sweetly, looking over her shoulder at me, her body looking completely nude except for the purple strings of a thong panty arching over her hips and down the cleft between her cheeks, and the band of a bra across the middle of her back. She stepped over to the coffee table and pushed it out of the way before standing with her back to me where it had been moments before. “Going to have trouble rubbing my back with this strap across it, would you mind?” she asked me over her shoulder, her fingers fiddling with the clasps of the bra.

“Um. Sure,” I answered stupidly as I stepped forward and reached out to undo the clasps. She held the bra in place across the front of herself as the elastic snapped around her body.

She turned to face me, the little purple thong panty riding very low on her obviously shaved mound and disappearing down between her legs, her arm across her breasts, holding the bra in place. “I don’t think I need this right now,” she said, pulling her arm away, and with it her bra, leaving her completely nude except for the tiny triangle of fabric between her legs. Her breasts were firm and round, each just a little larger than I could cover with my hand, and on each one, a perfectly circular areola and fat puffy nipple, the size of a half dollar. Unlike Mrs. K’s nipples, which were round and protruded out, her nipples seemed to flow right down into her areola, the whole fat nipple pushing outward almost half an inch like a hill on top of a hill. “You don’t mind do you? I mean my bikini shows almost all of me anyway.”

“Uh…No, I don’t mind,” I answered as I stared at her.

“Do you like what you see? I’ve seen you looking down at me before from that second floor window. I’ve often wondered what you’d do if I just pulled my top off out there in the yard. I’ve also often wondered what your hands would feel like on my body,” she said as she stepped toward me, not stopping until her stomach was pressed against bahis siteleri the bulge in my shorts and her puffy nipples were pressed against my bare chest. “Wanna touch me?” she whispered quietly, reaching for my hands and winding her fingers through mine. She stepped back, slowly pulling me to the space she cleared on the floor, easing herself down and pulling me by the hands until she was laying back on the soft carpet, with me straddling her body. She continued to pull my hands until they rested on her firm round tits, only then did she untwine her fingers from mine.

With my hands resting on her tits, and almost unconsciously starting to massage them, she moved her hands down to my workout shorts, carefully pulling the front of them down to expose my rock hard cock. “My goodness,” she whispered as she wrapped her hands around my cock, my shorts hooked under my balls.

“I had to get a new bottle of lotion out,” Mrs. K shouted, as she came down the stairs, prompting Tina to quickly roll onto her stomach, exposing her almost completely bare back and ass to me. Just as quickly I pulled my shorts back up over my hard cock, covering myself just before Mrs. K came back into the room. “Oh, I see you’re already comfortable. Here you go, Scottie,” She said, holding out the blue pump bottle of lotion for me to take.

“Thanks, Missus K,” I answered as I took the bottle from her. I squirted some lotion onto Tina’s back and then began to rub it into her back using my fingers, pushing deep into the small of her back.

“That is definitely in the way,” Tina said from where she was lying, reaching back and pulling the strings for her thong down over her ass, working the strings down until they were in the middle of her thighs. “Be a dear and pull those the rest of the way off, won’t you Scottie?” she asked sweetly.

“Uh, sure,” I answered, staring down at her now completely nude ass. With my hands covered in lotion, I hooked a finger in each side of the strings, and moved myself back, pulling the strings down until I pulled the panties off her legs. She spread her legs a couple feet apart, exposing her pussy to me as I crawled back up between her legs to kneel with my knees touching the inside of her thighs. I couldn’t help but stare at the fat outer lips and tender inner lips protruding as I stroked my hands all the way down her back and over her ass, each stroke getting closer and closer to her pussy.

“You know. If you want to, why don’t you just rub her pussy?” Mrs. K whispered from behind me, her hand circling around my bare upper torso to stroke my chest as she squatted down behind me. “I promise she won’t mind, and neither will I,” she whispered in my ear she ran her hands down my body, hooking her fingers into my workout shorts and pushing them slowly downward, exposing more and more of my cock with each second. She continued to push my shorts down until they were around my knees, and then coaxed me to lift first one knee and then the other enough off the carpet for her to get my shorts all the way off of me.

“There. Naked is so much better for this, isn’t it?” She asked in my ear as she reached back and stroked my cock. “Does she look as sexy as I do? I know you boys have been watching us sunning in the yard. Have you ever thought about coming down and fucking us? Just tugging our little bikinis off and fucking us? You pushing your cock into me while Jase fucks Tina? Or have you thought about pushing your hard fat cock right into her tight little pussy? What if I told you she lay there one day on her stomach, fingering her pussy, thinking about you fucking her while you watched us from the window?”

“Ohhhh,” I groaned softly.

“Would that turn you on? Knowing she was lying there with her finger in her pussy, pretending it was your cock? Would you like to feed your hard fat cock into her tight little pussy?”

“Uh huh,” I groaned as she crouched behind me, stroking my cock very slowly, my hands kneading Tina’s round ass as my thumbs worked closer and closer to her pussy, her hips rising and falling encouragingly as my thumbs stroked closer and closer.

“Fuck her. Push your hard cock into her. You know she wants it. Just pull her hips up toward you and let me help you feed your big hard cock into her,” Mrs. K coaxed, whispering in my ear.

I slid my slick hands around to her hips and she almost immediately lifted herself up, pushing her ass back toward me as she rocked back on her knees, her head still practically on the carpet.

Mrs. K aimed my cock at Tina’s pussy, letting her push herself back against my mushroom head while Mrs. K braced me from behind, the two of them working together to coax my fat head into her sopping wet pussy.

“Ohhhhhh fuck,” Tina squeaked into the carpet as she began to rock herself on her knees, each rock pulling almost all the way off my cock and then pushing back against me again, slowly working more of my shaft into her unbelievably tight pussy over my shaft. “Oh god! So bahis şirketleri big!” she moaned as my head finally pressed against the end of her tunnel with still more than an inch to go for my full length.

“Oh shit,” I grunted as Tina began to stroke herself on and off my cock, each stroke caressing my cock more tightly than even Amy’s petite form had.

“Oh yes oh yes,” Tina panted as she rocked harder, each trip back pushing me back against Mrs. K, my own hips stroking forward to meet hers and drive my cock into her again.

“Oh shit I’m going to cum!” I groaned, trying to hold back the inevitable.

“Would you like to squirt all over her body?” Mrs. K whispered in my ear.

“Sure,” I answered, not really caring at that point if I came in her or on her, either way it was going to happen soon.

Mrs. K gave Tina a slap on the ass and she immediately pulled off of me and rolled over, worming her way back toward me on her back so that her pussy was below my cock, which Mrs. K was still stroking. Tina reached up and replaced Mrs. K’s hands with her own and then began stroking me.

“Come for me sweetie. Come all over my hot little body!” Tina begged, pulling on my cock and wrapping her legs around mine to pull herself closer to me. “Squirt your cum all over my body. Give me a white cum bath!”

“Just think about us lying out in the yard. Wouldn’t you like to come down from upstairs and walk out in the yard and strip us naked and squirt your cum all over us? Would you like to see her laying there in the sun just waiting for you to squirt your cum all over her?”

“Oh shit,” I grunted, my hips pushing abruptly forward as my cock erupted with a huge gush of cum. The white streamer arched out several feet, landing on Tina below me, the bulk of it on her face, followed by a long thin strand that landed across her nude body. Again and again my body jerked, pumping more cum out on her until there were nearly a dozen large globs and streamers of cum pooling on her body, my cock drooling the last of my load out across her shaved mound.

“Mmmmmm that’s my sweet boy. Look at all that wonderful cum on her,” Mrs. K said from behind me as Tina began rubbing the cum around her body and massaging it into her firm little tits. “Just look at that. Doesn’t she look all sexy with your cum all over her body? Mmmmmm such a hot sexy body all glistening with your cum. Have you ever seen a woman lick another woman’s pussy? Would you like to see her lick my pussy?” she whispered in my ear.

“Ohhhhhh,” I groaned at the thought. I hadn’t ever seen that in person, maybe on some porn videos but never in person.

She helped me up and sat me on the sofa. “Now you stay right here. Tina and I are going to be right back with a few new things we bought today,” she said as she turned and walked over to where Tina was lying. She helped Tina up and the two of them headed up the stairs.

Several minutes passed and I was starting to get a little self-conscious sitting on the sofa naked, but I trusted that if I waited, Mrs. K would make the wait worthwhile. She had been VERY good at that so far. After several minutes more I heard them coming down and waited to see just exactly what they had bought at the store.

Mrs. K came down the stairs first, and I was flat stunned. She wore black six inch stiletto heels, black mesh thigh high stockings, a black satin looking thong panty and a black …well, I think it’s called a bustier, wrapped around her body and supporting her bare exposed tits. Tina was following behind her, wearing equally high red heels, red stockings, supported by a red garter belt around her hips, a red satin band around her neck and a long red sheer sleeveless outfit that hung down to the tops of her stockings.

“Well, what do you think?” Mrs. K asked, stopping in front of me after they came down the stairs, turning once for me to display her new outfit before setting a small bag down on the coffee table.

“Uhhh. HOT!” was all I could say.

“Now where were we? Oh yes. Tina, I want you to take my panties off now.”

“Yes ma’am,” Tina answered meekly, dropping to her hands and knees in front of Mrs. K. She crawled the remaining two feet to Mrs. K and then using her mouth, slowly pulled the black satin panties down off Mrs. K’s mound and down her legs. I was surprised to see that Mrs. K had shaved off the remaining tuft of her pubic hair, leaving her completely smooth.

Tina continued to work the panties down her legs until Mrs. K could work her feet out of the holes. With Tina still on her knees in front of her, Mrs. K sat down on the edge of the coffee table and leaned back, lifting her legs in the air and exposing her completely bare pussy and mound to us. “Lick me!” Mrs. K demanded of Tina.

Tina moved forward, reaching up to hold both of Mrs. K’s legs up by holding her high heels. She leaned her head down and slowly licked up Mrs. K’s pussy lips, drawing a quiet sigh from Mrs. K.

“Scottie, why don’t you come over here?” she said as Tina drew another long slow lick up her pussy lips.

“Yeah?” I asked, stepping over and looking down at her pussy while Tina began driving her tongue down between her lips.

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