My Biggest Surprise at Uni Pt. 02

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Continuation of the story of my time at university in Falmouth, Cornwall getting to know a truly talented girl. I’d recommend reading chapter 1 to expand on characters/previous events.

So a few days went by and I didn’t hear anything from Steph. The excitement and genuine awe I’d felt during was keeping me in a constant state of arousal. I was thinking of her and her toys constantly and every time I’d think about it my big cock would throb ruefully, demanding it get that big pussy again. Clearly picturing it in my mind.

These few days I was checking my phone constantly. I’d always been very chilled and relaxed about girls before this. If one stopped messaging I knew another would be round the corner. But their simply wasn’t a single girl I’d met like Steph. That weekend I had to go back to my parents for a family birthday party. Usually I’d be happy to return home, grab a few free meals, steal a shower or two and generally get away. However, this time I was desperate to not go away.

But first, another Thursday night. Once again, as was the routine back then, it was Thursday afternoon and I was drinking with friends. Maybe it was the alcohol that helped finally topple my resolve but I sent Steph a message asking if she was out tonight. Innocuous enough but we’d both understand the subtext. I wanted her out and I wanted her. During a particularly rowdy game of horse-racing, a card based drinking game, my phone flashed up from the sofa. I pretty much dived across my mate to get to it.

“Fucking hell man, calm down!” He yelled at me as he spilled his drink on the thinning tan carpet of the living room. I was too lost in the message to even hear him as it was from Steph. There was a picture and a single word.

It just said “yeah.”

The picture made my stomach do somersaults. In the foreground there was a glass of what could have been any lemonade/spirit combination in her hand. But that was not what drew my attention. She was clearly sat on her bed as I recognised the turquoise covers in the background, tussled and blurred. Now if I hadn’t already seen it first hand I would have thought nothing of the large dark shape lying on the bed. It was too out of focus for anyone to really be able to tell what it was.

But I knew. It was her big black/brown dildo. The 14 inch long, 10.5 inch around giant that she liked fucking her greedy, slack cunt with. My cock was hardening rapidly and I needed to get out of the room fairly quickly to not draw attention to myself. At 9 inches long myself there wasn’t a lot I could do to hide it in tight-ish jeans. I jumped the stairs 3 at a time to my room and onto my bed. I was still staring at the picture, the plan was to relieve my current situation and return to drinking, however, I couldn’t help but notice something else in the picture.

A foot.

It was unmistakable despite how blurry the non focussed back ground of the pic was. The colour, the angle, everything. That was a human foot on Steph’s bed, right next to her giant dildo. Now I’ve never been a jealous guy and I like to think of myself as pretty open minded. but I will admit that was my first feeling.

I’d certainly be a hypocrite if I didn’t believe a girl, whom I’d slept with just twice with no form of relationship even being discussed, couldn’t have fun with another bloke. That’s what she’s been doing these last couple days clearly.

On the outside Steph didn’t seem like the kind of nympho girl who’d fuck around a huge number of guys because she needed the attention or got off on being slutty. Indeed there was only one other guy I knew had fucked her out of everyone I knew at university! But she had a real hunger, a need to be filled. A need, I didn’t have to imagine, would likely involve someone shoving an improbably huge toy ridiculously deep into her seemingly indomitable vagina. Was I sharing this girl?

I immediately had some idea who’s that foot could be. Ben. The only other guy I knew had fucked her at uni. The guy who first told me Steph’s secret. The guy who started this. Not particularly coolly I sent Ben a text asking if he was out tonight and what he was up to.

I also replied to Steph. If it wasn’t for the foot I would have mentioned the giant dildo and that no doubt would have kicked off the kind of filthy chat that no doubt would have had me cumming into a piece of toilet role in no time. But I didn’t know enough to say anything about the foot yet so I just said that was good to know, and added a little winky face.

I looked back at the image and despite my earlier jealousy soon my huge cock was hardening. I pictured Steph bent over, the huge dildo slamming deep into her tiny little body, her moaning for more. Her perfect little tits and gorgeous face, totally different to the loose mess that was her pussy. I remembered back to what our previous encounters had been like. What it felt like to fist her, feel her pussy enclose round my arm. How she’d shudder and groan with pleasure.

She wasn’t a screamer and I found that even hotter. Yes istanbul travesti it’s always satisfying to make a girl make huge noise but sometimes it never really seemed genuine, despite how much they were enjoying it. Like they were screaming because that’s how they thought they should react to good sex, not because that was their genuine reaction to it. Steph merely groaned and moaned and it was her body that shook and twitched in delight.

As my mind showed me these images and played sounds I stroked my big dick and soon I was cumming. I cleaned up and looked back at my phone. I had 3 texts.

One from a mate downstairs asking if I wanted dealing in to another drinking game.

One from Ben saying that he was out tonight, he was drinking at his place with a bunch of people, that I was welcome to come join if I wanted. It was riddled with spelling errors and it was clear to me that, despite it being only 7 o’clock, Ben was already pretty drunk.

The third was from Steph. And no matter how recently I’d just cummed a larger than average load it nearly got me hard again already. It said,

“You’re coming to mine after right?”.

“Yes. Yes I am” was my reply.

I returned to my friends and thought about what I’d learned. It seemed unlikely to me that the foot in the picture could be Bens. Although it was seemingly most likely, the time frame didn’t add up. Ben and Steph lived very close to each other but they didn’t live with each other. The picture message and Ben’s message were less than 10 minutes apart. I knew Ben regularly hosted Thursday pres at his place and these often started as soon as they could, usually at least 5/6 o’clock. Him being drunk at a pres at his seemed totally believable. If he was there and drunk it was very unlikely he’d only got there 5 minutes ago. Plus I didn’t really believe that Ben would lie about fucking Steph, he seemed pretty open about the whole thing. I thought if I asked what he was up to he would more likely tell me he’s banging Steph rather than lie.

That meant there was a third individual in the mix and I was desperate to know who.

I got a bit too drunk at pres that day and I ended up not being let in to the first bar. Annoying, but there was plenty of other options. I turned, frustrated, from the door of Grapes and walked up the road to Toast. It just so happened I ran into Ben and his friends in there.

As my friends had stayed in Grapes. Bit of a dick move but there was a girl my friend was trying to get with in there and we knew we’d see each other in Club I later so I didn’t hold it against him. I nodded over at Ben and worked my way through the tight and crowded bar towards them. A girl lightly groped my crotch on my way though and I realised I was still bulging from earlier and in excitement of what I knew was to come.

I chatted to Ben about Steph quite a lot that night. It turned out he was aware we’d fucked a couple times and he seemed genuinely happy to be able to talk openly about Steph’s secret skills with someone else who had witnessed them. It also transpired that Ben had actually fucked Steph a couple times that week as well and at this point my jealousy left me. Delivered in his matter-of-fact northern way I realised this was just what getting to know Steph was going to be like. He also said, and I didn’t know what he meant at the time, that there was more to find out about Steph yet. As I hadn’t drank for a little bit and was feeling much clearer, I left Ben to try get into Grapes again.

“Don’t go get chlamydia now!” He called after me. Several people turned at the sentence he shouted over the music but none of them knew quite why he said it. I did.

It wasn’t a great night. After sobering up to the point I was now allowed to return to my mates I never really got into the vibe again and despite drinking I never really got drunk. I couldn’t have helped but notice that Steph was not with Ben and their friends, who she would usually be with. She had said she was out but I hadn’t heard anything from her since I said I’d go back to hers after.

In the end I gave it up and decided to save the money and just go home – if I heard anything from Steph again then great, if not, I’d live.

But sure enough at about 1:00am my phone flashed up with a message from Steph asking where I was and if I wanted to come over. Again I literally ran the short distance between our two houses and got to the door, calling her so as not to draw attention. She opened the door and my jaw dropped. She was done up impeccably. Make-up, tiny little white crop top and a short skirt barely covering her perfect ass. The whole outfit drew attention to her flat stomach, perky little tits and tiny waist.

“There’s no one in, let’s make the most of it” she said with a smile. She didn’t seem drunk at all. She skipped into the kitchen and bent over in front of me, hands on the kitchen work surface, exposing her naked pussy.

The site of it still shocked me. Perfectly shaven it gaped and sagged infront of me. travesti istanbul Her long thick labia hung around the messy hole like fleshy curtains around a black window someone had left wide open at night. She was huge. She looked even bigger than the last time I’d seen her. She was clearly already wet and there was a little bottle of lube next to microwave in front of her. It did seem like she’d already been busy. She wiggled her ass in front of me provocatively and said; “give me your fist first”.

As she said this she reached back and with her hand clenched (and the only word that accurately describes the ease of the act is ‘put’) she put it in her slack, open cunt.

“Wow” I gasped. She giggled.

“You like it when I do that?” She asked coyly, slipping it effortlessly out and back in.

“I really fucking do.”

I stared in amazement as I watched Steph, this tiny little swatty girl, fist herself. She popped her hand in and out of her gaping snatch quicker and quicker. It was clear her hand didn’t stretch her whatsoever. Her pussy didn’t even change as she moved it in and out. Indeed I was fairly sure there was actually a visible gap between the back of her hand and the edge of her pussy.

“Keep fucking doing that” I told her as I slipped off my jeans and got my massive cock out, stroking it gently.

“When you gonna join in?” Steph asked

“After you’ve made yourself cum” I replied. She increased speed and roughness at once, punching her hand in and out, in and out. A slushy, slopping sound started to come from her and I saw her knees trembling and getting weak. She started to groan but there was frustration to it.

“I can’t, it’s not enough.”

“Jesus you are fucking huge aren’t you” I scolded her. She seemed to like it.

“I am, I really fucking am.”

“You like being a loose cunted little slut, don’t you” I chimed in. I was starting to get to know what she wanted to hear.

“I do, I fucking need it” she moaned, “give me your fist.”

I jumped forward and thrust as much of my hand inside her as I could. Steph’s hand was already inside her but she took most of my fist immediately.

“Oooooohhhhrrrra” Steph made a strange noise, I don’t think she was expecting me to have done that.

“Yessss! Get it in there!” She told me breathlessly. She removed her hand and moved it to her clit. As her hand slipped out my fist literally fell into her and I remember clearly feeling myself punch her cervix, deep inside her. She made a sound as if she was winded and for a minute I did wonder if I’d actually hurt her, but she was soon pushing back against me.

So once again I started punch fisting this tiny student. Her little skirt was now hoisted up around her waist and she slipped her white tank top down to join it, freeing her little tits. She continued begging for more and I thrust harder and harder. Soon I realised I was lifting her off her feet. My right bicep bulged as I took nearly all her weight as I impaled her on my arm.

We held this for as long as I could, my arm burning more than I’d ever worked it in the gym. Steph cummed over and over. It truly appeared I couldn’t fist this girl hard enough, she always could take more. I looked down and was genuinely shocked at the depth my arm was now inside her, I couldn’t understand how it was physically possible.

“Where are this girl’s organs!?” I thought to myself. I lifted her up with my fist. Her body weight pushing me as deep as possible. I carried her out of the kitchen and into her room. I threw her down on the bed and my arm slopped out of her huge pussy with a wet squelch.

“Gimme that big cock” she begged jumping forward. She took it into her mouth as deep as she could. Lubing it up with her saliva. She sucked my rock hard cock hungrily until I had to ask her to stop. I didn’t want to cum before getting to fuck that spacious pussy again.

I pushed her back and spread her legs and slung my cock into that massive space. I barely felt anything. As I’ve previously explained, having a big cock myself, long and thick, this was still a totally new feeling for me. Usually I had to go inch by inch into a nearly too tight hole. Now I fell into a warm wet cave of a hole. The mental side alone was keeping me hard right now.

“Fuck, I can barely feel you” she exclaimed. Did this unexpected ridicule turn me on a little? I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. But I switched my angle and made sure I fucked upwards, ramming my cock up against her g-spot. I was fucking her hard now and I realised I wouldn’t last too long. I was sober and had been waiting for this exact moment for nearly a week. I was practically fucking her with my cock sideways she was so slack. I could feel her lips slapping around near my balls and warm, wet liquid was spilling from her pussy onto my thighs.

She felt me tense up, “yes! Do it! Fucking cum in me! Yes, yesssss!”

I shot a huge load inside her, spasming out of my cock with real force. She ground down to try get me deeper for the last minute istanbul travestileri for so. I couldn’t move, my muscles would barely respond. My cock slowly fell out of her gaping pussy as it softened, however, once again she wasn’t done. She went under her bed and grabbed her bag of toys. As she swung it onto the bed she nearly knocked me out with it.

“What are you getting?” I managed to ask.

“A plug” she said, rifling through the bag. She retrieved a medium sized black plug, about 4/5 inches long and a decent thickness. About the size of a woman’s fist. She quickly lubed it up and then leaned back on her bed and pillows, her legs spread wide. I could see cum leaking from her open pussy, dropping off her hanging pussy lips. She really was huge.

But it wasn’t her pussy she went for, she was lubing her arsehole and slipping fingers in there to warm it up. She slowly circled and worked the plug in until it sank to the stopper. She gasped and her hips gyrated the air as if grinding down on some invisible dick.

“Use your hand” she instructed me. I reached into her with 4 fingers. Even with a fist sized plug in her arse this did not feel like a stretch for her.

“Make me squirt, like last time.”

So like the other week I curled my fingers round to to her g spot and rubbed hard. My knuckles were slipping in and out of her and I roughly fingered that sloppy, cum filled hole. I could see my cum all over my hand and the bed and it sloshed around inside her. For a brief moment my mind slipped back to the pic I’d managed to block out for the past 30 minutes.

“Was all this mine?” I thought briefly.

I snapped back to reality and increased the power of my hand movements. I was now dragging and pushing her little body up and down the bed, I was finger fucking her so hard. She didn’t seem to mind, quite the opposite.

She brought down one of her hands and rubbed her clit with four flattened fingers quickly.

“Yesss, yesss, I’m cumming. Get ready! Ooohhhhhjjjjfffftttt.” She growled and again, like a pornstar she shot squirt juice up my arm to my shoulder and face, it was hot and sweet. She twitched and convulsed and it still seeped out of her. She continued to rub her clit and for a brief second the stream started up again, then failed and stopped. Feeling like a plumber who’d just fixed a high pressure pipe I took my hand out of her, covered in liquid.

She lay back eyes closed, finally, temporarily satisfied.

We chatted a little after that. It was nice. I remember I felt like I actually got to know her a little. I asked about how long she’s been into fisting/stretching etc. She told me how she’d always suspected that her pussy was on the large side but before she started having sex she’d never really known for sure. She told me how the first time she’d slept with anyone it just so happened to be with a guy who had a genuinely large cock. A pretty daunting proposition for most virgins. Apparently he slipped it in effortlessly and she didn’t feel any discomfort and actually asked the guy if he was inside her yet.

“Poor guy!” I said, feeling bad for whoever this bloke was.

“I genuinely didn’t mean it like that!” She protested, “well I guess I sorta did, but I’d never had a cock in me so I didn’t know if that was what I was feeling! I didn’t even think at the time” she laughed.

She explained how this had shown her she was definitely big and that she should probably stick to the larger cocks. She got into fisting at 18 and it came very naturally to her.

“I just kept asking for more” she explained, “and the guy was like ‘I’m out of fingers’ so I told him to put his thumb in there! Was a definite game changer. As soon as that happened I was watching fisting videos on pornhub every night and my curiosity and inspiration took off from there. I guess you could say that’s where the kink became fully formed rather than just something I suspected I liked.”

We chatted like this for a bit. About what she’d done, what else she wanted to do. She’d slept with only 5 guys. She explained that although she loved being loose she was slightly embarrassed and always thought she’d freak out randoms with how big she was.

“Also, what if they have a tiny cock? I’ve been lucky so far everyone has been average and up but if they’re on the smaller side I hope they’re into some sort of shaming because they’re not gonna feel a lot!” She sighed, “They could fuck my arse and fist me I guess” she offered.

The conversation was getting me going again but I didn’t wanna fuck just yet, I was finding too much out.

“How come you fucked me then?” I asked. “If you don’t often fuck randoms I mean.”

“Well you’re not random random are you, I sorta know you. Plus I had heard you were big so I thought I’d be safe” she said with a wink.

It turned out that although in practice she was a bit embarrassed of what someone might say when they saw her pussy for the first time there was a large part of her that loved the idea of shocking or surprising some unsuspecting guy with how loose she is. She was well aware her outside demeanour, very sweet, cute and all things “good girl” didn’t fit with what a slack cunted insatiable size queen she was in the bedroom. It was definitely one of the hottest things about her.

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