My birthday present

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My birthday presentSo for a while me and my husband have talked about me being with more then one guy at a time. Although I’m the one who usually brought it up jokingly. I’ve never been with more then one guy the thought of it gave me butterflies and I usually use two dildos when I masturbate. So about three days before my birthday while sitting on the couch with my husband he said to me ” I’m going to call a few of my friends over for your birthday party” thinking nothing of it I replied “ok”. “That’s it just ok!” He replied to my answer. Explaining to me that his whole plan was for me to fulfill my fantasy of being with more then one guy. I was hesitant at first not knowing if I can do this in front of him. In expressing my concern to him he said he was going to leave for the night and return later in the morning. We both agreed to the arrangement and the calls were made.Later that night I took to my xhamster account ( that he doesn’t know about) unable to sleep excitingly thinking about it and watching gangbang videos. The following day everything went on like a normal day nothing was even mentioned about last night’s conversation. That afternoon I went out shopping looking for something sexy to wear. My mind raced as i looked through expensive lingerie and other erotic clothing and not being able to find anything i liked. Returning home later that day with nothing to show for that days excursion.Fast forwarding to my birthday and yet another normal day. At about 4pm my husband put on his shoes and grabbed his jacket. He gave me a kiss and said ” I told canlı bahis them to be here for 5, have fun”. He turned and walked out of the door like it was no big deal. Having an hour to spare I rushed upstairs to find something to wear. Sifting through my dresser and closet unable to decide. Finally after about a half hour I said “FUCK IT” and decided to just go comfortable. Pulling out a pair of white sheer front thongs one of my husband’s white button down shirts and a cute pair of ankle socks. “Good enough”I got dressed and went downstairs. Pouring myself a glass of wine and waiting. At about 5 minutes to five there was a knock at the door. A answered the door Eric ( I’m changing their names for the story) Happy Birthday he said as I invited him in. I lead him to the kitchen and got him a drink. He asked me where my husband was and I said he will be back later. Eric had a bewildered look on his face and the conversation switched to casual chit chat. About 5:15 there was another know at the door. I answered the door and it was Nick and Rob ( also changed for the story). I invited them in and they followed me to the kitchen were we joined Eric.We talked and drank for a while having a good time laughing about so good times we had in the past. Now during this time I’ve been undoing buttons on my shirt one every few minutes. By this time I had a good amount of cleavage showing. Jokingly Nick looked at me and said why don’t you just undo the rest of thoes buttons. I put down my drink and looking into his eyes I unbuttoned the rest of them. “Is that what you bahis siteleri wanted?” I asked Nick. “Why don’t you just take it off?” Eric said. I undid the cuff buttons and slipped off the shirt that fell to the floor. They stood in shock as they complemented my exposed tits. I walked up inform of Eric and asked ” Do you want to touch them?” No sooner did the words leave my mouth and Eric was playing with my tits. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss as I undid his belt and pants pulling out and stroking his big cock. I dropped to my knees licking and stroking him.Behind me Nick and Rob just stood. I reached out my hand towards then looking for another. They came over and presented their cocks to me. I took turns sucking on one while I stroked the other two throbbing sucks. I stood up and had them follow me to the living room. I arrived at the couch and pulled down my panties. I sat on the couch and spread my legs showing them my soaking we pussy. Nick wasted no time in getting down and giving my clit a good licking. Rob and Eric stepped onto the couch for me to service their cocks. Nick slowly slipped his big cock inside me thrusting till his balls slapped off my ass. My loud moan was muffled by Eric’s manhood in my mouth. It was so stimulating the harder and faster he fucked me the harded I sucked and stroked. i came after the few first pumps. Nick pulled out and Eric stood me up and took my place on the couch. I climbed onto of him positioning his cock I slid down on to him and began to ride him and he squeezed and sucked on my tits. Then Rob sat bahis şirketleri down next and they took turns having me ride them. Nick was the biggest of them and the last one for me to ride as I came on his huge cock while he slapped my ass. I climbed off Nick and layed on the coffee table in in middle of the room. Eric positioned himself between my legs and inserted himself whit Nick and Rob took turns face fucking me. I climaxed again and again! Now Nick is back inside me with his beautiful almost perfect cock absolutely destroying my pussy. Eric is giving my mouth a good fuck as he empties his balls in my mouth I stroked and squeezed and sucked every drop out of him. Nicks pace quicked his cock grew stiffer inside me and with one last thrust he removes himself his huge load shooting across my stomach and chest. Rob positioned himself over my head and vigorously stroked his cock as I licked his balls. I rubbed my tits pushing them together and feeling Nicks hot cum on them as I begged for more. Rob’s hot cum dropped down on my tits running down over my erect nipples. I layed there for a few minutes covered in glorious cum and trembling trying to catch my breath. Rising to my feet I thanked them for such an erotic experience and said I was going to clean up. Head upstairs I could barely walk strait as I reached the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stepped inside the shower trying to get myself back to normal. After a brief shower I wrapped myself in a towel and headed back downstairs. To my amazement the guys had left. I sat at the table and poured another drink. All I can think about was the amazing present I had just received and feeling bad for the two who decided not to show. This is my first story and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed experiencing it.

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