My black lover Wilson in NYC

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My black lover Wilson in NYCI had met Wilson a year ago, on a cold, rainy afternoon at Chicago; where I was attending a business trip. He was a very handsome black guy, much younger than me. We had crossed our paths in a mall and he had looked at me with his hungry eyes.I was so fucking horny, after three days without my loving husband…Wilson had invited me a beer and then we had gone to my hotel room for a quickie…I came hard and wild on his big black dick. He fucked me from behind and I could felt his energy as he pumped me desperately…I thought I would never talk to him again, but after I came back home to NYC, he started to call me weekly from Chicago.I found myself looking forward to our talks and loved to share things with him that I had never shared with other men before. There was something special about his personality and sense of humor that continued to pull me closer with each conversation. He was intelligent and then I knew he was more than a huge black cock between my thighs…Often our conversations turned sexual and I found myself sharing my desires with him and occasionally we would exchange fantasies during phone sex. Through our talks, I told him I was interested in being dominated and desperately wanted to submit myself to him in every way. Then one day, suddenly Wilson called me, saying he was visiting New York.My loving Victor was flying away the next day; so, I arranged a date with Wilson. I really wanted to meet him after an abstinence year; I really needed to be dominated by his huge black dick…The next day we arranged a meeting at a nice hotel room downtown.I came there earlier and had a nice warm shower. As I dried off my body and applied a sweet lotion, I imagined feeling his black hands touching my nipples. I noticed that my thighs were quickly becoming wet with anticipationEven though I was trying to save my first orgasm for Wilson, I had myself so worked up in such frenzy that I knew I needed to find release. I got down on the hotel bed and spread my thighs open and put my fingers into my pussy.As I rubbed my clit faster, I could feel the wetness from my pussy run down to my inner thighs as I imagined pleasuring my black lover…I soon felt my body shudder, toes curl, and body tighten as I imagined him coming and releasing himself all over my face. As I lay there on the bed I could feel how flushed my face was and I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. Then I heard a three knocks on the door… He was early…I had no time to dress; so, I jumped up and went naked to answer the door.As I flung open the door, Wilson’s eyes registered surprise to see me standing kağıthane escort there naked. My black lover did not even say a single word. He slammed me up against the wall as the door fell closed. I felt my heart pounding in my chest and he kissed me and grabbed a fist full of my hair from the back of my head and looked at me deep in my eyes. He began to bite and suck hard on my nipples, twisting them with his fingers. He shoved two fingers into my pussy and was shocked at how wet I was, as he could feel my juices leaking out of my pussy. “You disobeyed me, bitch! You were supposed to come here after me”Then he put his hand on my head and pushed me towards the ground…I knew it was my duty to drop to my knees and please my black Master…I quickly fell to my knees, opened the zipper on his jeans, pulled his dick out and put it between my hungry red lips. Soon I could feel him swell, grow, harden, and triple in size in my warm, wet mouth. My wet pussy began to drip even more as I felt him get harder and harder. He then began to tease me and quickly took my dick away and he withdrew himself from my mouth. I looked up but before I could speak I felt him take his cock and smack me across the face with it. “Suck this black dick, you filthy white married bitch…”I loved his dirty talk… I wanted him to treat me as a real slut.He knew he could have whatever he wanted from me… After a few more smacks to my face he thrust himself back in my mouth and I groaned with happiness of having him back deep inside my throat…I began to spit and slobber all over his big black dick and I rotated my tongue all over the head. I licked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock and I moaned in pleasure as I craved the feeling of him inside of me. I choked and gagged on his big black cock. After a few more tries, I was able to get nearly all of him inside me and could feel the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat. As the tears streamed down my cheeks, I continued to suck and spit all over his wet, hard black dick. All of a sudden Wilson grabbed my hair and pulled me back up to my feet, then pushed me face down onto the bed so that he could take me from behind. “I want to see your ass in the air, face in the pillow, bitch” He commanded.Before I could even get situated I felt him thrust his big cock into my eager waiting pussy and I screamed out in pleasure and pain. I could feel my wetness leaking down my thighs…Then I felt a hard smack across my ass cheeks.“Bitch, you are dripping wet… you like my black dick in your wet cunt?””Yes! I love that! I love your huge black bakırköy escort dick fucking my pussy…”I screamed in response; as he smacked me again across my ass cheeks and fucked my wet, dripping pussy…I could feel the stinging redness across my butt cheeks when he was done, and the intense feeling of pleasure from his dick and pain from his blows were almost too much to take; but yet I loved it and couldn’t get enough. I looked up and realized that we could watch us fuck in a mirror on the wall. Our eyes met in the mirror I could see the lust and excitement in expression. As he continued to fuck me, his strong hands grabbed my hips and I could hear the sounds of his cock slamming into my wet, juicy pussy. I then felt him grab a fistful of my curly blond hair and my head snapped back towards him and I screamed out in pain. Then I felt another few smacks across my ass while he continued to fuck my pink pussy real hard…Suddenly, without warning, he pulled out and grabbed my leg and flipped me over onto my back with one quick motion. As he spread my legs open again and stuck his big black dick into me I couldn’t help but look down and see how big he was, and how good he looked entering me. I then felt him placing his strong hand across my throat and he began to choke me and cut off my air supply while he fucked me. I could barely breathe but yet I loved the feelings of pain, loss of control, and his big dick slamming up against me…I began to furiously rub my clit while he continued to fuck and choke me. “Come on this black dick, you slutty married bitch” Wilson yelled at me.Then my body quickly began to shudder and shake and cum all over his black dick. A few seconds after I was done, still shuddering and shaking…After a few more thrusts, I felt him pull out of me and he grabbed my head, stacking his cock into my mouth. As I felt him fuck my face I felt his dick beginning to throb and twitch as his cum shot down the back of my throat. I swallowed each drop and I felt turned by the combination of his cum and my juices together in my mouth. I stood up to go to the restroom and as I sat down on the toilet, Wilson stood up in front of me and he stuck his dick into my mouth as I was taking a leak.”Do not get too relaxed, slut, I am going to fuck you in your ass…!”He knew his dick was so thick to try it in my asshole; I would be hurt for sure, But I said to him that I would not mind…I sucked him hard and once again felt him grow in my mouth. Then he grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up, throwing me to the bed again.He grabbed my leg and flipped şişli escort me over; this time onto my stomach and spread my legs apart. Then he went to his bag and brought blindfolds and handcuffs…He tied my hands to the bed posts and put the blindfold over my eyes so I could not see what would happen next. He made me sit up on my knees and pushed my face into the bed while my ass was straight up in the air. I tried to relax and loosen up my anal musclesHe also produced a bottle of lube and put a few drops on the tip of his finger and slowly put it deep in my asshole to get me warmed up. I could feel my asshole loosening up and enjoying the feeling of his finger penetrating me. After a few minutes of teasing me, he put a generous application of lube on his cock and began to tease my asshole with the tip as he rubbed it back and forth across the tight entrance to my rosebud. As he slowly stuck the thick head of his cock in me, I yelped and once again experienced the dual feeling of pleasure and pain that was arising…”Please fuck my ass, you filthy nigger bastard!” I cried out to him as he continued to push himself further and further inside of my rear tight entranceAs he continued to go deeper, I felt chills and pleasure radiate up and down my entire body. Before I knew what was happening I felt him pushing a vibrator deep into my pussy while his dick was still invading my ass. I felt my entire body rise up in pleasure as both of my holes were filled to capacity with my big black dick and the vibrator. Wilson also moaned in pleasure, as he felt the vibrator buzzing in my pussy while his cock was buried deep in my ass…He started smacking my ass cheeks and spreading out them as he continued to plunge deeper and deeper inside of me. I was soon panting like a real bitch and begging for more and more black dick… As he pumped inside my asshole, I pleaded with him to release one of my handcuffs so that I could rub my clit which was begging for attention. He released the restraint of my right hand, so that I could pleasure myself and although my left hand was still tied to the bed post I began to rub my wet and swollen clit as he fucked my ass with no mercy at all. I felt him pumping harder and harder in my ass which was becoming sore from the attention of that wild anal sex…as he spanked my ass and called me his dirty white whore I could no longer hold it in and my pussy and ass contracted on the combination of the vibrator and his big black dick. I panted out of control as he plowed into me from behind. I kept rubbing my swollen clit and came hard once again. “I am going to cum on your ass, you filthy white whore” Wilson yelled as he pulled his dick out of me blasted himself all over my ass. He took his cock and rubbed his cum all over my bottom and I moaned in pleasure as I loved the feeling of his warm, wet cum on me. As we lay there catching our breath I knew it was just the start of an amazing cold and rainy night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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