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Subject: My Boy’s boy 34–gay male-incest, urine My Boy’s Boy 34 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: fty/donate.htm This story is fiction. Snippets are from reality with additional kink and dreams of my own added, along with suggestions from readers. I appreciate reader feedback–it’s the only pay we get here, so feel free to email me at derrick1968mwm@. I’m always playing with myself while writing and usually while reading comments as well. Thanks to those who have reacted to these characters and emailed me. Comments from readers are the only pay I get…donations to Nifty are appreciated. Dylan’s View I’d gotten the email about the job interview as Craig said I would. I told them I could interview at their convenience. I was nervous about the interview and whether or not I would get the job. I just had to remember that Craig told me to do my best. The only bad thing was that this cock cage would stay on if I didn’t get the job, but that was the only punishment. I don’t think Craig would really be mad at me if I didn’t get the job. I just didn’t want to make him mad or disappoint him. I was so thankful he was helping me out with this job hunt thing. But I was so damn horny. Seeing Craig fuck my Dad always turned me on. It turned me on to know that my own Dad liked dick up his ass and that he liked me to watch him get fucked. It turned me on to see Craig fuck because he was well, Craig. But watching them fuck when I could not even get hard was torture. Even just being able to watch them and have my own hardon pointing at them would have been better than no hard on at all. My cock tried to get hard as I watched Craig stuff my Dad’s ass with his prick. I leaked a little bit of precum because I was so excited, but not as much precum as I did when I was hard and not enough to curb my every growing horniness. I had an answer back from the interviewer. They wanted to interview me tomorrow morning. I replied to confirm and indicate my interest in the position. I was really excited and messaged Craig and Dad instantly. I needed to research the position and the company more in the meantime as I was more than caught up on my schoolwork. I really wanted this job and I wanted Craig to see me working and being successful. He needed to know that I was more than a horny boy. But fuck now I was such a horny boy and I needed something in my ass. That would have to wait. I needed to concentrate see what I could find out about the company and what work I would be doing. I set myself a list of goals to accomplish for the rest of the afternoon. Dad would have supper ready at the usual time and Craig would be done working by then. Perhaps we could have some family time after supper. I was horny, but I needed to please Craig more by doing a good job in the interview. I just wanted Craig to be proud of me and pleased with me and not just when I was serving his cock. I got back to my list of things to find out and tried to put off my horny ass until later. At times I was still a little bit afraid Craig would kick me out if I didn’t get a job. Despite how much he helped me and said just to keep “doing my best” I was a little afraid that I’d somehow piss him off and I’d be out on my own. Just as I started making some headway learning more about the company that was interviewing me, I got an email from Craig. It contained what his friend had told him about the company along with a series of links that I should read. Then I heard a knock on the door. It was Craig. “Stand up and bend over and show me that hot little tight hole you have Dylan,” Craig ordered. I was only too happy to follow orders. “I won’t take up much of your time since you do need to prepare. I have confidence in your abilities Dylan. Don’t doubt yourself. As a little token of my support for you, I’m going to give you something to remind you that I’m thinking about you.” Then he shoved a dildo up my ass. “That’s to stay there until I tell you can take it out. You can remove it for bathroom use only. If I see you anywhere other than sitting on the toilet, or getting fucked, I expect to see it in your hole until the interview is over. Is that clear?” “Yes” I answered. “Very clear.” “Good” Craig answered. istanbul travesti “You’re a good boy and that cage and that dildo hopefully don’t distract you too much. I really want you do to well tomorrow and I do have faith in you boy and not just because I like your hole. Read over the stuff I sent you and when you are done email me back five things you learned and any questions you have. Yea…this is homework.” And he turned around and left. Kevin’s View I had mixed thoughts on Dylan wearing the cock cage. I wasn’t certain if it was Craig’s idea or if Tom had suggested it. Craig would not have done it to Dylan unless he wanted to see Dylan in one but Tom could have put the idea in his head. But somehow knowing Dylan was watching Craig fuck my ass and not be able to get hard, jack his dick, or even cum was exciting. For some reason, while Craig was fucking my ass I kept thinking about Dylan’s cock. Was it leaking cum from seeing Craig’s ass cheeks clench as he thrust himself into me? Was there a drop of precum at the tip of his soft dick when he heard me moan when Craig fucked the cum out of me? Did he leak when Craig grunted as he dumped his load of man cum in his ass? I liked my boy watching me get fucked and knowing that at that precise moment he wanted to be me. My own boy wanted to be in my place getting his ass fucked, getting his ass plowed, getting his ass full of hot cum. He wanted to be the bottom clenching a dick with his ass to milk it. I needed to stop thinking of Dylan and get back to making supper. Craig never gave me a menu at all and was the least picky eater I had ever met–just not too much fat and not too much grease was all he ever told me. I’d throw something together but needed to stop thinking about how much my son watching me get fucked turned me on. I let Craig fuck me whenever and wherever he wanted to, but I didn’t quite bitch myself out for him. Or at least I told myself that I didn’t. But knowing that Dylan was there seeing Craig fuck me just pushed buttons in me. And now that I was turned on, I wanted to be the one who also occasionally fucked Dylan’s ass, but only if Craig wanted me to. I needed to think about supper and not Dylan’s cock or Dylan’s ass. Craig never really got mad if supper was later than usual, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I decided to get on task. Craig never really got mad at me and I didn’t want him to either. It wasn’t because I was scared of him but instead because I just wanted him to be pleased with me. Tom joked that Craig was hard to please. I didn’t see it at all. I enjoyed pleasing Craig, not in the way that Dylan did–don’t spank me–but I loved doing all the little things that Craig needed me to do. I needed to stop thinking about Dylan. It was only getting me more aroused. I needed to focus on supper. Craig’s View Dylan needed some guidance for the interview. He didn’t need to know that he was a shoe-in for the job. After looking at his online job profile and discreetly talking to a couple of Dylan’s professors, my friend knew that Dylan would be a good match for the company. I was pleased, but assured my friend that I wanted no favors for him. I wanted him to do something he was qualified for and would be able to do. My friend assured me that he’d be fine, but that an interview was a formality. Dylan would interview fine. Getting him a job was a weight off my shoulders and I hope it all panned out. The boy was a good fuck and was going to make a great submissive boy, but he needed a career besides so that he could support himself. But I could not resist shoving that dildo up his ass and telling him he needed to leave it in until the interview was over. My friend and the person he would interview with were not going to be interested in Dylan sexually at all, but this would be a good way for Dylan to be submissive to me in front of other people–especially since I was going to tell him that he needed to leave the dildo in his ass while interviewing. My cock was so hard when I shoved that dildo in his ass, but I resisted the urge to fuck him right then and there. Right before we ate, Dylan sent me his email about the job and I answered his questions kadıköy travesti and told him that during supper, he was to tell his Dad that I had shoved a dildo up his ass and that he wanted his Dad to fuck him with it after we had cleaned up from supper. I could tell Dylan was nervous as we sat down to eat. Just a few minutes into the meal, he told his Dad that I had shoved a dildo up his ass so that he could be thinking of my cock in his ass today. I smiled. Kevin didn’t say much, but he did smile. I then asked Dylan if he had anything else to add. That’s when he asked his dad to dildo fuck him after we had cleaned up from supper. I had already told Kevin to be coy with him about it, so he asked Dylan if he was certain that he just wanted a dildo in his ass. His face got red and he said that tonight he did and that tonight he just wanted dildo fucked. After dinner, I sat down, popped open a beer and, while we waited for Kevin, told Dylan to get on his hands and knees in front of me and face me. I told him to open his mouth that I needed to piss and didn’t want to go to the bathroom. He approached me and put half my cock in his sweet mouth and I let my piss flow while I downed my beer. “How was that Dylan? Your Dad made an excellent meal for us. Piss is sometimes a good after-dinner drink for a boy like you.” “It was good Daddy. I liked it,” was his response. “Good. I’m making more. Now I want you to pull that dildo almost all the way out of your hole slowly and then slowly slide it all the way in. Do this fifteen times and count, but only say the number as the dildo is going back into your hole.” He pulled it out and as he slid it back in, he said “one.” He continued and I told him to pick up the pace. I reached for the clamps on the end table and put a nipple clamp on each of his nips. He moaned and kept up with the dildo work. When he completed it, I spanked his ass ten times with my bare hand. It was then that his Dad walked in the room. “Dildo fuck him Kevin. Work that hole over good. I want to see if we can get him to leak tonight or have a fakegasm because of his cage. I sat back in my chair and popped open another beer. I didn’t have any actual work planned tomorrow so I could drink as much as I wanted and share the results with Dylan. Kevin got behind Dylan and pulled the dildo from his ass. All 10 inches of the thick fake cock came out. I had an excellent view since Dylan’s ass was at a slight angle to my chair. I put my own nipple clamps on, moaning slightly as the pleasure radiated from my nips. My cock stiffened and I saw Kevin slide the dildo into Dylan again. Then he really started fucking him with it–just like I had told him to. Dylan was moaning. “Whose dick do you wish that was Dylan?” I asked him. “Yours,” he moaned. “Yeah? Want your Daddy fucking you, huh?” I answered and finished my beer and looked at my erect dick standing away from my body. I was aroused but was not jacking off. “Oh yes Daddy” he answered. “Then whose dick? Dylan? What your own Dad to put his actual cock in your hole?” Dylan stammered and didn’t answer immediately. “Well?” I pressed him for an answer. “Do you want your own Dad’s bare cock in your hole? Fucking you? The cock that squirted the cum that made you squirting more of that cum into your own hole?” “Oh yes Daddy. I want my Dad’s cum too.” Dylan was breathing a little heavier as Kevin’s dildo thrusting got more intense. The mention of him fucking his own son obviously aroused him. His cock was hard as he dildo fucked his own son under my instruction. I finished my second beer and opened another. I chugged it. My cock was harder than ever and I needed to fuck, but the nipple clamps and the scene had me hot. My balls were boiling but they would be emptied tonight soon enough. “Anyone else you want to have fuck that hole Dylan?” I asked him. No answer. “Anyone else Dylan? Any other cock you want to feel enter that hole bare, hard, and leaking?” I asked again. “Just a cock.” “Good answer” I told him. That’s exactly what your Daddy wants to hear you say. I need to know that you want cock in that hole. Mine first. Your Dad’s second and then whatever cock I say, Dylan. Remember bakırköy travesti that. You take other cock that I have approved of or when I have told you that it’s ok to have other cock. Or do you just want whatever cock you can get?” He moaned as the dildo fucking continued. His cock wasn’t hard in the cage, but he was leaking. I could see a drop of precum at the tip of his dick. “I just want cock, but I’ll do what Daddy says.” “Good boy Dylan. Just keep being Daddy’s good boy and a good boy for your Dad.” Kevin kept ramming his hole with the dildo. Dylan was moaning more and more. I told Kevin to stop fucking him with the artificial mandick. “Do you need your Dad to keep fucking you Dylan?” “Yes,” he answered. “Do you want to cum from getting fucked Dylan? Do you think you could cum with your cock soft?” I asked him. “I was getting close to some sort of orgasm Daddy,” he answered. “Kevin. Start fucking him with it again. Aim for his prostate.” I instructed. Kevin started the assault again. He had a look of determination on his face. He wanted to at least get a little milking action on his son’s prostate. It was so hot watching Kevin fuck Dylan’s hole with that dildo. It was like he was a machine on Dylan’s ass with that dildo. He was fucking Dylan’s hole faster than any top could. No matter how fit or energetic the top, there was no way a man’s cock could go in and out of Dylan’s hole as fast as the dildo my boyfriend was using on his son’s ass. I chugged my fourth beer. Maybe it was my fifth. My cock was so hard. My nipples felt so good. I was riding the buzz of the alcohol and the sex in front of my eyes. The whole thing was so hot. Dylan started to shake and move back towards Kevin with the dildo. He was wanting some sort of relief that he couldn’t get from his cock but that he could only get from his ass. My own cock was twitching and a huge drop of precum formed at the tip of my stiff, angry manhood. Dylan started to moan and Kevin continued his assault. My bladder started to tell me it was full. It was beyond full. Kevin’s moans continued to grow in intensity. “Hit his spot Kevin. Fuck his prostate with that dildo.” I stood up. “Dylan, I need to piss. Don’t suck me. Just take my piss.” He moaned. He was lost in another world thanks to that dildo in his hole. I put my stiff cock in his mouth and forced myself to relax and piss. It started to flow forcefully and I heard Dylan moan and moan. He was shaking all over. The fucker was cumming as best he could from a dildo while his cock was caged. I finished my piss. He had spilled a little, but it was ok given the situation. I looked underneath him and there was a little pool of cum with a string of it hanging from his soft cock. “Good job Kevin. You made him ooze cum. That’s so hot.” Kevin looked at the cum on the floor and then I said “Dylan, clean up your mess.” After he had cleaned it up, I said “we going to bed. Dylan has an important interview tomorrow morning.” We all got in the same bed. Dylan and his Dad were snuggled together face-to-face. I was behind Kevin. I had not been in bed five seconds when I rammed my erect dick in Kevin’s ass and fucked him hard and fast. The dildo fucking of Dylan had me more aroused than I had been in ages. Kevin moaned and groaned right in Dylan’s face as I fucked him. They were then kissing. It wasn’t long before Kevin had a hands-free cum. I could tell it from the way his ass went ballistic on my cock. A few seconds later I dumped my own load in his ass. I went to sleep right away. All the beer had an effect on me. Two hours later I woke up with Kevin facing me. He was awake. “Daddy I know you have to piss. I want it. He put his mouth on my soft cock and I drained myself into him. After I finished, he let my cock fall from his lips and returned to snuggle next to me, face to face. I kissed him long and hard and with plenty of tongue. The taste of piss in his mouth reminded me of his submissiveness to me. We would fuck later in the morning after Dylan woke up. I felt like a loud fuck and didn’t want to disturb his sleep given his important day tomorrow. So I hugged Kevin and went to sleep. Readers are encouraged to give me a shoutout ail, even if it’s just to let me know you want to see the series continue. That’s the only way I know people are reading. We’ve got more hot sessions planned for these characters, but love to know if these guys and their exploits are resonating with readers.

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