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Subject: My Brother Understands (Ch. 5 Gay/Incest) This story contains gay sex between consenting adults including incestual situations. If this story offends you or it is illegal for you, please leave this site. If not..enjoy and let me know what you think! The characters and events in this story are fictional. The story may portray some real people, events, or places. Remember Nifty relies and survives on generosity of people like you for donations. Please be generous. fty/ Post Vacation HOLY HELL! What a vacation. I used to think 60 was old and worn out, but damn my Grandpa was anything but! My brother and I each took several fuckings from him and he showed my brother a thing or two about how to really fuck. Apparently, my brother, and his cock, took after my Grandpa. We were back home and we had a few more weeks before we had to get back to school. My brother went back to work, as did my dad. My uncle had returned home, so I was left by myself. I was scanning Facebook and saw a group of people from high school were getting together at the beach. I looked in the mirror and knew I looked much better than I did in high school. I felt more confident and wanted to strut my new self in front of my old classmates. I called my brother and asked if he would pick me up after work. He said that sounded great and a dip in the lake sounded awesome. I called a Lyft and was dropped off at the lake. I took a deep breath and walked towards the beach. I had chosen a pair of shorts that I knew made every part of me look good. I found a spot and laid out my towel and kept my eye out for my classmates. There were a few girls and then a few guys that were not very nice to me. I got up and walked close enough by them to be seen but didn’t look their way. I jumped in the lake and cooled off. When I walked back to my towel one of the girls called out my name. I looked and waved. She waved me over and I slowly walked her way. I knew my suit was clinging to my cock and showing off my endowment. When I reached the group the girls were all about complimenting me on how I looked and said I had definitely improved since high school. I knew it was supposed to be a compliment, but it just reaffirmed how much of a loser I was in high school. The guys acted like they didn’t remember who I was. Then one called me Slug Doug. I was pale and moved slowly in high school. I had to admit it kind of fit my persona. One of the girls called the guy an ass and looked me up and down saying there was nothing slug about me! The guys didn’t like the attention I was getting from the girls, but I couldn’t give a shit. I went and got my towel and sat down. I talked a lot to the girls and I could tell I was being stared at, not only by the girls but by the guys as well. My brother had encouraged me over the past year and I had become very fit. I went to the concession stand and used the restroom. As I was pissing one of the guys came in and started giving me some shit about hitting on his girlfriend. I shook my cock and turned so he could see it before I pulled up my suit. I made a comment if he was satisfying his girlfriend she would be looking around at anyone else. This pissed him off and said I was still the same slug I used to be and he took a swing at me. I dodged it and pushed him into the wall. Apparently, I was quicker than the slug I used to be. I pinned him against the wall and said, Listen Jackass this wasn’t high school and he better back the fuck up. A dad and his son walked into the bathroom and I quickly stepped back and walked back to the girls. When “jackass” returned he had a bit of blood on his forehead. He said he slipped and caught the corner of the wall. I smiled a bit but tried not to let the others see. We enjoyed the beach and then I saw my brother walking our way. Each of the girls growled a bit as he got closer. One girl looked at me and told me my brother was one incredible fuck! I laughed and said I had heard it all before. Another girl looked at me and said she thought I could give my brother a run for his money and looked down at my crotch. When my brother arrived he greeted each of the girls by name. The guys all knew he had fucked each one. The “jackass” didn’t say a word. My brother peeled off his shirt and this really put the boys in their place. He was a stud! He sat next to me and looked at the boys and asked if any of these pussies were messing with his younger brother. I looked at “jackass” and said it was all good. We were just talking about how this isn’t high school anymore and how we all have to move on and get a life. We hadn’t been talking about that, so there were some confused looks, but a few put the pieces together and shook their heads at “jackass”. My brother and I walked down and jumped in the lake. We splashed around a bit and then were joined by a couple of the girls and guys. I really liked the attention I was getting from the girls and we ended up having a chicken fight. My brother won of course. His legs were immovable. We all laughed and the girl that had been on my shoulders was next to me and I felt her hand slide down my back and then to my ass. I had no idea how to respond but then she stepped away and the hand was still on my ass, then he did a quick tug and I mooned the people behind us. I turned my head and the younger brother of “jackass”, Ryan, laughed and then dove under the water and swam away. I chased him and pulled at his shorts, almost pantsing him. He yelled and laughed saying there were children and families around! We laughed and splashed at each other. We started chatting and he asked how I liked college. I told him it was the best time of my life. He said he would be going to the same college and wondered if I would show him around. I noticed him looking down at my crotch a few times and told him I would love to show him a thing or two. He blushed and dove back in the şişli travesti water. We rejoined my brother and the girls who were all teasing my brother about being a slut. My brother just shrugged his shoulders saying he never heard any complaints. This kind of shut the girls up because they each knew it was true. Keith said he was starving and asked if the girls would like to get some pizza. I looked at Ryan and asked if he would like to go along as well. Two other guys joined us and “jackass” conceded and we all headed to Geno’s. A local favorite. My brother was between two girls who were not being very discreet about where their hands were. My brother just smiled and put his arms on the back of the booth. I was much more discreet as I let my hand rub against Ryan’s leg. I noticed growth in Ryan’s crotch and that he was sitting very close to the table. At the end of the evening my brother offered to give the girls a ride home. Ryan spoke up and said he could give me a ride, that his brother had left after he got into a fight with his girlfriend. I smiled and thanked him. As we drove away I placed my hand in Ryan’s lap. He acted shocked at first, but I squeezed and he groaned a bit then smiled. I took that as my go ahead and reached my other hand over and unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard 7″ cock. I bent over the console and took him in my mouth. The car swerved a bit but then he got it back under control. He moaned and said he hadn’t cum in days and wasn’t going to last long. I moaned and nodded and sucked harder. I felt the car pull over and we came to a stop. I sucked harder and felt his cock spurt load after load into my mouth. His cock went soft and I let it out of my mouth. I sat up and he breathed, that was awesome! I smiled and told him if he liked that then he was going to love college! He looked down at my crotch and I pulled down my shorts. He smiled and bent over and I felt my cock enveloped by his mouth. This was NOT his first blowjob!! I loved how he paid a lot of attention to my balls. He moved back to my head and was jacking me off as he sucked. I started shooting in his mouth when I noticed a cop car go by. I turned and watched it whip around and it’s lights come on. I pushed him off and quickly pulled up my shorts. Ryan had cum on his lips and I told him to wipe his face. The police officer walked up and asked if everything was ok. Ryan looked up at the cop and told him to fuck off! My mouth dropped open and was about to say I was being kidnapped. Ryan laughed and told me the cop was his oldest brother. The cop, Ronald, asked Ryan what he was doing parked alongside a public road. He said he was giving a blowjob if he really must know. Again my mouth dropped open. Ronald looked over at me. Sorry if I interrupted he said to me. Ryan said I had just finished when he saw you. I really had no words as I wasn’t expecting to have a conversation about my ejaculation with a police officer. Ronald told Ryan to find a more private spot if they planned on going any farther. Ryan scoffed and said he had ruined the mood. Ronald laughed and told me and Ryan to have a good night. Ryan pulled away and I finally took a breath. What the hell!! Ryan told him that his brother knew he was gay and that he was sexually active. This isn’t the first time he has caught me in this position. I smiled and wondered who else he had been with. I pulled my shirt up and revealed that I hadn’t finished cumming in his mouth and had quite a mess in my shorts. He took his hand and wiped some of it up and licked his fingers. I smiled. I was going to like Ryan! He dropped me off at home and my brother wasn’t home yet. I laughed knowing he was fucking those girls tonight. He truly didn’t care who he fucked as long as he was fucking someone! I walked in the house and it was all dark. There was a strange car in the driveway alongside my dad’s truck, so I wondered where he was. I walked down the hall and heard men’s voices. My cock twitched. Was my dad on a date? His door was shut but I could hear his voice. He was telling someone to suck his balls. The muffled noise after that would indicate the man complied. The two men were going at it hot and heavy and my dick liked what it heard. I listened until the men climaxed and I heard my dad tell the guy they should shower before he drove him home. I heard the shower turn on and I went to my room and shut the door. I listened as they left and looked out the window trying to see who the man was. The front lights were on and smiled when I saw my dad kiss the man good night. When the man opened his car door and sat in his car I was shocked when I saw Mr. Taylor, my high school math teacher. The girls in high school drooled over him. If they only knew he liked sucking cock! My dad came back in the house and I scared him to death when I opened my bedroom door. MR. TAYLOR, REALLY??? After his heart started beating again, my dad smiled and said, really! He went to his bedroom and smiled back at me as he shut the door. I smiled and was happy my dad was happy. About 30 minutes later my brother came home. I heard him undress and then he came into my room. He told me he fucked both the girls and they ate each other out after he shot his load in them. I crinkle my nose and knew I was definitely 100% gay. I told him about dad and Mr. Taylor. Keith’s mouth dropped open and then he shrugged. Good for them! We were sitting around the breakfast table, naked as usual, and my dad brought up his date from the previous night. I guess we should talk about what happened. I shrugged. You got laid, no big deal. We all got some last night. He laughed and said that that was all fine and good, but we may want to consider the other person and their comfort level. Bill, or Mr. Taylor is a bit on the shy side and I don’t think he would understand our family bond or all of our experiences. beylikdüzü travesti I looked at my dad. I am glad you had a good time, but do you really want that? You seem to really like what we have done, so why limit yourself to one and from what I heard was pretty vanilla. My dad’s eyes opened wide. He nodded and said he felt something for Bill, but agreed he shouldn’t concede for less. He had already done that once and he wouldn’t do that again. Keith told my dad that if Bill really likes him he will be open to exploring your interests. My dad nodded and said he will think about how to approach it. We finished our breakfast and we decided to hang by the pool for the day. Our bodies were extremely tan and we didn’t need socks on our cocks anymore. Camping was completely au natural and we had an all over tan. My brother and I talked about going back to college and my dad said he was going to miss us but liked the idea of the two of them living together. I looked at Keith. Actually, I am going to be living with my boyfriend Brad. Keith said that he was going to be living with a guy named Todd that he fucked on a regular basis and it just made more sense for him to be ready and available whenever he wanted him. My dad paused and said he really needed to talk to Bill, so he wasn’t the only one alone. We were a week away from going back to college when my dad mentioned he invited Bill over for dinner and wondered if we would want to make it a triple date. Keith said Todd was in town so he could invite him over and I said Ryan had been begging to get back in my pants. We set it up and my dad said he wanted us to see how comfortable or uncomfortable he was with public displays of affection. Bill arrived first and he was a bit shy especially when two more of his former students showed up. He also was quiet when he saw Ryan and I kissing. We cooled our jets for a bit and had a few drinks. My dad was rubbing his leg and I could tell Bill was enjoying it. I winked at my brother and he turned to Todd and nodded. Todd jumped up and stripped off his clothes. Time for some skinny dipping! My brother followed suit and Ryan and I were next. Bill’s mouth was hanging open and when he turned to my dad he noticed he was naked holding his hand out. My dad smiled. Bill looked at all of us in the pool and then turned back to my dad and smiled. He stood and began to undress. My dad and Bill held hands as they ran and jumped in the pool. The six of us paired off and were all in a hot and heavy makeout session. I decided to push the envelope and jumped up on the side of the pool and pulled Ryan to me and fed him my cock. My dad noticed and pulled away from Bill’s lips and looked in our direction. Bill snapped his head back to my dad and then back to us. He then turned to my brother and saw Todd bobbing up and down on my brother. He looked back at my dad and leaned in for a deep passionate kiss. I smiled as I saw my dad stroking Mr. Taylor’s cock. I wondered what would Mr. Taylor do if he saw Keith and I make out? Maybe we should save that for another night. Dad/Jimmy So, my son Doug has been quite a busy guy and sharing too much of our sexual adventures, in my opinion, but, I have to admit when I read them I get turned on and my 8″ cock grows and I need to get off! So, I thought I should step in and share a bit about me and my background. You already know about the divorce. My, bitch, wife and I had been together 24 years. We were about to celebrate 25 years and she went psychotic. Well, fuck her and I can now live the life I should have lived, but I am thankful for my two sons, so our marriage wasn’t a total waste of time. I won’t waste your time with what my son has already shared, but thought you’d like to know how I got to that point. You heard about my brother Jack. You should know he was famous in high school as Jack Off Jack. He got caught multiple times jerking off. He was embarrassed the first few times, but then it just became a joke. We were close and he introduced me to the concept of jerking off. We escalated to giving head and then he fucked me and I fucked him. Our relationship turns out to be very much like Doug and Keith’s. We didn’t have as many guys, but we had our fair share. He was also a stud. We would often tag team some girl and when she was face down in a pillow we would make out as one of us fucked her. Something that I loved doing was double penetrating a girl’s pussy. Just knowing my brother’s dick was rubbing against mine kept me rock hard and then feeling our cum coat each other’s cocks was so hot! It was during one of these fuck sessions that our dad walked in on us. He was pissed! Not that we were having sex, but that we didn’t invite him. We got our looks from our dad and we knew the girls loved our dad! He would work in the yard in shorts and no shirt and girls would ogle him as they walked home from school. Well, the girl saw my dad standing in the doorway and smiled. My brother and I were mid fuck and not about to stop! She turned and licked her lips when she saw the bulge in my dad’s pants. My dad took the invitation and stepped up to the side of our bed. He unzipped and pulled out his hard cock. It was pretty surreal to be in this situation and then to have your dad join in and watch him get a blow job. His cock was nice, but my brother and I were bigger. The girl was doing her best to suck off my dad when he said that he wanted in her pussy. My brother and I hadn’t finished, but how do you say no to your dad? We pulled out and my dad stepped behind her with my brother still under her. He pressed his cock in and all of sudden the girl started moaning loudly. She pressed her lips to my brother and as my dad fucked this girl went crazy. She pulled away and looked back at my dad. What the hell! Your cock is amazing!!! Fuck me harder! I looked at my brother and we were both amazed. istanbul travesti We had thought we were fucking her pretty good, but she didn’t moan like this when we were both in her! My dad smiled and winked at me. I watched with each thrust and listened as the girl climaxed and then climaxed again! He picked up his pace and threw his head back as he filled her with the cum that brought us into this world. This chick could be carrying our brother! As he pulled out his cum dripped from her onto my brother’s balls. I licked my lips wanting to dive between his legs and lick it up! As my dad got off the bed the girl rolled off my brother and was breathing heavily. She looked down at his cock and said that thing is amazing! My dad smiled and then picked up his clothes. He looked at my brother and I and told us to finish up and our mom would be home soon. My mom! He fucks my mom and that explains the noises coming from their room every other night! They tried to mask it with the TV, but there was no mistaking the moans! My brother shoved his cock back into her and pulled down to his lips as he thrust in and out of her. I took the opportunity and bent down and licked my brother’s balls clean of my dad’s cum. My brother finished and then I added my own load to her. When she left she said she would love another go at our dad. Nothing about my brother or I, but another go with our dad! The next day we were working in the yard with our dad. When we were done he suggested we get showered off and ready for dinner. We were taking our mom out for her birthday. We went inside and my dad stripped off his clothes in the laundry room. His body was impressive! He told us to do the same so we didn’t track grass and dirt through the house. He stood there and watched as we stripped. He tugged at his cock and balls a few times and once we were naked turned and walked down the hall. He smiled and said we should use the master bedroom shower. The shower head has some features we may like. My brother and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and grabbed our dicks. My parents bathroom had always been off limits. This was their space. We had seen the shower and knew it was huge, but when the three of us stepped in we were very impressed. There were showers on each side that went from cock level to the ceiling. When my dad turned on the water we were all doused from every direction. He flipped a lever and the water came from the ceiling in a soft rain flow. He handed us a bottle of soap and we lathered ourselves up. Once we were clean from the yard work he reached for an attachment and smiled at us. This, fellas, will change your world. He turned and we watched as he lowered the wand between his ass cheeks. That was hot enough, but then he pressed the tip into his hole. He moaned and we saw his cock swell to full hardness. He slid the thing in and out of his hole until water was spraying from his ass. He removed it and asked who wanted to try it first. My brother’s hand shot up and my dad told him to turn around. I watched as he inserted it into my brother and watched my brother’s face turn to pure pleasure. I was stroking my cock and wanted to feel what he was feeling. I turned and bent over presenting my ass to my dad. He removed the wand and inserted it into my hole. He was going back and forth and my brother and I couldn’t resist and turned and started making out. I felt my dad rubbing my ass and then felt his fingers slide to my hole. He pressed against it and I moaned into my brother’s mouth. My brother moaned back and I saw my dad had a hand on his ass as well. I wiggled my ass and my dad stepped up behind me. I felt soap on my ass and his hand rubbed it into my hole. Then he pressed the head of his dick in me. It felt good. Really good. Then when he started moving in and out of me it felt INCREDIBLE. What the hell! His cock felt like an octopus inside me. It hit every nerve ending in me. I actually whimpered and then moaned loudly. It echoed through the bathroom. He began thrusting hard and I felt my balls tighten and I began shooting! I hadn’t even touched my cock! He pulled out and pushed my brother into the wall and soon my brother was moaning and his cock released his load. This time my dad didn’t pull out and my brother screamed in pleasure and his cock swelled and shot another load as my dad filled his ass! My dad pulled out and we rinsed our bodies and asses. We felt his cum leak out our holes and down our legs. He turned off the water and smacked our asses. He told us to get dressed and ready for dinner. My brother and I left his bathroom in utter disbelief as to what just happened. My brother and I both agreed that his cock was incredible and now understood what that girl had felt! After dinner my dad suggested my brother and I go to a movie and handed us $50. He wanted some quality time with our mom and didn’t think the TV would do anything to block out the noise tonight. It was kind of gross, but we took the $50 and went and fucked around in my brother’s truck. When we got home our dad was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water. He was naked and his cock dangling in front of him. He smiled and said our mom would be walking funny tomorrow. Our teen years continued to be wet and wild. Until after a fuck session with my now ex I found out I was going to be a dad. I committed to being a father and told my dad and brother I couldn’t do that stuff anymore. I was miserable. My wife and I tried to be a couple, but unless we were both drunk we didn’t have sex. It was a few years later we had celebrated a bit too hard and that’s when Doug was conceived. We were both so hungover, like for days, we gave up drinking, which also meant we gave up sex. I was even more miserable. I ate my feelings and became a depressed, fat, angry man. I guess that brings us to the present. I wouldn’t want to relive those years, but am very happy living the life I am now and that wouldn’t have happened if the other didn’t. So, now you know me, my brother Jack and my dad. Guess this all runs in the family! Now where were we? Oh yeah, Mr. Taylor and the pool….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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