My Brother’s Foot Fetish

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Haylee was very excited for what she had planned this time. She didn’t have all the specifics, but based on what happened last time with the teasing… she could sense that he was into a particular something, and wanted to find out more. It all came together when she realized their parents would be gone that afternoon, and it gave her the perfect opportunity to mess with him some more. She stood in front of the mirror again, her big beautiful blue eyes staring back at her. They were focused this time, focused on the task at hand – how to torture her big brother in the best way possible. She stared down at her feet, and grinned. She had worn long striped socks up to her knees all day in preparation for this, and knew that she would’ve gotten some pretty smelly feet at this point. Knowing her brother, this would turn him on even more. The socks were colourful, purple and pink all the way to the top. It was one of her favourites, and she couldn’t wait to show him. On top of those socks, she wore black heeled boots, covering her feet entirely in some pretty expensive footwear. Her mom had gotten it for her last year for her birthday. She had gotten many compliments on them, especially from Trevor himself. Which meant he would really appreciate getting them off of her.

She didn’t focus on the rest of her outfit much today, though she did put on mascara and shiny lip gloss so he wouldn’t be able to help but stare at her lips, wondering what it was like to kiss them. She wore a very tight low shirt that exposed her breasts perfectly and short shorts, which gave him a beautiful view of her thighs and the socks riding up her legs. It was all according to plan. When she was finally satisfied with her appearance, she called on him with her usual sing-song voice. “Oh, Trevor!!”

She could already hear Trevor groaning from his bedroom, not knowing what to expect from her this time. He was now constantly worried every time they were home alone together, knowing that she would be pushing him further and further every single time. What a complete vixen she was. An utter tease. “No, no! I’m busy this time. Don’t come in.”

She had expected him to say this, and she put her hands on her waist and frowned at the closed door to his bedroom. “Trevor!!” She yelled.

“I told you I’m too busy for this!” He yelled. He could already feel some hardening in his pants from imagining what she could be wearing this time.

“If you don’t open this door right now I’m going to tell mom and dad you stared at my breasts inappropriately!” She cried out, knocking on the door over and over.

He groaned dramatically, and opened the door in front of her. He stood there, mouth agape from how she looked. He wore his pyjamas – a casual wife beater and shorts, which he liked to put on as soon as he got home and started playing video games. His hair was messy porno izle and ruffled, like he had just woken up. She grinned at him, hands still placed on her hips. “Like what you see?” She asked boldly.

His eyes were already turning lustful and hooded as he scanned her whole body, placing his stare solely on her striped socks. “Where did you get that?”

“These? Just recently. Do you like them?” She asked gently, crooning a bit.

“Yes. Very much.” He replied, like he was entranced by them.

“Why don’t you take them off of me then? Slowly?” She asked.

“What?” He replied immediately, though that sounded very enticing for him. She was right! She knew it all along. Her brother did have a foot fetish, and now she would be getting it out of him, making him admit it. How dirty his mind really was. It would be torture for him, she doubted he even knew about it himself, or even if he did, he would never want to admit it to himself.

“C’mon.” She mewled. “I know you want to.” He didn’t say a word, though he bit his lip slightly and nodded. She walked over to the bed confidently, and plopped onto it.

“Kneel.” She said, exactly the same way as she did last time.

He complied immediately, and she grazed his hair in her fingers as a sign of affection. Though she would never admit that. “You should probably take my shoes off first.” She commanded. He nodded, and was silent as he took her shoes off slowly. He untied the laces on her boots, unraveling it bit by bit. She had made it very difficult to untie for this very reason. He worked like her slave, and she loved it. Loved how clearly turned on this was making him. When he was finally done, he took the boots off one by one, savoring it as he did. He placed them gently on the side, and then looked at her like a lost puppy. The smell of her feet was in the air, and it was clear to him now she had purposefully worn these socks all day for this very reason.

He wanted to suck on her toes desperately, licking and touching every part of it, to see what part of her was the most sensitive. He looked up at her, waiting for the next instructions. “You seem very quiet, Trevor? What’s wrong?” She asked, though it was obvious she already knew.

“I…” He stammered.

“You?” She asked, though not in a malicious way. She just wanted to get it out of him. “You what? You never realized how you were into such dirty things?” She giggled, her voice echoing through the bedroom.

He shook his head, he was blushing now, afraid that she would abandon him if she realized how turned on he was by this. In a quick motion, she placed her feet on his pants, exactly where his dick was. She could already see the bulge growing larger and larger, and knew he was desperate for some kind of touch. She placed her feet on it, hard, grinding into his bulge as he gasped amatör porno out loud, feeling the sensations. “Oh my god.” He said, his eyes fully widened?

“I’ll let you do more if you admit it. Admit how dirty you are.” She said, now stroking him over his pants with her toes. She’s never done this before, but it wasn’t that difficult to manage.

“Haylee… that feels so good.” He grunted.

“I know, big brother.” She grinned, loving how she was affecting him. “Well? I’m waiting?”

He looked at her in the eyes, his blue the exact same shade as hers. “Yes, okay? You were right! It’s so kinky and wrong but it’s really hot… being under your feet like this, especially with these dirty striped socks and the leather heeled boots!”

“Aha!” She said, pointing to him. “I knew it!”

He ignored her, and went to action. Now that he finally admitted it, he needed to do more. To feel more. He placed his face very close to her feet in concentration, and pulled the socks down, one by one. He did it slowly, revealing her immaculately shaved legs little by little. He was so focused on it she wondered if he would cum just by doing this. When he was finally done, he didn’t wait for even a second before placing a toe in his mouth. She gasped out, she had no idea it would feel like this. She knew her toes were a ticklish spot… but this was a whole other level. He ignored her reactions though, and focused on sucking on every single toe, tasting the saltiness of the skin. It wasn’t enough, how could it be? He lifted her right feet and licked it all the way from the heel to the ball. She cried out, and dug her fingers deep into his shoulders.

She could feel herself getting wet from this. How could it possibly feel so good to have your toes sucked like that? To have your filthy feet devoured? He licked and nibbled on every part of her right foot, making sure to focus on the spots that she was clearly the most sensitive. When he was done, he worked on the right foot, enjoying it as well. She was speechless for once, watching her brother as he worshipped her. When he was done with exploring her feet, he moved up, working on her achilles and her ankles, and giving her little kisses all the way up her legs. She had her fingers dug into his hair the whole time, and she tried to make no noises at all, though it was clear to both of them this was getting to her. He stopped at the top of her knees, not wanting to push her too far without her willingly letting him.

When he was done, it was like he fell out of his trance, and he sat on his knees again, staring at her. “You absolute slut!” She giggled. “Look at how much saliva you drooled on my feet! Look at how desperate you got!”

He blushed furiously, though he didn’t care anymore. His dick was almost bursting out of his pants. She noticed anal porno as well, and she commanded, “pull your pants down.”

He nodded, he had been waiting for this command, though he was starting to feel concerned. Were they going to go all the way this time? She had other plans though, and immediately ordered him to start touching himself. She grinned wickedly as he complied, placing his fingers around his dick, which was pulsing and hot, begging to be touched.

“Look at how hard you are.” She crooned. “From seeing your sister’s dirty feet, no less. How filthy of you.” She loved how she was making him feel a mixture of discomfort yet immense horniness. It was her gift, after all.

He stroked faster, and she watched eagerly as he did. After a few seconds, she placed her feet on his shoulders. When he didn’t react to it, she moved higher, and put them on his face, smooshing it completely. He grunted, and stroked faster. He sniffed in deeply as he did, and he focused on the tip, groaning.

She could tell he was getting close now. Very close. She smiled at him, though he couldn’t see from her toes being on his face. He closed his eyes, savouring the moment. “Hey! You!” She said, and his eyes shot open. “Did I say you could cum?” She asked sheepishly.

“Huh?” He said, confused.

“Did I say you could cum?” She repeated.

He shook his head, though he had no idea he needed her permission. “Well, I don’t think you should be allowed to.” She said.

His hand paused on his dick, and he gaped at her. “Why not?!” He was getting frustrated at this point, and had no idea why she was stopping him.

“Because I don’t think you should be getting off on your sister’s feet.” She grinned wickedly, and pretended like she hadn’t planned all this in the first place.

“But… but… ” was all he could manage to say.

“Maybe if you ask nicely.” She said, staring down at him. She placed her feet back on the ground, and he looked a little disappointed.

He thought about it for a second, he couldn’t believe she was making him do this. When did his little sister get so evil? Finally, he gave up. He was too desperate, and it wouldn’t be that bad, would it? “Please, little sis? Can I cum?” He asked, shutting his eyes from the embarrassment.

“Well… since you asked so nicely, yes!” She replied. He was elated, he started stroking again, faster and faster, and he finally came, exploding onto the floor in front of her, splashing her feet.

She frowned at him. “Excuse me brother! My feet are so dirty now!” She showed him, the white sticky goo dripping down her legs. He blushed, feeling embarrassed.

She grinned and commanded him to lick the cum off of her toes and legs, and he complied immediately, tasting his cum and her dirty feet again. It was almost enough to get him hard again, but she shot up as soon as he got all the cum off of her, adjusting her clothes.

“That was fun, big bro!” She laughed. “See you again next time.” She winked, before heading out the door and leaving her bewildered brother still kneeling on the floor behind her.

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