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Subject: My Brother’s Hot Basketball Teammate – Part 4 The following is a fictional story involving sexual acts of consenting individuals. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The story plot and characters are all from the author’s imagination. If you are under the legal age to read sexually explicit material or reside in a location where it is illegal to do so, please stop reading further. I highly encourage everyone to donate to so we can all enjoy the free resources. fty/donate.html – Chapter 4: I’m falling My legs weren’t cooperating as much today as I trudged the grassy pavement from the tennis court to the basketball gym to wait for my brother. I didn’t know what I expected coming in there but Tomas and I started talking on Instagram a lot over the weekend so I wondered if he was going to treat me any differently. He was super fun to talk to, and he would send at the moment pictures of himself every now and then which were so cute and hot. Yesterday, he sent a topless photo of himself with a towel hanging on his shoulder before taking a bath, with his tongue playfully out and facing the camera. He was obviously flirting with me. I went inside the gym and saw that there were a lot more players on the bench area than usual so I just decided to sit on the lowest row of the opposite stands. The guys waved at me and I waved back before my eyes found Joss in the court, his skin gleaming in sweat as he shot and connected the ball to the ring from a distance. I started fiddling with my phone and scrolling through my timeline when Tomas sat beside me, also covered in a thin layer of sweat but still smelling incredibly good. “Hey.”, he said. “Hey Tomas.” “How was training?”, he asked. “It was tiring as usual. We weren’t given too many breaks today.”, I said. “Aww, that sucks.”, he said. I looked at him awkwardly before his eyes darted to my lips in a sliver of a second before coming back up to meet mine. I bit my lip out of instinct. “Listen… Sorry again if I kissed you without your permission last time.”, he said, meeting my eyes without looking sorry at all. “Don’t worry about it, Tomas. Besides, I kind of liked it…”, I joked but instead of laughing, he turned to me. “Yeah?”, he whispered before resting his muscular arm on the backrest of my chair, ever slightly touching my back. “Do you want me to kiss you again now then?”, he teased and I chuckled nervously. He was starting to lean down to reach my lips but we were ungraciously interrupted by the piercing sound of the whistle from the coach. I thought we were the ones in trouble but the coach looked like he was reprimanding one of the guys in the court. My eyes travelled to the culprit Joss whose eyes were almost permanently transfixed in our direction, his jaw tensing as he ignored the coach completely. I looked down and felt the warmth of my blood travel to my cheeks. “What’s the matter with you, Josiah? Keep your head in the game!”, the coach boomed before we heard the whistle and they carried on with the practice match. “I better go, Leo. I might get in trouble too.”, he said before patting my back and jogging towards the other side of the court with his teammates. After the stressful practice match, I saw Ashton approaching me and I was about to get up and fix my stuff when he interrupted me and spoke. “Hey, sorry. Something came up and I have to take Tina home today. I asked Joss to take you home instead, okay?”, he said. I didn’t exactly have a chance to complain as he was already running towards the washroom. – Joss and Denise were heading towards their car in the parking lot and I was following suit a few feet behind them. Joss kept subtly looking back at me. I climbed into the backseat of his car quietly as he started the car and the engine roared to life. Our eyes briefly connected in his rearview mirror before I turned away and looked into the window. The ride was pretty quiet with only Denise talking every now and then about the stuff she was seeing on her phone. We were on an unfamiliar road so I guessed that he was going to drop her off first before me. As he parked in front of what I presumed was Denise’s house, she leaned in and gave Joss a swift and emotionless peck while Joss was looking at me the whole time. “Bye, babe.”, he said before Denise got out and walked towards her house. We were filled with dead air for a moment before I decided to look at Joss to see if something was wrong and I caught his eyes again in the rearview mirror. “Come here, Leo.”, he commanded. His low voice made the hairs on the back of my neck rise. “Okay…”, I replied meekly. I got off and climbed into the passenger seat before buckling my seatbelts in place. He started driving away as we were once again filled with uncomfortable silence which I wasn’t used to. I couldn’t take the awkwardness much longer so I fiddled with his radio and an unfamiliar song weakly filled the dead air. It was better than nothing. We eventually reached my street and he stopped right in front of our house. “Thanks for the ride, Joss.”, I said. I was about to get off when he locked the door. I looked at him. His eyes burned into mine for a while and I swallowed a lump in my throat. He started unbuckling his seatbelt and slowly leaning his body towards mine until our faces were just a few inches away from each other. My heart started thudding wildly against my ribs as I reflexively closed my eyes and prepared for a kiss. When I didn’t feel his lips against mine for a few seconds, I opened my eyes and saw him staring deeply into mine, almost as if he was memorizing how it looked. “I don’t mind a little competition, Leo. I’ll play this game with you if that’s what you want but…” He finally leaned forward and pressed his lips softly against mine, making my body shudder from the touch before pulling away gently. “I’m going to make you mine.”, he whispered. The butterflies in my stomach started to go on a rampage and let loose, so I tried to alleviate the feeling by attempting to let all the emotions out through a deep sigh. “O-Okay. I’ll — I’ll go ahead, Joss. Thanks again for the ride.”, I said as I climbed off of his car and tried my best to walk normally towards the door even if my vision was still sort of spiralling from what he did. I went through the door, leaning against it after I shut it close and sliding down on the ground until gaziantep escort I was able to compose myself. That jerk sure knew how to drive me crazy. Tomas and I kept exchanging chats over the phone. He was really cute, but the things I felt for him couldn’t compare to what I felt for Joss at all. He wasn’t the one I thought and dreamt about every single night; he wasn’t the one I thought about first thing in the morning when I woke up; his face wasn’t the one that popped in my mind whenever I jerked off. It was Joss. It had always been Joss. Joss texted me every now and then, and although he was nowhere as sweet and persistent as Tomas, I still liked our conversations better. I heard from Ashton that he broke up with Denise the following week, and he added that it wasn’t a surprise since Joss seemed really uninterested the past few weeks. Ashton looked at me weird after seeing me smile before I covered it with a cough. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this but I was honestly genuinely happy and my heart was filled with hope that he maybe broke up with Denise because of me. I was in a giddy mood the whole day. Joss started advancing on me and getting affectionate towards me no matter where we were, and along with the butterflies, I also felt uncomfortable for him because I didn’t think he realized how carefree he was being in front of other people. He didn’t really care about what other people thought, but I still asked him to turn it down a notch when we were in public because I didn’t want to deal with all the drama that came with dating the hottest guy in school. I also didn’t want him to do something that he might possibly regret later on. However, he couldn’t help but be touchy with me whenever we were in the same room as Tomas, sometimes even making sure that he was looking whenever he slung his arm around my neck and pressed my cheek against the side of his bare chest. He was marking his territory and it made me feel giddy whenever he did that. I was lining up with my other friends in the cafeteria during lunch when a hand patted me on the shoulder . I turned my head and saw Joss smiling at me with some of the other guys lining up in different lanes. I nodded at them and muttered a weak hey at Joss. My friends were horsing around in front of me which made me step back, accidentally bumping my ass against Joss’s crotch. “Sorry.”, I whispered. After just a few seconds, I felt his hard and rigid dick poking and subtly sliding against my ass. It made me so horny that I pushed my ass back against his crotch subtly. Not too long after, he leaned closer and whispered into my ear. “Follow me. Take responsibility.” I looked at him and just like that, he exited the cafeteria before I subconsciously followed his tracks. I was a couple of steps behind him, trying to avoid suspicion from the other people who stared at him as we entered the basketball gym and headed up a flight of stairs before he pushed a key into a knob of a room by the end of the hall. He looked at me before gesturing for me to come inside with his head. I went in and I was greeted by a fancy bathroom lined with white and gold adornments and furniture which I presumed was exclusive for the basketball players. He followed inside, closed the door and locked it before looking at me with such intensity that made my knees buckle. He approached me and started unbuckling his belt. “On your knees.”, he demanded in a low voice. I did as he ordered like a dog, looking up at him on my knees as he was lustfully looking back down at me. He finally fished his thick dick out of his boxer shorts as it proudly stood fully erect against my face, and I just indulged myself by staring in admiration for a few moments. His face was completely taken over by lust as he started slapping me across the face with his heavy dong. He massaged the entirety of my face with his head, smearing his cum along its path and making me open my mouth in anticipation. He kept slapping his dick on one cheek hard, smirking at the naughty popping sound it was making before he pushed it hard on the other side, momentarily sliding in my mouth before it flung back outside on the other side of my cheek where he continued his naughty slapping. He was so consumed by what he was doing. He then traced the outline of my parted lips with his dick and I tried to take him in my mouth but he backed away every time. I looked at him and he smirked. He wanted me to beg for it. “Jo– Sir… please let me suck your cock.”, I begged. “Hmm?”, he teased. “Please let me take your cock in my mouth, sir…”, I repeated. He stepped forward and let me wrap my lips around the head of his dick until I took his entire head in my mouth. I was about to wrap my hand around the base of his cock when he slapped my hands away. “No hands allowed.”, he commanded. I was incredibly turned on. I placed both my hands on the side of his thighs before starting to take more of him inch by inch without ever tearing my submissive eyes off of his dominating ones. I was expertly taking more and more of his shaft in until I was halfway there and his dick started lodging itself down my throat. My lips were feeling the weak pulsing and beating of his dick. His brows were scrunched up from pleasure as he grabbed a fistful of my hair on my back. “I wish I could see this view everyday…” he said. I didn’t know what I was thinking but I mechanically fished my phone out of my pocket and handed it to him. He chuckled before fiddling with it and showing me the screen when the password was prompted. I typed it in and he started pointing it at me and recording. I would shift my eyes to his and the camera every now and then as I continued to take his cock in like a champ. I felt his dick throb and slightly expand inside my throat before I finally had him balls deep inside me. I wiggled my face and pressed my nose hard against his lower stomach as his low moans filled the room. He bucked his hips forward and pulled my head impossibly harder into him. “Fuck!”, he exclaimed. He started pulling his dick halfway before ramming it back in and making me gag. I tried to focus on my breathing as I watched him mercilessly fuck my mouth. The friction of his dick against my lips was igniting my nerves from the inside out as my dick began to swell and my hole began to pucker. “Oh god, this is the best.”, he grunted. He kept thrusting in and out of my mouth, controlling suriyeli escort the pace as his dick disappeared into my mouth and resurfaced in front of the camera and his moans covered the room. He built speed gradually until he was forcing me to bob my head forward and back as fast as I could. He turned my phone off and placed it beside the sink as he lifted me by my armpits and perched me against the wall on the ground. He supported himself against the wall by his hands as his dick penetrated my mouth and he was once again balls deep inside of my throat. Our eyes held each other and he just kept looking incredibly horny as he fucked my mouth with unending vigor. “Leo… you were born to suck my fucking dick, aren’t you?”, he asked. I nodded and mumbled against his dick, the vibration from my throat making him wince. “You love my big dick?”, he asked, still pumping in and out hard and mercilessly. I moaned. After a few seconds, his thighs began tensing and he would buck forwards harder as his moans became more and more uncontrollable. “Haaahh… take my cum, Leo. Swallow it all…”, he groaned. He panted heavily before pulling his cock away until only the head was in my mouth. He started jacking himself at an incredible pace as he erupted a powerful load in my mouth, almost completely filling my mouth in the first few batches as I tried my best to swallow every single drop. He came like a fucking horse but I kept swallowing and I was able to keep up. After about a minute, I slurped his dick and suckled hard on his head, extracting the last few drops of his cum. “Damn it, Leo.”, he whispered as he retracted from his sensitivity. He hoisted me up and held me up against the counter, forcing me to look at my naughty expression in the mirror as he was smugly smiling behind me. He expertly took off my shorts and boxers and knelt down before I felt his wet tongue swirling around my asshole. The sensation was so smooth and soft that I started shuddering. He speared his tongue and penetrated my asshole, flicking it around in every direction and trying to warm me up for what he was about to do next. I couldn’t contain my excitement. His hands found my ass cheeks and he started aggressively squeezing and slapping them, making me moan and whimper like a puppy. He was moaning into my ass as he continued profusely swirling his flexible tongue around me, stretching the walls of my rectum and making me roll my eyes backwards from the pleasure. He pulled away, and for a moment I was just there staring into my naughty reflection and waiting for him to come back. I heard the opening and closing of a closet before he came back behind me and started squirting a good amount of lube on the crevice of my ass. It started dripping down until it kissed my hole and he guided the liquid in with his finger. He started with one finger, coating it with lube completely before pushing in knuckles deep into my ass and pulling out repeatedly. He then put two and eventually three fingers in, completely coating my ass with lube and giving me a good stretch as he flowered his fingers open inside me. I moaned helplessly as I tried to reach for his face. “You like that, Leo?”, he whispered. His voice was completely filled with lust. “Y-Yes, sir… Very much. Haah..”, I murmured. He kept fucking me with his fingers and I was getting hornier by the second. “Sir, please…”, I begged. “Hmm? What’s the matter, Leo?”, he asked, trying to mask the smug look in his face. I blushed, feeling embarrassed about how naughty I might be sounding right now but all my inhibitions were starting to float away. “Haahhh– do it, Sir… Fuck me hard, please!!”, I asked in desperation. “As you wish.”, he growled lowly. He started coating his dick with lube and the wet sound it was making against his skin was making me shake in anticipation. He positioned himself better behind me before prodding his dick against my impatient hole. My left foot was on the floor as he lifted my right leg and placed my right knee against the counter, spreading my ass and exposing my hole for him to take. He placed both his hands on my hips and started pushing in. My sphincter was slowly swallowing his head until all of it slid in smoothly because of the lube. He stretched me out so well that it didn’t hurt as much but there was still a faint discomfort because his dick was as thick as a beer can. His hands rubbed my sides affectionately, sliding my shirt upwards until it pooled just under my pits. “You look so fucking naughty right now, Leo…” he whispered. I was incapable of speaking at the moment so I just moaned into the mirror and bucked my hips toward him, signalling him to start moving. He thrusted in slowly and his length started to fill my insides, making me throw my head back as it seemed like he was pushing an unlimited rod inside my ass. I eventually felt his lower stomach hitting my bubble butt as he was now balls deep inside of me. I was whimpering uncontrollably when he hit my prostate. He bent down and hooked his chin on my shoulder before he started trailing kisses from the base of my neck to my jaw. He captured my earlobe with his lips and lightly nibbled on it. Not long after, he started pulling away almost all the way out before slowly filling me back up again with his thickness. His defined thrust would produce a naughty slapping sound as he kept on hitting my ass with his hips. My knees literally kept shaking in pleasure as he kept hitting my prostate over and over again every time he thrusted in. He started building up speed and I was straining from the pleasure so I tried to grab my dick for the sweet release when he took my hands and pinned it on my lower back. “No cumming until I say so, Leo.”, he commanded. I bit my lip and groaned in frustration as he kept shoving his huge dick in and out of me. I was starting to spasm from the extreme pleasure I was feeling, and the way that his face scrunched up in pleasure from his reflection in the mirror didn’t help me at all. Every time he rammed his entire length all the way in, he would aggressively hit my prostate, and I was actually afraid that I’d go insane from the intense feeling. He flipped me over without taking his dick out of my ass until the back of my head was perched against the mirror and my back was sprawled on the cold marbled counter. My ass rested on the corner of the counter rus escort as my legs straddled Joss’s waist. He grabbed the back of my knees and stretched his hands forward, bending me and lifting my legs into the air before he continued with his ruthless fucking. Our eyes connected and both of us were consumed with worldly lust. “Say my name, Leo.”, he demanded as his eyes were slightly squinting. “Haahh, gentler J-Joss!!”, I said. He didn’t go gentler. He fucked me rougher. “Ahhh! Joss… Not so rough…”, he kept at it, fucking me like a well-oiled machine before he bent down and captured my lips with his. He moaned into my mouth before ramming his dick in me so hard that I couldn’t stop gobs of cum from erupting out of my dick without even touching it as it coated my entire stomach with the biggest climax I have ever had. He pulled his mouth away slightly before his body tensed and he began moaning and grunting in his baritone voice louder and louder. He thrusted in balls deep for the last time before I felt the familiar warmth and thickness of his cum coat my insides shamelessly. I felt the pressure of every batch of his cum as it shot through the deepest parts of my ass, making me spasm under him for a good while. He slowly pulled his cock out and I felt some of his cum slide out along with it. He collapsed on top of me for a while, heavily panting from exhaustion as he stuck his forehead against mine. After we recovered from the intense physical activity, he sat me on the counter and kissed me. I was zoning out but his soft kisses were nonstop, bringing me back to reality. “What’s on your mind?”, he whispered. “Nothing…”, our eyes connected and he kept showering me with his soft and fleeting kisses. His lips were so smooth and soft that I felt disappointed every time he pulled away. “Hmmmm…”, he moaned. “Stop that…”, I said without really meaning it as I placed my hands on his chest but I let him keep on kissing me. “Why? Are you starting to fall in love with me?”, he teased. I felt the uncomfortable warmth on my cheeks and I was absolutely sure that my face was red as a tomato now. I was long past the falling in love phase, but I couldn’t let him know that. He kept leaning in and pulling away, pecking and smacking my lips faintly. “`Cause I think I am…”, he whispered. I looked at him and my heart felt like it was about to burst. I slung my arms around his neck and pulled him closer into my face. – Joss made me feel like I was the most special person in the world. He was really such a sweet and kind guy deep inside and it was getting harder and harder to stop him from trying to smother me with his lips in public. He wasn’t afraid at all, and it was scary. One time, he was over at our house and the three of us were watching a movie as usual when he seemingly forgot that Ashton was there with us in the living room. He slung his arm around my neck and pressed my cheek with his fingers, forcing me to face him before he planted a wet, sloppy, and loud kiss on my mouth. My eyes widened. My first instinct was to look at Ashton whose eyes were just as wide and his mouth was agape. I looked at Joss for help but he was just staring at Ashton with a blank and unfazed reaction. “What’s going on?”, Ashton asked, his voice riddled with confusion. “I like your brother, Ash.”, he said casually, giving up all of my hopes to hide it from Ashton, and maybe consequently, to the rest of his team. Ashton nodded mechanically, trying to absorb what was happening before looking at me. “Okay… Okay. That’s cool…”, he said before opening his mouth and closing it back shut again. “Just — be careful. I mean, don’t hurt my brother, Joss.”, he told Joss awkwardly. Joss chuckled before kissing me again on the lips which made Ashton look away. Ashton seemed to have a difficult time absorbing what he just witnessed because he knew Joss as the straightest person in the world just a couple days ago. – I was sitting on my usual spot at the basketball gym, waiting for my brother when I heard Troy call me over to the players’ bench as the game was approaching its conclusion. I talked to the guys before the players on the court started approaching us. The coach was talking to a bunch of players including Joss but he kept playfully staring at me and puckering his soft pink lips at me. Eventually, they all headed to the washroom to change and I could tell that Joss wanted to approach me but his teammates had their arms slung around his neck, practically dragging him to the restroom. I laughed. Ashton, Joss, and I were walking towards the parking lot when Joss spoke. “Hey Ash, is it okay if I take Leo home tonight?”, he asked as he flashed a toothy grin at Ashton and then to me. Ashton gave me a funny smile before he agreed. “Okay, but use protection.”, he said. Josh laughed hard and I blushed profusely. Ashton headed off first before Joss placed his hand on my lower back as we headed to his car. He opened the door for me. I couldn’t hide my smile because I felt like a fucking girl, getting these mushy feelings from the small things that he did. He started the engine and we stayed still and silent for a while before I looked at him and noticed that he was faintly blushing while staring ahead and taking deep breaths. “What’s wrong, Joss?”, I asked. Our eyes connected and he smiled at me. “I brought you something.”, he said before nervously reaching for something in the backseat. He then handed me a huge box of chocolates and a fluffy teddy bear wearing a black basketball jersey with his number in front and his surname “ADLER” in the back. My heart melted on the spot from the gesture and I fell impossible harder in love with him. My heart felt so full that I couldn’t stop myself from smiling from ear to ear as I looked at him. He smiled back. “Too cheesy?”, he teased, giving me his killer smile that made me fall in love with him in the first place. At that particular moment, he was the most handsome I’ve seen him. His eyes were soft and full of emotions as he stared at me lovingly. My eyes started to water, and his expression changed before wiping them off. “Hey… what’s wrong?”, he asked. “I love you, Joss.”, I whispered. He leaned in and connected our lips in a soft and lasting kiss. “I love you, Leo.” – Hey! Thanks for keeping up with the story until this part guys! I’m totally overwhelmed with your responses and feedback and it’s crazy how invested some of you are in the story. Makes everything worth it. Unfortunately, this is where I decided to tentatively end the story between Joss and Leo, at least for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write to me about the guys. Until next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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