My Captive Girl, Bunny

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My Captive Girl, BunnyDAY 1It was already 2:00 am when I was driving home after a long day of work. Long hours at the office was constant, I never took a sick day and I can’t even remember the last time I was on vacation. Social life was non existent; I’ve been trapped in a routine that consists of waking up, drive to work, work a 12 hour shift, take shit from shitty people, drive home, watch an hour of tv, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat. But on this fateful night my life was going to get a jolt of excitement in the form of a young girl. A young girl that will satisfy all my needs and give a much needed break from the mundane. A girl that will take me to nirvana with all the perverted and i*****l acts I will instill upon her.The road shone a dark orange from the lamp posts. A gloomy road which at this hour is empty, very few houses in between the tall trees and far away from the sidewalk. As I am driving, I see in the distance a small dark figure walking up the right side of the road. “What the Fuck?” I said out loud. It’s a surprise to me, who could be this stupid to be walking around at this hour? My curiosity got the better of me as I slowed down to take a look at this moron. As I turned to look, I was taken aback. It was a girl! She turned her head and our eyes met. The saddest of eyes I’ve ever seen and yet they were beautiful. In that moment, I was hypnotized by those eyes. A few feet away from her I stepped on the brake and I waited for her.She walked up to the front passenger door and got in my car.”Thank you for stopping, sir.”“Where are you headed?” I asked as I drove off. Now that she was close to me, I was surprised to see that she was very young, she looked like she was in middle school. “I don’t know.” She said.“You don’t know? Then, why are you walking down the road in the middle of the night?” She was quiet for a second. “I ran away from home. My mom and dad they… they don’t love me anymore.” She said with a real sadness in her voice. I felt really bad for the girl, I needed to do something for her, help her.“So, you ran away and didn’t know where you were going? You need to have a plan before you run away like that. Where were you even planning to stay?”“I just left I didn’t even think. I’ve been walking for hours I don’t even know where I am and I’m hungry and thirsty.”I extended my arm to the backseat to find an unopened bottle water. I find and hand it to her. “Thank you, sir.” She hurriedly opened it and drank the entire thing. “Feeling a little better?” I said.“Oh yes. Thank you sir.”“Please call me James.”“I’m Bunny, nice to meet you.” She flashes a beautiful smile at me. Natural light blonde hair, big beautiful brown eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. I thought to myself that when this girl grows up she is going to be a knockout.I extended my hand and she shook it. “Bunny huh, that is a really beautiful name for you.”“Thank you, James.”“So, Bunny would you like to go back home? I could take you there if you want?” “You would? Thank you. I really would like to go back. You were right, I really didn’t think this through.”I stopped at the side of the road and took out my phone, opened the app for the GPS. “Do you know your address, so I can punch it in?”“Oh yes.” She told me the address and I put it in. The mile estimate told me she was at least 12 miles away from home. She was walking for hours. “Okay, all set, let’s go.” I put the car in drive and just as I was about to make a u-turn, a weird thought popped in my head. I don’t know why I thought it. In that moment I sincerely wanted to help this lost girl, but something in me wanted to take her home with me. I never thought anything nefarious or had any ill intentions to this girl but in that moment all that anger and sexual frustration disguised itself as a good Samaritan.“Hey, would you like to eat something before going home?” I asked.“Yes please, I’m so hungry.” She sighed.“Well, I just got out of work and I’m hungry also. How about some pancakes with eggs and sausage sound?”“Yum, that sounds delicious right now.”“I live really close from here, let’s go to my house. I’ll cook and then when we are all done eating, I’ll take you right back home. How does that sound?”I saw it then, she was thinking about it. Bunny had a realization moment on her face, she was in an unknown place inside a stranger’s car. I bet she’s been taught all about stranger danger, but her carelessness has brought her here. If she would have said no and just take her home, I would have just taken her home and went back to my regular life. Nothing would have ever happened. But her naiveté got the better of her that day, she really thought this was a nice stranger. Not one of those bad strangers she’s been told about. He offered to take her home, even put the address down! Plus she’s so hungry because of all the walking, and he offered to cook. “Okay, but can you take me home real fast after eating? I really don’t want my parents to know I left home, I want to sneak in before they wake up.”“No problem, you’ll be back home in an hour. Now let’s go eat I’m starving.”I accelerated back into the road. At that point driving home I still canlı bahis wanted to do the right thing. But when I finally had Bunny all to myself in my house, I lost it. Because of my actions, Bunny didn’t get to go back home to her parents for fifteen years.********I’ve always been a private person and somewhat of a loner. I can count in one hand the amount of good friends that I have. So, when my parents died they left me the perfect house for a loner to live in. A big house away from the road and its view covered by trees. I don’t have neighbors close by and I own the land around the house. So, once Bunny entered my property her fate was sealed.“Wow, you have a beautiful house.” Bunny exclaimed as we parked in front of the house.“Thank you.” I open my mailbox and take out three envelopes. We walked to the front door and I let her in first. She stood there looking around the room. “I don’t mean to be rude, James, but are you rich?” She asked still looking amazed at my stuff. I wasn’t rich but I was well off, with my parents inheritance and the amount of work that I do.“Well, I have a little bit of money sure but I’m not rich.”I guided her to my kitchen. I throw my wallet and mail on the table. “Well, I’m going to start cooking now. Do you need to use the bathroom or anything.” She said yes, so I told her where it was. “James, do you mind if I use your shower?” She asked rather shyly. “Go ahead, take your time. I’ll be done by then.”She left and I soon started cooking. While I prepared everything, I started thinking about how good Bunny looked. She’s like 4’9” in height, I’m guessing almost 90 pounds, she’s skinny but I could see that her body was developing. She had those tiny little bumps for breast and her hips were starting to get curvy.I started feeling weird thinking about Bunny that way. Pushing those thoughts away and tried to concentrate on what I was doing. When was the last time I had sex? That I had been in a serious relationship with a woman? That I was touched by a woman?The last time I was in a serious relationship and had full on sex was three years ago. A year and half ago, I was feeling down so I decided that maybe some sexual release would help me. I didn’t want to go through the bullshit of going to a bar or somewhere else to pick up a woman. So I went to a part of town where everyone can get it easy.So, I drove around until I saw a woman who was obviously on the job. I was so nervous because I’ve never pick up a hooker before but I stopped at the corner. She came up and jumped in my car. She looked to be in her forties, she had a haggard look but I could see that in her youth she was a beauty. I took her to an empty parking lot and she gave me a blowjob for thirty bucks. I was desperate at that time and I paid it, could have had it cheaper but whatever. After that, I was so nervous that I had gotten an STD but I went for a check-up and everything was fine.Thinking about that time had started making me hard. I was thinking that I needed to get laid soon when Bunny came out of the bathroom. She went into the kitchen all showered up and smelling nice. I finished the food and serve it and set it on the table. We sat at opposite ends and started eating. I couldn’t get my eyes off Bunny. She truly was beautiful, an angel. “This is very good.” She spoke up and took me off my trance.“No problem, I hope you enjoy it.”“I am, thank you for being so nice to me, James.”My cock twitched a little when she said my name. It sounded so sexy coming from her. Oh God, I need to get laid. “So, Bunny. Why did you decide to leave your house. Is something bad going on?” I asked.She sat quiet for a little bit. “My mom and dad are getting a divorce.” She said with sadness in her voice and little tear forming in her eye.“And you think is your fault?”“Yes.” Her voice quaver. Soon enough she started crying. I got up from my seat and kneel next to her. “it’s not your fault.” I said. “Adults sometimes stop loving each other but they never stop loving their k**s.” She threw her arms around me and hugged me. She cried on my shoulders as I stroked her hair trying to comfort her. I thought it best to just let her get it all out. She was so tiny in my arms. She was in my arms for several minutes just crying. I started feeling like a creep when I found myself enjoying her girly cry, her smell was sweet and her small frame pressed against me started to make me aroused.I needed to get laid. My mind was getting hazy as I was getting horny. I didn’t know why the hell I did it at the time but while I stroked her hair my other hand slowly went down her back and to the top of her butt. I then laid my hand to her side and went up and stopped under her armpit. Then, I brave myself and went for it. I laid my hand on her little nubbin of boob. I start to massage and squeeze as she pulls back from me. “Wa-what are you doing, James?” She asked, her lips quivering and her face wet with tears. God, that look on her face really made me hard. Whatever moral I had left went out the window. At that point my mind turned into pure lust, I needed to fuck.I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into my living bahis siteleri room. “What are you doing? Let me go!” She screamed, trying to pull away from me. I was stronger than her, obviously, and threw her on the couch. “Please, James. What are you doing?” She looked at me, her eyes pleading. I started unbuckling by belt as she jumped up and tried to run. I pull the belt out and smacked her with it on her back. “OWW.” She yelled and she fell on the ground. I straddled her on the ground and pulled her arms together. I looped the belt around her elbows, tying them together. She started wiggling under me trying to escape, and so I smacked her real hard on the face. She drew in breath, her teary eyes wide with surprise. I placed my hand on her mouth and told her:“Do you want to get smacked again?” I sneared at her. “Well?” She shook her head, her eyes full of fear. “If you are a good girl, I won’t let that happen again. Do you understand?” She nodded. “This is what’s going to happen. I’m going to fuck that little pussy of yours.” I placed my hand over her vagina and started rubbing it with a finger. Her eyes went wide as she understood what was about to happen. She started struggling again. I smacked her hard again. Her eyes rolled back but she soon came out of her dizziness. “I told you. Didn’t I?” I stroked her cheek and she flinched. “Don’t worry, Bunny. Just let me do this and I’ll take you back home. Okay?”She went limp. Her body gave up any will to fight back. I got up and took off my pants and underwear. My huge cock sprang up, finally free and dripping with precum. Bunny looked at my cock in horror. I’m guessing she’s never seen a cock in real life, especially not one as big as mine. Then, I moved down and took off her pants and her little pink panties. There it was, her hairless little innie pussy ready to be fucked. I took her tied arms and held them over her head. Then, I spread her legs and placed mine inside hers to keep them spread. I looked at her face. She looked back at me, her face scrunched up from crying. She tried to plead with me one more time. “Please, James. Don’t…” she said in a soft voice. I placed my cock on her pussy, rubbing it up and down. Her body started shaking. I found her entrance and I started inserting my cock. She turned her face to the side, now crying loudly. Her pussy is small and tight so it took me a few tries to get it in. I knew that this is going to take a hard push so in went for it.With one thrust I feel her hymen rip and I’m deep into her pussy. Bunny screams in pain and blood covers my cock as I started pumping in and out of her. Her pussy is very tight and warm. I’ve never felt one like this before in my life. Well, I’ve never had a pussy this young before. I must look like a monster on top of her, grunting my way into an orgasm. I try taking one of her tiny tits into my mouth but I’m a tall guy so I can’t reach without curving my back in such a way.I take her nipple then and pinch it. She lets out a yelp in pain. I take the other one and pinch it too. Her face is flushed red. At this point she stopped loudly crying and now she’s in a shuddering sob. As I fuck her, she’s not moving, just laying there and taking it. But then, she starts moving side to side almost like she’s trying to hold something in. She then takes a deep breath and sucks in her lower lip into her mouth. Her pussy starts squeezing my cock. She moans as she’s getting tighter and tighter. “Oh fuck, Bunny. I just gave you an orgasm.”With her pussy tighten after orgasming, she’s coaxing my cock to cum. I can feel it building up ready to shoot out. “Bunny, have you had your first period yet?” I asked not really caring for an answer. She shook her head. “Well, Bunny. You are about to have your first creampie.” My cum bursts out of me, filling her young pussy up as she groans in displeasure.After I’m done cumming, I just lay down on top of her holding myself up with my elbows. She has her face turned away from me. I kiss her face and neck as I let my own orgasm subside. I softly speak into her ear. “See, that wasn’t so bad.”After that, I got up and start putting my pants on. Bunny quietly and quickly got up to do the same. I untied her and put my belt back on. Once we were dressed she just sort of stood there, not moving or saying anything. That’s when everything came back to me. I can’t believe I just did that to such a beautiful young girl. What the fuck is wrong with me? I realized I couldn’t say anything to this girl to make it better. So, I walked away from her and into the kitchen. I went to the sink and splashed water on my face, then took a cup and filled it up. I took it to Bunny and she quietly took it, not looking at me, and drank it. “I’m- I’m sorry.” I stuttered as I tried to apologize to her. She kept looking at the floor and said in a small and weak voice “Can I go home now?” “Huh, yeah. I guess so.” I wasn’t really thinking about the consequences in that moment. I just wanted to get rid of the shame of violating this innocent girl. She stood up and went to get her bag. I went and got my keys. I stood at the door waiting for her, when she appeared. bahis şirketleri “Oh wait, I forgot my wallet. Wait right here.”I walked back into the kitchen and my wallet was on the table next to my mail. I grabbed it and turned and a realization hit me. I brought in three envelopes and now there’s only two on the table. Bunny is a smart girl. She took one so that she can identify me later. She doesn’t know the address and it was dark when she came here so it would be difficult to identify in the daytime. I am surprised that such a young girl is clever enough and clear of mind at such a distressed moment to do that. I came barreling right at her. “Where is it?” I grabbed her arm and pinned her against the door. Her eyes were surprised: she knows she’s been caught. I ripped her bag off of her and opened it. There it was, the evidence that would put me in prison. I smacked her across the face. “Why would you do that?” I yelled at her. Her eyes were teary. “I- I’m sorry.” She sobbed. “I was going to take you home and this is how you repay me?”“I’m sorry.” She clutched my pants looking up at me. “Please I want to go home, I’m sorry.”I looked down at her and I realized that I couldn’t let this girl go. She’s way too smart. If I let her go, sooner or later I would have the police at my door. I can’t believe I got myself into this situation.“Bunny, I can’t let you go now.” I said“But, why? I won’t say anything I promise!” She pleaded.“I can’t trust you.”“You can, please.” Deep sobs now coming from her. “I just want to see my mommy and daddy.”I was getting hard again after all her begging. I never knew that I could become a sadist before today. Bunny was kneeling, looking up at me. I stared at her beautiful lips. She had a prominent Cupid’s bow lips. I started to imagine how they would feel wrap around my cock.“I won’t say anything, I promise.” I unzipped my pants and took out my cock. When she saw my cock, she reeled back. “I’ll make a deal with you. You put my penis in your mouth and I’ll let you go.”She stared at it not really sure what to do. I move close to her and grab her head, pushing her face against my huge cock. “Open your mouth.” I grabbed her blonde hair and pull it backwards. She struggles against me but with my hold on her hair I guide her little mouth to my penis. “Open your goddamn mouth.” I finally push half my length into her mouth. “You bite me Bunny, and I’ll never let you go.” She complied as I moved her head slowly down my cock. Her lips wrap around it but she wasn’t sucking. “Just imagine you are sucking on a huge lollipop.” I told her. Soon enough I felt the pressure of her shy little suctions. God, that felt good. Not only is her pussy tight, but she’s got a tight little mouth too. I took out my cock from her mouth. “You see, Bunny. This is the head and I want you to lick it like it’s an ice cream.” Her curious little tongue darted out and gave me licks. Around the head, underneath and I guided her up and down the shaft. Her tongue explored every inch of my dick.I pulled her mouth open again. “Open wide.” I said. As she did, I grab the back of her head and shoved my cock completely in her mouth. Her eyes went wide with fear and she started to choke. I used her mouth like a pussy as I pounded it. My cock head went down her throat as she gagged and choked on it. She tried to fight and struggle but decided to give up, her head under my complete control. All she did was close her eyes and let it happen.I shove completely in her throat and held her there as I came. Shot after shot went down her throat and she struggled to swallow. When I was done, she doubled over, coughing and gagging. Cum and saliva hit the floor as she tried to compose herself.I looked down at her. I can’t believe I have complete control over this girl. I finally fucked a pussy after three years and I didn’t have to go through all the bullshit to get it. Come to think of it, with a girl like her around more often, why even go through the trouble of paying a diseased whore to give me a blowjob? Bunny is very young, never had sex before, so no disease there. She hasn’t had her first period so she can’t get pregnant yet. Plus, the biggest benefit: she’s fucking beautiful and still developing, she’s gonna look even better when she grows up.“James, I put your penis in my mouth. Can we go now?”I’m contemplating what I’ll do next. Let her go and let her be a potential liability in the future or keep her all to myself and have more fun with her. I have a room upstairs that I could keep her for now until I get a room ready for her to live in. I made my choice.“Okay, let’s take you home.”There’s a look of relief on her face. She turns around to the door and before she knows I quickly move to grab her. I wrap one arm around hers pinning them and the other around the legs so she wouldn’t kick. She starts screaming at the top of her lungs realizing that I lied. I walk upstairs with her in my arms wiggling to get free. I open the door to one of the empty quest rooms. I throw her on the bed. I slapped her hard knocking her off balance. I place her belly down on the bed. I straddled her as I take my belt off. I pulled her arms backwards and tie them down good. She’s crying at this point, shaking and thrashing on the bed. “Why, why, I just wanna go home.”I pull her hair up, leaning in to her ear. “Bunny, this is your home now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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