My Chakkar* With SC Ch. 09

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Author’s Notes:

*”Chakkar” is a multipurpose colloquial Hindi word, in the present context meaning “affair”.

To get the best out of this story, I suggest that you should read Ch. 01- 08 of “My Chakkar With SC” before reading on


Upon my arrival in Mumbai one day, I called SC at her office and suggested a meeting in the evening. Normally, she would be eager to meet me and would in fact complain & sulk if there was too long a gap between our trysts. But on that day, she seemed reluctant although she would not directly say no. Her voice sounded a little hoarse too. With a lot of cajoling & pleading, particularly when I explained that we would not be able to meet again for the next several weeks, she finally agreed.

She walked in wearing a conservative sari, her long hair tied in a bun, wearing jasmine flowers. She wore a bindi on her forehead, a mangalsutra indicating her married status and sindoor in the parting of her hair. The sindoor symbolized her commitment to me, although only the two of us knew its true significance. Of course she also wore her trademark bangles from wrist to elbow.

When she came closer, she looked a bit tired, her eyes watery like a little girl, in fact. Then I realized why she had been so reluctant to meet – she was having a little fever. I could smell fresh toothpaste on her breath; apparently she had brushed her teeth just before coming to meet me. Oddly, the fever made her look even more than normally sexy. I had an instant hard on the moment she put her hand on mine.

I pulled her close and bent to kiss her, but she turned her face away and said,

“No no, Sam, I am feeling so sick… my breath must be stinking. Please don’t istanbul escort kiss me. I am not in a mood to do anything today. Can’t we just sit and talk?”

So we sat side by side and she snuggled close to me. Her body was hot; she must have been having at least a 101 degrees fever. I put my arm around her shoulders and started gently caressing her face, shoulders and arms with the other hand. When my hand moved over her breasts (she was fully clothed), she stopped me. After a lot of hemming and hawing she finally blurted out that apart from the fever she was also having her period; her breasts were very tender and she was having menstrual cramps.

I immediately felt a rush of tenderness and comforted her as I would comfort a child. I wanted to soothe her stomach cramps and so started gently to rub the strip of exposed belly between her blouse and sari. This seemed to relax her and she adjusted her position to allow my hands better access to her tummy. She closed her eyes and seemed to doze off as I continued to caress her belly. But soon, I sensed a change in her breathing – it was turning fast and shallow and she had started to moan under her breath. She was in fact becoming sexually aroused! I swear I had not touched her anywhere near her sensitive parts, only trying to soothe her cramping stomach.

I loosened the drawstring of her petticoat and pushed the sari down a bit so that almost her entire belly was open to my ministrations. I continued to caress and fondle her stomach, not touching any other part of her body, although once in a while my hand strayed a bit more under her petticoat and I could feel the sanitary napkin inside her panties. I made no effort to reach down istanbul escort bayan into her panties.

She continued to moan softly under her breath for a while until suddenly, almost as if a light had been switched on, her eyes opened wide. She put her arms tightly around me and started kissing and rubbing herself against me.

“Ohh Sam! I need you so badly. Let’s do it right now!” She whispered urgently.

This sent a jolt of electricity through my body and my cock that was half aroused all this time became fully erect. She quickly disentangled herself from me, went to the bathroom and returned in just a couple of minutes. She was still fully clothed, but had taken off her glass bangles, remembering the mishap they had caused in one of our earlier encounters.

She lay down on her back, hitched up her sari, opened her thighs and beckoned me with her eyes. She had removed her panties and sanitary napkin and washed her pussy – there was no blood to be seen. I too had in the mean time taken off my trousers & shorts, although I had had no time to take off my shirt. I put a pillow under her hips, bent her legs at the knees, pushed her thighs up and knelt between her open legs. Her pussy was wide open and wet. The combined smell of her menstruating pussy and fevered breath overlaid with the smell of fresh toothpaste was indescribable – it was one of the sexiest smells I have ever experienced.

Her naked thighs felt hot against my hands and thighs as I positioned my cock at her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit. My God! Her pussy was burning hot! I pushed in my cock a little till the head was just nestling in her inner pussy lips. It was as if I had put my escort istanbul cock inside an oven. I wanted to ram my swollen cock in, but considering her fever I was very gentle and slowly pushed it in her hot burning pussy right up to its base.

As I started stroking my cock in & out, her pussy felt hot, wet and squishy, like bread pudding, not tight and muscular like it usually felt, perhaps because of her fever or maybe because she was having her period.

“Ooh Sam. Yes yesss… fuck me harder!” she whispered in my ear. She kept moaning “unh… unh… unhh…” rhythmically as I kept stroking my cock into her hot, wet, blood-engorged pussy. Because of the heat my cock felt as if had swollen to a much bigger size than usual.

As my fucking became more vigorous, her breathing became even faster and shallower. Then she suddenly broke into a fit of coughing. Boy oh boy! Every time she coughed, her pussy gripped my rod hard. This was unbelievable. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that sex could be so intense! Her hot, wet, blood engorged pussy gripping my cock rhythmically as she coughed drove me wild. Losing all thought of her fever and her period, I started ramming my cock deep into her until I finally had one of the longest, most intense orgasms of my life. She immediately followed with her orgasm. She held me tight in her arms and kept flexing her pussy muscles to grip my still hard rod for a long time, till she fell asleep. When I finally pulled out of her, there was blood at the base of my cock and blood & semen all over her sari, petticoat and the pillow under her hips.

I felt really guilty for having fucked her when she was not well and was also having her period but she had no problems with that. She told me later that in fact she became well in a couple of days and her period also ended much quicker than usual. She said all this happened because of the injection I had given her, and she would always come to Dr. Sam when she had such a problem in future!


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