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Katelynn is one of my most favorite Co-Workers. She is such a beautiful young woman who has the looks of an angel.

Katelynn is a pencil thin blonde nineteen year old with a soft timid voice that is barely audible.

I don’t think she weighs any less then ninety eight pounds, but definitely no more than one hundred one pounds. She is so timid and frail looking, one might feel they’d break her just by looking at her.

She is rail thin, and only has a small pair of mosquito bite sized tits.

When you talk to Katelynn you almost have to strain to hear her because her voice is so soft.

As with most of my Co-Workers, Every time Katelynn and I worked together I’d always mess around with her. I’d throw pieces of paper at her, point up to the ceiling and make her look at something that isn’t there, and tell her jokes all the time.

In general, I was always flirting with her.

I don’t think I’d ever have a chance in the world with her but I can say this.

Every time I would work with her and we’d be standing face to face talking to each other, I’d always see her eyes moving down to my crotch and quickly back up again as if she were ‘sizing me up.’

I don’t really know if that was what she was looking at, but there is nothing else that she could have been looking at.

It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to talk dirty with Katelynn, and even after I started it was more like I was telling her a dirty story rather than directing anything toward her.

I knew that Katelynn was a church going girl, but I also knew that she wasn’t completely innocent either. She told me about how her boyfriend worked at an adult canlı bahis video and novelty store, and she told me about how she’d go there and see him while he was working.

She never told me if her boyfriend ever bought her anything from there, but I know that if she was my girlfriend, and I worked there, I’d buy her something.

I recently told Katelynn about something that happened to me one day while I was at work.

There was two women in my line. The one woman I’ve seen in the store on a few occasions but she wasn’t one of our regulars. The woman with her I assumed was her friend.

As they were in my line, I heard the Friend say something along the lines of;

“Maybe he’ll die of AIDS, and you won’t have to worry about him anymore.”

The woman I knew looked up at me and said;

“Don’t worry, we don’t normally talk bad about people, but I just found out that my Husband is a sex addict, and belongs to a swingers club.”

Not only did I hear that, but other customers and Co-Workers heard her say it too.

When I told Katelynn about what happened a few days later, she proceeded to tell me a story of her own.

She told me about how she was visiting her boyfriend at the adult store when one of the store’s regulars came in.

Katelynn told me that the customer told her and her boyfriend that he was hosting a swingers party and invited her and her boyfriend.

She told the guy that they weren’t interested and the guy simply went about his business.

I would always check Katelynn out while I worked with her. She was too beautiful not to.

She would always wear tight pants to work but more often than not the bahis siteleri smock she’d wear always covered everything up.

One night in the fall of 2013, I was walking with all of my other Co-workers to the front of the store after closing. My manager and Katelynn were behind me at first, but Katelynn squeezed by me and I immediately became turned on.

She was wearing a very tight pair of black yoga pants with hot pink stripes down the center of each leg. Her little ass looked so fucking good that I literally had to put my hands in my coat pockets to prevent myself from reach out and squeezing it.

Her ass was so fucking nice looking, my hands grew a mind of their own, but my real mind knew to do the right thing.

Another day, Katelynn was off, but her, her boyfriend and one of his friends came into the store. I was working my the register that I’d normally work at when I saw them come in.

The three of them walked up the isle way closest to the door and about two or three minutes later they come walking back. As Katelynn neared I secretly check her out as I would normally.

My line was empty so the three of them walked through my register lane on their way to the door.

Katelynn stood in front of me and prepared to say something. Just then, I watch her boyfriend kind of grab Katelynn by the arm and push her behind himself as to prevent me from seeing or talking to her.

Her boyfriend said something to me that I didn’t make out and the three of them walked out of the store.

I didn’t like the way he grabbed her and for hours after I had wondered to myself if I should have done something about it, but I didn’t.

The next bahis şirketleri time I worked with Katelynn a couple of days later, I thought about asking her about it, but I didn’t want to start anything.

Katelynn always seemed kind of sad and I always asked her if anything was wrong but she’d always say that she either had a head ache or that she was tired. I wondered if maybe her boyfriend was abusing her.

I only have one erotic story about Katelynn, but it doesn’t even really have a beginning or and ending. It just starts and stops abruptly.

It’s actually kind of just a vision that came to me once.

In the vision, I see myself sitting with Katelynn in her car in the parking lot of the store where we both work. I see that Katelynn and I are both masturbating.

I have my cock pulled all the way out and I am stroking wildly with my left hand.

Katelynn has her right hand slid down inside the tight black yoga pants with the pink stripes on the legs, and she too is wildly rubbing herself. We’re both moaning as we’re bringing ourselves closer to orgasm.

Katelynnn screams louder and louder as she draws herself closer to cumming.

Seconds later, Katelynn pulls down the front of her pants exposing to me her tight little bald pussy. I rear up and turn my body onto the left side. Using my right hand I stroke myself quicker and quicker then I begin to cum.

I shoot all over Katelynn’s little pussy and she massages it in.

The vision ends there.

Katelynn is pretty enough that she could easily be some kind of model and I actually suggested that to her once but she didn’t seem interested.

I like Katelynn a lot, but I find it hard to actually think about fucking her because she is so pretty.

If I could compare Katelynn’s looks to a celebrity, I’d say she’s an exact replica of the Actress Peyton List from the T.V. show Jessie.

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