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Subject: My cousin fucks me in my sleep (6) Hi! This chapter is more about plot development so the sex part is limited, but I do hope you still read through it and have fun reading as much as I had fun writing it! Please consider donating to Nifty for us to continue our reading pleasure for free. ————– I woke up feeling overly lethargic like all my energy has been sapped from me. A thick new comforter is draped over my body as the AC lightly swayed the curtain, letting the rays of the sun peek through the glass windows. I shifted, attempting to get out of bed until an intense pain emanated from my ass extending through the lower part of my stomach. I sat myself down on the edge of the bed as gently as I could and memories of Mason from last night came flooding to my mind. Mason and I had sex. He dominated me once again, but I felt his gentleness in every thrust, his subtle effort to take away the pain. A painful feeling emerged in my chest as I realized how Mason inadvertently hooked me further into him but he probably only saw it as a casual fuck. I limped my way to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I scampered to the door and slowly opened it to reveal Mason standing on the other side, obviously caught off guard. “Morning, Ky… I was about to wake you up for breakfast.” “Alright… let’s go?” He looked at me and stood still in the middle of the doorway, unbudging. When I realized that he wasn’t going to move anytime soon, I tried to slip past him through the gap but he blocked me with his arm and hooked me into an embrace. I was pressed against him, my face planted in his chest, as he slightly loosened his grip. I looked up at him as his eyes scanned mine until he bent down slowly and locked our lips in a swift kiss. His plump wet lips lingered on mine for a second and he looked at me, his eyes softening. “Come on, they’re waiting for us.” My knees literally buckled as a swarm of butterflies rampaged in my stomach, and I found myself glued to the floor, unable to walk or even think straight for a moment. He gently tugged me with him down the stairs as my mind flew somewhere far from reality. My emotions skyrocket to an unbelievable extent whenever Mason was in the same room as me. He would casually kiss me every time we were alone like it was his way of saying hi. The electrocuting feeling that spread from my lips to my chest every time he did that never dwindled over time, it grew. We postponed our sleepover with Raffy and Jacob today, and we’ll be coming over to Jacob’s house instead which was just a couple blocks away from ours. Jacob is the funniest guy ever. He’s able to lighten up the mood with his outgoing personality and the way he spoke to people like he knew them since birth. We planned to play basketball gölcük escort bayan later at the community court before heading over to Jacob’s house. We stashed our things in the car trunk and headed to the court. I was talking to Jacob on the phone on speaker while Mason was driving and Jacob kept on cracking jokes that made me tear up. Mason wore a poker face, his full attention at the road in front of him, not even giving out so much as a titter. We pulled out at the parking and walked to the court where Jacob and Raffy were practicing shooting threes in turns. Jacob approached us when he saw us. He was wearing a fit white shirt that hugged his toned body. The sleeves that were cut above the elbow hugged his swollen biceps. He paired it with a black Nike sweatshorts and a Roshe Run. Jacob was very attractive. If I wasn’t so deeply in love with Mason, I think he definitely would’ve tickled my fancy. He gave Mason a bro hug, the kind with the tap on the back, and scurried towards me and hugged the life out of me. He was a bit damp from sweat but he smelled of shower gel. Jacob and I knew each other for a long time seeing as we lived in the same neighborhood, but we became actual friends because of basketball when Mason came along. He developed a sweet spot for me because I consoled him when he broke up with his long time girlfriend just recently. We would talk on social media for hours, mostly him asking and me answering. Of course, I was never in a real relationship before, but I had a knack at observing something I wasn’t experiencing firsthand and deriving solutions to problems arising from it. I also have friends from school that had a lot of bad experiences with their lovers, compelling me to be accustomed to being the counselor friend. We started to play a two versus two match, Mason and I against Jacob and Raffy. I was the weakest among the four of us but Mason really compensated for my being useless. For some reason, Mason was agitated throughout the match. Mason had the ball and I was guarding Jacob, but he was teaching me stuff about my stance and the way I should stand against an opponent. He turned me around so that he was facing my back and he grabbed me by the hip and propelled it downwards. “There. This form is way better if you don’t want to trip especially if who you’re guarding is agile.” We heard a clang as Raffy dunked the ball into the basket above a still Mason whose attention was completely devoid of the ball. He was staring at Jacob’s hands on my hip with a vexed face, then he shifted to Jacob. Jacob instinctively let go of me and I took the ball from Raffy to defuse the tension. Mason managed to calm down but he was silent the whole time we were on the way to Jacob’s house. kocaeli otele gelen escort Jacob guided us into his room where the three of us stowed our bags beside his dresser. A double bed with white pillows and duvet was perched on the wall with an airbed on the floor beside it. His room was a classy monochromatic white, tipped with black linings and sleek furniture, from bookshelves to nightstands and of course, a corner where his consoles were nicely set. The sun was about to set as we arrived so we all washed up in turns to freshen up and played left 4 dead until it was dinnertime. Mason was laughing at Jacob’s quips so I figured he forgot about the fit he threw earlier. We had dinner with the family and headed back to Jacob’s room right after. Raffy and Mason got back to playing PS4 while Jacob and I migrated to the airbed, and shielding us from the other two’s vision was the main double bed. We were playing mario kart on his switch when suddenly he asked me about Mason. “Ky, what’s up with Mason? I’ve never seen him like that before. I think he was mad at me earlier for some reason.” he whispered, throwing a peek at the other two to make sure they weren’t listening. I debated opening up to Jacob about my feelings but I realized that it was what he was doing to me the whole time so it’s only fair if I do the same. Plus, I think it would make me feel a lot better if I had someone other than Jake to vent my feelings out to. “Here’s the thing, man. Mason has been acting really weird around me lately. He did stuff around me that made me feel a different way.” I stopped and looked at Jacob. I haven’t told him about my sexuality yet, and I quickly scoured his face to find any hint of disgust but I found none. “Go on,” he said. “Anyway… I find myself thinking about him every time. When I wake up, before I sleep, even when I take a shit. My whole mind is filled with… him.” “I see, but aren’t you two… cousins? he asked. “I know that, of course, and I really can’t say anything to justify what I’m feeling, but it is what it is.” I placed the switch down. “Uhhh, well does he like you back?” Jacob asked, I could see the sincerity in his eyes and his conscious effort to choose the right words to say to avoid causing offense. “I don’t wanna put my finger on it, but I think so by the things he… does.” I bit my lip. I didn’t wanna tell him about that. I hoped that Jacob wouldn’t get what I said but his wide eyes told me otherwise. “W-Wha– damn, I never would’ve thought.” he said as he looked afar in thought. “So, if you think he’s into you too, are you thinking about acting on it? Like relationship-wise?” he asked sincerely. “I… I don’t wanna get hurt more than I already am, Jacob. kocaeli sınırsız escort My family would kill me. Besides, Mason lives 9 hours away from me, and everything about us will be over as soon as they leave for home. If I confess and he turns me down, my life will fall apart. If I confess and he says he feels the same and we hit it off, I’m pretty sure he’ll get tired of me along the way, and I’ll just self-destruct. I don’t want that to happen.” I huffed, only realizing the intense feeling in my chest and the wet tears starting to pool in my eyes. I wiped it off and Jacob placed a gentle hand on my back. He scooted over to my side and embraced me in a comforting hug. “Everything’s going to be alright, Kyle.” After a while, I felt Jacob tense as he detached himself from our embrace. As I looked up, Mason materialized by the foot of the double bed with his lazy eyes gawking right at me. He sat himself in the space beside me and then cupped my cheek with his large hands. He slowly severed the distance between our lips, giving me a series of sweet wet kisses that awakened the sleeping butterflies in my stomach. He did all of that in front of Jacob as if he was trying to tell him off. “Kyle, can I talk to you outside?” he said. He darted out of the room. I apologized to Jacob and beelined to the door where Mason waited. He sauntered down the stairs, never looking back, as I followed him to the patio. He dragged the marble chair across the other one and sat on it. I sat on the one in front of him. He looked at me with his soulful eyes. “Ky,” he whispered. “Do you… have feelings for Jacob?” he asked. His question caught me off guard. I was dumbfounded for a few seconds, not because I didn’t know the answer, I just didn’t know how to answer. He must’ve mistaken my lack of answer as a confirmation because he lowered his gaze on the floor and heaved a heavy sigh. I wanted to assure him that I didn’t feel anything like that towards Jacob, that I loved him so dearly, it physically hurt, but the huge lump in my throat seemingly stopped me from doing so. He looked back up at me after a while. His eyes softened. “Can I kiss you one last time?” he asked. “Mason, I–” he cupped my cheek and gently pulled me until our lips met once again. His other hand found itself on my back and pulled me until my body was pressed hard against his. His kisses deepened until it grew with much fervor. He parted my lips with his and slid his tongue in. He explored the walls of my mouth and pulled back to tenderly bite my lower lip. He pulled away and started planting soft split second kisses while looking at me. I don’t want him to stop. I don’t want our relationship to change. I don’t want him to leave, but all of those wishes are impossible. I know I’m only getting myself hurt if I entertained whatever is budding in front of me so I think this is for the best. My heart is aching so much. The man I love just kissed me for the last time. ————— Hi! I’d appreciate your feedback for this chapter. If you have any, please don’t hesitate to email me at .

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