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Subject: My Cousin’s Son 2A This is a work of fiction – names and places are elements of fiction. Please donate to Nifty at fty/donate.html. Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. Other stories: Nifty/Beginnings/Cards in the Deck – Adam and Ben Nifty/High School/Stepbrother’s Desire – Josh and Tyson My Cousin’s Son 2 Chapter 2a – Falling For Him The days after meeting my cousin’s son, Andrew, were challenging. I missed him so much. We talked on the phone about once a week and we texted almost daily. He would bait me, in his “high school boy” kind of way with a “OMG!” or “WTF!” kind of text, giving me no context. Obviously, he would be on the other end just waiting for my attention before he shared the situation. It was so cute and I found myself checking my phone almost constantly, waiting for the next big story he wanted to share. In my alone time, I found myself wanting to say to him, “hey did you see that?” or “Damn that was funny!” as little things happened in everyday life. He was gentle in his needs. He wanted some fishing tackle so I set up an Amazon account so that he could order things. In one call I asked if there was anything he seriously needed and he said he just wanted some new trainers as his current ones were worn completely out. I didn’t doubt him at all. I added some money and he sent me a pic of the one’s he had selected. Despite the warnings I had been given, I appreciated his approach and was glad to help him. During one of our phone calls, I had to laugh when he said, “oh and mom tried to get on my about my shoes being in the living room floor the other day. She said I pay good money for those shoes and you need to take care of them! I told her “no you don’t. Cuzo Jeffers does!” Apparently, she was none too pleased with that. I told him not to put me up too high or they might resent me. I could visualize his shoulders shrugging with a “who cares!” I went to one of his baseball games. I could only attend one and it was a hard day. Two hour drive out to the country, two hour ball game, and a two hour drive home. That kind of day was difficult for my schedule but I had to make some effort. I only got to see him for ten minutes and it was obvious my attendance meant a lot to him. I talked to his dad and met his mother, Lara, who was a short blonde haired lady, who probably once was a pretty petite girl with long blond hair but time and work had taken its toll, as it does for all of us. Nonetheless, she was gracious and after all the good things Andrew had said about me, she was glad to meet me. Andrew turned 17 in May. I was out of town on business so I couldn’t be there. I tried to make up for it by funding his account so that could get some fun stuff for himself. He sent me pics of the ball cap, t-shirt, work gloves, and the X-Box game he ordered for himself. Seventeen years old is that very awkward age. You should be past the childish teen years but not yet treated as an adult. You should be old enough to handle your stuff but noone trusted you to do so. The status we put on age and numbers was a contradiction in terms for American society! By June, I was in a regular cadence with work and social schedules. The cool breezy days of April had vanished and the heat had set in. Hearing from Andrew about his days out by the pond fishing which were slowing down due to the heat, made me feel both his boredom and my discontentment. I just wanted to spend some time with him. We had almost gotten a weekend visit off the ground where he was going to drive up and visit in his used Ford pickup he had purchased using his savings but it needed a tire at the last minute so he couldn’t drive it. My friend Tony, one of my favorite hookups, was over. He was a gorgeous black man who enjoyed spending some time with me. I enjoyed his company as well as the sex was amazing but we lived such separate lives, we hadn’t been able to get anything more involved off the ground. We were in the midst of a passionate adventure back in the den but I lost my mood and couldn’t get off. I was embarrassed but he just laughed. “It’s ok babe. You have things on your mind. I can tell it. Happens to us all. What’s up?” he asked. “My cousin. Doesn’t that sound dumb?” I asked. “That youngin’ you met back in the spring? He still got your nerves in a wad?” “Yep. And now he’s out of school and bored and I just want to see him. Texting is getting on my nerves!” “I know. That’s how it works when there’s a lot of earth between you and someone you care about. I know, believe me. But don’t fret, sounds like you still got his attention. You need to make something happen.” “Like what?” I asked. “Take him somewhere. Go on a little vacation or something. Doesn’t sound like his family does much. He’s just a couple of hours away and there’s plenty of places to go. Go to the lake or something!” he suggested. “Damn, what a good idea,” I said. “I wonder if he likes the beach,” I said thoughtfully. “Teenage boy? Sun, sand, and surf? Are you crazy?” “Yeah,” I laughed. “That’s an obvious thing. Couple of hours to get him and a couple to get there.” “You can afford it,” said Tony. “Spend a little of that money. Show him something real, something that might inspire him. Go enjoy your little cousin!” he barked. “My `little cousin’?” I asked incredulously? “Seriously?” and I took my phone out and showed him a recent picture. He gasped. “Oooh lawd,” he said in his southern drawl. “That boy is fine and he ain’t no little thing either, is he?” He laughed. “I thought this was some little fella. That boy is grown enough to handle himself and he’ll look like a Zeus on the beach, in nice fitting trunks!” “Yeah, don’t think that thought hasn’t just crossed my mind. Straight boy. What can I do?” “Never mind that! Seal the deal on this relationship and it might last forever. If you don’t, he will drift away and your influence on his future will die away with it.” “When did you get so wise about things?” I asked. He laughed again, looking toward the ceiling, having a vision. “I have an uncle. We were real close when I was growing up. I loved him. He spent some money on me and was good to me. We drifted you see, and I wish we hadn’t. He and my aunt divorced and I haven’t seen him in years. Make you mark, Jeffers. Do it while it’s fresh. I’m telling you, these things can fizzle in a day.” “You are so right. I’m feeling so much better! I’m going to call him tonight. We’re going to make some plans, God willing, his parents will approve!” “Good! Now if you’re feeling so much better, would you please drop your body down on me and fuck me?” he shrilled. He didn’t have to ask twice. Later that evening, with thrill and excitement, I called Andrew. “Hey Cuzo, what’s up?” he said excitedly. “Hey, was wondering, do you like going to the beach? I mean, do your parents take you there during the summer?” He was quiet for a moment. “Well, I haven’t been in a long time, like 3 years.” “Oh really? Where do y’all like to go?” “Huh?” he asked. “On vacation. Don’t you like to go somewhere?” and suddenly I realized what he was about to say. “Um, well, we don’t, well we haven’t…we can’t…” “Hey, nevermind,” I said. “I think I get it. Listen, I need to take some vacation and I can go alone but I hate to so I thought if you could get away from the farm, we could head to the beach for a few days or a week or whatever! It would so fun and…” “Holy crap istanbul travesti do you know how cool that would be? Really? You want me to go with you?” he asked, the pitch in his voice rising. “Yep, last week in June. I’ve picked a place and it looks awesome!” “Hell yeah. I’ll ask my parents but I don’t really care what they say! If it’s you who’s taking me, they can take it or leave it! I’m going Cuzo! Wow this is so amazing…” and you can figure how the rest of that conversation played out. His parents’ first concern was the money. They had trouble accepting that he wouldn’t need much being with me. It was fine if he had $50 in his pocket to buy a little something or snacks he liked. Otherwise, the hotel and food was my responsibility and he wouldn’t add much to that cost. What’s two dinners instead of one? Then they were concerned about the farm. He argued that one. Feeding some chickens and picking some vegetables was not a big deal. His mom didn’t want to do it but she was running out of steam on arguing this out. Finally, in the end, they said yes and I have never talked to anyone happier! I got a call late one afternoon a few days later. It was Kathleen. I should have known how fast news travels within this family. “Jeffers!” she started. “Have you lost your mind? The beach? You’re taking Andrew to the beach? Do you know how much trouble that can be? Girls, drinking, drugs, trouble makers everywhere and he’s a sitting duck for all of it!” she yelled. “Would you calm down? My God, you act like he’s the scourge of mankind! Well he isn’t and I’m not taking anymore shit from you all. I have some vacation time to use and I want to share it with him. This could be a real meaningful time for him and I’m not working with your assertions any more!” “Now who needs to calm down?” she laughed. “I just want you to be…” “Careful, I know. Well, you said he would cost me house and home but he hasn’t. You said he stays in trouble but he hasn’t been in a drop of trouble since we met. You said, well, I’m not quoting you anymore. He will be with me and you know I’m not putting up with any shit,” I said, calming down. “I trust you. You will take care of him. Can you take care of both of you is what I’m wondering,” she said. “That’s fair but it’s my calling. I’m a single guy and I have to do something for someone. If I let the momentum between him and me fizzle, I may never get to exert the kind of influence that might be good for him. What else does he have?” I asked. “Just like your momma. Can’t argue with you. It’s a fair call out and it’s a generous one too. Please be careful,” she said. “How are you all doing? Everyone enjoying the heat?” I asked, changing the subject. That hurdle being jumped, it was time to get the trip on. Reservations made, check. Schedule paid time off, check. Appointments canceled, check. Then my thoughts turned to Andrew. I could only imagine what his summer wear looked like. Basketball shorts and t-shirts. Hmmm. Macy’s was having a sale, as it usually does. A couple of polos and some khaki shorts would do well. Perhaps a cool swim suit might add some fun. Two very cool beach towels completed the shopping. The texts came flooding in. What would we do? Where were we staying? I asked him if he played Putt-Putt which I thought would get a laugh, assuming 17 year olds would be too old for that nonsense. “Yes but you won’t like it” he responded. “Why?” “Cuz Im athletic and I can do anything with a stick and a ball!” “The same could be said about me!” I responded and I got a “LMFAO” reply. For non-texters, that stands for laughing my fucking ass off. And the days dragged by, the heat was sweltering. The beach was going to be a welcome relief. I had hookups with Tony, whom I thanked generously for inspiring me to the idea of taking Andrew to the beach and with another friend who taught at the university. He was a recent development. The life I lead… And the day came for me to hit the road. I had a quiet drive out to the country. Sirius was playing some good music and there wasn’t much traffic. My maps app took me to Andrew’s house and I pulled into the dusty drive that led to the ranch style house. He came out the front door with his friend Jason whom I had met at the baseball game. He was a nice boy and one could tell he was devoted to Andrew as Andrew was clearly “leader of the pack.” They waved me down like there was some place for me to get lost. I grinned. Andrew was wearing a ballcap, a t-shirt and those damn basketball shorts. Just as I figured! “Do you own regular shorts?” I asked as I exited my car. The dust on the driveway stuck to my navy colored car giving it a two-toned look. I studied it in dismay. “Yes, they’re packed and don’t worry, it will wash off!” he snapped. We approached each other and I took his arm and gave it a squeeze. It was affectionate without the staunchiness of a handshake or mushy like a hug. “Hey!” said Jason. He reached out to shake my hand. I accepted the gesture. “Jason, what are you up to?” I asked. “Just came to see Andrew off. Man, I wish I was going to the beach!” he whipped. “I know. It will be a fun time. Andrew can facetime and let you see everything,” I suggested. “He better! Hey, I gotta go. See ya when you get back, man,” he said to Andrew, giving him a punch in the arm. He left through the front yard and made his way to the street. “Come on in,” Andrew said, taking my arm and leading me into the house. One glance around and I was pleased that everything was neat and tidy. The living room was not luxurious but it looked comfortable. Obviously, TV was the center point which is the case for most people. In my case, it’s in the furthest room from the entry. “Come in, Jeffers,” said Lara. She extended her hand and I gave her a light handshake. “Lara, everything looks really nice. Does he make a mess?” I asked, giving Andrew a look. He knew instantly I was trying to keep on his mother’s good side. “I have to keep on him, you know, but he keeps his stuff tucked away in his room, you know.” “Speaking of, let’s see it.” His eyes burst open wide. “Um, well, ok. It’s a mess,” he said. He led me down a short hallway and we entered his room. It was well appointed with a double bed, a small tv, some posters and banners on the walls. There were trophies on top of his dresser. It looked like a very typical teen room. “It’s not a mess. I pictured much worse.” Lara came in behind us. “He’s funny about his stuff,” she said. “I hardly ever come in here.” I smiled at her. “Jefferson, this is a really big deal and I want to be sure everything is ok. He has just a little money. Are you positive he is covered? He won’t be any imposition?” “I am positive,” I said. “We are going to hang like men hang. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” I said, continuing to smile. She shot Andrew a look. I knew the look. “You better not cause him a stitch of trouble,” were the unspoken words emanating from her face. “Mom, come on.” “Don’t be smart,” she ordered. “This is a nice thing he’s doing for you.” “Lara, I usually take vacations alone. It’s just the curse of my life. To have a `pal’ along for the ride is going to make me very happy. I picked up my phone and texted her the link to the website. This is where we’ll be and you can reach me anytime. Absolutely anytime,” I assured her. She opened the link and her eyes flew open. “Good night! This looks way kadıköy travesti overboard! How much does a place like that cost?” she asked. “Plenty,” I retorted, “and it will be worth every penny!” “I haven’t seen it yet,” Andrew said and I pushed her phone down so he couldn’t see it. The Sandsurf Reserve was a very upscale hotel resort furnished with two pools, spa, restaurant/bar, reserved beach space, valet parking, and a number of other amenities. “Jeffers, that’s really a nice place. Something a little less, well, not so opulent,” and I smiled at her choice of words, “might have been enough.” “Not for me,” and I leaned forward and said quietly into her ear, “and maybe it will be something he never forgets, perhaps inspires his ambitions.” “I see. Well you two better hit the road. You don’t waste the afternoon on the road.” Andrew picked up his single duffle bag and his backpack and we headed out to the car. He was on his way to the car when Lara belted out, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” He stopped, turned, and came back to the house to give her a hug. Then, we were in the car and on the road. “That wasn’t so bad back there,” I said. “She was on good behavior because of you,” he said. “Where was Daryl?” I ventured to ask. “He’s on the road. The construction crew is out of town working on a bridge. He got to go. It’s good money,” he concluded. I loved the way he make himself at home in my car, curving himself between the seat and the door so he would be looking my way. My tunes belted on the Beats Per Minute channel which must have grated his nerves. He pressed the 4 memory button on the stereo which led to country music. He grinned. “So what made you jump to 4?” I asked. He pressed 1 which was BPM, then 2 for Pulse, then 3 for Great Hits of the 80’s, then 4 which was country. “So predictable. Country isn’t your favorite but it’s an option,” he said, grinning wide, showing his white teeth and nodding his head. I laughed out loud. We stopped at a convenience store and got some sodas for the road then trailed off on the two hour journey that became three hours because traffic leading into the beach was terrible. We pulled into the entrance and the wide eyed look I had seen on Andrew’s face presented itself again. “Holy fuck,” he said in a low tone voice. “This is where we’re staying?” he asked. “Yep. What’s wrong? Expecting something a little nicer?” I asked. “No, un, I’m just hoping security doesn’t throw me out!” he said. “It’s not security you have to worry about,” I said. He shot me a glance. He got my meaning. Leaving the keys and the car with the valet, we entered the lobby and completed the check-in process. Andrew stood back and admired the surroundings. He also took notice of the people wandering in and out. It was late afternoon and time was winding down for the daytimers. It would be time to shift to dinner and evening activities soon. We took the elevators to the eighth floor and walked down the hall to our room. When we entered, it was just as it was on the website. Trimmed in Orange and blue, there were two double beds, The long wall was all glass with sliding doors in the middle that went out to a private balcony, a small living area with a nice sofa, sink and small refrigerator, a desk and small glass dining table and a large screen tv, Andrew was silent as he looked around. He walked out onto the balcony and looked out over the water. He turned to look at me and the wind blew his hair to one side. He had cut his hair so that it was much shorter now. He said that it was too hot to leave long in the summer and he sweated a lot. It was incredibly sexy like this and the “wind blown” look only enhanced his looks. “This place is fan-tas-tic!” he yelled. “Really? We are staying here? This is our room?” he asked. `This is home for the next 5 days, sir. We’re going to have some fun!” I said. For the sake of these chapters, 2a and 2b, I’m not going to describe every grain of sand se step on, or every conversation, or every wave that crashed over our heads. There are some characters Andrew and I will meet who will prompt certain discussions and events but, otherwise, I’m going to push the physical and emotional events that would significantly change us. First, we addressed his clothing after he unpacked the extent of his summer clothes. Some t-shirts, basketball shorts, a pair of freshly washed khaki shorts, his trainers and a pair of flip flops, and a bathing suit. “Andrew, I’m not competing with the things you brought but I got you some stuff too, some things for evenings and what not. Do you want to see?” I asked, trying to be as considerate as possible. “What the…you got me some clothes? God yeah I want to see!” I pointed to the first bag on the floor. ` “Get that one,” I said. He pulled out a red polo, and dark green button short sleeve shirt, and a blue t-shirt with a bold white stripe extending from left shoulder to right bottom. It was hot. I loved it. He must have too because he was smiling. “Wow! These are great. I love this shirt,” he said, pulling off his current shirt and putting it on. It was form fitting like Holister is and it fit him well. He looked amazing. Then I picked up the second bag. He pulled out a more modern pair of khaki shorts, a navy blue bathing suit with red racing stripes down the sides, and a pair of short length white shorts. “I love these,” he said holding up the swim suit. “I’m not wearing those,” he said pointing to the white shorts. “Why?” “Because I’m not playing in some tennis match! I’m not wearing any white shorts!” “What color are those basketball shorts you’re currently wearing that fit your big ass so well?” “Well, they’re off-white. That’s different!” he said. “Bullshit! Try those white ones on, with the shirt you’re wearing,” I demanded. He ripped his basketball shorts off and his package swayed in his boxers. I lost a breath for a second. I felt like a vampire who needed to feed. He slipped the white shorts on and, from my view, they showed off his legs, especially his thighs, with amazing flair. He looked in the desk mirror then walked over to the closet full length mirror. He studied himself. I was grinning the whole time. He turned to glimpse how his ass looked in the shorts. He grinned this time. “Damn Cuzo, these look good on me! This whole outfit looks good. Ok, you win. I’m wearing these white shorts. I”m wearing the hell out of them!” he said, taking another look in the mirror. “I just wanted you to fit in, not look so much like the country mouse. You can hold with anyone staying here. You got it?” I asked. He walked over to me and tapped my knee with his. I loved the gesture, perfectly executed. “You are incredible. You have the best taste, Cuzo!” “I’m glad you approve,” I said quietly. “Now get out of those good clothes and save them. Let’s go give this place a once over!” He was out of those new shorts and back into his old one’s. We toured the resort and got close up views of the pools and hot tubs. I told him I didn’t like hot tubs. “Don’t need my nuts boiled, thank you very much,” which caused him to burst out laughing. I saw his wondering eye check out some of the young ladies flitting around. He got a few glances in return. We would have to discuss all of this because I wasn’t interested in being parental with a teen kid chasing every skirt and bikini up and down the beach. Upstairs, he turned on the tv and we sat bakırköy travesti on the sofa to cool off. “Hey,” I said, trying to garner his attention. “Hey!” I barked. “Oh sorry. What’s up?” he asked, peeling his eyes from the fishing show on tv. “I need to cover a few things with you.” He watched me in anticipation. “First, I’m not your daddy. You don’t need my permission to do everything. If there’s something you want to do you just tell me. If I don’t agree, I’ll let you know. Ok?” He nodded. “Second, there are going to be a lot of fine looking people here. I don’t want to spend the week alone while you chase non-possibilities up and down the beach. I know you don’t get to do this often and I’m not saying you can’t have some time on your own but I really hoped to spend as much time with you as possible,” I said. “You’ll get tired of me,” he responded. “Not likely. MIght be the other way around.” “Cuzo, I’m not going to be a jerk on this trip. You brought me here and you didn’t have to. You and me are going to have a great time. I promise. I know there’s girls down there but they come with families and parents and little brothers and their `bff’s’ and all. I ain’t got time for all that crap. Even if there is cool girl down there, I promise, I’m gonna respect you. Ok?” he asked. “That’s really cool of you. I appreciate that. Please God don’t make me feel like some parent or something!” “You’re definitely not a parent! Big difference between you and Aunt Kathleen!” and he laughed. That was funny. I had to laugh too. Having changed into clean clothes, we had dinner at the resort restaurant. We walked the arcade and the boardwalk. We took in all the sites and all the people who were out for the evening. He caught me checking out a few guys and he gave me squinted eye looks. “Don’t even think about it,” he said, when i had a flirty exchange with one of the store clerks. That was one hot guy, tanned from the sun and fit from who knows what activities. We wore ourselves out with air hockey. We stopped at a small store and picked up some snacks and drinks from the store. I bought a case of beer to have in the fridge. “I know you drink so I don’t mind you having some but I’m not picking your drunk ass up off the floor. Got it?” I asked. “I don’t even drink like that, Cuzo,” he said. “My dad takes care of that enough for all of us.” I understood that point. In the hotel room, we changed into comfortable shorts we would sleep in. We had a couple of beers sitting on the balcony and talked. A cloud was forming over the ocean. He told me about losing his virginity. That happened about the time he turned 16. He had just turned 17 so a year ago. “Getting it in the cab of my truck isn’t exactly romantic, you know. We just don’t have any privacy, and well, I don’t know, we don’t love each other. I don’t know if we should keep it up or not. Tiffy’s a good girl but I don’t want her to be the extent of my re-LAY-tions, you know?” I nodded. I completely understood. “That’s why I’m not tied down now,” I said. “I wondered about that. You’re a hot guy. Seems you would `em chasing you all over town!” he said, which I found to be totally flattering. “I like the freedom and I prefer to keep the emotions out of it. I like a good time,” I admitted. He nodded in agreement. It was almost midnight when we came in from the balcony. I climbed into my bed and he climbed into his. I watched him power down the tv using the remote and he climbed into his bed. I rolled onto my side and was just about to fall asleep when I heard him burst out, “Shit, I can’t sleep!” He tossed the cover off him and kicked a leg out. “Are you hot?” I asked. “No, my mind’s racing. Does yours ever do that?” he asked. “All the time,’ I said. “Come over here,” I suggested. He climbed out of his bed and came and stood by mine. I lifted the cover. “What, you want to get in there with you?” “Yeah, now shut up and get in.” He crawled in and let the awkwardness of the moment sweep by. He laid flat on his back for a moment then rolled to face me. I studied the outline of his face in the dark. He watched me in return. “Is this gay?” he asked. “I don’t think so,” I replied. “Feels like it.” “Maybe, but Andrew there are a lot of things that can happen between two people, that, well, in private, just between the two of them, don’t have to be labeled. I don’t want you to fear everything I say and do this week is `gay’. Ok?” “Yeah, I know. We’re going to see a lot of each other, I get it. I’m just not used to that. I don’t want you to get mad when you find out my dick is bigger than yours!” he chirped and laughed. “When you find out the opposite is true, I worry about how you’ll feel,” I said. He nudged me with his arm and laughed. “See, I can’t get my friends to cut the shit like that. They won’t take chances, you know? You got some sass. You know how to push the joke.” “I’m glad you feel that way. I will give as good as I get if not better, always.” “I bet you do and don’t worry, I’m not too worried that you like gay stuff. I’m straight so whatever!” “There you go with the labels.” “Isn’t that all there is?” “A young guy’s wife is seven months pregnant and can’t have sex. He’s tired of jacking off in the toilet and the guy down the street says he’ll take care of it for him from time to time. He’s really trying not to cheat with some other woman so the guy sucks him off. Gay or not?” I ask. Andrew is silent but I can see his eyes shift around so he’s thinking about it. “When I was in college, one of my hall mates was pledging a fraternity. When you pledge a fraternity, you do everything they say or you get blackballed. Do you understand?” Andrew nodded. “The upcoming pledge party required the pledges to attend with a hickey on their necks.” Andrew laughed. “His girlfriend went to another school and wasn’t there to give him the hickey. He didn’t want to ask another girl to do it so he got his twin brother to do it for him. The frat didn’t care how you got it so the twin brother gave him his hickey” Andrew’s eyes grew wide and wild. “You are fucking kidding me!” “Nope and I watched the whole thing. I have to tell you, it was hot. I was, well, aroused by it for days. It was incredible to watch. Gay or not?” I asked. “I don’t know. Things like that really happen?” “Everyday. When you walk out on to the beach, what’s the first thing you look for?” “Girls in hot bathsuits and I guess I know what you look for,” he said, with a chuckle. “That’s a bit closer to WHO you are or WHAT you want. All this other stuff is just games in the sandbox. Remember me telling you there is more to us than just a few components?” “Yep, I think so. You like watching twin brothers get it on!” and he howled laughing again. “You’re a punk, you know that? And a little dumb too!” I replied and he jabbed my rib cage again. “Not everything that happens between people needs a label,” he said, in a quiet tone. “Well said.. You’re not as dumb as I thought. He rolled onto his stomach, maybe he was trying to hide something that existed between us but I wasn’t sure. I ran my hand down his back and his muscles tensed then relaxed and he groaned with pleasure. “Andrew is going to sleep like a baby tonight because he’s cuddled up with his Cuzo whom he knows loves him and will do anything forhim. Gay or not?” I asked, quietly. “Not gay,” he said. “Super cool, Cuzo. You are the best,” he uttered. I ran my hand down his back again, feeling his smooth skin and muscles. He was out like a light in a short time. I fell asleep right after him. Splitting this beach adventure into two parts. Stay tuned for Part 2 in the next few days! Feedback is always welcome!

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