My Crush’s Husband

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My Crush’s HusbandI could feel someone watching me. I turned round and looked to the doorway. It was Sarah’s husband.Oh the Irony! I’d slipped out of the party because of Sarah. She looked so sexy in her skimpy black dress that I couldn’t help getting turned on and had to slip away for a wank. I’d gone up to the spare bedroom, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, pulled them down with my boxers and begun to stroke my cock. I imagined removing Sarah’s dress, seeing her naked body for the first time. And here was her husband standing there looking at my hard cock in my hand.Normally I’d have been slightly embarrassed but I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans. I went back to slowly stroking my cock, beckoning him in, wondering what he’d do.He didn’t come in straight away. He was tentatively stroking his cock through his jeans, his eyes fixed my mine. Eventually he stepped into the room and closed the door. He seemed very nervous as he undid his jeans. I could tell this canlı bahis was his first time with another man. He pulled his jeans down then pulled down his boxers to reveal his hard cock. His fingers wrapped round his shaft and he began to stroke, slowly at first then with more enthusiasm as he became more comfortable.I took a couple of steps towards him so I was standing in front of him. I watched him stroke himself for a few seconds then reached out with a finger. My finger tip gently brushed against the tip of his cock. When he didn’t object I began to gently stroke the head then let my fingers move down to the top of his shaft. A second finger joined it. He let go of his cock allowing my fingers full access.I gently wrapped my fingers round his shaft. He felt so hard, his cock throbbed slightly. My fingers slowly worked their way down his shaft, cupping his balls then working their way back up. I was soon stroking him, my fingers gently but firmly gripping his shaft, bahis siteleri moving up and down, then up and down again. He gasped and groaned quietly as I stroked him.I could see the pre-cum forming on the tip of his cock. I bent down and licked the end, tasting his slick, salty fluid. I dropped to my knees, guiding his cock into my waiting mouth. My lips closed just behind the head and my tongue licked over and around the tip. I moved my hand down his hard shaft and cupped his balls again. My lips moved further down his shaft, taking more of his cock into my wet mouth. With my fingers wrapped around the base of his cock I began to move my mouth up, feeling his shaft slide out of my mouth, the head of his cock brushing my lips. Then sinking down on him again as a took his shaft into my mouth once more.My cock was throbbing, desperate for some attention. I stood up and wrapped fingers round his cock again, resuming a slow rhythm as I stroked his hardness. I moved bahis şirketleri in closer. I could feel his cock brushing mine as I stroked him with one hand while I stroked myself with the other. I desperately wanted to feel him gripping my shaft and wanking me.He seemed to sense my feelings. I finally felt his hand gingerly touch my shaft then his fingertips on the head of my cock then his fingers wrap around my cock as he began to wank me. He was very aroused by now. He thrust his cock into my eager fist, fucking my hand.I was getting close. I sped up my hand movements, wanking him harder, faster. He sped up the pace too. I couldn’t hold back. My cock pulsed as my cum spurted out, splashing against his body and his cock. My cock pulsed again and again pumping more cum over his hand and cock.He wasn’t far behind. His own cock began to pulse, his hot cum hitting my body and cock and running down my fingers. His fingers gripped my cock tightly as he pumped out more cum.”I wish I’d been there to watch!”. Sarah’s legs were parted, her hand moving rhythmicaly between her legs. She’d been stroking her clit the whole time I’d been talking as we lay naked next to each other on my bed.

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