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My DescentNearly two months had passed since my d**g and sex binge and not much had changed, beside the fact that my husband and two c***dren, that still lived at home, were seeing very little of me. I had been doing more d**gs, unbeknownst to my husband, and I had definitely been fucking more men. As my d**g use increased, my sexual addiction increased and my needs and desires pushed me to limits that I hadn’t reached since I was younger and on d**gs. I had succumbed to Shawn’s request and began allowing him to pimp me out more, in exchange for providing my d**g supply and he was now bringing over men upwards to three or four times a week. In between having sex with his Johns, I was scheduling more appointments with my clients. We began keeping a calendar between us, in order to fit everyone in and to prevent overlapping sex meetings. I hadn’t been having this much sex since I was 28 yrs old and one of the busiest hookers in town. In the last two months I had fucked or sucked off nearly 5 or 6 men each day, on average, and if the time permitted, I would have wanted more. I was insatiable and my addiction played right into the hands of my youngest son’s father. If my husband, Mikey, ever found out that I had lapsed again, he might not forgive me. I was leaning against a brick wall in an alley at 11:30pm on Tuesday, my dress pulled up as one of Shawn’s men fucked me standing up. He was tall and had a long cock, so he was able to slide in and out easily as I had both of my hands pressing against the wall and my legs spread, like I was being patted down by the police. His hands squeezed my tits while they hung out of my dress top and he drove his dick up into my cunt with hard thrusts. I was still high from doing a line of coke off of his cock when I had been blowing him earlier, so my wet pussy was making his entry strokes smooth and fast, just as I liked them. His black cock was really hitting the spot and I moaned out when my body began to climax. Shawn liked seeing me cum with his friends, since it would mean that they would probably be repeat customers if his whore liked it and put on a good show. I wasn’t acting though and I was truly enjoying his large prick as he fucked me in the dark roadway. I hadn’t intended on becoming a street prostitute again, but many of Shawn’s friends preferred meeting in places that they knew cops wouldn’t possibly be stopping by. My current client pulled on my nipples and began to curse right before he unloaded his sticky gift deep in my cunt. As he pulled his wet pole from my cum filled crack, I held my hand under my pussy to catch his jizz. I let him see me lick it off of my fingers and he knew right away that I was one of the sluttiest hookers that he had ever been with. “Damn baby, you are definitely a sexy, good whore.” he said while he pulled up his pants and I rearranged my dress to it’s proper way to be worn. He had been my 5th client of the day and it was time for me to finally go home. I sucked Shawn’s hard, black cock as he drove me back to my condo and we returned to my bedroom where he came on my face, to show me that I was his whore. I licked up his cum and made sure to scoop as much from my face and into my mouth as possible. I had a craving for cum and his was the third load I had eaten today, although my other customers had cum in my pussy, and I liked that too. I lit up a joint and we got high in bed before I laid in Shawn’s arms and took a nap. When I woke up it was early morning and I drove back home to see my k**s off to school and to see my hubby for a short time, before he left for work. I felt bad about our lack of time together, but I joined him in the shower and he fucked me before he got dressed and left. My daughter was bitching at me for the umpteenth time and I knew that she was just ranting about my constant work schedule. She was almost 18 and it wasn’t possible to hide my work from my k**s anymore. Just a year prior, all 5 of my k**s had learned about my past and with all of the events that had occurred recently, they knew that their mother had returned to being an escort, like I was when I was younger. My husband explained our open minded acceptance of sex with others and even though they had a lot of questions, they didn’t say anything after they were told the entire truth. Their mother was now a full time hooker and that’s just the way it was. I didn’t come home with details on my days and evenings at work, but I doubt that they wanted to know. I also stopped trying to hide my smoking from the k**s and, even though my hubby didn’t approve, I began smoking around the house in front of them. My first three c***dren were adults and lived on their own and my youngest son was going to be 17, so he and my daughter would soon be joining them and my husband and I would live our own lives and that included our current condition. I slept a little more, once my family had left, and I made my way back to my condo for my noon time appointment. I was well rested and actually did a little work out before I got ready to go. When my client arrived we got right down to business and I sucked and fucked him until he came in my pussy. I had another appointment set up a 3 pm and I wanted to be ready for him. It was actually my truck stop lover , John, and he was going to join me at my condo for our fun bahis siteleri this afternoon. He had been a regular for nearly 8 months and we had gone through a lot together since our first time together. I typically met him and fucked him in his big rig, but today it was sex and lunch afterwards. Of course, I was hoping he’d give me a nice cum appetizer before we left. John was one of my few customers that loved to lick my pussy, so I made sure I was clean before he dove in beard first. I had gotten used to his ZZ-Top type beard and it actually stimulated my clit when he rubbed it just right. Today we started off in a 69 and I orgasmed before he did, then I rode his stiff prick before begging him to fill my mouth with his hot jizz. He complied and I laid back and opened my mouth wide to catch every drop as he jacked his dick over my eager tongue and lips. Feeling his warm, sticky drops of cum dropping onto my face and into my mouth turned me on and I sucked him dry after swallowing him down. We showered afterwards and walked to a nearby diner, smoking a cigarette and talking as we went out for lunch. John was a sweet client and I enjoyed fucking him and the time we spent together. My next customer was with one of Shawn’s friends later in the evening so we returned to my condo and got into bed again, where we made out and fucked one more time before he left. I lit up a joint afterwards and took a nap before I woke up to get ready for Shawn to arrive. I smoked another joint and was only halfway through when he arrived. He introduced his buddy and I packed a bong for us to share before we got to business. I was already very high, so I danced for him as he smoked and I was soon naked and riding his cock as he sat on my couch. I grinded on him for quite some time before he came in me and then he asked me to blow him to see if he could get it up again. I sucked his black cock for nearly 30 minutes, licking, stroking and deep throating him to no avail, so we smoked another bong full of pot and I danced for him some more, letting him lick and kiss my ass, before he left. Shawn asked me if I wanted to do a late night party, but I wasn’t sure, maybe I’d be better off if I made it home before 11pm that night, to spend a little quality time with my family. I was buzzing and he watched me as I showered, making his comments and pulling out his big cock to poke in through the shower door for me to suck. I played with it a little before finishing and drying off, but he had me horny, so I agreed to go with him to the party. He said it was going to be a large party at a house in the hood, so he told me to dress slutty, so that he could show me off to some potential customers. “Maybe if the night is good, I’ll make some more money and get you fucked a few more times.” he said ,as I put on my stilettos and a nice necklace, to show off my plunging cleavage in my sexy red dress. We arrived at nearly midnight to a run down, large home in a bad part of town and when we entered, the smell of d**gs, booze, cigarettes and sweat permeated the air. I was smoking a cigarette when we entered, which I had lit up after sucking off Shawn on the drive over. I had swallowed another load of his cum and was happy and horny when we walked in to see a large group of people dancing, drinking and getting high. A lot of the folks there knew Shawn and he was surrounded by potential d**g buyers, a few to whom he took money and handed d**gs. I got quite a few stares and Shawn was asked a lot of questions about me and introduced me as his bitch to most of those whom inquired. I could see him discussing me with a few of the guys and I could hear him bargaining for prices with those that wanted me. I tried not to think of the amount that Shawn sold me for, but he would do much better if he knew some classier friends. I had never told him how much I made or charged my clients, but he had to be somewhat aware, after all of the years that we were lovers and the lifestyle to which he knew that I lived. He took me by my hand, after one of the guys counted out a few bills and handed it to him, then passed me off to the guy, whom led me through the crowd and into one of the empty bedrooms up the stairs, on the second floor. “Shawn do get himself some sexy ho’s” he told me as he shut the door and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me and guiding me to the bed covered with messy blankets and sheet. He pulled my dress down over my hips and it dropped past my knees and onto the floor. Then he took off his shirt and let me take off his pants. I took a hold of his hard dick and began stroking it as he kicked off his pants, then I sat on the edge of the bed and took him into my mouth. For the next 20 minutes I sucked and stroked his cock as he held onto my head, guiding it to his pleasurable pace. A couple of people entered the room, but left quickly when they saw me blowing my customer. After he was ready, he pushed me onto my back and spread my legs before guiding his curved, black penis into my wet pussy. It was hooked to the right and he stuffed it into my hole and then began to pump me with a quick pace, while he held my legs up in the air. I held on to my tits to keep them from bouncing and he continued to fuck me, even when a couple of guys came in and decided to stand nearby to watch.Our two voyeurs canlı bahis lit up a couple of blunts to smoke while my client pounded me with his big cock and they would make comments occasionally about how he should fuck me in the ass. They were high and thought that they were funny, but my new lover was a tall, lean and muscular man, so he ignored them as he pumped my wide pussy at a nonstop pace. “Damn homey, you gonna fuck her all night or what? We was hopin’ to get a turn.” the one brother said jokingly. He looked over his shoulder at them and then grinned with confidence, as he picked up speed and his groin and scrotum began to smack against my pubic area with a loud, sweaty sound. He continued to slam his cock into my hole and soon I was moaning as I began to cum. The two watchers moved closer and eventually they were standing at the end of the bed, reaching over to touch my breasts as they bounced and I reached down to hold my thighs, which had been lifting my legs skyward for the last 30 minutes. My partner pulled out and told me to bend over and I was on my hands and knees when he re-entered me from behind and began to pound out a beat on my ass with his steady thrusts. Both of our nearby viewers were rubbing their cocks through their pants and I could see their obviously large erections pushing against their pants. I was grunting with each stoke and reached down between my legs to rub my clit and his balls when they pressed up against me. I was getting a good hard fucking and it seemed that the two men were getting a bit eager for my client to finish. We were both sweating, since the house didn’t have air conditioning, and it made my body gleam in the low light from the lamp in the room. He reached down and pulled my head back with my hair and began to grind his large, hooked cock into my pussy, then he exploded as he came in my twat. Our fans began to clap and I moaned out loudly again while he filled me with his semen. I fell forward on the bed, when he pulled his ebony shaft from my cum filled snatch, then rolled over to watch him dress. The two gawkers waited patiently and even shared their current joint with me as I inhaled deeply and held in the smoke to get a good buzz. My sex partner never said a word, but turned and left as I laid back to blow out the smoke of my most recent toke from their blunt. I looked up as one of the guys crawled up onto the bed and pulled out his cock to put in my mouth. It had barely passed my lips when his friend slid between my legs and his long, hard cock penetrated my cum filled chasm. He began pumping me, his dick sloshing in and out of my gaping hole, not minding at all the jizz that was oozing from my slit and around his thick tool. His penis was covered in sticky jizz and pussy juice when he pulled out and began probing my ass with his stiff sausage. He pressed hard against my anal opening and was soon sliding in and out of my asshole. His friend loved the view and it must have been too much, because his throbbing cock soon filled my mouth with a warm blast of spunk that I swallowed with pleasure. I began grunting as my butt was fucked and I stuck three fingers in my jizz filled cunt to masturbate while he slid in me. I felt his ejaculation warm my rectum and soon his limp cock slipped from my ass. I asked for another joint while they dressed and continued to lay there naked on the bed, wearing only my sexy heels as I smoked and got higher. The old sheets were now covered with sweat and cum, but I didn’t care. I was finishing off the joint when Shawn came in to see me lying there smoking, two more guys bartering with him as they stared at my spread legs, all the way up to my leaking pussy and ass. I winked at them when Shawn told me to sit up on the edge of the bed to blow them, so I did and my mouth went back and forth between both of their stiff, black shafts. I sucked them for a while before they both came in my mouth and I swallowed their salty, thick jizz. Once they left the room, Shawn told me to clean up in the bathroom down the hall and to dress. I did and soon we were back down in the living room with the rest of the party once again. I looked at his watch and it was 3am, so I asked him if it was time to go. “We’ll go when I say it’s time to go.” he told me adamantly and then handed me a vial of coke from his pocket and told me to go sit in the corner and enjoy myself.I lit up a cigarette and smoked it as I laid out a line of coke on a table and snorted it with a few others that were doing the same thing. We all had something in common, so we discussed our buzzes and the last times we were stoned, then I did another line to finish off the vial. I was racing and my cunt was now ready for more cock. Shawn knew me well and he was leading another couple of friends over to meet me as I smiled at him and his clients and stood up to sway sexily, to the music that was playing in the room. I was on my hands and knees once again, but this time I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy while Shawn’s newest two customers fucked me from both ends. One was a black man and the other was Latino and they took turns at both ends while I serviced their big cocks with my mouth and cunt. I was lying between them as they both fondled me and sucked on my tits after filling my mouth and pussy with cum. I had güvenilir bahis loved the taste and feel in my d**g induced state and was hoping that they would recharge their batteries for another go. The one guy was shoving his fingers in my ass while the other bit and pulled on my nipples. I was being entertained between them as I pulled away and worked my way down to their dicks, so that I could suck them hard again. The black guy was pretty unresponsive, but my Latino lover was up and ready to go once again, so I sat on his cock and rode him until he came again. The other guy left while we fucked and after we were done, we each did another line of coke and got dressed. Shawn pulled me aside as I staggered back into the living room after my last fuck. “How you feelin’ girl?” he asked me. “You up for a bang like old times?” he asked. He was surrounded by a group of about 6 or 7 guys and all of them were staring at me with stoned and horny looks. Shawn was referring to the times that he had sold me when I was younger and I would spend the night getting fucked by multiple men as they stood in line waiting their turn. The coke had stimulated my sexual senses and my memories of being gang fucked made me wet with excitement. How much more cum and cock could I take this day? I didn’t really know, but I was going to find out soon. I nodded to Shawn and he led me back upstairs and stripped me down in front of my first client. He had to help me up the stairs to the room, since I was staggering so badly, but once I was on my back, I spread my legs and a cock was immediately slid into my slutty vagina. I had been fucked by so many men over the last 2 months, nearly 300 by my count, and I was sure to cross the 300 man mark this night, as one man after another took their turn pumping me full of cum. My cunt was sore and so was my ass when I was done and Shawn led me to the restroom to clean up once again. The sun was up and it was almost 7:30am after the group of men had spent nearly 3 and ½ hours fucking me into the early morning. I counted 13 men in all, after I had finished with my Latino lover earlier in the morning, and I was sure that I had fucked more than half of the men, that had attended the party, while I was there. Shawn helped me to the car as I continued to sway back and forth from my d**gged up haze. He had sold me to nearly 20 different men in the last 24 hours and counting my two clients, I had surpassed that number. I was very sore from the hard fucking I had received, from all of the men who participated in the train that was pulled on me. I had been engaging in a lot of unprotected sex lately with such a large amount of different men, I was amazed that my cunt had been able to last this long. I wasn’t a young girl anymore and being in my mid to late 40’s and fucking over 300 men in a two month span had caught up to me. Luckily I was high or I would have been crying. I passed out on the ride home and when I awoke, I was lying naked in my bed, with Shawn. I was too sore to have sex when I woke up and I spent some time in the shower before dressing and returning home. Apparently Shawn didn’t want sex with the mother of his c***d that morning. Probably because I had fucked so many other men the night before, but I was fine with that and when I got back home, I rested some more before returning to my condo to clean it up later in the day. I had a meeting with a client and I was hoping that he’d settle for a blow job. When my customer finally arrived, I found out that he wanted to fuck, so I did a line of coke in the restroom before returning to let him fuck my sore twat. When he had cum and left, I soaked in the tub and smoked a joint before Shawn showed up again as usual. The d**gs had made me horny and wet, but my cunt was done for the night. Of course Shawn fed me his big cock and a load of cum as he tried to persuade me to do a few of his d**g customers. My mouth was busy that night as I sucked off 5 or 6 of his friends, but my vagina got the rest it needed and I felt much better the next day. Another month passed and my time at home dwindled as I spent more time fucking clients and letting Shawn take advantage of me. I was having sex constantly it seemed and I was also doing a lot of d**gs. My condo became my regular home and soon my days were starting at noon or later and ending at 5 am each day, as I fell into bed to sleep off my d**g use and to let my body recuperate from the abuse it was going through. I had never thought that I would end up like this again, but I was now a crack whore once more and fucking and sucking anyone that Shawn sold me to. He knew what I was like when I was younger, able to fuck a hundred men a week and recover quickly, but now I was struggling to do that again and I used the d**gs to help me to cope. Shawn had me fucking in cars, alleys and parking lots again and I was spending a lot of nights at various d**g houses around town being sold out for sex. I was fucking d**g addict, felons, drunks and homeless men, but Shawn didn’t care if it brought him a few extra dollars. Surprisingly, I still cared for him and told myself that, while each man he sold me to fucked me raw and came somewhere in or on my body. I swallowed a huge load of sticky spunk as my latest partner pulled up his pants and walked away from the dumpster that I was kneeling behind. Shawn helped me up and put me in his car as he drove me to my next stop. I sat and fantasized about my hubby as I smoked another joint and wondered which hole would take my next load.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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