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Megan Rain

Subject: Chapter 10 – My Dreamy Muscular DILF Story Title – My Dreamy Muscular DILF Category — Adult Youth, Authoritarian, Inter-racial There is no point in my writing if readers are not liking it. So I will appreciate your feedback, appreciation, and input. There are real-life experiences weaved into the story but names have been changed and some parts have been fictionalized. This is my first series and I would appreciate any feedback or interaction with my readers to steer the plot in a direction that will be well- received. For the first few chapters, there will be a lot of backstory and minimal sexual encounters. “My Dreamy Muscular DILF” – Chapter 10 I was sitting in a secluded corner of the patio outside of a restaurant, waiting for our takeout food. Mr. Rios met somebody at the restaurant and went inside leaving me behind. From the distance, I could see him talking to a couple inside. He could see me. I kept looking at him whenever I could from the corner of my eyes. This manly masculine muscular man looked incredibly sexy to me. I kept reeling from all that had happened in the last few hours. Just the thought of the wild afternoon made me horny. The butt plug in my ass kept reminding me what was to come. After he picked up the food, he started talking as we sat in the car. “How are you feeling?” He asked laughingly. As if he didn’t know that. “What?” I muttered abashedly. “Now that I have shown you the true pleasure, how do you feel?” He boasted laughingly as if he had conquered me. I half-smiled. I didn’t know how to respond. “Your mouth is like a cunt, a cunt with a tongue. You know the only reason cocksuckers like you have tongues is to lick a man’s cock. Tell me how you like the taste of cum?” he asked cocksurely. I was embarrassed at the way he was talking to me. But at the same time, it aroused me. He was at a loss of words. He noticed my embarrassment. “There is nothing to be ashamed of. You are young and horny. I have been there and I know how it feels. You know boy, I have a very high libido, high stamina, and a big cock with large balls that fill up daily. I love to fuck. I need to fuck often. Women are nice and I am totally into them. But they are so high maintenance. You have to romance them, talk nice and listen to their girly chatter. And then after so many efforts, you get to fuck them. That too once a night is a lottery. It’s too much work. I don’t have time for that. And there is the risk of pregnancy. Besides, no woman can take the pounding I like to give. I have been married twice and remained unsatisfied with both the women. That’s the reason why I got divorced. None of them could keep up with my needs. Fucking a cunt is great and I’ll still do it but any nice, warm welcoming mouth with a wet tongue in it to caress and worship my cock works great for me too. With a hungry boy like you, all I have to do is teach him what I like. Faggots like you are only interested in a nice cock like mine at their lips or in their ass, so the service is so much more dedicated. I know how to fuck to make boy-cunts like you squeal in pleasure and give you a thrilling roller-coaster of a ride that will make your body tremble in ecstasy. I know you need that spot in your boycunt scratched well. Even after that, you only get temporary relief and a few hours later that itch starts again. This perfectly works for me. I will fuck the young lust out of you as often as I want so that you can focus on your studies. So from now on, you come when I call you.” “Alright?” “Yes, Mr. Rios!” was all I could say. —– In the car on the way back home, Mr. Rios asked me to take off my pants and jockstrap. I was shocked at first but I complied. He put his hand between my legs and twisted the plug in my hole a little and said with a smirk, “It won’t be long.” In a swift motion, he removed his track pants while still sitting in the driver’s seat and said, “Take my cock out and stroke it. You have been waiting for it, haven’t you? In one move, Erzurum Escort I lurched forward and put my hand inside the boxer flap to take his cock out. First, the head came out. The one-eyed monster stared at me while I maneuvered to free the rest of him out in the air. What a sight! I kept looking at it in awe while holding it with one hand. “Well, stroke it, play with it. It is all yours.” As he started driving back home. I took his cock in my hands and gave it a few squeezes, stroked it, and massaged it for a few minutes. It grew into a big monster. I leaned and took his cock in my mouth and started stroking and sucking it. All the way back home, he made me play with his cock while he drove. He was rock hard in my hands when he parked the car inside the garage. “Take off your shirt”, he ordered and I complied. He ran his fingers over my naked body from my lips, down my chest, and belly. Circled my rock-hard cock, teased it, stoked it, and then further down to the butt plug. He pulled it out a little and pushed it back again and again. I squirmed in pleasure. We came out of the car, he took his clothes off, lifted me in his arms, sat me on the trunk, and started licking and biting my ears, while playing with my nipples. I closed my legs around his hips, anxiously waiting for him to shove his cock in me. A while later, Mr. Rioys was pressed behind me. His hands on my butt, his mouth at my ear, softly speaking to me in his sexy voice, telling me what he was going to do to me. His lips pressed to my ear and he kissed it. Then his tongue came out and I felt the wetness of it at my lobe. I felt my eyes roll up as I gave into him. His mouth licked at my ear lobe, wrapping his lips to it. Then he moved down to my neck. I felt the heat of his breath on my neck now. It tickled me and I scrunched at it. He moved down my back with his mouth and tongue. His hands, lips, and tongue moved down my back as he kissed it, and licked it. Down to the center and my lower back and then hips. The heat of his breath found sensitive parts of me. Mr. Riyos then dropped behind me as his lips kissed my buttocks. His hands squeezed at the cheeks as he crouched down behind me. “You like this?” “Yes, Mr. Riyos?” “You want to be fucked?” “Yes, Mr. Riyos. Like the last time.” “You came for this, didn’t you?” “Yes, Mr. Riyos. Please fuck me now. I want it.” “Not yet…” His hand slapped at my cheek. I gasped at the sharp sting of the hit. But he quickly rubbed at the spot with his hand. Then he kissed the spot he just smacked. Next Mr. Riyos pulsed at my butt cheeks, grabbed the vibrating buttplug and pulled it out, and threw it on the floor. I felt empty and wanted to be filled again. He stood up, spat on his fingers, and brought his fingers back to my hole. He spread my legs with his knee. I felt the man rub his fingers round and round at my ass mouth. And then I felt him push fingers into my ass. I just groaned as Mr. Riyos began to thrust his fingers into my ass, moving them in and out of my needy hole. My ass grasped at his digits as he finger-fucked me with them. His fingers reached my p-spot and he started gently massing it. I started making incoherent sounds. He chuckled knowing very well what I wanted from him. Knew I wanted this stud to take me and to thrust his big beautiful cock into my hole. He kept rubbing it, first gently, then fast with force. I felt like orgasm approaching me and started crying, “Yes Mr. Riyos…please don’t stop.” Before I could reach my orgasm, he stopped and pulled out completely. I looked back to see this gorgeous man behind me in disappointment. He looked back at me with a big chuckle. Lust in his eyes. “You want to be fucked?” he chuckled again. “Yes…Mr. Riyos.” “Not yet…” He lifted me in his arms, placed me on his right shoulder, and carried me inside the house, as he smacked my butt cheeks occasionally. I cried in pain and pleasure. He placed me on the edge of the dining table and made me lie Erzurum Escort Bayan down on my back, with my legs in the air, supported by his strong body. He sat on the chair, leaned down, spat at my ass and stretched my cheeks. Next, his face dived into my hairless ass. Moments later I felt his face, his scruffs on my crack, hot tongue licking my hole. “Awee fuck!” I chirped. Mr. Riyos was back there eating out my hole. Licking and drooling over it. Snaking his tongue into me repeatedly. The more I moaned, the harder he tongue-fucked my bussy over and over again. A while later, he started running his hot tongue around my cock and moved up to my navel as his hands played with my nipples, caressing them, squeezing them, pinching them, cupping them, flicking them sending electricity down my spine, while I tried to unsuccessfully stop him with my hands on his head. Oh God, I yelled loving his big strong hands on my body and my swollen nipples loving his rough touch twisting them. His scruffs tickled my navel. He quickly moved from my belly to my nipples which have become hypersensitive by now. He cupped my chest around my nipple making it like a breast and started sucking it hard, squeezing them with his hand, biting it with his lips, and licking and flicking it with his wet tongue. He moved from one to the other nipple and kept going back and forth. Mr. Riyos lowered my legs and made me wrap them around his hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, while he gathered me tightly into his arms. I opened my mouth, allowing his thick tongue to fill my mouth. Still in this position, he lined up his big cock with my hole, grabbed my hips for support, and said, “I am right here, my cock just a half-inch from your hole. I can feel your ass ring pushing out like it was to kiss my cock. Do you want to be fucked? This is what you have been waiting for since the morning. You want me to give you the ultimate massage, the massage of your boy clit. Don’t you?” “Yes, Mr. Riyos, please fuck me. I want it. I want you to fuck me all night long like the last week. Please Mr. Riyos, I can’t wait for it any longer. In just one swift powerful movement, he pierced this thick cock into me. I yelped in pleasure and a hot white thread of cum sprayed out of my cock. “This is what you need. Stimulated to a point where just one stab of this thick monster makes you squirt. You want more?” “Yes” All the way our and another hard stab. Another squirt. “Awww..” “More” “Yes, Mr. Rios! Just fuck me. Please don’t stop.” Mr. Riyos drove in me hard, as I opened up for his intimate invasion, my boy pussy acting like a hungry mouth, devouring his cock entirely. I pounded back against him, loving the feel of him filling me to the brim. I was moving myself to intensify the feelings of his slick cock rubbing my insides and my hot button. My moans had become high-pitched whines as the two of us like barnyard animals sought out releases. I was fucking back at him and he held my sides to keep me from being thrust off. His powerful loins began to open me further with his fat cock. Several times he pulled off the throbbing gut filling monster he had driven up my hole just to tease me. I got to a point where I would beg him to fuck me again. He’d finally plunge his bloated man-meat back into me, fucking me so hard I could barely hand on and crush my newly warmed butt into his thrusting loins. I was moaning like crazy. I rested my hands for support on his shoulders, feeling his power there. Mr. Riyos stopped and I involuntarily moaned with disappointment. Mr. Riyos was in total control of my body and thoughts. He knew what I wanted, what I needed. We mated like beasts, pure animalistic mating. I was amazed at his power as he fucked into me like an animal. He slammed his cock into me. He put my ankles on his muscled shoulders and leaned over me, pinning my wrists down to the table above my head. He bit my lower lip. He started rocking his hips back and forth, spearing Escort Erzurum me with his hot cock. “Look at me” he barked. I looked at him his gaze penetrating me. He thrust his hips downward savagely. His thick cock punched into my pussy with one brutal motion. I let out another yelp. With each rough hard stab of his hot thick cock deep into my ass I would squirm under him and moan in pleasure. I was surprised and relieved at how quickly my tight ass adjusted to not only the length and thickness of Mr. Rios’s 8.5″ cock but also his rough hard deep passionate lovemaking. By now I was used to the pleasure you only get by being fucked so roughly by a thick big cock “Fuck yeah, such a tight boy cunt. You started to dig my big cock fucking your ass boy?” Mr. Rios growled in my ear as he rammed his cock ball deep into my tight ass to emphasize the point. “Yes!” I cried out as his knob slammed into my prostate and his balls and groin slapped my ass. Mr. Rios withdrew his cock so just his knob was inside me. “Good cause I’m digging fucking your tight young ass. Then he slammed it back in causing me to squirm and moan. He pulled back again. “Been a few years since I’ve had some young boy ass. I’d forgotten how hot, tight and steamy it was.” SLAM “You’re one hot cute horny fuck.” SLAM “When I first saw you checking me out, I knew you were a pussy boy.” SLAM “The way you are taking my big cock proves it.” SLAM “You a pussy boy?” SLAM “Yes” I whimpered. The sensations in my ass were more intense than anything I’d ever felt and the pleasure radiated throughout my whole body. My dicklet was steely hard and leaking like a broken tap, as the pool of pre cum on my navel testified. I was well surprised at how horny and turned-on I was getting from the way he was speaking to me. Then he launched into a fucking frenzy ramming his big cock into my ass with long rough deep hard powerful thrusts. With each thrust his swollen knob banged against my prostate, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I was moaning like a bitch on heat and squirming about under Mr. Rios’s hot sexy sweaty body. “Oh fuck yes!” “Fuck!” “Oohhh!” “Arrhhh!” were all escaping from my mouth as I experienced the greatest fuck of my precocious life. I was getting so much pleasure from being fucked so rough hard and passionately by Mr. Rios’s big thick 8.5″ cock that I could feel my cum churning in my balls. Even though my cock hadn’t been touched I knew it would soon be spraying a powerful load all over the bed a second time. The intense sexual pleasure was rapidly increasing and I felt myself losing it. A few more hard rough deep hard thrusts of Mr. Rios’s big thick cock slamming into my ass and hitting my well-stimulated prostate proved too much. Feeling an intense orgasm rushing from my balls, I slammed my ass back to meet Mr. Rios’s powerfully thrusting cock. His swollen cut knob slammed into my prostate causing me to cry out in intense pleasure. My young cock throbbed like mad as it powerfully pumped jet after jet of hot teen cum onto my chest and chin. My ass started spasming like mad around Mr. Rios’s thick thrusting cock. Seeing me orgasm, Mr. Rios gave my ass even more rough hard deep passionate thrusts of his cock, as I squeezed my hole around his thick cock. Within a minute, his cock started spasming inside me. He buried it balls deep into my spasming boy cunt. I felt each throb of his big cock as it powerfully pumped his hot man cum deep into my ass. We were both loudly moaning with the intense sexual pleasure that was coursing through our sweaty bodies. Once the storm had passed, we were still glued together with me lying under his weight, his semi-hard cock inside me, and my arms draped around his neck. Exhausted and satisfied, I kept my eyes closed in a state of trance. A few minutes later, Mr. Rios lifted me, carried me to the recliner, and sat on it. He opened the flap and the backrest reclined with us falling flat on the recliner. He took the throw and covered us. I was smelling this masculine sweat, feeling his warm body, as he rolled me to the side and said, “I am going to fuck you like this all night long, fucking the lust out of your guts. You want that. Don’t you?” “Yes, Mr. Riyos. Fuck me good, just like the last week.”,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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