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It’s always nice coming home to home-cooked meal. Especially when your girlfriend is a fabulous cook. And lucky for me, mine was very, very fabulous. She had already called me before I left work and told me that she was making something special for dinner. I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to have for me when I got home. I walked in the door and set my things down.

I shouted out that I had arrived and the response from Diana was, “I’m in the kitchen! Dinner’s almost ready!” I walked toward the kitchen, hoping to get a sneak peak at what she had whipped up.

Instead, I got a sneak peak at Diana’s naughty side. Always one to know just how to tease me, she was standing there in the kitchen in a little less than I expected. She was standing at the counter, her back facing me. I could tell she was wearing an apron because of the strings tied around her back. However, that was the majority of the clothing she had on. I could see the back of a red bra and red lacy panties that covered her cute ass. She had on a pair of red high heels as well, matching the color of her “outfit” and apron. I stood there for a moment, staring at her as she swayed back and forth, her ass rocking back and forth at the stove, inviting me to grab it. I fought back the immediate urge to rush over and start ravaging her, as I wanted to see how this little game was going to play out. Besides, it was obvious that she had gone to some trouble to set this up. I wanted her to enjoy every minute.

I started walking up behind her, and as I approached she stopped swaying. I stood just inches behind her, my breath falling heavy on the back of her neck. As I lifted my hands up to grab her hips, she leaned back into me, pressing her ass into me and melting against my body. Her head leaned to the left, giving me access to her soft neck, where I planted a few soft kisses as my arms wrapped around her, pulling her even closer.

Diana moaned a little as her right hand raised up and pressed against the back of my head, her fingers running through my hair and pressing my lips even closer against her skin. She started swaying again, rubbing herself against me as I continued kissing her.

Finally, I broke free and commented, “A little underdressed for cooking, aren’t we?”

Diana turned to look at me with a wry smile on her face when she said, “Well, it does get rather hot in here when I’m cooking for you. I figured this would be a good way to keep cool. Besides, I am wearing an apron after all.”

She turned around to face me and show off. It was a red apron that one might find at a kitchen store, labeled with “Kiss The Cook”. Only it appeared that Diana had made some modifications to it. The word “Kiss” was crossed out and instead another suggestion was written above it. My little princess instead was standing in front of me wearing next to nothing and an apron that said, “Fuck the Cook”. I smiled at her ingenuity.

I said, “That’s a pretty fancy apron.”

Diana countered with, “I thought you might like it. And, since I know you have no problems kissing the cook, I figured I’d give it my own little touch. Hope you don’t mind?”

I pulled her close again and gave her a slow, deep kiss on her soft lips. My tongue darted into her mouth as we stood there pressed against each other. Before I could spend too long enjoying the taste of her warm mouth, Diana pulled away and returned to the stove.

She said, “Dinner’s almost ready. I’ve got something finishing up in the oven. I’m just waiting for the water to boil. I couldn’t think of a good starting course to go along with it.”

Once again, I slid in behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. My hands dropped down under her apron and I ran my fingers across the front of her lacy panties. Another soft moan escaped her lips as my fingers rubbed against her. I could feel a damp spot there, no doubt a result of our kissing and rubbing from just a few minutes ago. I too was starting to get worked up, as Diana could no doubt feel pressing against her ass.

I slipped my hand into Diana’s panties, rubbing my fingers up and down her wet pussy.

As I did, I leaned in and whispered, “I’m sure I can find some to whet my appetite until dinner’s ready. Something nice and tasty.”

I then slid my finger slowly istanbul escort inside her dripping slit. Diana gasped quickly as my finger slid inside her, and I felt her juices covering my hand. I spun her around, and as she turned I slipped my hand out of her red lace panties and placed both my hands around her waist. Before she could say anything, I picked her up and started kissing her again. Instinctively, she wrapped her long legs around my waist, pulling herself closer to me. As our tongues danced around each other, I stepped forward to catch my balance. I bumped into the kitchen counter, Diana just clearing it due to her being wrapped around me. I took my hands out from under her and sat her down gently on the countertop. I stepped back for a moment and reached down to pull her apron to the side.

I could see the light glistening from the damp spot on the front of her panties, the thin lace doing little to contain her excitement. I stepped toward her again and hooked my fingers inside her panties. As I pulled them down, she hopped a little so they would come off easily. I slid them down her soft legs, stopping every few inches to kiss the insides of her thighs. As the neared the floor, I pulled them down and off of one leg. Diana leaned the other leg to the side and kicked them across the room, almost kicking off her shoe on the process. I started kissing my way up her leg again, and I felt her legs part, inviting my lips further and further toward her growing excitement.

As my face drew closer and closer to her sweet pussy, the aroma of her wetness washed over me. I loved the way my princess smelled when I got her all worked up, and I loved the way she tasted even more.

I remarked, “The smell of something delicious in the kitchen always puts me in the mood to eat.”

I ran my tongue all over her, tasting the juices on her pussy lips. I felt her hips slide toward me, wanting to feel my tongue pressed against her harder and closer. I pressed my face against her wetness, my tongue slipping inside her pussy to taste it in all its juicy glory. I could her Diana moaning above me, and she responded in kind by pressing her pussy against my face, grinding against it. I felt her legs wrap around my head, her heels resting against my sides. As I licked her inside and out more and more, her legs pulled me in closer and closer.

Never at a loss for words, Diana made sure to tell me how good it felt, “Mmmm…I love the way you eat my pussy. I love the way your tongue feels inside me. I love rubbing my pussy against your face. I get nice and wet thinking about you covered in my juices. Lick me, stud. Lick me until I cum all over your face.”

Not one to turn down such a polite request, I redoubled my efforts. My tongue flicked up and down her soaked pussy. Her juices ran all over my face. I knew I had to be doing something right when her moans grew louder. She put her hands on the back of my head again, this time taking a handful of hair in each one. She pressed me harder against her, rubbing her hot pussy all over my face. I accepted my role as her fuck toy, trying my best to make her cum for me. The little patch of hair just above her slit scratched at my nose as she rubbed against me harder and faster. Soon, she was right on the verge of cumming for me. I felt her body tense up right before she screamed out my name. She pressed my face into her pussy as hard as she could, and I felt her warm juices wash over my face. I eagerly lapped up as much as I could, Diana continuing to ride out her orgasm against my face.

As I felt her muscles start to relax and her grip on my hair soften, I leaned up and kissed her. She kissed me deeply, tasting her excitement on my lips. As we kissed, I reached around behind her to unfasten the clasp on her bra As I removed the last hook, her breasts sprang free. I flung the bra in the same general direction as her panties had flown earlier. I pulled the front of the apron together and took one of Diana’s hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked and teased it, eliciting even more moans from her. I even nibbled on it just a little, which I knew would turn her on even more.

As I teased Diana’s nipple, she pulled herself forward and off of the counter. She stood in front of me again, this time clad only in her apron istanbul escort bayan that begged me to screw her silly. As I nibbled on her, Diana wasted no time in unbuckling my belt. She slid my pants down around my ankles. As I raised back up to kick off my shoes, Diana took the my dress shirt in her hand and yanked both sides apart. I could hear the buttons falling on the floor as it fell open, exposing my chest to her. She kissed my softly all over, working her way up and down my chest and stomach in slow falling circles. She teased me just as well as I teased her, slowly drifting toward my cock and veering away at the last second. She knelt down and ran her tongue all the way along the length of my rock hard shaft. Diana took the head of my cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around, tasting the precum there. She then ran her tongue back down me, and carefully ran it across my smooth balls. I would never deny my princess the opportunity to put my cock in her mouth, or the chance for her to spend as much time as she wanted licking and sucking every part of me. Tonight, though, I wanted to slide my hard cock inside her and fuck her on what might possibly be the last piece of furniture in the house that we hadn’t broken in with a steamy session of hot sex.

I put my hand under Diana’s chin and pulled up gently, inviting her to stand up. She made her cute little pouty face as I took her away from my cock. She always did that, but she also knew that the only reason I would stop her from putting my cock inside her warm mouth was if I had plans to put it inside her wet pussy. As she stood, I lifted the neck loop of her apron up and over her head. As it fell away my hands reached around behind her and unknotted the final remaining tie.

The red apron fell to the floor, and with the last barrier between us gone I could finally feel the warmth and wetness of her just inches from my hard cock. Diana’s hand ran up and down the shaft, teasing me to be as hard as possible before I slid inside her. In a reversal of fortune from earlier, she jumped up onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist again. With her left hand around my neck, her right hand had no trouble in guiding me inside her waiting pussy. She sank back carefully, my cock sliding all the way inside her with ease. She slid up and down a couple of times, making sure to slide all way to the end of my cock before sinking back down so as to fill her up completely. Soon, our rhythm was established, Diana riding me as my hands rested on her ass, guiding her up and down. We danced around the kitchen, carefully dodging clothes and aprons that sought to tangle us up. I spied something out of the corner of my eye, and danced carefully toward the wall.

With a jolt, I pressed Diana against the refrigerator, the cool metal of the door causing a few goosebumps on her soft skin. Using the appliance for leverage, I wasted no effort in driving my hips into her. Pinned against my cock and hard place, Diana wrapped her legs around me even tighter as she lustfully kissed me, driving her tongue into my mouth just as I was slamming my cock into her pussy. I pressed into her harder and harder each time, plunging myself deeper and deeper into her inviting pussy. The feeling of my cock sliding against her soft pussy was exhilarating, as was the feeling of her juices running down the length of my shaft as it plunged in and out of her. I soon heard Diana moaning again, close to orgasming for the second time. I concentrated on fucking her, slamming into her as she gasped and moaned. As she screamed my name yet again, I felt a wave of her warm juices wash over my cock. Her tight pussy squeezed around my shaft, holding it close and trying to eek out every drop of pleasure. I loved making Diana cum as much as possible, and I loved the feeling of her cumming. Whether it be on my face or my cock or any other part of me, I loved it.

As Diana relaxed from her second orgasm, my naughtier side took hold of me. I walked over toward the kitchen table, intent on having my way with her there as well. The table was set for dinner, silverware and centerpiece waiting for a quiet meal. As I neared, I pulled my cock out of Diana and set her down on the ground. Her high heels clicked as they touched the tile floor. I kissed her once escort istanbul more, and as I did I grabbed her hips and spun her around. Diana no doubt felt my insistence, as she bent over the table, her ass pointed in the air, inviting me inside her pussy once more. Her legs parted ever so slightly. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down the length of her smooth slit, teasing her slightly.

All at once, I shoved my cock all the way into her, filling her up in one thrust. This time Diana pressed back against me, meeting my insistence with her own. As I started plunging in and out of her sweet pussy once more, she pushed the centerpiece on the table aside. I was determined to give Diana every ounce of energy I had left. I started slamming into her as hard as I could. I could feel the table shaking under us as our bodies collided. Every thrust into her jostled more and more items from the table. Soon, I could hear the sound of silverware hitting the ground as our efforts tossed items from the table. The centerpiece was long gone, falling off within the first few strokes. I was long past the point of caring. All I could think of now was the amazing feeling of fucking my princess and the sounds of her moaning and screaming. If I could fuck Diana all day long I would do it. But since I had to save it up for the times I could, I made sure to give it to her nice and hard. I don’t know if Diana came again, as I felt her juices running all over me again and her screams building to a fever pitch.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the fire in my belly that signaled the coming of my own orgasm. Normally, I had a hard time choosing whether or not I wanted to shoot my load inside Diana’s sweet pussy or let her suck out every drop of my cum as I filled her mouth. But tonight, my naughty side had a different idea. As soon as I knew my orgasm was eminent, I pulled out of Diana and spun her around once more. I pushed her down onto her knees. Diana did not resist in the least, eagerly dropping to her knees for what she thought would be my cock being shoved into her warm mouth. As she knelt there, waiting for me to fill her mouth, I instead took a handful of her hair in my left hand. With my right, I continued to stroke my cock, racing toward my explosive finish. With my hand firmly grasping her hair there was nowhere for Diana to go. My cock was just inches in front of her, my hand rubbing up and down the shaft. Always the smart one, my princess knew what I had in store for her. And, in yet another reason why I love her so, she encouraged me with her sweet voice.

“Come on, baby. Cum for me. Shoot your hot load all over my face. I want to feel your cum shooting all over me so I can lick it up. I want to hear you yelling my name when you shoot your sticky load all over me. I want it!”

With her dirty words, I felt my balls start to empty. With a growling yell of “Ungh….Diana!!!”, I felt my big load shooting out of my cock.

I looked down to see the first spurt land on the side of Diana’s cheek. The second landed right inside her open mouth, splashing off her tongue. Several more ropes of cum landed on her nose, cheeks and chin. As my orgasm subsided, Diana quickly replaced my hand with her mouth, sucking out every last drop of cum as I came down from my high. As she pulled away, her finger dabbed up any remaining drops of cum on her beautiful face and she sucked them off the tip of her finger.

I kissed her long and hard, silently thanking her once more for being so amazing and knowing exactly how to please me and let me please her. As my senses came flooding back, I could hear the buzzer of the oven timer going off. The water on the stove was at a rolling boil, threatening to spill over the sides of the pot.

When I could find my voice again I asked, “So, since I managed to distract you and ruin your dinner, what now?”

Diana walked over to the oven and shut it off along with the stove. She opened the oven door to reveal nothing inside.

As she walked back toward the fridge, her naughty grin accompanied her explanation, “Oh, I hadn’t really planned on much. I figured we could order out for pizza or something later. But right now, I’m in the mood for something sweeter.”

And with that, she produced a can of whipped cream from the fridge. She shook it up as she walked back over to me. She popped the cap off and put a small dollop of the sweet treat on each of her still-hard nipples. She also lifted the head of my cock up and put a little squirt right on the head.

I smiled as I said, “Hmmm…I like your idea for desert…”

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