My first anal experience Part Six.

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My first anal experience Part Six.Mike began fucking me in earnest, so hard that he was shoving me along on the carpet. After a couple of minutes, I could feel the skin on my ass beginning to burn, but then he slowed and whispered to Ade “I’m getting carpet burn!” Ade told him to get off me, Mikes cock slid out of my pussy and he stood, I just lay there legs akimbo, eyes shut. I heard some rustling, and then through my eyelids, a bright flash, followed by a whirring sound? I knew the sound, it was Ade’s polaroid camera, he or Mike taking a photograph of me naked on the floor! Some more whispers, and then Ade lifted me from the floor, walked with me in his arms, and then dropped me onto what was obviously a bed. I let my head fall to one side and muttered winningly, “Mmmm fuck me Ade, fuck me, I need fucking!”From one side I heard Ade’s distinctive chuckle, someone climbed onto the bed and gently parted my legs, and then holding my ankles wide, pushed my knees back towards my chest. Mike spoke, “she’s got a fucking wonderful cunt, who’d have thought that she had this beauty hidden between her legs? Ade chuckled, “get into her before she starts to sober up too much!” I felt cock on my pussy lips and moaned provocatively, the cock slipped easily into me, aided by my excitement. Mikes hands holding on to my ankles, slid deftly downward to behind my knees. I heard a sc****; guessed that Ade must have sat down in his bedroom chair and was watching me and Mike on his bed. Me being fucked properly began.Lying on the bed, I had to try to look unenthusiastic, as I was meant to be drunk, well at least not too interested in what was happening to me. It was hard to stop my hips from humping though as Mike energetically began shagging me. He built up his speed, gaining confidence that I was going to try and stop him. `he was pumping me hard now, riding my wide hips and my pussy was making sloppy slippery sounds, with the occasional fanny fart. Mike got himself right over me, his breathing was hard, I could feel his breath on my face. He was balanced on my thighs, my ankles right back and my toes waving near my ears, his big balls slapping against my anus each time he thumped into my cervix. Suddenly, he rolled off me, and gasped, “If I go on any longer, I’m going to fill her cunt with my cum. Mike lay there, and I felt what could only be Ade clambering onto the end of the bed. I was allowing my legs to fall back towards the bed sheet, when Ade grabbed them and whispered, “watch this” to Mike, and then rolled me onto my side, facing away from where Mike now lay. Ade eagerly pushed his cock at my pussy, and then making sure my knees where up against my tits, he fed his hard cock into me. He rocked to and fro to start with, his cock slipping in my juices and obviously Mike’s pre-cum. Ade said, “I told you she was a slut who loved cock, I love fucking her, she so juicy.” Mike asked if Ade minded him lying there watching close up, but Ade muttered he would want to swap positions with him again soon, nonetheless he should get a good long look at my cunt being used properly. Adrian slipped in and out of me, but not too fast, he was a master at not cumming prematurely and I lay there güvenilir bahis happily, just enjoying the attention, I loved that Mike was closely watching my pussy as Ade’s cock slipped in and out. Ade slowed, and withdrew his cock, fingered my cunt with three stiff fingers, and then slid his cock back in whilst using his other hand to massage my anus. God that felt wonderful, even better when he then used his other hands fingers to rub my clitoris slowly. Butterflies in my tummy, that meant I was starting slowly upwards to my peak, a few more rubs and I came, wetting myself, and then the climb to ecstasy started again. I moaned quietly, Mike commented, “Did she just come? Did she wet herself?” Ade’s reply, “You wait until she really gets going, might need to gag her then aha!” And I came again, I could do with Mikes cock in my mouth, I loved this being abused by two guys, wanted more, much more.Ade continued to fuck me as I laid on my side, He and Mike made little comments about my body, the size of my labia, how pink my pussy was inside, and how pink my puckered asshole was. Mike asked Ade if he’s managed to ass fuck me yet. And Ade told him he’d just started using this new hole for his gratification, and how I had encouraged him the first time. “Can I see that?” Mike asked and I felt Ade slow, my tummy flipped as Ade drew out of my cunt and he rubbed at my clit a little harder, I responded with a groan of appreciation and came. His thumb went round and round on my anus, then with just a little pressure, he slipped it in as far as he could, I groaned again. “I think she’s ready for a little anal mate.” Ade said, “Don’t you?” I heard Mike snigger, and then Ade worked his thumb in and out of my butt, slowly at first, and then rapidly, I came again, this time gently, wetness washed over my thigh closest to the bedsheet, fuck I was so horny. Get into my ass I thought to myself! Please fuck my mouth Mike! Ade pulled out his thumb and pushed his cock end at my puckered asshole, I loved this feeling, I relaxed ready for his entering, and he fed his length inward past the gate muscle, right up to the hilt easily. Mike murmured, “that’s great Ade, fucking great, can I have ago at that later?” I heard Ade whisper that Mike had to wait his turn, and that he’d widen me first. God Ade’s cock felt great up my ass, that feeling of fullness every time he slipped up me, and he was finger fucking my cunt now, feeling his own cock through the thin wall of my vaginal passage where it went close my bowel entrance. Ade Whispered to Mike, “If I wanted at the moment, I could use my fingers to rub myself off into her ass, stroking my cock through her pussy walls. I loved the sound of that, but guessed he wanted much more before he came in me. In and out of my ass Ade went, as watched and both of them commented how firm, white and rounded my buttocks were, and then Ade slipped out of my ass. For a moment I thought he was making way for Mike to have a go up my bum, but no, he lifted my ass, dragged and lifted me around until I was on all fours. I nearly toppled over, but he held me securely, calling out my name, and instructing me to knee properly. I made appropriate sounds, told güvenilir bahis siteleri him I felt very drunk, but obliged to his wishes. Holding my buttocks apart, he licked at my ass cheeks, and then at my asshole. Mike asked if he could play with my tits, and then without waiting for Ade to reply, he reached under me. Mike squeezed the nearest breast to him, squeezed it like he was milking a cow, and then pulled sharply on my nipple, I came, heard spattering on the sheet, and knew I must have squirted. I never wanted this to stop, I wanted Mikes cock in my mouth, hoped in a minute they share me properly. Ade stopped lapping at my anus, started probing it with his tongue, got well into my asshole now. Swapping from tonguing me, something that he had never done before, and started fingering my ring, first with one finger, and then two, and finally three. On reaching three, the speed picked up as he worked on my asshole, widening it before he was going to fuck it. I then felt Ade pull away, do a little shuffling, then he was crouched behind me, before using his hands on my butt cheeks to balance himself and his weight above me. His stiff shaft slipped up the cleft of my buttocks and then into my asshole. Now Ade was riding my ass, he didn’t hold back, ramming away, Mike moved, sat up, and was watching Ade play horsey on my big white ass now. I was near to cumming again, this time a peak orgasm, I felt fingers at my gash, Mike started fingering me as Ade cantered up above me, I knew that I would cum really big this time. I felt Mike insert three fingers into my gash, and then try for four, and with Ade’s weight bearing down on my hips, and my vagina being forcibly opened, Mike in slipped the extra finger, followed by an attempt to force in his thumb.This was a little painful, and I squeaked, Mike pulled his fingers quickly out and I moaned, and then tried to encourage him to put them back, moaning out, “More, more!” I felt his fingers return as he told Ade he could feel Ade’s cock fucking my asshole. Ade laughed, told him to rub his cock through my cunt walls. Mike slipped one finger back in, and then told Ade that he had almost got his hand right in my pussy before I had squeaked, Ade sounded surprised, but quickly realised his actions and weight was forcing the opening of my hairy gash wider than normal. Ade put even more of his weight onto my hips, gripping their chubby sides firmly, my butt cheeks spread, and I felt Mikes fingers and thumb working at my slippery slot. A little discomfort which I was ready for this time, and in slipped Mikes hand. Now I felt really full as Mike pushed at my cervix with his fingers, and his hand stretched me as wide as he could. Mikes fingers must have been rubbing Ade’s cock in my ass, as Ade told him to stop, as it was too exciting, so Mike started to fist fuck me gently, He soon found that a very slow rhythm following the direction of Ade’s penis pushing in and pulling out worked best. It hurt slightly each time his hand got to the thickest part, even though my gash walls were gushing lubrication, but this was pushing me on to the fullest excitement that I had ever felt.Mike started to use his other hand to play iddaa siteleri with my splayed labia, pulling on them, before starting to rub at my clit, that finally took me over the top into the best orgasm I had ever had up until that time. Pissed, gushed, spurted, whatever it was, I let go, and liquid poured out of me, washing over Mikes hand and wrist, so much so, he gasped in surprise. I looked back between my bouncing, swinging tits, on through my spread legs and saw the hairs of my cunt dripping, drops and spurts onto the bed below it. Each time a new ripple of orgasm ran through me, a new harder spurt shot forth! I could see Mikes hard cock as he crouched behind me working on my gash. He didn’t slow his motions with his hands, getting me off time after time until I started crying and felt light head. Regardless of the intensity of pleasure, I didn’t want them to stop, but then my legs gave away and I fell over on my side.Mikes hand is trapped fast in my cunt, it’s entrance no longer dilated by Ade’s weight, but Ade is still fucking me, his hips banging into my butt cheeks. Now we were spooning, he and I, he hard up my ass, clutching at my tits, as he called out, “You dirty slut, fucking slut, I’m gonna shag you so hard!” And then his hips banged even harder into my butt cheeks and he gasped, moaned, cried out and most obviously came hard in my bowel.Ade’s hips slowed, just as Mike tried to get his hand out from inside me, Ade pulled away to one side and I rolled on my back, pulled my legs back, and there was momentary pain as he extracted his hand. He didn’t wait though, he climbed on me and holding himself up with his arms, his cock found the hairy entrance to me, slid in, and he started humping me hard. He grunted from above me, I pulled my legs back with my hands, allowing him unfettered access to me sexually. Mike took full advantage and shagged me hard, my breasts were bouncing up and down, and side to side with his energetic thrusting. He came to a halt and reaching down, pulled his large cock out, I raised my head, saw the purple end of his penis waving as if it wanted to dive right back in. However, Mike had other ideas, and guided the head to my ravaged anus and pushed in to start shagging my ass now, I let my head fall back, enjoyed the feeling of my asshole being stretched, it was like the best shit I had ever taken, the gates to my bowels stretched by his veiny shaft, and there it was, butterflies in my tummy as my body prepared for another orgasm. Mikes pubes rubbing and bumping up my vagina entrance set me off, and I heard Ade whoo-hoo as I came hard again. Mike pulled out, scrambled up the bed, pawed at my mouth, pushing his fingers into my mouth, forcing my mouth open, holding it there whilst his other hand jerked at his cock like a mad man. In the background I heard Ade saying, “make her eat your spunk, fill her mouth, she’ll drink it the slut!” Mike hunched over, his cum face lighting up his face as his bell end wavered over my mouth, and then he came right into my mouth, I choked on his first hot slimy cum load, and then it was followed by several more, each spurt as heavy as the first, before the flow subsided. I could hardly breath there was so much cum in my mouth, and then I heard Adrian. He called out to me, “Swallow you bitch, swallow his cum you dirty cow!” And I did, I gulped it down, and licked my lips afterwards, and then smiled up at Mike and said, “yummy.”deleted

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