My First Massage

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It was a chilly afternoon and my football practice was just about to end. Thank goodness.

“Kevin, one more run and we’ll send you guys to the showers!” my offensive coordinator yelled from the sideline. At 5’9″ and 210 lbs I was a beast at running back. Just small enough to squeeze through the cracks, but built enough to take the hits. I stood next to my quarterback and waited for the handoff.


I got the ball and cradled it in my right arm… CRACK! As my eyes opened and my senses came back to me from being hit, I felt a sharp pain run down my left leg. Apparently my leg decided to cramp up during the handoff which left me wide open for a big hit. The trainer ran over as I laid there grimacing and he went through the usual protocol of moving my leg around and stretching my left calf. Since it was the very end of practice and neither one of us wanted to stay at the school, my trainer told me to stretch it out and get a massage since my body had taken a clear beating.

Growing up was a humbling experience. I lived in a household of love and encouragement, however, due to my parents’ low income jobs, we had to watch our wallets. I couldn’t afford to go to a nice massage/salon, but I did remember seeing a sign at an Asian massage parlor for a $40 full body massage. I gave them a call and scheduled an appointment for later that evening… the lady on the phone could barely speak English, but we worked it out.

When I pulled up to the massage parlor at 9pm, I could see the fluorescent “Open” sign flashing in the window. By this time my leg had continued to cramp throughout the evening so I was looking forward to this massage. I didn’t know what to expect, but I always did like a good shoulder rub so figured a full body would be amazing.

As I walked through the door, the chimes hanging from the inside handle made a ruckus as I entered. The inside of the parlor was dimly lit and decorated with Asian posters portraying the human body. The room smelled of Chinese incense and the distinct hint of tiger balm. I stood there not knowing what to do, until a cute little Asian girl walked through another entrance asking if I was the 9 o’clock appointment. mersin escort I nodded and she said to follow her.

She led me down a dark hallway of rooms, where I couldn’t help but applaud her figure. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore a dress ending just above her knees. She led me into a small room with a light in the corner and a massage table right in center. When she turned around to face me I guessed she was in her later 20s and about 5’3″. I couldn’t help but notice her low cut dress that allowed a couple inches of ample cleavage to show. She wasn’t a stick like most Asian girls I know. I would guess she was a solid B cup and the fabric on her ass was stretched thin.

“Is this your first time here?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Go ahead and undress all the way and I’ll be right back.”

I came dressed in a tank and some basketball shorts so it only took a minute to discard my clothing. I only have about 6% body fat on my solid frame so the lighting cast nice shadows outlining my muscular build. Right as I was about to climb on the table, I heard a faint knock, and my masseuse walked in before I could interrupt. There I stood, fully exposed, to this cute little Asian girl who’s name I later found out to be Christy.

“Oh, so sorry, please get on the table,” she whimpered, but I could tell she was looking my figure up and down. At first I was embarrassed, but I am very confident about my athletic body and was flattered by her curious reaction. I lied down on the table stomach down with my feet propped up and head in the whole. My legs were slightly spread with my balls and dick running down the middle exposed. I began thinking to myself what Christy must be seeing from her view, but she quickly covered my butt region with a small towel,

“Soft, medium, or hard?” she asked.

“Medium, please. And my left calf needs to be rubbed out. Had some bad cramps earlier.”

Christy began working my shoulders. She ran her hands along my upper back and down my arms with lotion. It felt amazing. Here I was, naked covered by a little towel with a cute Asian girl rubbing me all over. I almost forgot my calf pain altogether. I didn’t sense any sexual advances in the early minutes, but my imagination started taking off.

Christy asked me the basic questions like how old I was and how did I get hurt. She complimented my body and commented how exercise was good and how she tries going to the gym regularly. As she started rubbing my legs, I could feel the towel start creeping up from her movements. I knew I was starting to get hard… and my tip was definitely showing. My member is about 6.5 inches in length and an inch and half wide. It’s pretty “solid” like the rest of me.

By the time she finished massaging my feet and ankles, her hands started working their way back up to my calves and butt area. I began to feel her busty chest rubbing against the back of my heels as she was leaning over my feet. Higher and higher her hands went up ’til they were in my inner thighs. It was now quiet in the room aside from the faint Chinese music playing and my deep breathes. I could feel her fingers lingering and caressing my thighs in a slow sensual pattern now. My butt began to rise a bit and my dick was now in full salute wanting her to make contact.

“You can now turn over,” she said with a giggle.

Without a second passing I flipped over and tried covering myself with the little towel. It looked like my dick was dressed as a ghost for Halloween as it stood straight up covered in the white towel. I looked over and Christy was bending down to the side of me getting some warm towels ready. Her short dress was now stretched higher on her legs giving me a glorious view of her soft pale skin and curvy behind. She turned around and she stuck her tongue out when she saw the tented towel.

“You like?” she said as she came over started rubbing my body with the warm towels. I nodded. Her hands were now slightly brushing my member and balls with the fabric of her towels. I was trying to stay composed, but my bluff was already blown.

“I can do more if you’d like?” she smiled.

“Uh… yes please,” I said with a wink. She giggled at my polite response.

“I’ll give you a hand job for a tip,” as she said this she was already starting to rub my member that she had now uncovered.

“How much? And can I touch you?” I asked. She raised up 4 fingers, which I figured meant $40, and nodded. She then started to lower the straps of her dress and her beautiful rack was in full display. Now I’ve had my share of girls in high school and college, but never had I seen a more beautiful set of natural tits. A nice handful, round, and with perfect dime sized nipples. Perfection.

Christy went and got some more body oils and lubed my dick and balls thoroughly. Her hands were magical. It was sad for me to realize her skillset probably meant she had done this numerous times for other guys, but I was in heaven. Her hands moved in different stroking patterns- clockwise, counterclockwise, up, down, alternating. My hands were also doing their own things by this point. I groped her tits, softly pinched her nipples, and let my hand slide to her backside to feel her soft curvy ass. She was pumping me so well I wanted to just slam her on the table then and there and stick my member inside of her.

My hands clenched the side of the massage table as my dick tensed and I had to blow my load. I let out a quick grunt to let her know it was coming and she got a towel ready. I unleashed a huge wad which spewed from the tip because she was holding my member tight for added pleasure. Some drips landed on her perfect tits and she laughed at me calling me a, “Bad boy.”

I was in complete ecstasy. I closed my eyes and heard Christy walk out to get some more towels for the final cleanup. A part of me felt guilty for going forward with the added services, but that regret soon vanished. Christy entered the room again and leaned over my face with her tits still exposed as she wiped off the rest of the cum on my dick. I saw this as a cue to suck on her little nipples, which I eagerly did. She finished the clean-up and did another quick rub down of my front body. Christy hit the bottoms of my feet and then the tops of my legs to signal the massage was now over. She brought my wallet over so I could give her the $40 for the massage and the $40 for the hand job.

“Come again and I’ll give you more because I like you,” she said. She dragged her finger up my inner thigh and grabbed my thick member and made a kissing motion with her lips.

I was ready for round 2 already…

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