My First Sexual Experience.

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My First Sexual Experience.Well, i was s****teen, and she was just a bit younger at s**teen. We were very best friends, and i was over at her house at least once a week. She was the most beautiful girl in our grade, and I didn’t ever think that we would be more than friends. Right before school was out for the summer that year, her mother unfortunately passed away. I was over at her house almost everyday to make sure she was ok.One hot, summery day, I went as a routine to make sure she wasn’t curled up on the couch with tears streaming down her face. She was home alone, and so I barged into her room, prepared to playfully pounce on her, whether or not she was in tears. To my surprise, she was topless.I closed my eyes like a gentleman should, and I started to apologize. She giggled, rustled around a bit and said,”It’s alright, silly. You can open ’em.” So I did, and she was completely naked. And about an inch away from me. She came closer and my heart started to race. She made it completely easy for me, and she kissed me right on the mouth. I had made out with girls at parties and things like that, but this was one of the most intense, passionate kisses of my life. After about five minutes of this perfect, movie kiss, we moved over to her bed and she began to take off istanbul escort my clothes. I couldn’t help but to chuckle a bit. It was really happening, i wasn’t going to be a virgin anymore. Once naked, I began to get hard. We nuzzled into a 69 position. and gave me the first blowjob of my life. Also one of the best ones so far. I started to lick and finger her pussy, and she stiffened, then relaxed. This is where the moaning began. Both of us. We just couldn’t hold them in, everything felt too amazing, too real.I felt my muscles tensing up, and releasing, the head of my cock suddenly felt very heavy inside her mouth. I knew I was going to blow soon, and I told her. She moved her tongue around the head of my cock, and started to jerk my shaft. One of the best feelings in the world. I all but shouted as my first orgasm from another person rocked my body. She didn’t swallow me, but she kept it in her mouth, and came back and kissed me. I was hesitant, but I had heard, that semen tasted pretty nice, and was a bit curious. It was true, and I enjoyed the taste. I was already getting hard again from the kiss. She told me that she wasnt finished yet, and i knew that i wanted to please her, and I knew avcılar escort what was coming next, and I wasn’t going to say no. She led me to her hammock out in the backyard. The sun was setting, and it was a very romantic setting for my first penetration. I got in, on my back, and she got in and started to ride my cock.The feeling of my penis inside of a vagina for the first time…nothing will compare. I don’t have the biggest cock in the world, and it was the perfect size for G-spot stimulation. Her moaning only drove me more to start gyrating my hips and try to make it better for her. I lasted long because she had already sucked me off, so we were at this for about half an hour. Luckily, she was on the pill, because i, not thinking i would be losing my virginity, didn’t bring condoms.In that half hour, i felt her pussy contract three times. Knowing I had caused her to climax three times made me feel very proud of myself. After her last orgasm, she leaned down for another passionate and sensual kiss. It was still very warm out, and we were very hot and sweaty. She suggested we take a shower together. It sounded very fun, so we headed to her bathroom.All the way there, i still held her on my cock, bouncing her slightly, şirinevler escort hoping to get another peak out of her. In the shower, she was starting to hunch over me,and I knew another contraction was coming. Immediately after. she came, she told me to let her down, her vagina was very sensitive, and it almost hurt to be bounced on it like that. I hadnt came for a second time, so she got down on her knees, and gave me head again. I leaned back on the shower wall, and enjoyed the force of her head rocking back and forth on my cock.The second orgasm wasn’t explosive as the first one. but it was still amazing. After so much heavy breathing and movement. we were exhausted. The sun had set, and I didn’t feel like driving home that night. She let me stay the night.At three a.m., I was woken up in the most amazing way, she was sucking me off again. I told her to lay down, and spread her legs. I wrapped her legs behind my back, and started softly thrusting. I love this position, very romantic. It lets you get as close as you can to your partner, kiss them, and moan into their mouth, just like I did. We were at this for maybe five minutes before i came inside her. Thank god for birth control.At this moment, i was so tired that I fell asleep, with my cock still inside her. Apparently she did too, because when we woke up a few hours later, her pussy was full to the brim, and dripping with my cum. I must haave came at least ten more times in my sleep. We couldnt do this again for a week, my cock and balls were so sensitive and sore. I’ll never forget this experience, and i hope it made you laugh, and made you hard 🙂

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